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Sarah Clark: Professional Profile

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Sarah Clark
Text: 204-228-9189
Phone: 204-474-6361

Sarah Clark is the Learning & Instruction Support Librarian and has been part of the University of Manitoba Libraries since 2012. Her previous roles include Liaison for the Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management and Department of Women's and Gender Studies. Sarah's current research involves integrating scaffolded assignments at both the course and curriculum levels and exploring librarians’ roles in the delivery of academic integrity instruction.  

Upcoming Posters, Presentations and Publications

Clark, S., & Penner, K. (in press). [Lesson Plan content for Cognitivism chapter]. In J. Dale & L. Pressley (Eds.), Learning theory in libraries. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.

Albrecht, V., & Clark, S. (2023, March). In it to win it: Navigating unforeseen challenges with academic integrity research and support. Paper to be presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference. Pittsburgh, PA. 

Clark, S., & Monnin, C. (2023, March). It's all about citations? Academic librarians' role in citation instruction. To be presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference. Pittsburgh, PA. 

Recent Posters, Presentations and Publications

Clark, S., & Penner, K. (2023). Supporting first-year students: Using existing knowledge to develop critical reading skills. In H. Gascho Rempel & R. Hamelers (Eds.), Teaching critical reading skills: Strategies for academic librarians (Vol. 1, pp. 139-146). ACRL Press.

Clark, S., & Ho, V. (2022, May). IL isn't everything: Strengthening faculty-librarian relationships through teaching on practical tools. Presented online at the Library Instruction Tennessee conference. 

Albrecht, V. & Clark, S. (2021, May). Post-disciplinary education with groups: In-person vs. online. Presented online at the Academic Integrity Inter-Institutional Meeting.

Albrecht, V., Clark, S., Loewen, H., & Popowich, E. (2021, April). Open, innovative, and brave? Challenges experienced by mid-career librarians. Presented online at the Association of College and Research Libraries conference. 

Albrecht, V., & Clark, S. (2020). Life after plagiarism: A collaborative approach to post-discipline education. In R. Michalak & M.D.T. Rysavy (Eds.), Academic plagiarism: Librarians' solo and collaborative efforts to curb academic plagiarism (pp. 1-8). Nova Science Publishers. 

Albrecht, V., Clark, S., & Winkler, J. (2020, January). Sweet dreams? Librarians' role in academic integrity. Presented at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Toronto, ON.

Clark, S., & Taylor, D. (2019, April). Holistic scaffolding and the pedagogy of charity. Presented at the Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference, Nottingham, England.

Clark, S. (2019, April). Promoting gradual skill development for undergraduate students: Faculty workshops for scaffolded instruction. Presented at the Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference, Nottingham, England.

Clark, S. (2018). The multimedia one-shot: Integrating visual resources and video creation software into information literacy instructionIn C. Ippoliti (Ed.), The savvy academic librarian's guide to technological innovation: Moving beyond the wow factor. Lanham, ML: Rowman & Littlefield. 

Clark, S. (2018, May). Scaffolding in information literacy and writing: A collaborative approach to assignment design​. Paper presented at the LOEX Annual Conference, Houston, TX. 

Ready, E., & Clark, S. (2017, October). A history of physical activity and aging research in Canada. Presented at the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology Conference, Winnipeg, MB.

Clark, S. (2017, October). Enhancing active learning: Assessment of Poll Everywhere in the classroom. Presented at the Dartmouth Library's October Conference, Hanover, NH. 

Clark, S., & Penner, K. (2017). Assessing an event: Mixin’ it up with the Long Night Against Procrastination. In A. W. Dobbs (Ed.). The library assessment cookbook. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.

Clark, S. (2017, June). Scaffolding in writing & research: Working with faculty in assignment development. Presented at the University of Manitoba Libraries' Information Literacy Symposium. Winnipeg, MB.

Albrecht, V., & Clark. S. (2016, May). Beyond the desk: Providing reference at alternative points-of-need. Presented at the Manitoba Libraries Conference, Winnipeg MB.

Block, K., & Clark, S. (2016, May). Long Night Against Procrastination at the University of Manitoba. Presented at the Association of College and Research Libraries' North Dakota-Manitoba Chapter Symposium, Winnipeg, MB.​