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ArcGIS Online Tools: Adding Content

Find information on getting an ArcGIS OInline account, ways to learn, adding content, analysis tools, Web maps and Web apps

Share Content

Share content

  • Items
  • Maps
  • Groups
  • Link to items
  • Embed maps, apps and groups
  • Etc.

Adding Content

Demo: Make_Maps!

Create Maps

Choose a basemap & other considerations

Note:     Use the World Geodetic System (WGS 84) as its reference coordinate system.

                Projection in AGOL?

Add layers to maps 

See the topics covered:

  • What layers can you add?
  • Search for layers
  • Browse Living Atlas Layers
  • Add layers from the web, including web service layers
  • Tile layer
  • KML file
  • GeoRSS File
  • CSV file
  • Bing basemaps
  • GPS Exchange Format file
  • GeoJSON file
  • ESRI shapefile compressed into a .zip file

Creating Hosted Layers

Create hosted layers

  • Feature layers
  • Feature layer views
  • WFS layers
  • Tile layers
  • Vector tile layers
  • WMTS layers
  • Scene layers
  • Elevation layers
  • Layer dependencies

ArcGIS Maps for Office

Create Maps in Your Spreadsheets and Presentations!

Ask us for a plug-in!