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SciFinder: SciFinder-n

SciFinder-n is the new interface for SciFinder. SciFinder-n has several new features including:

  • ability to use Boolean operators, truncation/wildcards and parentheses similar to many other databases
  • sorting by relevance
  • option to search substance, reaction and reference databases all at once
  • ability to search for different combinations such as two substance property data points
  • automatic deduping
  • ability to have multiple tabs running
  • retrosynthesis planner 
  • PatentPak - easily find chemical substances in patent documents 
  • MethodsNow - step by step procedures and protocols from journal articles and patents 
  • ChemDoodle - touch-friendly structure editor for drawing on phones and tablets

SciFinder-n Login

SciFinder-n Training

SciFinder-n Training

Several training resources are available on the SciFinder-n Training website. There are recorded webinars and short videos available on substance, reaction, reference, patent and biosequence searching. 

SciFinder Webinars 

Register for upcoming webinars or view recorded webinars on how to search for different types of substances or use new features like the retrosynthesis planning feature.