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Law E-Books + Annotated Texts: eReference on Proview

eReference on Proview

Westlaw's ProView offers full-text access to annotated Canadian laws. Also published as looseleaf services, these online versions offer up-to-date content that can be accessed remotely by all UM students, staff and faculty.

Get full-text access to ProView using your UMnetID and password.

Aboriginal Law

Aboriginal and treaty rights practice (Locke Macaulay)
Native law (Woodward)

Administrative Law

Judicial review of administrative action in Canada (Brown & Evans)
Practice and procedure before administrative tribunals (Macaulay, Sprague & Sossin)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Commercial arbitration in Canada: a guide to domestic and international arbitrations (McEwan & Herbst)
Innovative dispute resolution: the alternative (McLaren & Sanderson)

Civil Practice & Procedure

Civil appeals (Brown)
Class actions in Canada, 2nd ed. (Branch & Good)
Interlocutory proceedings (Wirth)
Manitoba queen's bench rules annotated (Busby)
The art and science of advocacy (Olah)
The law of privilege in Canada (Hubbard, et al.)

Commercial Law

A practical guide to Canadian partnership law (Manzer)
Canadian trade law: practice and procedure (Herman)
Corporate and practice manual for charities and not-for-profit corporations (Burke-Robertson, Carter & Man)
Drug and health products law in Canada (Gagné)
Fiduciary duties in Canada (Ellis)
Fiduciary duties: obligations of loyalty and faithfulness (Ng)
Limited partnerships (Hepburn & Strain)
The law of banking and payment in Canada (Crawford)

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law of Canada, 5th ed. (Hogg)
Constitutional litigation in Canada (Lokan & Dassios)
Constitutional remedies in Canada, 2nd ed. (Roach)
The Canadian charter of rights annotated (Dunn & Bernstein)
The charter of rights in litigation: direction from the supreme court of Canada (Kennedy)

Construction Law

Construction, builders' and mechanics' liens in Canada, 8th ed. (Bristow, et al.)

Corporate Law

Records and information management (Loranger & Cronkwright)

Criminal Law

Breathalyzer law in Canada: the prosecution and defence of drinking, drugs and driving offences, 5th ed. (McLeod, Takach & Segal)
Crimes against children: prosecution and defence (Zaretsky, Maleszyk & Hepburn)
Criminal code driving offences: companion text for breathalyzer law in Canada (McLeod, Takach & Segal)
DNA: a practical guide (Rose & Goos)
Mental disorder in Canadian criminal law (Barrett & Shandler)
Proceeds of crime and money laundering... (German)
Quigley's procedure in Canadian criminal law (Quigley & Rose)
Sexual offences in Canadian law (Stewart)
The Canadian charter of rights: the prosecution and defence of criminal and other statutory offences (McLeod, et al.)
The Law of bail in Canada, 3rd ed. (Trotter)
The Law of fraud and related offences (Nightingale & Sennek)

Employment & Labour Law

Employment law manual: wrongful dismissal, human rights and employment standards (Sproat)
Evidence and procedure in Canadian labour arbitration (Gorsky, et al.)
Judicial review in labour law (Charney & Brady)
Just cause: the law of summary dismissal in Canada (Echlin & Certosimo)
Remedies in labour, employment and human rights law (Casey & Field Atkinson Perraton, LLP)
Wrongful dismissal (Harris, et al.)

Environmental Law

Blakes' Canadian law of endangered species (Walton)
Canadian environmental assessment act: an annotated guide (Hobby, et al.)
The law of climate change in Canada (Mahony)
The prosecution and defence of environmental offences (Berger)

Estates & Trusts

Estate planning precedents: a solicitor's manual (Histrop)
Tax planned will precedents, 4th ed. (Butler)


Civil evidence handbook (Cudmore)
Electronic evidence in Canada (Underwood & Penner)
The law of witnesses and evidence in Canada (Sankoff)

Family Law

Financial principles of family law (Freedman, et al.)
Law of domestic conflict in Canada (Christopher)
Finance & Banking Law
Law in international finance (Manzer, Abudulai & Potter)

Human Rights

Discrimination and the law: including equality rights under the charter (Tarnopolsky & Pentney)
The law of human rights in Canada: practice and procedure (Zinn)

Immigration Law

Canadian citizenship and immigration inadmissibility law, 2nd ed. (Bellissimo)
North american relocation law (Kranc)

Insolvency Law 

Priority of crown claims in insolvency (Lamer)
Secured transactions in personal property in Canada, 3rd ed. (McLaren)

Insurance Law

Insurance law in Canada (Brown & Donnelly)
Intellectual Property (IP)
Canadian patent act annotated, 2nd ed. (Barrigar)
Fox Canadian law of copyright and industrial designs, 4th ed. (McKeown)

Landlord & Tenant

Ontario residential tenancies law, 2nd ed. (Doumani, Albert & Overtveld)

Legal Research & Writing

Sanagan's encyclopedia of words and phrases, 5th ed. (Gardner & Gardner)

Municipal & Planning

Canadian law of planning and zoning, 2nd ed. (MacFee Rogers & Butler)
The law of Canadian municipal corporations (MacFee Rogers)

Privacy Law

The law of privacy in Canada (McIsaac, Klein & Brown)

Real Estate Law

Anger and Honsberger law of real property, 3rd ed. (Warner La Forest)
Registration of title to land (DiCastri)
The law of vendor and purchaser: the law and practice relating to contracts… of Canada, 3rd ed. (DiCastri)

Regulation of Professions

Conflicts of interest: principles for the legal profession (MacNair)
Lawyers and ethics: professional responsibility and discipline (MacKenzie)
The regulation of professions in Canada (Casey)


Injunctions and specific performance (Sharpe)
Orkin on the law of costs, 2nd ed. (Orkin & Schipper)
Remedies in tort (Klar)
The law of damages (Waddams)
The Law of restitution (Maddaugh & McCamus)
The oppression remedy (Morritt, Bjorkquist & Coleman)


Brown on defamation: Canada, united kingdom, australia, new zealand, united states, 2nd ed. (Brown)


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