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Indigenous and Inuit Art Resources: Citing & Writing Tips

Indigenous Art, Inuit Art


Citation Examples

NOTE: Check your syllabus and assignment instructions first. Any instructions provided by your instructor take precedence.

Citing Lecture Notes

See section 14.217 of the Chicago Manual of Style for full instructions. 

Chicago Style (17th edition, Notes & Bibliography) basic format for bibliography:

Last Name, First Name. "Title of presentation." Format and location of presentation, Date. URL (if slides are available online).


Note 1. Viviana Hong, “Censorship in Children’s Literature during Argentina’s Dirty War (1976–1983)” (lecture, University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, April 30, 2015),
Bibliography Hong, Viviana. “Censorship in Children’s Literature during Argentina’s Dirty War (1976–1983).” Lecture presented at University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, April 30, 2015.

Citing Images

Chicago Style (17th edition, Notes & Bibliography) basic format for bibliography:

Artist’s Last Name, First Name. Title of work. Date of creation or completion. Medium. Location of the work.


Smith and Williams. Crowell House. 1955. Pasadena, California. Photograph by Julius Shulman. Accessed June 12, 2020.

In this example:

  • "Smith and Williams" is the name of the architectural firm.
  • The name of the photographer should be included if available.
  • Access dates are not required in the 17th edition of Chicago Manual of Style (see section 14.12: Access dates), but your instructor may require that you include the date that you accessed an online resource.
  • When citing a resource from a library database, the name of the database or domain URL ( may be used instead of the direct URL to that resource. See section 14.11 of the Chicago Manual of Style for more information.

More Advice on Citing Images:

UCI Libraries Citing Images Guide: APA and MLA
Colgate University: Citing Images Chicago Style
New Jersey Institute of Technology: Citing Images in Architecture, Art & Design

Elements of Article Citations:

Articles are in Journals
Journals are in Databases
Databases are sometimes provided by larger database vendors


Misri, S., Kostaras, X., Fox, D., & Kostaras, D. (2000). The impact of partner support in the treatment of postpartum depression. Canadian Journal of Psychiatry, (45)6, 554‐558. Retrieved from EBSCOhost Academic Search Complete database.

1.    Authors
Misri, S., Kostaras, X., Fox, D., & Kostaras, D.

2.    Publication Date

3.    Article Title
The impact of partner... 

4.    Journal Title, Vol.#, Iss.#, Pg.#
Canadian Journal of ...,
(45)6, 554‐558.  

5.    Database Info
Retrieved from EBSCOhost Academic... 

Citation Management

Citing online multimedia

A. E. Weed, At the Foot of the Flatiron (American Mutoscope and Biograph Co., 1903), 35 mm film, from Library of Congress, The Life of a City: Early Films of  New York, 1898–1906, MPEG video, 2:19,

“HOROWITZ AT CARNEGIE HALL 2-Chopin Nocturne in Fm Op.55,” YouTube video, 5:53, from a performance televised by CBS on September 22, 1968, posted by “hubanj,” January 9, 2009,

Harwood, John. “The Pros and Cons of Biden.” New York Times video, 2:00. August 23, 2008.

Pollan, Michael. “Michael Pollan Gives a Plant’s-Eye View.” Filmed March 2007. TED video, 17:31. Posted February 2008. _gives_a_plant_s_eye_view.html.

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