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Accessibility Support Services: Fr. Harold Drake Library (St. Pauls College)

St.Paul's Library Accessibility



Library Information


Room 119, 70 Dysart Road. (lower level



A liberal arts collection. Areas of emphasis include Catholic Studies, Medieval Studies, Philosophy, Peace & Conflict, History, French Litertature, English Literature.



Home page

Building Access Information


  • The library is accessible to wheelchair-users, via a round about route.  Please call the Library (204-474-8585) for assistance before your visit.
  • Elevator is in the Sinnott Building, through a corridor, west of the main (Belltower) entrance.   Level surface travel requires moving south through the Sinnott Building,  then east to the cafeteria,  south to a locker room, west down a slope, then north again to the library entrance. 


  • There are two designated parking spots in the front U-shaped driveway (near the Belltower)

Building and library entrance

  • Library has a pair of 33.5” doors with grab handles on the outside.  Entrance is spacious and security apparatus doesn’t have a turnstile or gate. 
  • Front entrance to building (as indicated above) has an electronically controlled door.


The library, itself, is on one level.


Facility Access Information


  • Located in the cafeteria (accessible stall)
  • Secondary washrooms are located west of the cafeteria outside Lecture Theatre 100.   (accessible stall)

Photocopiers and Print Stations 

Located to right of library entrance

Public telephones

Payphone at north end of cafeteria

Library catalogue and computers

Computers and catalogue located to right of library entrance

Computer Labs

  • There’s an IST lab, south and down the hall from the library.
  • The door to the lab is a regular door.  (36 inches)

Assistive Technology


  • none


  • none