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Elizabeth Dafoe Library: What we can do for students

What we can do for students

 “The Libraries, as an essential partner in the Mission of the University of Manitoba, provides access to knowledge
in support of the University’s teaching, research and community service programs
(UML mission statement)

Working Together

Librarians help students expand their skills and abilities in finding, evaluating, and using information.

Faculty teach students to use information in specific disciplines.

Working together,  faculty and librarians can spark student interest and help build skills in evaluating, managing, citing, and using resources effectively.

How We Can Work With You

Librarians at the Elizabeth Dafoe Library assist students, faculty, and staff to access and use information.

We need your presence and involvement in the planning and teaching of library sessions, ensuring the engagement of your students. Our librarians will team up with you to develop workshops geared specifically toward  your course and the needs of  your students. We can work with you to:

  • customize library instruction for your class;
  • design effective research assignments using library and other resources;
  • schedule library instruction to coincide with your research assignments;
  • provide on-going assistance to your students through e-mail and individual consultations; and
  • offer small group or one-on-one consultations on resources for graduate students.

What We Do

  • Course specific instruction
  • Orientation tours and presentations
  • Hands-on tutorials
  • Individual consultation
  • Library assignments

How We Do It

Schedule library instruction sessions in computer classrooms or invite us to your classroom. We use a variety of teaching methods:

  • brief lectures and demonstrations
  • hands-on exercises
  • small group discussions
  • multimedia tutorials and web-based tutorials

Why We Do It

Our goals are to:

  • teach students to define their information needs, and identify relevant, reliable and objective sources of information;
  • teach students effective strategies to find what they need; and
  • encourage critical thinking and decision making.

How to Get Started

Help us to provide effective library instruction - contact your subject specialist  as far in advance as possible.


Elizabeth Dafoe Library  University of Manitoba 
25 Chancellors Circle Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3T 2N2
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