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Statistics and Data: Statistics and Data

Statistics and Data

Data Library Services will assist users in identifying and accessing data, including: aggregate data, survey data, and spatial data. The purpose of this guide is to provide information about, and access to, a wide variety of data resources. Please feel free to browse, or contact the Data Librarian for assistance. Requests can be dealt with using email where possible, or an appointment can be made to meet where more mediation is required.

New GIS Library Guide:  The GIS Librarian is Cynthia Dietz. She has created a new GIS Library Guide for the University of Manitoba

For help in finding and citing data products, please see the links below or contact Data Library Serivices:

Data Liberation Initiative

Subject Guide

Gary Strike
phone: 474-7086

Ask a Librarian

One Stop Search

Ten Amazing Databases

The Ten Most Amazing Databases in the World from Popular Science November 2011: Data is Power

The Combined DNA Index System: FBI master DNA database

The Encyclopedia of Life / Smithsonian Institution, ... et al.Information on 40% of the planet's 1.9 million species.

FAOSTAT: Food and Agriculture Organization statistics databaseOver a million statistics, over 5 decades, 245 countries / territories

The Genographic Project / National Geographic Society and IBM420,000 human DNA profiles

International Panel on Climate Change's Data Distribution Centre

MD:Pro malware archive

OKCupid's OKTrendsdating site collects data on human behaviour

The Sloan Digital Sky Surveycollection of astronomical images

Wayback Machine150 billion web pages archived from 1995 to present

WorldCat Bibliographic information from 72,000 libraries in 170 countries.