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Open Access Publishing: Library Support

A guide to open access publishing and scholarly communication





Through the Libraries, University of Manitoba researchers can get Open Access fee discounts from the following publishers: BioMed Central, Chemistry Central, NRC Research Press, PeerJ, Royal Society of Chemistry, SAGE, and SpringerOpen. See below for details.

BioMed Central / Chemistry Central / SpringerOpen

The University of Manitoba Libraries is subscribing to the BioMed Central Supporter Membership that gives University of Manitoba authors a 15% discount on articles processing charges by BioMed Central, Chemistry Central, and SpringerOopen. To submit an article and claim the discount, authors need to go through the link to BioMed Central on the Libraries' Databases A-Z


The Libraries has a number of vouchers that fully cover article processing charges of SAGE Open, an Open Access journal in Social Sciences and Humanities. University of Manitoba authors may simply submit their manuscripts to the journal, who will manage the rest.


The Libraries is subscribing to the institutional plan of PeerJ, an Open Access journal in Medicine. The plan fully covers article processing charges of PeerJ when University of Manitoba authors submit their manuscripts.

Science Advances by the American Association for the Advancement of Science

Corresponding authors from the University of Manitoba are eligible for the savings of 450 USD off the article processing charge for articles published in the Open Access journal Science Advances under the Creative Commons license "CC BY-NC" (3450 USD).

NRC Research Press / Royal Society of Chemistry / SAGE (2015-2017)

As a member of the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN), the University of Manitoba Libraries is receiving Open Access fee discounts from NRC Research Press, Royal Society of Chemistry, and SAGE. These publishers currently have no automated process to verify authors' affiliation with the University of Manitoba. The University of Manitoba authors need to self-identfy themselves to the publishers to claim the CRKN discount.

  • NRC Research Press (Division of Canadian Science Publishing): For authors affiliated with the University of Manitoba, an article processing charge is reduced from 3000 CAD to 1500 CAD.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC): The University of Manitoba Libraries have vouchers that can be applied to cover full article processing charges of a RSC journal. Please contact the Research Services Librarian to receive these vouchers.
  • SAGE: Authors affiliated with the University of Manitoba can receive a 40% discount on article processing charges of SAGE journals.

High-Energy Physics journals in the SCOAP3 collaboration (2017-2019)

SCOAP3 is a partnership of over three thousand libraries, funding agencies, and research centres in 44 countries and 3 inter-governmental organizations. Working with leading publishers, SCOAP3 has converted key journals in the field of High-Energy Physics to Open Access at no cost for authors. SCOAP3 centrally pays publishers for costs involved in providing Open Access, publishers in turn reduce subscription fees to all their customers, who can re-direct these funds to contribute to SCOAP3. As part of the Canadian Research Knowledge Network, the University of Manitoba Libraries contributes to SCOAP3. The SCOAP3 collaboration has been extended for three more years from January 2017 to December 2019. The participating journals include:

  • Advances in High Energy Physics (Hindawi)
  • Journal of High Energy Physics (Springer/SISSA - International School for Advanced Studies)
  • Nuclear Physics B (Elsevier)
  • Physics Letters B (Elsevier).

More information about SCOAP3.


The University of Manitoba Libraries supports the following Open Access initiatives:


Due to budget cuts, the Libraries has terminated the Open Access Authors' Fund starting from April 2015. The fund helped cover Open Access fees (aka article processing charges). If you do not have funding to cover a full Open Access fee, you may make a case of lack of funds and inquire a publisher about Open Access fee waivers. Examples of fee waiver programs are listed below.