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Library Rules & Information: Holds on Student Accounts

Library Initiated Hold at the Registrar's Office

A student’s record will be placed ‘on hold’ at the Registrar’s Office if the student has a fine of $20.00 or more.

After meeting all outstanding library related obligations, a student may request a Block Release Authorization Form for immediate release of a library hold at the Registrar’s Office.

Other Holds on a Student

Additionally, a hold may be placed on a student’s record at the Registrar’s office by another University of Manitoba Faculty or Department. This will, in turn, place a block on the student’s borrower record at the Libraries resulting in a suspension of borrowing privileges. The onus is on the student to determine the nature of the problem by accessing the Registrar’s Office web site or contacting the Registrar’s Office. Library staff will not contact the Registrar’s Office on behalf of the student.

Marks, graduation and registration privileges, request for a transcript or ability to access or change a personal record on the web (e.g. e-mail address) may be withheld if a student’s record is ‘on hold”.

Library privileges will be reinstated the day after the student has met all outstanding obligations at the Registrar’s Office. Library privileges may be restored immediately if proof of payment or proof of clearance from the Registrar’s Office is presented (there may be a 10 day delay on cheques).