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HMEC 2000 Course Guide: Home

Facilitating and Guiding Students' Learning ...

Welcome to the Online Course Guide!

The Guide is designed to facilitate your learning as you develop and construct Assignment Paper #1 and #2 in the course.  We will try to make some of the basic research and writing processes associated with undergraduate academic work more transparent in a step-by-step manner to students as beginning, novice undergraduate researchers. 

Why Blended Learning?

Many of us are conditioned, to a certain degree, to regurgitate what we learn in the class and by reading the textbooks up to high-school years.  If this is true with you, the assignments in this course will be something more involved than what you are accustomed to.  How to read the sources in the literature--screening, digesting, assessing, and analyzing for the purpose of what you intend to develop/write/express--these are the foundational research skills.  The objective of blended learning, therefore, is to guide you in this process.

Asako Yoshida, Liaison Librarian for Human Ecology, Elizabeth Dafoe Library

Kathy Block, Writing Instructor, Learning Assistance Centre

Online Activity Quick Links

    1. Thesis Statement Part A - Due 9:00 a.m., March 23
    2. Thesis Statement Prat B - Folder will reopen March 24, Due 9:00 a.m., March 27

Angel online activity Folders will be disabled at 9:00 a.m. on the Due Date.

HMEC 2000 Research Project

We have designed and developed a blended learning environment in conjunction with Assignment #1 and #2 for the course.  We are interested in your learning experiences associated with these assignments.

How are we gathing data/information to explore student learning experiences?

  1. We will be asking all students to fill out an online survey during the last week of the course in April.
  2. We will be interviewing volunteers among the students to explore their learning experiences in details.
  3. We will be studying online interactions and materials produced by students.
We have attached below a letter addressing to all HMEC 2000 students in which we explan the nature of  our research project for your review.  Along with the letter, we have also attached a consent form.  We will be distributing the form in the class for your signature, if agreeable, during the last week of the course in April.  In the meantime, please review both the letter and consent form at your convenience. 

The same letter and consent form are also posted in Angel.  You will find them in Letter & Consent Form folder under Tasks.

We aknowledge the support by the 2011 Teaching & Learning with Technology (TLT) Awards Program of the Univesity Teaching Services at the University of Manitoba.

Contact Information

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Asako Yoshida
Online or e-mail only during the COVID-19 closure.
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