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Law E-Books + Annotated Texts: Irwin Law

Irwin Law e-Books

Below is a comprehensive list of Irwin Law's electronic books. All University of Manitoba students, staff and faculty have full-text access to these titles.

Get full-text access to Irwin Law's e-books using your UMnetID and password.


In whom we trust: a forum on fiduciary relationships (Law Commission of Canada, Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians)

Métis-crown relations: rights, identity, jurisdiction, and governance (Wilson, Mallet)


Adding feminism to law: the contributions of justice Claire l’Heureux-Dubé (Sheehy)

Administrative law (Mullan)

Commissions of inquiry: praise or reappraise? (Manson, Mullan)

The conduct of public inquiries: law, policy and practice (Ratushny)

The death of a butterfly: mental health court diaries (Schneider)

The laws of government: the legal foundations of Canadian democracy (Forcese, Freeman)

The Supreme Court on trial: judicial activism or democratic dialogue (Roach)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative dispute resolution: skills, science, and the law (Pirie)

Mediation for civil litigators: issues and solutions (Hollander)

A practitioner's guide to commercial arbitration (Huberman)

Animal Welfare

Animals and the law (Bisgould)

Canadian perspectives on animals and the law (Black, Sankoff, Sykes)

Civil Practice | Civil Procedure

Examinations in civil trials: the formula for success (Hollander)

Mareva and Anton Piller preservation orders in Canada: a practical guide (Crerar)

Theory of class actions (Jones)

Case analysis: the critical path to persuasion (Hollander)

The civil code of Québec in chart form (Le May)

The civil courtroom: professionalism to build rapport (Hollander)

Civil litigation (Sossin, Walker)

The class actions controversy: the origins and development of the Ontario class proceedings act (Chiodo)

Conflict of laws (Pitel, Rafferty)

Courts, litigants, and the digital age: law, ethics, and practice (Eltis)

Discovery techniques: a practical guide to the discovery process in civil actions (Hollander)

Constitutional | Human Rights

Constitutional law (Monahan, Ryan, Shaw)

Freedom of conscience and religion (Moon)

Fundamental justice: section 7 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Stewart)

The human rights of anti-terrorism (LaViolette, Forcese)

International human rights law (Freeman, van Ert)

Making equality rights real: securing substantive equality under the charter (Faraday, et al.)

Media law (Martin)

Quasi-constitutional laws of Canada (Helis)

Racial profiling and human rights in Canada: the new legal landscape (Jacobs)

Religious institutions and the law in Canada (Ogilvie)

14 arguments in favour of human rights institutions (Day, LaMarche, Norman)

Researching legislative intent: a practical guide (Anderson, Barker)

Speaking freely: expression and the law in the commonwealth (Martin)

Statutory interpretation (Sullivan)

Understanding charter damages: the judicial evolution of a charter remedy (Charles)

Advancing social rights in Canada (Jackman, Porter)

Anatomy of an election: Canada’s federal general election of 2019 through the lens of political law (Tardi)

Balancing competing human rights claims in a diverse society (Azmi, Foster, Jacobs)

Canada at 150: the Charter and the Constitution - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2017

The Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Roach, Sharpe)

The colour of justice: policing race in Canada (Tanovich)

Constitutional and administrative law - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2001


Insurance law (Boivin)

The law of contracts (McCamus)

Corporate | Commercial

Franchise law (Zaid)

Joint ventures: legal and business perspectives (Reiter, Shishler)

The law of partnerships and corporations (VanDuzer)

Litigating conspiracy: an analysis of competition class actions (Pitel)

Maritime law (Chircop, Gold, Kindred)

Mergers, acquisitions and other changes of corporate control (Nicholls)

U.S. manual of international air carriage (Crush, Hoff, Holding)

Canada's laws on import and export: an overview (Prabhu)

Canadian competition law and policy (Tyhurst)

Canadian law and private investigations (Groot)

Canadian maritime law (Gold, et al.)

The companies we keep: corporate governance for a democratic society (Hutchinson)

Computer law (Takach)

Corporate and commercial law - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2004

Every cyclist's guide to Canadian law (Forcese, LaViolette)


Fitness to stand trial: fairness first and foremost (Bloom, Schneider)

Forensic investigations and miscarriages of justice (Moles, Roach, Sangha)

Getting away with murder: the Canadian criminal justice system (Paciocco)

Jury selection in criminal trials: skills, science and the law (Paciocco, Skurka, Tanovich)

The law of sentencing (Manson)

The lawyer's guide to the forensic sciences (Pakosh)

Sentencing in Canada: essays in law, policy, and practice (Cole, Roberts)

Sovereignty, restraint, and guidance: Canadian criminal law in the 21st century (Plaxton)

Trauma, trials, and transformation: guiding sexual assault victims through the legal system and beyond (Daylen, O'Toole, van Tongeren Harvey)

Understanding bail in Canada (Trotter)

The anatomy of criminal procedure: a visual guide to the law (Coughlan, Gorlewski)

Understanding section 8: search, seizure, and the Canadian Constitution (Boucher, Landa)

Youth criminal justice law (Anand, Bala)

Counsel for the defence: the Bernard Cohn memorial lectures in criminal law (Greenspan)

Criminal law (Roach)

Criminal procedure (Coughlan)

A cruel arithmetic: inside the case against polygamy (Jones)

Detention and arrest (Coughlan, Luther)

Drug-impaired driving in Canada (Baker)

Ethics and criminal law (Layton, Proulx)

Environmental | Land Use

Environmental law (Benidickson)

Land-use planning (Epstein)

Public lands and resources law in Canada (Hughes, Kwasniak, Lucas)


Expert evidence in criminal law, the scientific approach (Gold)

Expert witnesses in civil litigation: a practical guide (Hollander)

The law of evidence (Paciocco, Stuesser)

The law of evidence - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2003

Wigmore on alcohol

Wigmore on alcohol [abridged]: courtroom alcohol toxicology for the medicolegal professional

Wigmore on cannabis: the forensic toxicology of marijuana for lawyers and other medicolegal professionals


Canadian family law (Payne)

Child support guidelines in Canada (Payne)

Children and the law: essays in honour of Professor Nicholas Bala (Anand)

Family law (Fodden)

Family law - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2006

Finance | Banking

Bank and customer law in Canada (Ogilvie)

The Canadian investor: challenge and change in Canadian capital markets (Anand)

Financial skills for professionals (Krishna)

Understanding financial statements (Krishna)

Immigration | Refugee

Immigration law (Galloway, Liew)

Refugee law (Baglay, Jones)


Bankruptcy and insolvency law (Wood)

Bankruptcy and insolvency law in Canada: cases, materials, and problems (Ben-Ishai, Telfer)

Bankruptcy law picture book: a brief intro to the law of bankruptcy, in pictures (Quan)

Intellectual Property

Canadian telecommunications law (Howell)

Competition policy and intellectual property (Boyer, Trebilcock, Vaver)

Copyright law (Vaver)

Digital copyright law (Hutchison)

From "radical extremism" to "balanced copyright" (Geist)

In the public interest: the future of Canadian copyright law (Geist)

Intellectual property for the 21st century: interdisciplinary approaches (Daogoo, et al.)

Intellectual property law: copyright, patents, trade-marks (Vaver)

International Law

Public international law (Currie)

Using international law in Canadian courts (van Ert)

The British manual of international air carriage (Crush, Holding)

Canadian manual of international air carriage (Holding)

Civil actions for uncivilized acts (Larocque)

The globalized rule of law: relationships between international and domestic law (Fitzgerald)

International and transnational criminal law (Currie, Rikhof)

International law: doctrine, practice, and theory (Currie, et al.)

International trade law (Johnson)

Law beyond borders: extraterritorial jurisdiction in an age of globalization (Coughlan, Currie, Kindred)

Labour | Employment

Constitutional labour rights in Canada (Faraday, et al.)

Employment and labour law toolbox: what Ontario employers need to know (Wearing)

Employment law and the new workplace in the social media age - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2012

Individual employment law (England)

Labour and employment law: cases, materials, and commentary (Labour Law Casebook Group)

Labour and employment law in the federal public service (Rootham)

One law for all? Weber v Ontario Hydro and Canadian labour law: essays in memory of Bernie Adell (Shilton, Schucher, Adell)

Ontario public service employment and labour law (Eady, et al.)

Legal Education | Legal Profession

Lawyers, families, and business: the shaping of a bay street law firm, Faskens 1863-1963 (Kyer)

Legal ethics and professional responsibility (Hutchinson)

Legal research and writing (Tjaden)

Legal writing: mastering clarity and persuasion (Hollander)

Why good lawyers matter (Blaikie, Cromwell, Pink)

The ABCs of law school: a practical guide to success without sacrifice (Ali, Batista, Christiensen, Cooper)

Advocates and advocacy: the best of the advocates' journal, 2005–2018 (Grant)

The art of the interview: how lawyers talk with clients (Hollander)

Education law in Canada: a guide for teachers and administrators (Young)

The essential guide to mooting: a handbook for law students (Crowne-Mohammed, Hashim, Kierstead)

Ethos, pathos, and logos: the best of the advocates’ society journal 1982-2004 (Stockwook, Spiro, Leon)

Law firm recruitment in Canada: job search advice for law students and associates (Griesdorf)

The law school book: succeeding at law school (Hutchinson)

Legal History | Legal Philosophy

Antigone v. Creon: Sophocles’ Antigone as a courtroom drama (Fisher)

"at the barricades": a memoir (Borovoy)

Carnal crimes: sexual assault law in Canada, 1900-1975 (Backhouse)

Destroying the Caroline: the frontier raid that reshaped the right to war (Forcese)

The lunatic and the lords (Schneider)

A thirty years' war: the failed public/private partnership that spurred the creation of the Toronto transit commission, 1891-1921 (Kyer)

Legal Research & Writing

Essential sources of Canadian law (Eaton & Le May)

Guthrie's guide to better legal writing (Guthrie)

Medical | Mental Health

The annotated Ontario mental health statutes (Schneider)

Health law at The Supreme Court of Canada (Downie, Gibson)

Mental disorder and the law: a primer for legal and mental health professionals (Bloom, Schneider)

Mental health courts: decriminalizing the mentally ill (Bloom, Heerema, Schneider)

Surrogacy in Canada: critical perspectives in law and policy (Gruben, Cattapan, Cameron)

Tough choices: living and dying in the twenty-first century (McTeer)

National Security | Anti-terrorism

False security: the radicalization of Canadian anti-terrorism (Forcese, Roach)

National security law: Canadian practice in international perspective (Forcese)


Guide to the Ontario personal health information protection act (Dimitriadis, Orr, Perun)

Information and privacy law in Canada (von Tigerstrom)

Privacy rights in the global digital economy: legal problems and Canadian paths to justice (Lesley Jacobs)


The law of bailment (Tanha)

The law of trusts (Gillese)

A medical-legal approach to estate planning and decision making for older clients - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2010

Personal property security law (Cuming, Walsh, Wood)

Property on trial: Canadian cases in context (Tucker, Muir, Ziff)

Real property law: conquering the complexities - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2002


The law of equitable remedies (Berryman)

The modern law of damages - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2005 (The Law Society of Upper Canada)

Remedies: the law of damages (Adjin-Tettey, Cassels)

Representing victims of sexual and spousal abuse (Des Rosiers, Langevin)


Money laundering and proceeds of crime (DeFreitas, et al.)

Securities law (Nicholls)

What's next for Canada?: securities regulation after the reference (Anand)

Social Legislation

Pension law (Frazer, Kaplan)


Advocacy and taxation in Canada (Chadikoff, Horvath, Iacobucci)

Income tax law (Krishna)

International tax evasion in the global information age (Chodikoff, Kerzner)

Tax avoidance in Canada after Canada Trustco and Mathew (Duff, Erlichman)

Taxation and valuation of technology: theory, practice, and the law (Chodikoff, Horvath)


Canadian libel and slander actions (McConchie, Potts)

Cyber-libel: information warfare in the 21st century? (Potts)

The law of large-scale claims: product liability, mass torts, and complex litigation in Canada (Cassels, Jones)

The law of torts (Osborne)

Personal injury law - The Law Society of Upper Canada special lectures, 2008


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