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Patents and Intellectual Property


The decision to patent

A guide to patents (Canada)

Intellectual property law : copyright, patents, trade-marks (Canada)

Fundamentals of patenting and licensing for scientists and engineers


Agricultural biotechnology and intellectual property : seeds of change (print)

Seeding solutions. Volume 1. Policy options for genetic resources: people, plants and patents revisited

Seeding solutions. Volume 2, Options for national laws governing control over genetic resources and biological innovations

Gene patents and collaborative licensing model

Gene cartels : biotech patents in the age of free trade  (print)

Study on the breadth of human gene patents

Genetic patents and health care in Canada : an international comparison of the patent regimes of Canada and its major trading partners

Technology transfer in biotechnology : a global perspective 

Patent protection for pharmaceutical products in Canada : chronology of significant events

Science and Technology

The chemist's companion guide to patent law

Writing chemistry patents and intellectual property : a practical guide

Patent applications : a tool for identifying advances in polymer chemistry R & D  (print)

Patent law for computer scientists : steps to protect computer-implemented inventions 

Mapping nanotechnology innovations and knowledge : global and longitudinal patent and literature analysis

Technology Transfer

Inside the patent factory : the essential reference for effective and efficient management of patent creation (print)

Politics of intellectual property : contestation over the ownership, use, and control of knowledge and information  (print)

Valuation of intangible assets : an exploration of patent and trademark portfolios 

Measuring the immeasurable : valuing patent protection of knowledge-based competitive advantages 

Tangible strategies for intangible assets : how to manage and measure your company's brand, patents, intellectual property, and other sources of value  (print)

Patents and technological progress in a globalized world

Patents, public-private partnerships or prizes : how should we support pharmaceutical innovation?

Technology transfer in biotechnology : from lab to industry to production

Technology transfer from university to industry : insight into university technology transfer in the Chinese national innovation system (print)

University entrepreneurship and technology transfer : process, design, and intellectual property 

Legal Aspects

Intellectual property law : copyright, patents, trade-marks (Canada)

Patents for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology : fundamentals of global law, practice, and strategy  (print)

Biotechnological inventions : moral restraints and patent law (print)

Competition policy and patent law under uncertainty : regulating innovation  (print)

Incentives for global public health : patent law and access to essential medicines

A short course in international intellectual property rights : protecting your brands, marks, copyrights, patents, designs, and related rights worldwide  (print)

Concise international and European IP law : TRIPS, Paris Convention, European enforcement and transfer of technology  (print)

Patent failure : how judges, bureaucrats, and lawyers put innovators at risk

Information Retrieval

Current challenges in patent information retrieval

How to conduct patent searches for medicines : a step-by-step guide  (print)

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