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St. John’s College is the oldest Anglophone institution of higher education in Western Canada. The library collection contains many items of historical interest, covering History, Anglicanism, Biblical Studies, and French-Canadian and English Literature.

In addtion to providing an inviting space for scholarly study, St. John's Library is equipped wtih a number desktop workstations and offers printingscanning, and photocopy services. As a member of the university library system, patrons can request and return materials from any Manitoba Libraries location. Located on the third floor of St. John's College, the library has a reputation for being a bright, quiet, area for study with convenient access to both Cafe 101 and The Daily Bread Cafe

We are here to serve you - feel free to contact any member of our friendly staff with questions regarding library services. Visit our research help page to browse subject guides for the collection's topical concentrations, view information pertaining to citation guidelines, or to contact a subject liason for assistance. 

For parking information please see Parking Services.

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This Week's Newest Arrivals

Please check the New Materials section for a complete list of recently added books to our library.

 Anglican & Episcopal History (87.4 December 2018)

     Lawrence N. Crumb   "Episcopal Ecumenism: Attempts the Failed"

     Warren C. Platt   "The Church of San Salvatore, Broome Street, and the Rise of Italian Episcopalianism in New York City"

     J. Barrington Bates   "The Pearl of Pearl Street: St. Stephen's Church"

     J. Michael Utzinger   "Board Meeting Minutes, Historical Society of the Episcopal Church"

     Book reviews


Biblical Research (Volume 62; 2017)

     Eric F. Mason  "Editor's Note"

    Esther Menn  "A Tribute to Professor Ralph W. Klein: Scholar, Text Critic, and Curator"

    Steed Vernyl Davidson  "Finding Josiah in Isaiah: Thinking on a Superscription about the Absence of a King"

    Lowell K. Handy  "Josiah and the History of the World"

    Jeffrey Stackert  "'This is My Blood of the Covenant': The Markan Last Supper and the Elohistic Horeb Narrative"

    Margaret M. Mitchell  "Origen and the Text-Critical Dilemma: An Illustrration from One of His Newly Discovered Greek Homilies on the Psalms"

    Ralph W. Klein  "New Testament Manuscript 1424 and Its Homecoming"


CNQ/Canadian Notes and Queries (No. 103 Fall 2018)

     The Dusty Bookcase

     Poetry (2 contributors)

     Features (15 contributors)


     The North Wing


     Used and Rare

     Reviews (7 contributors)



Canadian Poetry 2 (vol. 41 iss. 3 Winter 2019)


Estuaire (numero 175 "Internet")

     Liminaires (2 contributors)

     Poemes (10 contributors)

     Critiques (4 contributors)

     Sept proses sur la poesie (1 contributor)


Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies (2018-85, December 2018)

     Pierre-Alexandre Beylier   "Le Canada: un refuge anti-Trump en mutation?"

     Alice Lemer-Fleury   "Colonial Policies and Propaganda: the Making of British North America as an Anti-Republican Refuge After the War of Independence (c. 1783-1815)"

     Alanna mcKnight   "Borders, Battles and Bigotry: the Trials of Dr. Alexander and Mary Augusta"

     Luke Stewart   "'Hell, They're Your Problem, Not Ours': Draft Dodgers, Military Deserters and Canada-United States Relations in the Vietnam War Era"

     Sarah J. Grunendahl   "Refuge From or Safe Haven for Militarism? U.S. War Resisters' Diverging Experiences of Building New Lives in Canada"

     Abdelmalik Atamena   "Hedi Bouraoui: Du Melting Pot a la Mosaique Canadienne"

     Marie-Laure Poulot   "Fuir les Etats-Unis Pour le Canada: Lectures Geographiques d'un Refuge Litterarire Americain"

     Roxane Prevost   "La reprise de la Chanson; God is an American; de Jean-Pierre Ferland par Konflit dramatik; la Transformation d'une Critique Sociale en une Declaration politique"

     Martin Simard   "L'industrie Miniere au Quebec: Situation, Tendances et Enjeux".


Event: Poetry and Prose (Vol. 47 Iss. 3)

   Poetry (19 contributors)

   Fiction (4 contributors)

   Non-Fiction (1 contributor)

   Reviews (4 contributors)


Exile: The Literary Quarterly (Vol. 42 no. 1)

     "Surreal Symmetry: The Aerial Photography of Munimara"

     Janice Johnson & Barry Callaghan   "In God's Headbone"

     Wallace Edwards On Wallace Edwards   "The Journey of an Idea"

     Bob Armstrong   "Undelivered Letters Home"

     Adrienne Drobnies   "Randonnees"

     Christine Ottoni   "Someone Talks"

     Gillian Harding-Russell   "Making Sense"

     Mark Paterson   "The Blind Man's House"

     K.D. Miller   "Elder Heart Suite"

     Norman Snider   "Who Says So"

     Jennifer Herbert   "No Girl Interrupted"

     Marty Gervais introduces nick Hildenbrand   "A Sideways Dance of Long-Legged Lines"

     Priscila Uppal   "Disasters and Miracles"


Geez: Contemplative Cultural Resistance (Winter 2018 Issue No. 51)

     Tommy Airey  "I Remember the Rush of Certainty (book excerpts)"

     Aiden Enns  "Editorial"

     Susan Huebert  "The Barriers of Inequality"

     Colin Mathewson  "Friendships Kindle the Spirit"

     Lydia Wylie-Kellermann  "Sabbath Economics"

     J.W. Horton  "The Cosmology of Damnation"

     Lydia Wylile-Kellermann  "The House Where I Live"

     Rebecca Shearer  "What Are They Thinking?"

     Karen Giesbrecht  "Scarcity and Peanut Butter Sandwiches"

     Mandy Elliott and Rachel barber  "Blade Runner 2049 Movie Review"

     Greg Halzen  "Seeking Race-Aware Foster Care"

     Jeannette Timmerann  "My Generous Mom"

     Joshua Hearne  "Generosity of  a Brother"

     Evelyn L. Forget  "Basic Income: The Price of Human Dignity"

     Caroline Loewen  "Abandon 'Taxpayer,' Favour 'Citizen'"

     Zoe Samudzi in conversation with James Wilt  "Race, Class, and Reparations"

     Brian Hull  "Let Compassion Be Our Guide"


les ecrits (153 automne 2018)

     Recits (3 contributors)

     Poemes (10 contributors)

     Le Laboratoire De L'Ecrivain (7 contributors)

     Chroniques (3 contributors)


Near Eastern Archaeology  (Vol. 81 Issue 4 December 2018)

      Juan Jesus Padilla Fernandez, Linda Chapon, and Francisco Contreras Cortes   "Reuse and Recycling in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III (Luxor, Egypt): Archaeological Evidence of a Pottery Workshop"

     Mahmoud A. Emam and Ehab Abd el-Zaher   "New Fragments of 'Nectanebo the Falcon' from the Temple of Behbeit el-Hagar"

     Salah Hussein Al-Houdalieh   "Khirbet el-Lauz Revisited: Lessons from the Renewed Destruction of a Vulnerable Heritage Site"

     Ibrahim Abu Aemar   "Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Beit Bassa, Palestine"

     Katharina Streit, Lyndelle Webster, Vanessa Becker, Ann-Kathrin Jeske, Hadas Misgav, and Felix Hoffmayer   "Between Destruction and Diplomacy in Canaan: The Austrian-Israeli Expedition to Tel Lachish"

     Elad Liraz   "A Second Cult Room at the Lachish Gate?"

     Avraham Faust   "Pigs in Space (and Time): Pork Consumption and Identity Negotiations in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages of Ancient Israel"


The New Quarterly (Vol. 149)

   Fiction (11 contributors)

   Poetry (9 contributors)

   Falling In Love With Poetry (3 contributors)

   In Conversation


   Writer At Large



The Newfoundland Quarterly (Vol. 111 no. 3; Winter 2018/19)
    "Mary Pratt: An Appreciation"

    "Captain James Cook: The Voyages"

    Susan Flanagan  "Captain Cook's Right Hand Man"

    "Possible Maps"

    Gerald Penney and Robert Cuff  "Southwood"

    Dan Duda  "Newfoundland's Early Cartological Profile"

    Lindsay Bird  "Sentencing of the Snowbank Butcher" and "Floyd, on Vacation"

    Artist Profiles (RIAC and Ned Pratt)

    Paul Whittle  "Young Americans"


Overland (Iss. 233 Summer 2018)

     Features (7 contributors)

     Fiction (4 contributors)

     Poetry (9 contributors)

     Fair Australia


Prairie Fire (Vol. 39 no. 4)


Presence Francophone (no. 91)

     Kodjo Attikpoe et Josias Semujanga   "Presentation"

     Josias Semujanga   "La metaphore de l'oeuvre impossible dans le roman francophone"

     Cheikh Mouhamadou Soumoune Diop   "Voix narratives et transfigurations de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone"

     Adama Togola   "La figuration de l'ecriture dans quelques romans africains contemporains"

     Desire Nyela   "La lecon de Ouologuem ou le portrait de l'artistie en 'pisse-copie, negre d'ecrivains celebres'"

     Adama Coulibaly   "Conte romanesque, chant-roman: postures de la figure auctoriale chez Maurice Bandaman et Werewere Liking"

     Justin Bisanswa   "Dialectique de al figuration: Ken Bugul au miroir de son oeuvre"

     Morgan Faulkner   "Formes et fonctions du metatexte dans Le cavalier et son ombre de Boubacar Boris Diop"

     Olga Hel-Bongo   "La figuration de l'art dans les romans de V.Y. Mudimbe"

     Christiane Ndiaye   "Ecrire pour qui? Enquete sur la figure du lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Moussa Konate"

     Vincent Simedoh   "Figure de l'ecrivain chez Sami Tchak: Determinisme, fantasme et mythe"

     Kodjo Attikpoe   "l'objet litteraire: le livre et le personnage lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Sami Tchak"

     Christian Uwe   "Metamorphoses de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone subsaharan"


Revue Biblique (No. 4 Octobre 2018)

     Jason M.H. Gaines   "Parallelism and Other Poetic Constructions in  the Holiness Legislation (Leviticus 17-26)"

     Wolfgang Schutte   "2 Kon 10,23-28 und seine Urfaassung nach Palimpsestus Vindobonenesis"

     Christophe Rico   "Du grec classique au grec koine"

     Jean-Rene Moret   "Que faire de la comminaute johannique?"

     Michael Sommer in Zusammenarbeit mit elisabeth Hernitscheck   "Ideen, Sterotypen und Klischees. Ein kulturgeschichtlich-diskursiver Zugang zu Witwen in 1 Tim 5"


     C. Frevel   "Geschichte Israels (M. Staszak)

     K. Berthelot   "In Search of the Promised Land? The Hasmonean Dynasty Between Biblical Models and Hellenistic Diplomacy (E. Nodet)"

     J. Starr   "Classifying the Aramaic Texts from Qumran, A Statistical Analysis of Linguistic Features (E. Puech)"

     M. Girard   "Evangile selon Jean. Structures et symboles Jean 10-21, vol. 2 (J. Le Minh Thong)


The St. John's College Library is pleased to feature a wide array of titles pertaining to the work and legacy of the Canadian icon. We are proud to offer a large number of his published works of poetry and fiction as well as criticism and feature an abundant list of secondary sources about his work.

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