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Faculty & Researcher Help: Dataverse

UM Dataverse is part of the Dataverse Project conceived of by Harvard University.  It is an open source repository to assist researchers in the creation, management and dissemination of their research data.  UM Dataverse allows for the creation of multiple collaborative environments containing datasets, metadata and digital objects.  UM Dataverse provides formal scholarly data citations and can help with data requirements from publishers and funders. Researchers maintain full control of the data and can set restrictions on access in accordance with Research Ethics Board requirements or make data fully open and available if no restrictions are needed. 



   UM Dataverse Guide for Researchers


UM Dataverse is hosted by the University of Manitoba meaning that the data within it resides on University of Manitoba’s server architecture.  The Libraries provides UM Dataverse to make research data secure and accessible and at the same time streamlines a process for data management.

UM Dataverse is currently in the initial stages of deployment to researchers.  If you are interested in participating, please contact