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Printing in the library: Wireless Printing

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Printing Basics page

Wireless Printing Instructions Overview

Windows Users Printer Instructions

Can't Connect to Wireless Internet

Wireless Printing Instructions

Wireless printing at the libraries is not an automatic feature for laptops and other wireless devices, so you will need to manually set up your device to print to the libraries' printers.

Not all operating systems can connect to Wireless Printing. At this time, no current Mac operating systems can connect. The operating systems that will connect to the wireless printing are the following: Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.


Please make sure you are connected to the University of Manitoba's Wireless Internet before setting up your wireless printing connection. For more information on connecting to the university's wireless network, see here.

Windows Users - Wireless Printer Install Instructions

  1. Start -> In the search field type in: Credential Manager
  2. Open up Credential Manager and under Windows Credentials select Add a Windows credential
  3. Under Internet or Network Address, type in “”
  4. Under Username, type in “print”
  5. Under Password, type in “print” -> click Ok or Save.
  6. Start -> In the search field type in the printer you want to install
    The format is as follows: \\Print server IP address\Printer name

        Example for Dafoe B&W printer:  \\\black&white_hold_daf

    7. Please pick the printer you want to install from the list below:

          This will list public lib printers.
Agriculture library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_agric
Architecture library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_arch
Architecture library (colour printer)\colour_hold_arch
Dafoe library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_daf
Dafoe library (colour printer)\colour_hold_daf
Engineering library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_eng
Enginerring library (colour printer)\colour_hold_eng
Law library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_law
Management library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_mgmt
Management library (colour printer)\colour_hold_mgmt
Music library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_music
Neil John Maclean library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_NJM
Neil John Maclean library (colour printer)\colour_hold_NJM
Sciences library (black and white printer)\Black&White_Hold_SCI
Sciences library (colour printer)\Colour_Hold_SCI
St. John's library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_stj
St. John's library (colour printer)\colour_hold_stj
St.Paul's library (black and white printer)\black&white_hold_stp
St.Paul's library (colour printer)\colour_hold_stp
8. A list of any existing print jobs to the printer will appear.  You can close this window.  You are now ready to print to the printer wirelessly.

9. After you send your document(s)/file(s) to the printer, proceed to the Pay-for-Print station to complete your print job.  Type the word “print” when prompted for the Print ID.

Can't Connect to University of Manitoba Wireless?

The wireless Internet across the University of Manitoba campuses is managed by the Information Services and Technology (IST) department.

If you are having problems getting onto the wireless Internet please contact IST directly:

IST Help & Solutions Centre
Fort Garry (Mon-Fri 8:00am to 8:00pm)*
123 Fletcher Argue (map)
 Bannatyne (Mon-Fri 8:30am to 4:30pm)*
231A Neil John Maclean Library