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Printing in the library: Printing basics

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Double-sided printing

Can I print double-sided pages at the library?

Some printers at some library locations allow for double-sided printing.  Please check with a library staff member if double-sided printing is available at your library location.

Note: Double-sided printing costs as much as printing out two single-sided pages.  This means that print costs are per page side and not per piece of paper. 

Wireless Access and Printing

How to set up wireless access and printing from your laptop or mobile device -

Printing in the Libraries

  • Print from USB, Email, or H: Drive. 
  • Open document, click file, click print
  • Remember workstation number from the computer's desktop
  • Put money on your student card (black and white copies are $0.10/page)
  • Go to the printer station, insert your card
  • Enter your workstation number, select document
  • Click 'Print Selected Jobs', retrieve your paper from the tray!

Logging onto a library computer

To log onto one of the libraries' computers you will need your UMnetID or INS userid and password.  

Your password you should know and if you've forgotten then you can reset it here.

Most asked printing question

Can I use the print card I have bought from the copy centre on campus at the library?


The copy centre uses a different machine and the two cards are different. If you try to use your copy centre cards at the library they will get jammed in our print card readers. 

Frequently asked library printing questions

  1. What do I need to print from one of the libraries' computers? 
    You will need your Student card or a library print card and you will need to have money on it, then you are ready to print out your documents from a library computer.

  2. How much does it cost to print? 
    It costs $0.10/page for black & white, and $1.00/page for colour (where available)

  3. Which printer do I send my document to? 
    You will not need to change the printer if you are printing in black & white as libraries' computers are defaulted to go to the black & white printer.  Some libraries offer colour printing and you may select the colour printer if you want to print your document(s) in colour.  If you are you not sure which printer to choose or how to select for colour printing, ask a library staff member to assist you

  4. I forgot my student card, can I still print?
    Yes, just ask to get a library print card from the library's circulation desk.  Note: you will need to add money to this card before printing at the value adding machine in the library

  5. Where do I go to put money on my card to print? 
    You can put money on your student card or library print card at value adding machine in the library. If you are not sure where the value adding machine is located, ask a library staff member to direct you to it.

  6. Can I print from my laptop instead of the libraries' computer? 
    Yes, but you will need to first set-up your laptop to recognize the libraries' printer.  Go to the "Wireless printing" tab of this guide for instructions on how to set up your laptop to print wirelessly.  You can also download the handout from the left-hand side of this page in the box "Wireless Access and Printing" or you can pick up a copy at various library locations.

  7. Are there refunds on print credits? 
    No.  Print credits are non-refundable

  8. I've saved a document onto my USB, can I print this off? 
    Yes, you will need to open the file you've saved on your USB on one of the libraries' computers and then send it to the printer

  9. Can I print off different size pages other than the standard 8.5" by 11"? 
    In some of the libraries you can print off different size pages such as legal size 8.5" by 14". Please ask a library staff member if your library offers different size paper options for printing.

Ask a Librarian

Libraries that have colour printers


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