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Albert D. Cohen Management Library: Bloomberg

What is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg Professional Service

(Not Available Remotely - located in the Financial Data Centre in the Albert D. Cohen Management Library) 

Bloomberg Professional is a real-time financial service that provides current and historical data, news and financial analysis of companies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and indices, multimedia reports and email to a single platform. 

We gratefully acknowledge the generous donations to the Asper School of Business from the following companies and foundation: Cardinal Capital, Great-West Life, Investors Group, BMO Financial Group, Richardson Foundation in support of the acquisition and installation of Bloomberg terminals located at the Albert D. Cohen Management Library.

Image of Bloomberg Lab terminal from the back

Conditions of Use:

Bloomberg is restricted to current University of Manitoba faculty, students, and staff. Bloomberg is licensed for academic and research purposes only. Priority access will be given to those needing Bloomberg to complete Bloomberg specific activities such as students completing assigned course work, students preparing for business case competitions, Faculty providing Bloomberg training sessions, or Faculty and PhD students doing research that exceeds the capacity of the Finance Lab.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC)

BMC is a free e-learning finance course that complements BESS and can be integrated into finance curricula. It is an 8 - 12 hour self-paced course that provides deeper learning on market concepts and financial markets. There are 4 modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities. Some of the learning objectives include: learning about financial markets via 23 learning outcomes, familiarizing yourself with over 70 Bloomberg terminal functions, and solidifying your knowledge with over 120 interactive questions. A Certificate of Completion is awarded after completing all 4 modules. The course is available from the Bloomberg terminals at no charge.  After logging in, enter <BMC> <GO> to get started. This is a great addition to your resume!

How to Obtain a Bloomberg Login

How to obtain a Bloomberg login: 

  1. Sign into a Bloomberg work station using your 

  2. Click on the Bloomberg icon, then Enter or <GO>, then Create a New Login 

  3. Select language English (or choose from drop down menu)

  4. Are you creating a login for yourself? Choose YES  

  5. Have you ever been a Bloomberg client? Choose NO then 1) Continue 

  6. Enter First Name, Last Name 

  7. Enter Phone Number (you can enter the same number twice for work and mobile). Use dashes. Eg. Work Number: 1-area code-XXX-XXXX

  8. Enter Email Address. Must use UM email, then 1) Continue 

  9. Receive your code. Choose either SMS text message OR automated voice call (ask library staff for the desk phone number if needed). Then 1) Send Code. 

  10. Enter 4 digit validation code  then 1) Create Code 

  11. Create Password and reenter password to confirm 

  12. Bloomberg login name will be assigned but you will be given the choice to change it. Personal defaults will appear when you sign in. 

Export data from Bloomberg to Excel

To export data from Bloomberg to Excel: 

  1. Launch Excel from the desktop icon. You will see the message "First Things First". Click Ask Me Later to bypass this message. 

  2. Double click on the Add Ins icon from the desktop to install Add Ins

  3. Launch Excel. The Bloomberg Add In will now appear on the menu bar. 

Bloomberg Research Help

Bloomberg Research Help: 

  1. Sign into Bloomberg with your Login Name and Password or use the generic Login Name and Password that is on the blue sheet at each work station.

  2. Enter HELP at the blue flashing cursor.

  3. Choose Help & Customer Support from the Function Menu

  4. From the Help Resources choose 16) HELP Getting Started with Bloomberg

  5. Choose specific items from the Menu on the left side of the screen or browse the entire Help Menu from the top: 

  • 11) Getting Started

  • 12) Navigating

  • 13) Functions & Securities

  • 14) Screen Elements 

  • 15) Browsing Menus 

  • 16) Searching

  • 17) Launchpad

  • 18) Excel Integration

  • 19) Tips & Tricks 

  • 20) Getting Help   


  1. From the Home Menu tab on the drop down Menu choose 28) Help & Customer Support 

  2. You will be redirected to the Menu Options shown above. 

Note: This tab does not always appear when you sign in; in that case use the first set of instructions.

Getting Started (Concise)

Getting Started Student Manual

Bloomberg Citation Guide

Citation Style

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