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St. John’s College is the oldest Anglophone institution of higher education in Western Canada. The library collection contains many items of historical interest, covering History, Anglicanism, Biblical Studies, and French-Canadian and English Literature.

In addtion to providing an inviting space for scholarly study, St. John's Library is equipped wtih a number desktop workstations and offers printingscanning, and photocopy services. As a member of the university library system, patrons can request and return materials from any Manitoba Libraries location. Located on the third floor of St. John's College, the library has a reputation for being a bright, quiet, area for study with convenient access to both Cafe 101 and The Daily Bread Cafe

We are here to serve you - feel free to contact any member of our friendly staff with questions regarding library services. Visit our research help page to browse subject guides for the collection's topical concentrations, view information pertaining to citation guidelines, or to contact a subject liason for assistance. 

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Featured Reference Collections

This Week's Newest Arrivals

Please check the New Materials section for a complete list of recently added books to our library.

 Anglican & Episcopal History (88.2 June 2019)

     Elaine Breslaw   "Conflicting Views in Colonial Maryland's Anglican Population: Enlightenment vs. Toleration of Catholics"

     John Rawlinson   "The Reconciliation of a Penitent: the Development of a Rite"

     John William Klein   "Susanna Hopton and Mary Astell: Two Women Spiritual Writers Among the English Nonjurors"

     J. Barrington Bates   "Sturdy Broad Church on the Gulf Coast: Trinity Church, Galveston"

                                            "Consecration and Ascension: A Double Celebration at Trinity Church, Wall Street"

     Book Reviews


Arc Poetry Magazine (Spring 2019)

       Doyali Islam   "On Recovery"

      Sadiqa De Meijer   "The Imaging Department"

      Medrie Purdham   "The Thimble's Bucket List"

      Heather Birrell   "Snow Day Poem"

      Sadiqu De Meijer   "O, Death"

      Sophie Anne Edwards   "Interview with a spawning salmon on the kagawong river"

      Kate Marshall Flaherty   "Frank Slide"

      Medrie Purdham   "This Is What Happens"

      Angeline Schellenberg   "Dwelling"

      Emily Vanderploeg   "Loose Jewels"

      Clea Young   "Postpartum"

       Ian Williams   "Word Problems"

       David Hawkins   "Wading Through the Algal Bllom"

        Jan Conn   "L'Avenir"

        Erin Emily Ann Vance   "Hagiography of Owls"

        Gillian Sze   "Seize"

        Pearl Pirie   "by volume most of the world is sky to leap into"

        David Hallihan and Chelene Knight   from "a lion in the trees"

        Geoff Pevlion   "Scravel Day of the Fish"

         Yilin WAng   "Where are you and your fish really from?"

         Erin Moure   "Odiama"

         Tim Lilburn   "Deliverance from Error"

         Jean Van Loon   "Turning Leaves"

         John Steffler   "Two Poems"

         Maureen Hynes   "High Water Mark"

         Dave Margoshes   "Clouds"

         Ron Riekki   "oigun"

         Phil Hall   "A New Book"

          Trish Salah   "Guileless"

          Samantha Tetangco   "This is Not the Jesus Year"

          Rowan Lynam   "Wicca Gospel"

           Laura Mayron   "La Llorona, or: Scientific Name for Queer Womanhood"

           Dominik Parisien   "The body calls for guests"

           Daniel Scott Tysdal   "Bi-Lungual"

           Derek Beaulieu   "Visual poem"

     In Translation    

             Catherine Cobham   "Introduction Note"

             Ghayath Almadhoun   "How Hope Became Green"

      How Poems Work

             Chelene Knight   "Patricia Smith's 'Only Everything I Own'"

              Patricia Smith   "Only Everything I Own"


               David Austin   "Poetry in Destitute Times"

               Dominique Bernier-Cormier   "Partners in Crime: Sabotaging English with Klara du Plessis"


         Visual Art

                  Sara Cwynar


Biblical Research (Volume 62; 2017)

     Eric F. Mason  "Editor's Note"

    Esther Menn  "A Tribute to Professor Ralph W. Klein: Scholar, Text Critic, and Curator"

    Steed Vernyl Davidson  "Finding Josiah in Isaiah: Thinking on a Superscription about the Absence of a King"

    Lowell K. Handy  "Josiah and the History of the World"

    Jeffrey Stackert  "'This is My Blood of the Covenant': The Markan Last Supper and the Elohistic Horeb Narrative"

    Margaret M. Mitchell  "Origen and the Text-Critical Dilemma: An Illustrration from One of His Newly Discovered Greek Homilies on the Psalms"

    Ralph W. Klein  "New Testament Manuscript 1424 and Its Homecoming"


Canadian Dimension (52.4 Winter 2019)

     Judith Marshall   "CD Paragraph: Wilson-Raybould , thrown under the bus for corporate interests"

     This Dimension

     Editorial   "Injustice at Unis'ot'en"

     Yves Engler   "Raising the Flag: No golden era in Canada's foreign policy"

     Andre Frappier   "Quebec Communique: Francois Legault, an environmentally unfriendly dealmaker"

     Michal Rozworski   "The Economy: Canada needs a Green New Deal"

     Andrea Levy   "Ecoside: Polymer perversity"

     Chris Dixon   "Writing With Movements: Training for movements"

     Trevor Harrison   "Morbid symptoms: Alberta's Yellow Vest Movement"

     Alan Freeman   "Venezuela and the setbacks of the Latin American Left: What does it all mean?: Interview with Steve Ellner"

     Rosemary Hnatiuk   "Crisis in Venezuela"

     Pam Palmater   "RCMP invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation territory breaches Canada's 'rule of law'"

     Dave Bleakney and Aziz Choudry   "Lessons in labour struggle: From the margins to the centre"

     15 Best Books of 2018

     John-Henry Harter   "The Popular Front: Colonization, resistance and popular culture"

     Rick Hesch   "Maria Dunn: Telling peoples' stories through song"

     Reg Whitaker   "Review: Vividly imagined Soviet-Canadian novel with a personal twist; LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD"

     Edwin Janzen   "Review: The other Winnipeg: Rooster Town: the History of an Urban Metis Community, 1901-1960, by Evelyn Peters, Mattheew Stock and Afrian Werner, and Stolen City: Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg by Owen Toews"


CNQ/Canadian Notes and Queries (No. 104 Spring 2019)

     The Dusty Bookcase

     Poetry (2 contributors)

     Features (7 contributors)


     The North Wing


     Used and Rare

     Reviews (7 contributors)



Canadian Poetry (No. 83, Fall/Winter 2018)

     Preface: "Rummagings 20: A.G. Bailey among the Modernists"

     Eric Schmaltz   "'my body of bliss': Judith Copithorne's Concrete Poetry in the 1960s and 1970s"

     Shane Neilson   "Regionalisms 1.0, 2.0. 3.0 and Beyond: Reading Maritime Poetry Anthologies Backwards"

     Documents: "'So often I look up at you and tell you things, and you listen!": The Correspondence of Louise Morey Bowman and Amy Lowell" edited and with an Introduction by Laura Cameron


          Brian Trehaearne   "Re Making"

          Frank Davey   "Not the Story of Canadian Literature"

          Brooke Pratt   "Placing History"

          Christian Riegel   "World Making: Poetry and Landscape of the Prairies"

          Alex Kizuk     "'The whole of the gallant rescue:' The Letters of E.J. Pratt"


Canadian Verse 2 (vol. 42 iss. 1 Summer 2019)


Estuaire (numero 176 "Geographies")

     Liminaires: Lignes de fuite


        Catherine Morency   "Tu vas la fermer"

        Hector Ruiz   "Les gens de Ghent"

        Mimi Haddam   "Un verger de craintes s'echappe par l'echancrure"

        Philippe Chagnon   "Le bord de mes larmes"

        Clara Lamy   "Une facon de faire silence"

        Sebastien Chabot et Laurence Veilleux   "Berceuses"

        Jean-Sebastien Huot   "Eclisse"

        Virginie Chaloux-Gendron   "La rigeuer de l'informe"

        Martin Belanger   "Assez"

        Jonathan Lemire   "Cantique de Lazare"

        Andreane Frenette-Vallieres   "Poemes d'un non-retour"

        Pierre Nepveu   "Retour des Plaines"


        Alice Notley   "La nuit les etats"

                                 "Poetique de la desobeissance"



         Zea Beaulieu-April   "Les possibles marginaux"

         Monique Deland   "L'ecriture au secours d'un monde brise"

                                           "Assis carre dans le decor"

         Roxane Nadeau     "Tue-moi/ Si j'oublie"

                                           "La chaleur des replis"

         Francois Rioux      "Des rivieres magiques"

                                           "Se rejouir, des fois"


Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies (No. 86-Juin 2019)

     Paul-Andre Linteau, Yves Frenette, et Francoise Le Jeune   "L'histoire de l'immigration francaise au Canada au debut du XXe siecle : bilan et perspectives"

     Annelise Rodriguo   "Le refugie au Canada durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale: la creation anglo-americaine d'une categorie migratoire?"

     Stavroula Pabst   "One (Wo)man's history?: Immigration, Advertisement and Consumption Patterns in the Greek Community of Montreal 1960s-1970s"

     Magnus Fischer   "Kreol servi deor? Vers une description synchronique et ideolinguistique du creole mauricien parle en situation diasporique au Canada"

     Chantal Arlettaz   "Mobilite geographique et creativite: le parcours singulier de deux romancieres originaires de la Prairie canadienne, Margaret Laurence (1926-1987) et Nancy Huston (1953-)"

     Anne-Sophie Letessier   "Poetics of Displacement in Margaret Atwood's The Journals of Susanna Moodie (1970)"

     Hanna Nohe   "Ecrire et transmettre l'experience de l'arrivee dans une nouvelle culture. Caracteristiques esthetiques et narratives dans Les maisons de cristal (1990) d'Annick Perrot-Bishop et Ru (2009) de Kim Thuy"

     Benoit Delerue   "La construction historique du paradigme canadien a la croisee d'influences internes et externes"

     Antoine Burgard   "Une nouvelle vie dans un nouveau pays: Trajectroies d'orphelins de la Shoah vers le Canada (1947-1952)"



Event: Poetry and Prose (Vol. 48 Iss. 1)

   Creative Non-Fiction Contest (4 contributors)

   Poetry (14 contributors)

   Fiction (3 contributors)

   Non-Fiction (1 contributor)

   Reviews (9 contributors)


Exile: The Literary Quarterly (Vol. 42 no. 3)

    Janet Somerville   "The Sudden Emergence of a Young Writer: Morley Callaghan: Found Letters to Ernest Hemingway"

     Ray Ellenwood   "Riopelle and Indigenous Art"

     Leanne Milech   "The Light in the Closet"

     Michael Fraser   "Daybreakers"

     Edward Brown   "Remember Me"

     Leon Rooke   "The Viewing"

     Roger Greenwald   "Song of Songs"

     Priscila Uppal   "Elevator Shoes"

     Michael Callaghan   "The Adrenaline of Surprise"

     Lee Ka-Sing   "Cultural Chop Shui"

     Caitlin Cronenberg and David Cronenberg   "Seeing David Cronenberg"

     George Elliott Clarke Introduces Giovanna Riccio

     Stephanie Rayner "The Child Book" (Photographs by Rob Davidson)


Faith and Philosophy (Volume 36 Number 2 April 2019)

     Jc Beall and Jared Henderson   "A Neglected Quo Solution to the Fundamental Problem of Christology"

     Joseph Jedwab and John A. Keller   "Paraphrase and the Doctrine of the Trinity"

     Robert C. Roberts   "Joys: A Brief Moral and Christian Geography"

     Jeroen de Ridder   "Against Quasi-Fideism"

     Jonathan Curtis Rutledge   "Perspectival Skeptical Theism"


        Craig Warmke   "Idealism: New Essays on Metaphysics (Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenneth L. Pearce, eds.)"

        Matthew A. Benton   "A Grotesque in the Garden (Hud Huson)"

        Andrew M. Bailey   "Maximal God: A New Defence of Perfect Being Theism (Yujin Nagasawa)"

        Michelle Panchuk   "The Hiddenness of God (Michael C. Rea)"

        Jordan Wssling   "The Christian Idea of God: A Philosophical Foundation For Faith (Keith Ward)"


Geez: Contemplative Cultural Resistance (Spring 2019 Issue No. 52)

     Poetry (17 contributors)

     Prose (15 contributors)


Grain (Vol. 46 No. 5 Summer 2019)

        Lisa Bird-Wilson   "Many Voices"

        Tenille K. Campbell   "Poetic Connections"

        Featured Artist: Joi T. Arcand


        jaye simpson   "Two Poems"

        Danielle Boissoneau   "Urban NDN Woes"

        waaseyaa'sin Christine Sy   "Two Poems"

        Killa Ch'aska   "Two Poems"

        Karrie Auger   "Two Poems"

        Ashley Hynd   "Things my mother has taught me"

        Katjli   "Seagulls & Huskies"

        Doreen Pasapa   "Pa'gon Nut"

        Randy Lundy   "In Memory of J.W."

        Daniel David Moses   "How a Turtle Rattles"

        Sita Rani   "Modern Day Indian"

        Daniel Poitras    "Beard Poem (When Asked If I Could Shave)

        Cooper Skjeie   "Silence"

        Michelle Poirier Brown   "Lasts"

        Janet Rogers   "We Get It"

        D.A. Lockhart   "Through the Grey Survivors Sing of Amimi"

        Warren Cariou   "Two Poems"

        Tawahum Bige   "What We Need"

        Francine Cunningham   "Two Poems"

        Rita Bouvier   "Two Poems"

        Louise Bernice Halfe   "Two Poems"


           Jessica Johns   "Bad Cree"

            Michela Carriere   "The Moth and the Fox"

            Alicia Marie Lawrence   "Star Song"

            Amanda Peters   "Ashes"

            Mika Lafond   "La Maudite Femme"

             Kung Jaadee   "Xilee Kuyaada"

             Jenny Ferguson   "The Pleiades Cluster"


              Dexter Lee   "Running With the Horses"

              Joshua Whitehead   "My Auntie is a Wolverine"

              John McDonald   "The Verdict"

              Conor Kerr   "Forty-Wing Salute"

              Michelle Porter   "Fireweed"


les ecrits (153 automne 2018)

     Recits (3 contributors)

     Poemes (10 contributors)

     Le Laboratoire De L'Ecrivain (7 contributors)

     Chroniques (3 contributors)


Montreal Review of Books (Vol. 22 No. 3 Summer 2019)


Near Eastern Archaeology  (Vol. 81 Issue 4 December 2018)

      Juan Jesus Padilla Fernandez, Linda Chapon, and Francisco Contreras Cortes   "Reuse and Recycling in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III (Luxor, Egypt): Archaeological Evidence of a Pottery Workshop"

     Mahmoud A. Emam and Ehab Abd el-Zaher   "New Fragments of 'Nectanebo the Falcon' from the Temple of Behbeit el-Hagar"

     Salah Hussein Al-Houdalieh   "Khirbet el-Lauz Revisited: Lessons from the Renewed Destruction of a Vulnerable Heritage Site"

     Ibrahim Abu Aemar   "Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Beit Bassa, Palestine"

     Katharina Streit, Lyndelle Webster, Vanessa Becker, Ann-Kathrin Jeske, Hadas Misgav, and Felix Hoffmayer   "Between Destruction and Diplomacy in Canaan: The Austrian-Israeli Expedition to Tel Lachish"

     Elad Liraz   "A Second Cult Room at the Lachish Gate?"

     Avraham Faust   "Pigs in Space (and Time): Pork Consumption and Identity Negotiations in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages of Ancient Israel"


The New Quarterly (Vol. 150)

   Non Fiction (2 contributors)

   Poetry (7 contributors)

   Word and Image (2 contributors)

   Edna Staebler Shortlist Essay (2 contributors)

   Fiction (11 contributors) 


   Writer At Large



The Newfoundland Quarterly (Vol. 112 no. 1; Summer 2019)

       Jenn Thornhill Verma   "Accordion to Don"

       Play us a Song, You're the Banjo Man

        Bridget O'Connell   "Newfoundland Fiddle Music in the 21st Century"


        Richard Simas   "The Enigma of Art Stoyles' Portuguese Waltzes" 

        Blair Temple   "What Lies Beneath: Water Street Archeology"

        Richard Ellis   "Anderson Town"

        Marie Stamp   "Lady Fitzgerald of Fogo"

        Fred Armstrong   "How Long is God's Tail?"    

     Artist Portfolios: Kelsey Street/Daniel Rumbolt/Caroline Clarke

     Book Reviews

        Jennifer J. Connor and Katherine Side   "The Grenfell Medical Mission and American Support in Newfoundland and Labrador, 19802-1940s"


Overland (Iss. 234 Autumn 2018)

     Features (7 contributors)

     Fiction (7 contributors)

     Poetry (6 contributors)



Prairie Fire (Vol. 40 no. 2)

     Lisa Moore   "Judge's Notes" (Winners of the 2018 Fiction Contest)

     Kat Cameron   "Dancing the Requiem"

     Chris Graham-Rombough   "The Bend"

     Gabriel Castilloux Calderon   "Ishkode"

     Rebecca Morris   "Body of Water"

     Jordan Abel   "Judge's Notes" (Winners of the 2018 Banff Centre Bliss Carman Poetry Award Contest)

     Jim Johnstone   "Identity as an Infinity Mirror"

     Michael Fraser   "Photographer"

     Joanne Epp   "in the dome car"

     Cara Violini   "Burnout"

     Myrna Kostash   "Judge's Notes" (Winners fo the 2018 Creative Non-Fiction Contest)

     Dee Hobsbawm-Smith   "Wiebo's Way"

     Kerry Ryan   "Dia de los Muertos"

     Scott Randall   "Adult Lane Swim"

     Alison Frost   "Mother's Milk"

     Kenneth McRobbie   "Three Poems"

     Sandra Stechisen   "Two Poems"

     Tara Borin   "Two Poems"

     Robert Maclean   "Tsukiko"


Presence Francophone (no. 91)

     Kodjo Attikpoe et Josias Semujanga   "Presentation"

     Josias Semujanga   "La metaphore de l'oeuvre impossible dans le roman francophone"

     Cheikh Mouhamadou Soumoune Diop   "Voix narratives et transfigurations de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone"

     Adama Togola   "La figuration de l'ecriture dans quelques romans africains contemporains"

     Desire Nyela   "La lecon de Ouologuem ou le portrait de l'artistie en 'pisse-copie, negre d'ecrivains celebres'"

     Adama Coulibaly   "Conte romanesque, chant-roman: postures de la figure auctoriale chez Maurice Bandaman et Werewere Liking"

     Justin Bisanswa   "Dialectique de al figuration: Ken Bugul au miroir de son oeuvre"

     Morgan Faulkner   "Formes et fonctions du metatexte dans Le cavalier et son ombre de Boubacar Boris Diop"

     Olga Hel-Bongo   "La figuration de l'art dans les romans de V.Y. Mudimbe"

     Christiane Ndiaye   "Ecrire pour qui? Enquete sur la figure du lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Moussa Konate"

     Vincent Simedoh   "Figure de l'ecrivain chez Sami Tchak: Determinisme, fantasme et mythe"

     Kodjo Attikpoe   "l'objet litteraire: le livre et le personnage lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Sami Tchak"

     Christian Uwe   "Metamorphoses de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone subsaharan"


Revue Biblique (No. 2 Avril 2019)

     Etienne Nodet, O.P.   "Edom, c'est l'Idumee! Le rejet litteraire d'Edom hors de Juda"

     Erasmus Gass   ",,Dies war das Erbteil des Stammes der Sohne Juda" (Jos 15,20). Sprachliche Brucken vom Numeri-zum Josuabach"

     Michal Marciak   "Idumea and the Idumeans in Josephus' Retelling of the Bible"

     Antony Perrot   "Il fit de la boue avec sa salive (Jn 9,6): nouvelle perspective sur un rituel enigmatique"

     Marc Rastoin, S.J.   "Paul 'apotre' dans les Actes )Ac 14,4.14) et l'ambition ecclesiologique de Luc"

     israel Finkelstein and Assaf Kleiman   "The Archaeology of the Days of Baasha?"



Revue De Qumran (numero 113 tome 31 Juin 2019)

     Eibert Tigchelaar   "Lamentations 4:21-22 as Another Word of Consolation in 4Q176"

     Michael Girardin   "Dans le quotidien du collecteur: l'impot romain d'apres l'archive de Murabba'at"

     Eshbal Ratson   "4Q208: A New Reconstruction and Its Implications on the Evolution of the Astronomical Book"

     Torlief Elgvin and Michael Langlois   "Looking Back: )More) Dead Sea Scrolls Forgeries in the Schoyen Collection"





Word & World (Vol. 39 No. 2 Spring 2019)

     Granquist, Mark   "Walls, Exiles, and Migrations"

     Britta Meiers Carlson   "Taking Down the Walls That Border Our Churches"

     Jennifer Hornyak Wojciechowski   "New Resources on Religion and Immigrants to Contemporary America"

     Clint Schnekloth   "Refugee Resettlement and New Sanctuary in Arkansas: A Case Study"

     Mark Granquist   "The Impact of Immigration on American Christianity"

     Timothy Senapatiratne and Brien Aadland   "A Contemporary Theology of Sanctuary as It Relates to Undocumented and Displaced People"

     Rufus Kudee   "Ministering to Immigrant and Refugee Families: A Case Study on Liberian Refugees in Minnesota"

     Courtney Wilder   "Revelation and Testimony in the Age of #MeToo and #ChurchToo"

The St. John's College Library is pleased to feature a wide array of titles pertaining to the work and legacy of the Canadian icon. We are proud to offer a large number of her published works of fiction as well as criticism and feature an abundant list of secondary sources about her work.

A few selections...



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