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Law E-Books + Annotated Texts: Lexis Advance Quicklaw

Lexis Advance Quicklaw e-Books and Commentary

Below is a comprehensive list of Lexis Advance Quicklaw's e-books and commentary. Unless otherwise indicated, all University of Manitoba students, staff and faculty have full-text access to these titles.


Administrative Law in Canada by Blake

Aviation Liability Law

Bidding and Tendering - What is the Law? by Sandori & Piggott

British Columbia Courtroom Procedure by Bracken & Dull

British Columbia Planning Law and Practice by Buholz

Business and Human Rights as Law: Towards Justiciability of Rights, Involvement, and Remedy by Aftab & Mocle

Business in Transition: Making the Succession Plan Work by Bollefer & Malach

Butterworths Workers’ Compensation in Ontario Service

Canada Business Corporations Act & Commentary by Fasken

Canadian Brownfields Manual

Canadian Business Corporations Law by McGuinness

Canadian Civil Procedure Law by Abrams & McGuinness

Canadian Collective Bargaining Law: Principles and Practice by Rayner, et al.

Canadian Construction Labour and Employment Law

Canadian Contract Law by Swan, et al.

Canadian Environmental Law Reports

Canadian Extradition Law Practice by Botting

Canadian Franchise Law - A Practical Guide by So

Canadian Health Information: A Practical Legal and Risk Management Guide by Inions, et al.

Canadian Health Law and Policy by Erdman, et al.

Canadian Law of First Responders' Liability by Boghosian

Canadian Law of Mortgages by Roach

Canadian Law of Unjust Enrichment and Restitution by McInnes

Canadian Mining Law

Canadian Patent Law by Perry & Currier

Canadian Securities Regulation by Johnston & Rockwell

Canadian Tort Law by Linden & Feldthusen

Canadian Trademark Law by Scassa

Castel & Walker: Canadian Conflict of Laws

Class Actions Law and Practice

Commercial Insolvency in Canada by McElcheran

Competition and Antitrust Law: Canada and the United States by Facey & Assaf

Competition and antitrust laws in Canada: mergers

Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between the European Union and Canada: Economic Perspectives and Legal Analysis by Van Overmeire, et al.

Comprehensive Guide to the City of Toronto Act, 2006 by Longo & Mascarin

Construction Dispute Resolution Handbook by Silver & Furlong

Construction Law in Canada by Ricchetti & Murphy

Corporate Social Responsibility - A Legal Analysis by Kerr, et al.

Counselling Corporations and Advising Businesses by Iacovelli & Lan

Criminal Procedure in Canada by Penney, et al.

Director and Officer Liability in Corporate Insolvency by Sarra & Davis

Doctrine of Res Judicata by Lange

Doctrine of Res Judicata in Canada by Lange

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Canada by Kessler & Hunter

Drafting Trusts and Will Trusts in Canada by Kessler & Hunter

Election Law in Canada by Bourgeois & Spindler

Employment Law in Canada

Employment Litigation Manual

Environmental Regulation in Canada

Executive employment lawprotecting executives, entrepreneurs, and employees

Expert Evidence by Anderson

Expropriation Law in Ontario by Overmeire

Family Dispute Resolution Handbook by Landau, et al.

Federal Limitations Manual

Feeney's Canadian Law of Wills

General Principles of Canadian Insurance Law by Billingsley

Governance of Publicly Listed Corporations by Dorval

Government Lawyering: Duties and Ethical Challenges of Government Lawyers by Sanderson

Guide to Canada's Impact Assessment Act by Northey, et al.

Hughes and Woodley on Patents

Hughes on Copyright and Industrial Design

Hughes on Trade Marks

IFC Performance Standards on Environmental & Social Sustainability by Torrance

Immigration Law and Practice

Impaired Driving in Canada by Kenkel

Insurance Bad Faith by Hilliker

Intellectual Property Management: Best Practices by Ramsay

Introduction to Canadian Insurance Law by Brown & Mercer

Justice of the Peace in Ontario: Practice and Procedure by Kowarsky

Kirsh and Alter: A Guide to Construction Liens in Ontario by Kirsh & Alter

Law for Canadian Health Care Administrators by Morris, et al.

Law of Civil Procedure in Ontario by Perell & Morden

Law of Libel in Canada by Downard

Law of Limitations by Mew

Law of Municipal Liability in Canada by Boghosia

Law of Nuisance in Canada by Pun, et al.

Law of Search and Seizure by Fontana & Keeshan

Law of Search and Seizure in Canada by Fontana & Keeshan

Law of Treaties Between Aboriginal Peoples and the Crown in Canada by McCabe

Legal Responsibility of Healthcare Facilities in Canada by Léger-Riopel

Liability Insurance Law in Canada by Hilliker

Liquor Laws of Canada by Bourgeois & Slater

Litigating Competition Law in Canada by Iatrou

Manning, Mewett & Sankoff: Criminal Law by Manning, et al.

Manual of Oil and Gas Terms by Williams & Meyers

Mining Law in Canada by Newman

Nova Scotia Real Property Practice Manual by MacIntosh

Oil & Gas Extractive Industries

The Oil & Gas Lease in Canada by Ballem

Ontario Courtroom Procedure by Fuerst, et al.

Ontario Energy Law: Electricity by Clark, et al.

Ontario Insurance Law and Commentary by Shores

Ontario Litigator's Guide to Evidence by Morton

Ontario Motor Vehicle Insurance Practice Manual

Ontario Municipal Act and Commentary by Mascarin & Williams

Ontario Planning Law and Practice by Whicher

Ontario Planning Legislation and Commentary by Foran & Harrington

Overview of Canadian Mining Taxation by Calverley

Palmer and Snyder: Collective Agreement Arbitration in Canada by Snyder

Pension alimentaire pour enfants by Roy

Practical Guide to Outsourcing Agreements by Vereshack

Practical Guide to Public Procurement by Cutler

Practitioner’s Guide to Multi-Jurisdictional Procurement Contracts by Ouimet

Privacy Officer’s Guide to Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act by Banks

Procedural Strategies for Litigators by Morton

Procedural Strategies for Litigators in Alberta by Cascadden

Procedural Strategies for Litigators in British Columbia by Bennett & Goulden

Ramsay on Technology Transfers

Real Estate Practice in Ontario by Donahue, et al.

Regulation and Governance of Municipally-Owned Corporations in Ontario by Clark

Residential Tenancies in Ontario by Fleming

Sale and Supply of Goods by McGuinness

Sentencing by Ruby, et al.

Shareholder Remedies in Canada

Solicitor-Client Privilege by Dodek

Sopinka and Gelowitz on the Conduct of an Appeal by Sopinka, et al.

Sopinka, Lederman & Bryant: The Law of Evidence in Canada by Bryant, et al.

Sopinka on the Trial of an Action by McEwan

Sullivan on the Construction of Statutes

Title Searching and Conveyancing in Ontario by Moore

Wilson on Children and the Law

Workers’ Compensation in British Columbia

Wrongful Dismissal Practice Manual


Accord économique commercial global entre l'Union Européenne et le Canada: perspectives économiques et analyse juridique by Van Overmeire, et al.

Appel en droit criminel et pénal by Desjardins

Assurance automobile au Québec - L'indemnisation du préjudice corporel des victimes d'accident automobile by Perreault

Capacités affaiblies: principes et application by Harrison

Commentaires sur droit des assurances: Textes législatifs et réglementaires by Lanctôt & Melançon

Détermination de la peine - Principes et applications by Dadour

Devoir de coopération durant l'exécution du contrat by LeBrun

Devoir de juste représentation by Martel & Moreau

Droit de l'interprétation bilingue

Droit des technologies de l'information au Québec by Paul

Droit et politiques de la santé by Bourassa Forcier & Savard

Droit linguistique au Québec by Rousseau & Poirier

Gestion et la responsabilité liées aux terrains contaminés et aux milieux sensibles au Québec by Nadon

Government Procurement by Emanuelli

Guide pratique de la propriété intellectuelle by Lemay

Guide pratique pour faire des affaires en Chine (B)

Infractions d'ordre moral en droit criminel canadien by Desjardins

Injonction et les ordonnances Anton Piller, Mareva et Norwich by Ferron & Piché-Messier & Poitras

JCQ Droit civil - Biens et publicité des droits

JCQ Droit civil - Contrats nommés I

JCQ Droit civil - Contrats nommés II

JCQ Droit civil - Droit international privé

JCQ Droit civil - Obligations et responsabilité civile

JCQ Droit civil - Personnes et famille

JCQ Droit civil - Preuve et prescription

JCQ Droit civil - Procédure civile I

JCQ Droit civil - Procédure civile II

JCQ Droit civil - Responsabilité civile et professionelle

JCQ Droit civil - Successions et libéralités

JCQ Droit civil - Sûretés

JCQ Droit des affaires - Droit bancaire

JCQ Droit des affaires - Droit de la consommation et de la concurrence

JCQ Droit des affaires - Droit des sociétés

JCQ Droit des affaires - Faillite, insolvabilité et restructuration

JCQ Droit des affaires - Propriété intellectuelle

JCQ Droit des affaires - Valeurs mobilières

JCQ Droit du travail - Rapports individuels et collectifs du travail

JCQ Droit du travail - Santé et sécurité du travail

JCQ Droit pénal - Droit pénal général

JCQ Droit pénal - Preuve et procédure pénales

JCQ Droit public - Droit administratif

JCQ Droit public - Droit constitutionnel

JCQ Droit public - Droit de l'environnement

JCQ Droit public - Droit municipal

La preuve technologique by Gautrais

LegisPratique - Droit de la famille - Jurisprudence en tableaux

LegisPratique - Droit municipalrecours et modes

LegisPratique - Guide de l'arbitrage

LegisPratique - L'expertise

LegisPratique - La libération provisoire au Canada

LegisPratique - Les objections à la preuve en droit civil

LegisPratique - Procédure en matière familiale

LegisPratique - Recours et procédure en appel

Manuel de l'action collective by Finn

Médiation familiale, étape par étape by Lambert & Bérubé

Participer à la médiation by de Kovachich & Rigaud

Précis d'interprétation législative by Beaulac & Bérard

Preuve électronique au Québec by Phillips

Principe de proportionnalité procédurale by Guilmain

Protection des renseignements personnels sur la santé au temps de la biosécurité by Déziel

Recours et procédure devant les Cours fédérales by Letarte

Régler autrement les différends by Lafond, et al.

Responsabilité de l'établissement de santé en droit canadien et Québécois by Hardcastle

Soins de fin de vierepères éthiques, juridiques et sociétaux

Vente internationale dans la pratique by Darankoum


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