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College of Rehabilitation Sciences: RT 3440

Guide for OT, PT, RT, and MSc Rehab


Selecting a Topic

It is important to know if there is enough good information on the topic you wish to research. Before you select a topic follow these steps to do a quick and simple search to see if there is that research:

  1. Select a topic that is interesting to you
  2. Identify the main concepts (using PICO can help with this) and write down those concepts
  3. Go to PubMed Clinical Querries
  4. Search just the problem/population and intervention
  5. Filter to the question type

Preparing for the Meeting

To arrange a meeting you must complete the following steps, if these are not all completed prior to the meeting the meeting will be re-scheduled.

  1. Have a searchable question
  2. Have a completed search map 
  3. Identify subject heading for each concept
  4. Complete a search in OVID Medline, either save that search or print the search history
  5. Come with a bibliography of at least two articles that answers your question

Book the meeting by selecting Hal Loewen on this page

At the meeting we will:

  1. Review of your search question and search map
  2. Review of the articles found
  3. Talk about execution of the search
  4. Discuss additional databases to search, (if needed)