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Graduate Help - All Text: Theses & MSpace

Prefer video content? Click here to view "Preparing to Deposit Your Thesis: Q&A".

Uploading Theses to MSpace - What You Need

Uploading Thesis to MSpace - The Process

Searching MSpace

Upload to MSpace

Uploading Theses to MSpace - What You Need

If you are a graduate student at the University of Manitoba, you are required to submit an electronic copy of your thesis to MSpace, the University of Manitoba’s institutional repository.  This tutorial will get you ready to submit.

Submit Thesis / Practicum Copyright License Declaration
Complete and submit the Thesis and Practicum Copyright License Declaration online. This form is available in MSpace to be reviewed and completed as part of your submission process.

Convert and Name Your Thesis File
Convert your thesis to a PDF file that is not password-protected, so we can index your work properly. The name of the PDF file should be “YourLastName_YourFirstName.pdf”. 

Check PDF File Properties
Check the properties of your thesis PDF file and make sure that the “Title” and “Author” values of the PDF file properties match your thesis’ title and author. To check this, open your PDF file in Acrobat Reader, and go to “File”, then to “Properties”.

Information about Your Thesis
Have on hand the following information about your thesis:
•    Names of your examining committee members
•    Citations of your previously published articles that comprise a part or all of your thesis
•    Subject keywords that relate to your thesis, and
•    Thesis abstract with special symbols converted to Unicode
You will be asked to enter this information when submitting your thesis to MSpace.

Personal Information and Signatures
Remove from your thesis any personal information such as: addresses, telephone numbers, and signatures. Signatures on forms and letters included in your thesis should be blacked out or whited out. 

Supplementary Files
If media files (e.g., images, graphs, audio, video) are embedded within your thesis PDF file, they should be uploaded as separate files in addition to the thesis PDF file. Other supplementary files may be uploaded.  Executable or program files must be virus-free.

Restrict Access to Your Thesis
You may ask the Faculty of Graduate Studies to restrict access to your thesis in MSpace under certain circumstances. For example:
•    Your thesis may contain a patentable item, and you are applying for patent rights. Or
•    Your thesis may be a creative writing like a novel and poetry, and you wish to publish it commercially.
If you are under such circumstances, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies about its current policy and procedure for restricting access to a thesis.

For help with the upload process, see Uploading Thesis to MSpace - the Process.

Uploading Theses to MSpace - The Process

If you haven’t prepared to upload your thesis, view “Uploading Theses to MSpace - What You Need”. 

Go to MSpace Homepage
When you are ready to submit your thesis PDF file, go to the MSpace homepage

Sign On
At the top right corner of the MSpace homepage, click on the link “Sign on to”; then choose “Submit to MSpace” from the dropdown menu. This will take you to a sign-on page. Enter your University of Manitoba email ID and password.  (contact Carell for fake mspace login formatted like umanitoba email ID & password)

Choose Thesis Submission Workflow
The first option for submissions is thesis, practicum, and dissertation. The second option is for a research publication. In this case, choose the first option. 

Thesis Checklist
You will then see a thesis checklist. Make sure you have met the requirements listed here before proceeding.

Select Collection
Next choose a collection from the dropdown menu. The default is the collection “Electronic Theses and Dissertations Public”.  If you wish to restrict access to your thesis for up to one year and have the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ permission, choose the collection “Restricted 1 Year”.

Manitoba-Related Thesis
You will be asked whether your thesis is related to Manitoba. Does your thesis deal with locations, flora, or fauna in Manitoba? Is it about local issues, histories, cultures, or languages? Does it refer to people from Manitoba? If so, check the box. 

Describe Your Thesis
Enter information about your thesis such as Author, Title, Subject Keywords and Abstract. Convert special symbols in the abstract to Unicode. If your thesis consists of previously published articles, enter citations of the previous publications. 
Choose Degree, Department, and Graduation Date from each dropdown menu. Enter names and departments of your supervisors and examining committee members. 

Upload File(s)
Upload your thesis PDF file. The thesis PDF file should be named “YourLastName_YourFirstName.pdf”. If media files (e.g., images, graphs, audio, video) are embedded within your thesis PDF file, they should be uploaded as separate files in addition to the thesis PDF file. Other supplementary files may be uploaded to MSpace with the thesis PDF file.

Verify Submission
Verify the information you have entered so far.

MSpace Distribution License
You will be asked to grant the University of Manitoba a license to reproduce and distribute your thesis worldwide through MSpace. Please review the license, and check the box at the bottom. You will receive an email confirming that MSpace has received your thesis submission.

Your thesis will appear in MSpace only after the Faculty of Graduate Studies reviews and approves it. It will take a few days or weeks, depending on their schedule. 

For more information on MSpace, contact the University of Manitoba Libraries.

Upload to MSpace

Searching MSpace

This tutorial will teach you how to search MSpace at using three methods: the Search box, the Discover Box and browsing by Community. 

When you visit MSpace, you should see a grey bar with a search box that has “Search All MSpace” in it. You can enter any terms here: author, title, full text, subject, date issued, graduation date, department, degree, or exam committee members.

If you enter a search term, you’ll get a list of results. If you look at the Search dropdown menu, you’ll see that you can narrow your results by running the search again in a particular section of MSpace. By default, your first search is in all of MSpace. If you see a section that seems applicable, go ahead and choose it and click the magnifying glass to search again. 

You can also limit your search by adding filters. Click on “Add filters” to bring up a dropdown menu of options to refine your search results. You can choose from: title, author, subject, date issued, graduation date, department, degree, or exam committee members. 

Once you’ve chosen an option, use the second dropdown menu to select from: contains, equals, ID, not contains, not equals and not ID.

Finally, enter in a term or number that you want to find, or don’t want to find, and click apply. 

If you see a file in the results list that looks interesting, click on it, and you’ll see a page describing the item in detail. To see the file in the item, click View/Open beside the file name.

You can also search MSpace using the Discover box on the left side of the main page. The Discover box presents three categories of items: Author, Subject, and Date Issued. If you see a term that suits you, go ahead and click it for a list of results.

If none of the authors or subjects fit your search, you can click on the “View More” links beneath the lists. This will take you to an alphabetical list of authors or subjects that you can either page through, jump to the first letter, or search by a “starts with” search. 

The third way you can search is by selecting a Community. The main page shows all of the communities within MSpace. Select one of them to see a page with a search box that will give you results only from that specific community.