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St. John's College Library

St. John’s College is the oldest Anglophone institution of higher education in Western Canada. The library collection contains many items of historical interest, covering History, Anglicanism, Biblical Studies, and French-Canadian and English Literature.

In addtion to providing an inviting space for scholarly study, St. John's Library is equipped wtih a number desktop workstations and offers printingscanning, and photocopy services. As a member of the university library system, patrons can request and return materials from any Manitoba Libraries location. Located on the third floor of St. John's College, the library has a reputation for being a bright, quiet, area for study with convenient access to both Cafe 101 and The Daily Bread Cafe

We are here to serve you - feel free to contact any member of our friendly staff with questions regarding library services. Visit our research help page to browse subject guides for the collection's topical concentrations, view information pertaining to citation guidelines, or to contact a subject liason for assistance. 

For parking information please see Parking Services.

Mailing address:

St. John's College Library, Rm 322
University of Manitoba
92 Dysart Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3T 2M5

Circulation desk:

Phone: 204.474.8542
Fax: 204.474.7614

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New Books this Week

Please check the New Materials section for a complete list of recently added books to our library.

Recent Additions to the Current Periodical Shelf

Anglican & Episcopal History (87.3 September 2018)

    Steve Longenecker   "Randolph H. McKim:  Lost Cause Conservative, Episcopal Liberal"

    Mary S. Donovan   "Educating the Former Slaves: Episcopal Freedom Schools, 1866-1877"

    Shawn Strout   "Thomas Cranmer's Reform of the Sanctorale Calendar"

    J. Barrington Bates   ""The Renewal of Ordination Vows"

    Samuel J. Richards   "Freitagsvesper in der Predigerkirche Zurich: Catholic-Reformed Bridged by Anglicans"

    Various Book Reviews

les ecrits (153 automne 2018)

    Recits (3 contributors)

    Poemes (10 contributors)

    Le Laboratoire De L'Ecrivain (7 contributors)

    Chroniques (3 contributors)

Estuaire (numero 175 "Internet")

     Liminaires (2 contributors)

     Poemes (10 contributors)

     Critiques (4 contributors)

     Sept proses sur la poesie (1 contributor)

Prairie Fire (Vol. 39 no. 4)

Exile: The Literary Quarterly (Vol. 41 no. 4)

    Lisa Smedman, Kate Heartfield, and Cait Gordon  "Finding Our Alice"

    Nigel Dickson (photography) and Barry Callaghan (text)  "Wounds of Light"

    Jobola Fagbamiya and Conor McCreery  "The Lioness Against An Empire"

    Karen Lee White  "Queen Elizabeth Visits the Elks Bingo Hall"

    Rob McLennan  "Interruptions"

    Iryn Tushabe  "A Separation"

    Deirdre Dwyer  "Yoshitosi Selections"

    Anne Michaels  "Infinite Gradation"

    Linda Rogers  "YUM YUM, a Visual Feast"

The Newfoundland Quarterly (Vol. 111 no. 3; Winter 2018/19)

    "Mary Pratt: An Appreciation"

    "Captain James Cook: The Voyages"

    Susan Flanagan  "Captain Cook's Right Hand Man"

    "Possible Maps"

    Gerald Penney and Robert Cuff  "Southwood"

    Dan Duda  "Newfoundland's Early Cartological Profile"

    Lindsay Bird  "Sentencing of the Snowbank Butcher" and "Floyd, on Vacation"

    Artist Profiles (RIAC and Ned Pratt)

    Paul Whittle  "Young Americans"

Biblical Research (Volume 62; 2017)

     Eric F. Mason  "Editor's Note"

     Esther Menn  "A Tribute to Professor Ralph W. Klein: Scholar, Text Critic, and Curator"

     Steed Vernyl Davidson  "Finding Josiah in Isaiah: Thinking on a Superscription about the Absence of a King"

     Lowell K. Handy  "Josiah and the History of the World"

     Jeffrey Stackert  "'This is My Blood of the Covenant': The Markan Last Supper and the Elohistic Horeb Narrative"

     Margaret M. Mitchell  "Origen and the Text-Critical Dilemma: An Illustrration from One of His Newly Discovered Greek Homilies on the Psalms"

     Ralph W. Klein  "New Testament Manuscript 1424 and Its Homecoming"
















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Emma Popowich

Acting Head

Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Reference Services - Room 112
(204) 474-6593

Hung-Hsueh Shao
Library Assistant


Shaun Mulvey
Library Assistant


Subject Librarians

Our librarians have expertise in a range of subjects and are available to help students and Faculty use the Libraries many resources. Personalized consultations are a phone call away.


Dom Taylor

(Religion, Catholic Studies, Canadian Studies, Philosophy, French, Spanish, and Italian, and Social Work)

Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Reference Services - Room 112
(204) 474-9184

Lyle Ford

(English, Classical Studies, Film Studies, and Theatre)

Elizabeth Dafoe Library
Reference Services - Room 112
(204) 474-9530