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Open Access Publishing: Introduction

A guide to open access publishing and scholarly communication

Introduction to Open Access

Open access (OA) is the free, online availability of research and scholarly outputs, including peer-reviewed articles, and primarily in reference to publications without expectation of payment. Open Access can refer to publishing initiatives where journals make their articles freely accessible immediately on publication, or to self-archiving initiatives where authors make copies of their own published articles freely accessible via a subject-based or institutional repository. This guide covers the following topics related to Open Access:

  • Funders' OA Policies: OA requirements of the Tri-Agencies (Canada), NIH (US), etc.
  • Self-Archiving: How to make your research OA by depositing electronic copies on the Internet
  • OA Journals: Lists of OA publishers and journals, Open Journal Systems (OJS) hosting service
  • Library Support: OA fee discounts available through UM Libraries, OA initiatives the Libraries supports
  • What You Can Do : Authors' rights, how to support OA

For more information about Open Access, please contact your Librarian

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