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Dataverse: Guide for Researchers: Home

This guide provides an introduction to the UofM Dataverse.


What is the UofM Dataverse?

Dataverse is an open source system for storing data. The University of Manitoba Libraries hosts a local instance for faculty and researchers to use to deposit and publish data. All data is held locally, and this system has been cleared through UM Access and Privacy Office’s privacy impact assessment.

Important things to note:

  • You are responsible for any data you upload, including the publication and deletion of your data.
  • Faculty and researchers should speak with their liaison librarian to begin working with Dataverse. Your liaison librarian will provide you with a demonstration of the system, help you to establish a file structure and user roles, and provide ongoing support as needed. Not sure who your liaison librarian is? Check our list of librarians by subject area.

By using the UofM Dataverse, users accept the University of Manitoba Dataverse General Terms of Use.


Dataverse: The term "Dataverse" can be used to refer to both:

Dataset: A container for research data, code, metadata, and documentation.

Role: A user category within Dataverse. Different roles come with different sets of permissions.

Permission: The ability to take an action within Dataverse. Publishing dataverses, creating datasets, and viewing unpublished dataverses are all examples of permissions.

Theme: The visual design of an individual dataverse. This includes logos, page colours, taglines, and links to external websites.

Widget: A box that can be embedded into a website that provides a link to a researcher's dataverse. Widgets offered by Dataverse include a Dataverse Search Box or a Dataverse Listing.

Dataset Template: Dataset templates can be set up if you plan to publish many datasets that hold similar information or have a similar format. These templates can have prepopulated metadata fields, provide instructions for those uploading datasets, or can have custom Terms of Use and Access statements.

Dataset Guestbook: An optional feature in Dataverse that requires users to fill in a short form before downloading a file. Guestbooks can collect account information such as username, first and last name, and affiliation, and can also include custom questions.

Structure of Dataverse

A researcher's personal dataverse can contain other dataverses and datasets.

A dataset is the container for data, documentation, code and metadata.