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Assessment Tools: COOP : life skills with a visual analogue scale

The assessment tool collection encompasses all assessments that are used in medical rehabilitation with a primary focus on physical therapy and occupational therapy.

COOP : life skills with a visual analogue scale

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COOP : life skills with a visual analogue scale

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Summary: A compilation of various journal articles, plus the assessment tools, dealing with the Dartmouth Primary Care Cooperative Information Functional Health Assessment (COOP) and the World Organisation Project of National Colleges and Academics (WONCA).
 Library Record:  Call # WB 141.4 C776c ATOOLS (Reserve Desk)



  • Health-related quality-of-life assessments and patient-physician communication : a randomized controlled trial / Symone B. Detmar, [et. al.].
  • Home-based occupational therapy : stroke patients' satisfaction with occupational performance and service provision / Louise Gilbertson and Peter Langhorne.
  • Reliability and validity of the COOP/WONCA health status measure in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease / K. Stavem, H. Jodalen.
  • Health-related quality of life of older native American primary care patients / Stephanie L. McFall, Teshia G. Arambula Solomon, David W. Smith.
  • The Dartmouth primary care cooperative ("COOP") information project. -- Measuring functional health status with the COOP/WONCA charts : a manual / C. van Weel, [et al.].
  • Can functional-status surveys improve your care? / by Ken Terry.
  • A randomized trial of the use of patient self-assessment data to improve community practices / John H. Wasson, [et al.].
  • Responsiveness of general health status in chronic low back pain : a comparison of the COOP charts and the SF-36 / Gert Bronfort, Lex M. Bouter.
  • Routine, single-item screening to identify abusive relationships in women / John H. Wasson, [et al.].
  • Dartmouth COOP functional health assessment charts : brief measures for clinical practice / Eugene C. Nelson, [et al.].
  • Measuring functioning and health in the very old / Albert L. Siu, [et al.].
  • Summary of the WONCA/COOP international health assessment field trial / Jeanne M. Landgraf, [et al.].
  • Functional status measurement in primary care / WONCA Classification Committee.
  • COOP measures of functional status / David W. Beaufait, [et al.].
  • The functional status of patients : how can it be measured in physicians' offices? / Eugene C. Nelson, [et al.].
  • Functional health status levels of primary care patients / Eugene Nelson, [et al.].
  • Assessment of function in routine clinical practice : description of the COOP chart method and preliminary findings / Eugene Nelson, [et al.].
  • Benefits and obstacles of health status assessment in ambulatory settings : the clinician's point of view / John Wasson, [et al.].
  • Assessing health status in general practice / Charles Bridges-Webb.
  • How's your health? : survey tool bringing patients and physicians onto the same page.
  • Do the pictures influence scores on the Dartmouth COOP charts? / C.O. Larson, R.D. Hays, E.C. Nelson.

  • A short survey for assessing health and social problems of adolescents / John H. Wasson, [et al.].
  • A computerized school-based health assessment with rapid feedback to improve adolescent health / Ann C. Bracken, Adam L. Hersh, Deborah J. Johnson.
  • Children with minimal sensorineural hearing loss : prevalence, educational performance, and functional status / Fred. H. Bess, Jeanne Dodd-Murphy, and Robert A. Parker.
  • Adolescent health and social problems : a method for detection and early management. / John H. Wasson, [et al.].

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