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Printing in the library: Pay-For-Print Station

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How to Print at the Library

How to Use Pay-for-Print Station

Pay-for-Print Station Not Working?

Wireless Printing page

Printing Basics page

How to Print at the University of Manitoba Libraries

  • Print from USB, Email, or H: Drive. 
  • Open document, click file, click print
  • Remember workstation number from the computer's desktop
  • Put money on your student card (black and white copies are $0.10/page)
  • Go to the printer station, insert your card
  • Enter your workstation number, select document
  • Click 'Print Selected Jobs', retrieve your paper from the tray!

How to Use Pay-for-Print Station at the University of Manitoba Libraries


You will need your University of Manitoba ID card (student or staff card) or a library print card in order to print from the Pay-for-Print Station.  Pay-for-Print Stations only accept University of Manitoba ID cards and library print cards.  Library print cards are available from the library's service desk.

Before you print, you will first need to put money onto your University of Manitoba ID card (student or staff card) or a library print card at the value adding machine. Ask a library staff member if you are not sure where the value adding machine is located in the library.

Pay-For-Print Stations and value adding machines do not accept debit or credit cards.  Value adding machines accept cash only. 

NOTE: That you cannot use copy cards from the UMSU Digital Copy Centre; if you try to use these copy cards in the Pay-for-Print Station they will get jammed.

Steps for Printing at a University of Manitoba Library:

Send Documents to a Library Printer

1. Log onto one of the libraries' computers and open the document(s) you wish to print. Not sure how to log onto a computer, see How to Log onto a Library Computer section of this guide on Printing Basics page.

2. Go to print preview for the document(s).  In the print preview, check and change the necessary print settings for the document(s).  

3. Click on print when satisfied with the print settings to send your document(s) to the Pay-For-Print Station from a library computer.  NOTE: Every library computer is set to send to the Pay-For-Print Station as the default.  Do not change this printer setting unless you are need to send the document(s) to the colour printer.

Go to Pay-for-Print Station to Print

4. Go to the Pay-For-Print station.  Insert your University of Manitoba ID card (student or staff card) or library print card into the card reader at the Pay-For-Print Station. 
Note: You need to have money on your card before you can print.

5. Next enter the library computer workstation code onto the Pay-For-Print's computer screen (you will be prompted). 
The library computer's workstation code will be clearly labeled on the computer and/or this information will be on the computer screen before you open any application on the computer.  If you are unsure of the library computer's workstation code, ask a library staff member to show you where to locate this information.

6. Then select the document(s) you wish to print by clicking on each print job and click on "print selected".

7. Your University of Manitoba ID card (student or staff card) or library print card will automatically eject once you have selected "print selected" and your document(s) will print out on the printer(s).  Please collect all your print jobs before leaving the library. 
Note: The library tosses out document(s) that are not collected from the printer.

The Pay-For-Print Station will not allow you to print a few pages from a document.  If you do not have enough money to pay for the full document to be printed, you will need to add more money onto your card or resend to the printer will fewer pages.

The Pay-for-Print Station Doesn't Seem to be Working. What do I do?

My documents aren't showing up on the Pay-for-Print Station.

If you don't see your documents on the Pay-For-Print Station screen, try reconnecting the computer to the printer by clicking on "Reconnect to Printing" icon on the computer's desktop which looks like this:

 reconnect to printer icon from library computer desktop

When the computer reconnects to the printers, trying send the document(s) again to the printer(s) and go to the Pay-for-Print Station.


NOTE: Make sure you have entered the correct library computer workstation code at the Pay-For-Print Station.  Usually, every library computer will have the library computer workstation code on the desktop screen's background along with printing instructions similar to the image below:

Screenshot of Printing instructions a library computer's desktop screen

If reconnecting the computer to the printers do not work, please let a library staff member know and they will assist you.

I saw my print job on the Pay-for-Print Station, clicked on print, but nothing printed out and I've already paid.
What do I do now?

If you've paid for printing but the printer has not printed off the document(s), please contact a library staff member immediately.  The library staff member will assist you with getting your document printed without having to pay a second time for your document. 

NOTE: this is only offered when there is a problem with the printer, not when you have mistakenly printed off the wrong document.