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Reading Lists in UM Learn: Introduction


Reading Lists and Course Reserves information has been moved to the Libraries' new web site:

What are Reading Lists?

Reading Lists is a new tool in UM Learn that instructors may use to share course readings with students. These may include items from the Libraries, such as articles or books, as well as websites, video content, images, or lecture slides. All resources can be added directly to a UM Learn course, making it easier to access relevant content and stay organized.

Benefits for Instructors

  • Simple to use. Adding, modifying and deleting individual readings and lists is easy to do and takes very little time.
  • Access to all library resources. Able to search and link to all resources within the Libraries' collection.
  • One-step process to add online resources outside the library's collection. The "Cite It" browser extension can be used to quickly pull web resources.
  • Keeps information organized. Features such as Sections and Tags allow instructors to add specific notes, such as whether readings are required or relate to certain themes.
  • Ability to reuse content. Once created, a Reading List can be saved and reused in future courses.

Benefits for Students

  • All course materials are available in one place. This may include items such as: course syllabi/assignment guidelines, lecture slides, websites, videos, images and library resources (electronic or print).
  • Content is easy to access. Reading Lists include direct links to all library materials, web resources and the option to upload files.
  • Students can find what they need when they need it. Students will no longer have problems trying to locate course resources independently, since everything is organized in UM Learn.