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Assessment Tools: Brain injury visual assessment battery for adults [kit]

The assessment tool collection encompasses all assessments that are used in medical rehabilitation with a primary focus on physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Brain injury visual assessment battery for adults [kit]

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Brain injury visual assessment battery for adults [kit]

Author: Warren, Mary 

Summary: The biVABA has been designed "to provide therapists with a practical clinical tool which can be used to complete a quick, accurate, reliable and useful screening of the client's visual processing following brain injury. The biVABA is not meant to be a diagnostic tool diagnosing an impairment in visual function." It's purpose "is to enable the therapist to screen for visual impairment so that appropriate referral can be made and also to provide information to effectively address the functional limitations experienced by the client as a result of the visual impairment." 

Library Record:   Call # WW 145 W291b 2005 ATOOLS (Reserve Desk)

Population: The biVABA is designed for use in acute and long term care, home health, and inpatient and outpatient programs with persons who have sustained brain injury from such conditions as CVA, TBI, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, degenerative neurological diseases and Alzheimer’s. Components of the test can also be used to evaluate low vision conditions associated with macular degener-ation, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and cataract.


Test Charts:

  • 1 intermediate acuity test chart with attached eye cover
  • 1 Warren text card with string measure
  • 1 scanboard 
  • 1 Damato 30 pt. multifixation campimeter with recording template
  • 1 design copy figure card - flower/house
  • 1 design copy figure card - clock/complex circle search target

Scoring Templates:

  • 1 single letter search-simple chart
  • 1 single letter search-crowded chart
  • 1 word search subtest chart
  • 1 random complex circles search chart
  • 1 structured complex circles seach chart

Visual attention Subtests:

  • 1 manual (various pagings)
  • 1 random plain circles-crowded chart
  • 1 square card with cut-out circle in centre


  • 1 carrying case
  • 2 eye patches
  • 2 tongue depressors
  • 1 pen light
  • 4 red sticker dots
  • 1 eye cover

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