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St. John’s College is the oldest Anglophone institution of higher education in Western Canada. The library collection contains many items of historical interest, covering History, Anglicanism, Biblical Studies, and French-Canadian and English Literature.

In addtion to providing an inviting space for scholarly study, St. John's Library is equipped wtih a number desktop workstations and offers printingscanning, and photocopy services. As a member of the university library system, patrons can request and return materials from any Manitoba Libraries location. Located on the third floor of St. John's College, the library has a reputation for being a bright, quiet, area for study with convenient access to both Cafe 101 and The Daily Bread Cafe

We are here to serve you - feel free to contact any member of our friendly staff with questions regarding library services. Visit our research help page to browse subject guides for the collection's topical concentrations, view information pertaining to citation guidelines, or to contact a subject liason for assistance. 

For parking information please see Parking Services.

Mailing address:

St. John's College Library, Rm 322
University of Manitoba
92 Dysart Rd
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3T 2M5

Circulation desk:

Phone: 204.474.8542
Fax: 204.474.7614

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Featured Reference Collections

This Week's Newest Arrivals

Please check the New Materials section for a complete list of recently added books to our library.

 Anglican & Episcopal History (88.4 December 2019) 

    Alexander Whitaker   "The Problem of Bernhard Jean Bettleheim, First Anglican Missionary to Japan"

     John L. Kater   "Stirrings: Emerging Women's Ministries in the Church of England and the Episcopal Church and Their Impact on the Chung Hua Sheng Hui (Anglican Church of China)"

     J. Michael Ettinger (Compiled by)   "Minutes of the Annual Board Meeting of the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church"

     J. Barrington Bates   "Christmas Eve at the Mother Church: Christ Church, Philadelphia"

     Book Reviews


Arc Poetry Magazine (Spring 2019)

       Doyali Islam   "On Recovery"

      Sadiqa De Meijer   "The Imaging Department"

      Medrie Purdham   "The Thimble's Bucket List"

      Heather Birrell   "Snow Day Poem"

      Sadiqu De Meijer   "O, Death"

      Sophie Anne Edwards   "Interview with a spawning salmon on the kagawong river"

      Kate Marshall Flaherty   "Frank Slide"

      Medrie Purdham   "This Is What Happens"

      Angeline Schellenberg   "Dwelling"

      Emily Vanderploeg   "Loose Jewels"

      Clea Young   "Postpartum"

       Ian Williams   "Word Problems"

       David Hawkins   "Wading Through the Algal Bllom"

        Jan Conn   "L'Avenir"

        Erin Emily Ann Vance   "Hagiography of Owls"

        Gillian Sze   "Seize"

        Pearl Pirie   "by volume most of the world is sky to leap into"

        David Hallihan and Chelene Knight   from "a lion in the trees"

        Geoff Pevlion   "Scravel Day of the Fish"

         Yilin WAng   "Where are you and your fish really from?"

         Erin Moure   "Odiama"

         Tim Lilburn   "Deliverance from Error"

         Jean Van Loon   "Turning Leaves"

         John Steffler   "Two Poems"

         Maureen Hynes   "High Water Mark"

         Dave Margoshes   "Clouds"

         Ron Riekki   "oigun"

         Phil Hall   "A New Book"

          Trish Salah   "Guileless"

          Samantha Tetangco   "This is Not the Jesus Year"

          Rowan Lynam   "Wicca Gospel"

           Laura Mayron   "La Llorona, or: Scientific Name for Queer Womanhood"

           Dominik Parisien   "The body calls for guests"

           Daniel Scott Tysdal   "Bi-Lungual"

           Derek Beaulieu   "Visual poem"

           Catherine Cobham   "Introduction Note"

           Ghayath Almadhoun   "How Hope Became Green"

           Chelene Knight   "Patricia Smith's 'Only Everything I Own'"

           Patricia Smith   "Only Everything I Own"

           David Austin   "Poetry in Destitute Times"

           Dominique Bernier-Cormier   "Partners in Crime: Sabotaging English with Klara du Plessis"


The Arctic News: Journal of The Diocese of the Arctic (2019 Christmas/Winter)         


Biblical Research (Volume 62; 2017)

     Eric F. Mason  "Editor's Note"

    Esther Menn  "A Tribute to Professor Ralph W. Klein: Scholar, Text Critic, and Curator"

    Steed Vernyl Davidson  "Finding Josiah in Isaiah: Thinking on a Superscription about the Absence of a King"

    Lowell K. Handy  "Josiah and the History of the World"

    Jeffrey Stackert  "'This is My Blood of the Covenant': The Markan Last Supper and the Elohistic Horeb Narrative"

    Margaret M. Mitchell  "Origen and the Text-Critical Dilemma: An Illustrration from One of His Newly Discovered Greek Homilies on the Psalms"

    Ralph W. Klein  "New Testament Manuscript 1424 and Its Homecoming"


Canadian Dimension (52.4 Winter 2019)

     Judith Marshall   "CD Paragraph: Wilson-Raybould , thrown under the bus for corporate interests"

     This Dimension

     Editorial   "Injustice at Unis'ot'en"

     Yves Engler   "Raising the Flag: No golden era in Canada's foreign policy"

     Andre Frappier   "Quebec Communique: Francois Legault, an environmentally unfriendly dealmaker"

     Michal Rozworski   "The Economy: Canada needs a Green New Deal"

     Andrea Levy   "Ecoside: Polymer perversity"

     Chris Dixon   "Writing With Movements: Training for movements"

     Trevor Harrison   "Morbid symptoms: Alberta's Yellow Vest Movement"

     Alan Freeman   "Venezuela and the setbacks of the Latin American Left: What does it all mean?: Interview with Steve Ellner"

     Rosemary Hnatiuk   "Crisis in Venezuela"

     Pam Palmater   "RCMP invasion of Wet'suwet'en Nation territory breaches Canada's 'rule of law'"

     Dave Bleakney and Aziz Choudry   "Lessons in labour struggle: From the margins to the centre"

     15 Best Books of 2018

     John-Henry Harter   "The Popular Front: Colonization, resistance and popular culture"

     Rick Hesch   "Maria Dunn: Telling peoples' stories through song"

     Reg Whitaker   "Review: Vividly imagined Soviet-Canadian novel with a personal twist; LAST NIGHT OF THE WORLD"

     Edwin Janzen   "Review: The other Winnipeg: Rooster Town: the History of an Urban Metis Community, 1901-1960, by Evelyn Peters, Mattheew Stock and Afrian Werner, and Stolen City: Racial Capitalism and the Making of Winnipeg by Owen Toews"


CNQ/Canadian Notes and Queries (No. 106 Winter 2020)

    The Landscape

     Patricia Robertson   "A Call to Canadian Writers"

     Brian Busby   "Too Hot for Tories?: Mark Tushingham's Hotter Than Hell"


     Catherine Bush   "Writing the Real: Representing the Climate Crisis in fiction"

     JF Martel   "Stay with Mystery: Hiroshima Mon Amour, Melancholia, and the Truth of Extinction"

     Andrew Forbes   "Describing the Days Ahead: a Cli-fi Primer"

     RM Vaughan   "Eden in the End Times: A Conversation with Damian Siqueiros"

     Jacky Sawatzky   "Memorial for Our Commodified Giraffes"

     The North Wing


     Erika Thorkelson   "How High the Water Rises"

     Roz Spafford   "Beloved Land"

     David Mason   "The Secret Memoir"

     Mary Lou Zeitoun   "I'm Not as Pretty as I Look"

     Sharon English   "'Coming of Age and Narratives of Annihilation'"



Canadian Poetry (No. 84 & 85, Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter 2019)

     D.M.R. Bentley   "Valediction"

     Sarah Krotz   "A Natural History of Loss: 'The Last Bison' in the Age of Loneliness"

     Brian Johnson   "Material Medievalism and Imperial Fantasy: William Wilfred Campbell's Gothic North"

     Brian Dedora and Michael Dean   "The Symposium of Linguistic Onto-Genetics: An Introduction"

     Tony Tremblay   "Reading Poetry by the Pound: A Review of the Collected Works of Alden Nowlan and Al Pittman"

     Cheryl Cundell   "Of Maps"

     Robert G. May   "Disintegrated Conscioiusness"

     David Hickey   "A 'Miscellany of Discrete Amusements': Brian Bartlett's All Manner of Tackle: Living with Poetry"

     Daniela Janes   "The Great War, Modernism, and the Poets of 'The Harsher Manners'"   


Contemporary Verse 2 (vol. 42 iss. 2 Fall 2019)


Estuaire (numero 178 "Eaux claires")

     Liminaires: Eaux troubles


        Marie-Helene Voyer   "Les fosses"

           Nicholas Giguere   "Sortie en famille a La Roche d'Or de Notre-Dame-des-Pins"

           Stephanie Roussel   "Piscines publiques"

           Simon Brousseau   "A la douleur des especes"

           Flavia Garcia   "Battements"

           Anne Martine Parent   "Effacements"

           Jean-Christophe Rehel   "L'entree de la main en crawl"

           Rose Eliceiry   "L'altitude des heures calmes"

           Isabelle Dumais   "Detachee"

           Jonas Fortier   "pluie et poemes vivants et mortes"

           Genevieve Blais   "L'apnee vielle"


         Cecilia pavon par Olivia Tapiero   "Marecage"/"A Fernanda"/"Annihilation"/"Je sais pas pourquoi j'ecris"/"Mere"        


          Zea Beaulieu-April   "Foule privee"

            Elisabeth Chevalier   "Qui fait l'amour recree le corps"

            Monique Deland   "Divagations d'un clown serieux"/"Exercer son don de clairvoyance"

            Roxane Nadeau   "La legende de la baleine-garou"

            Franzois Rioux   "La deuxieme persone"                                        


         Nathanael   (19 mar-21 juin 2019)     


Etudes Canadiennes/Canadian Studies (No. 87- Dec. 2019)

     Lorie-Anne Rainville   "Revisiting Solitudes: Between and Beyond"

     Andre Dodeman   "La fin des deux solitudes chez Hugh MacLennan et Michel Basilieres"

     Annika McPherson   "'I work for the Fleurs-de-Lis': Multiplying the 'Two Solitudes' and avant la lettre Canadianness in Frontier"

     Virginia Harger-Grinling   "Marginalization and the Natural World: Choice or Destiny"

     Johanne Melancon   "Representation et redefiniton de la relation avec les Premiers peuples dans la chanson quebecoise depuis 1960: de la prise de conscience a l'emergence d'une chanson de Premiers peuples"

     Isabelle Eloy-Carriat   "La 'Troisieme Solitude' du Canada vecue et transcrite par deux ecrivaines autochtones: Jeannette Armstrong et Maria Campbell"

     Elizabeth Willis   "'Au coeur de la solitude': Parler aux fantomes pour trouver la guerison dans le roman Ourse Bleue de Virgina Pesemapeo Bordeleau"

     SAvannah Kocevar   "Hybridation culturelle et problematiques identitatires dans Yukonstyle de Sarah Berthiaume: cultures oubliees, cultures menacees, cultures rejetees, cultures incorporees"





Event: Poetry and Prose (Vol. 48 Iss. 2)

   Speculative Writing Contest (3 contributors)

   Poetry (25 contributors)

   Fiction (4 contributors)

   Reviews (4 contributors)


Exile: The Literary Quarterly (Vol. 42 no. 4)

     Hartman, Joseph   "The Artist's Studio"

     Rolando Rojas   "The Fable Is Absolute"

     Martha Gellhorn   "Requiem"

     Karen Connelly   "Martha Gellhorn and Abortion: The Woman Alone"

     Marilyn Bowering   "Odyysey"

     Monica Levin   "The Caretaker"

     Christine Miscione   "Your Failing Heart."

     Joyce Carol Oates   "Dammed Little Dog"

     Janet Somerville   "Trying to Make It Real"

     David Sobelman   "Hillmother"

     Stephen Zeifman   "Four Collages"

     A.F. Moritz introduces Lara Franklin   "With Dark Painterly Waves"

     Ayesha Chatterjee   "Continental Drift"


Faith and Philosophy (Volume 36 Number 3 July 2019)

     Justin Morton   "Can Theists Avoid Epistemological Objections to Moral (and Normative) Realism?"

     Jon W. Thompson   "Divine Idealism as Physicalism? Relections on the Structural Definition of Physicalism"

     Robert C. Roberts   "Is Kierkegaard a 'Virtue Ethicist'?"

     Hugh Burling   "The Reference of 'God' Revisited"

     Frederick Choo   "The Prior Obligations Objection to Theological Stateism"



Geez: Contemplative Cultural Resistance (Winter 2020 No. 55)

     Antonio Cosme   "Waawiyatanong: A Detroit Land Acknowledgement"

     Agnes Crowe   "Sisters of the Road"

     Jayme R. Reaves   "Hospitality as the Ground for the Good"

     tan ning-san   "Vulnerability Reveal Itself"

     Ingrid Cruz   "Surviving Southern Hospitality"

     Britney Win Lee   "The Cognitive Dissonance of Southern Hospitality" 

     Jayme R. Reaves   "Dangerous Hospitality"

     "We Are Not Anti-Police But Pro-Community"

     Peterson Toscano   "Bigger Love"

     Adam Horowitz and Rachel Plattus   "Nuns & Nones at the Border"

     Liz Charlotte Grant   "Tea at the Pottery Studio"

     Jordan Leahy   "Freshly Brewed Conversations"

     Ched Myers   "Christian Mission 'Disrobed'"

     John Bergen   "Guest Ethics"

     Victoria Marie   "1998- as Long as We Can"

     Maria Bergh   "Transformations of Movements, Conversations of Heart"

     Annemarie Barrett   "Life as a Guest in a Legacy of Violence"

     Michael Gilmour   "Inn-Hospitality to Animals"

     Sara Matyas   "A Brunch Snapshot"

     June Mears Driedger   "The Countercultural Hospitality of Rest and Silence"

     tan ning-sang   "Being and Rest: A Critique of (Self) Care as Praxis"

     Isaiah Lewis   "Parables of the Kingdom"

     Brad Aaron Modlin   "Back When Friendsgiving Was a New Word"

     Dominik Parisien   "holiday tragedy"


Grain (Vol. 47 No. 1 Fall 2019)

     Featured Artist:   Sam Montalbetti


          Calvin White   "Heaney For Sale"

          Paola Ferrante   "Over Thirty-Five"

          Deirdre Maultsaid   "Atonement"

          Yolande House   "One Thing You Appreciate About Your Mother"

          Susan Olding   "Two Poems"

          Allison LaSorda   "Arrival"

          Chelsea Comeau   "Father, Daughter"

          Amy LeBlanc   "Patchwork"

          Sarah Yi-Mei Tsiang   "How to fill the void inside you"

          Kevin Spenst   "A Worshipful Deriding of Flimflam"

          Grace Lau   "Escape Artist"

          Jim Reil   "Ivory"

          Anne Swannell   "A Tale of Two Muses"

          Chris Casuccio   "-it's enough for me that we exist at the same time-"

          Glen Sorestad   "Home for Sale"

           Moira J.   "Lessons from a School That Is Falling from the Sky"

           Katherine DeCoste   "a group of bluebirds"

           Mary H. Auerbach Rykov   "writing promt"


          Landa wo   "Isidore Mapota"

          Anastasia McEwan   "Sea-Girls"

          Matthew Gigg   "Val d'Or"

          Nina Dunic   "Stupid"


          Rachel Jansen   "Divining"

     2019 Short Grain Contest Winners

          Joshua Whitehead   "Fiction Judge's Comments"

           Roni Muench   "Middle of Nowhere"

           Shandell Houlden   "The Settler"

            Cora Sire   "Don't Tell Pablo"

          Karen Solie   "Poetry Judge's Comments"

           Bradley Peters   "Horizontal gene transfer"

           Bert Almon   "Walking with Lions"

           Sarah Pelletier   "330 + 1 Lakes"


Journal of Theology for Southern Africa (v. 161)


     The Contemporary Theological Project

          Beverley Haddad   "'Taking the Wanting out of Waiting': HIV, Transactional Sex, and #Blessed in the Context of Neo-liberal Christianity"


          Hans Austnaberg   "Negotiating Church Space: The Relations Between Pastors and Shepherds in the Malagasy Lutheran Church"

          Ernst M. Conradie and Teddy C. Sakupapa   "'Decolonising the Doctrine of the Trinity' or 'The Decolonising Doctrine of the Trinity'?"

          Peter Houston   "The Long Road to Cape Town 2010 and an Evangelical Response to Global Environmental Crisis"

          Chammath J. Kaunda & Mutale M. Kaunda   "...An Announcement of a New Spiritual Dispensation..." Pentecostalism and Nationalisation of Prayer in Zambia"

          Marius Nel   "A Pentecostalist Reads Tamar's Story of Rape and Humiliation with a Hermeneutical Awareness"


les ecrits (155 ete 2019)

     Recits (6 contributors)

     Suite Neerlandaise (4 contributors)

     Poemes (5 contributors)

     Essais (2 contributors)


Montreal Review of Books (Vol. 23 No. 1 Fall 2019)


Near Eastern Archaeology  (Vol. 81 Issue 4 December 2018)

      Juan Jesus Padilla Fernandez, Linda Chapon, and Francisco Contreras Cortes   "Reuse and Recycling in the Temple of Millions of Years of Thutmosis III (Luxor, Egypt): Archaeological Evidence of a Pottery Workshop"

     Mahmoud A. Emam and Ehab Abd el-Zaher   "New Fragments of 'Nectanebo the Falcon' from the Temple of Behbeit el-Hagar"

     Salah Hussein Al-Houdalieh   "Khirbet el-Lauz Revisited: Lessons from the Renewed Destruction of a Vulnerable Heritage Site"

     Ibrahim Abu Aemar   "Archaeological Excavations at Khirbet Beit Bassa, Palestine"

     Katharina Streit, Lyndelle Webster, Vanessa Becker, Ann-Kathrin Jeske, Hadas Misgav, and Felix Hoffmayer   "Between Destruction and Diplomacy in Canaan: The Austrian-Israeli Expedition to Tel Lachish"

     Elad Liraz   "A Second Cult Room at the Lachish Gate?"

     Avraham Faust   "Pigs in Space (and Time): Pork Consumption and Identity Negotiations in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages of Ancient Israel"


The New Quarterly (Vol. 152)

   Edna Staebler Personal Essay Contest (3 contributors)  

   Nick Blatchford Occasional Verse Contest (12 contributors)

   Peter Hinchcliffe Fiction Contest (3 contributors)

   Poetry (2 contributors)

   Word and Image

   Fiction (6 contributors) 


   Writer At Large


The Newfoundland Quarterly (Vol. 112 no. 3; Winter 2019/20)     


Overland (Iss. 237 Summer 2019)


Prairie Fire (Vol. 40 no. 4)


Presence Francophone (no. 91)

     Kodjo Attikpoe et Josias Semujanga   "Presentation"

     Josias Semujanga   "La metaphore de l'oeuvre impossible dans le roman francophone"

     Cheikh Mouhamadou Soumoune Diop   "Voix narratives et transfigurations de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone"

     Adama Togola   "La figuration de l'ecriture dans quelques romans africains contemporains"

     Desire Nyela   "La lecon de Ouologuem ou le portrait de l'artistie en 'pisse-copie, negre d'ecrivains celebres'"

     Adama Coulibaly   "Conte romanesque, chant-roman: postures de la figure auctoriale chez Maurice Bandaman et Werewere Liking"

     Justin Bisanswa   "Dialectique de al figuration: Ken Bugul au miroir de son oeuvre"

     Morgan Faulkner   "Formes et fonctions du metatexte dans Le cavalier et son ombre de Boubacar Boris Diop"

     Olga Hel-Bongo   "La figuration de l'art dans les romans de V.Y. Mudimbe"

     Christiane Ndiaye   "Ecrire pour qui? Enquete sur la figure du lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Moussa Konate"

     Vincent Simedoh   "Figure de l'ecrivain chez Sami Tchak: Determinisme, fantasme et mythe"

     Kodjo Attikpoe   "l'objet litteraire: le livre et le personnage lecteur dans l'oeuvre de Sami Tchak"

     Christian Uwe   "Metamorphoses de l'ecrivain dans le roman francophone subsaharan"


Revue Biblique (No. 4 Octobre 2019)

     Richard Whitekettle   "Neither Bug nor Beast nor Bush: On the Identity and Significance of the Object in Job 12:8a"

     Christophe Rico   "Yaqumu : Tenir, prevaloir, se releer ou ressusciter ? Le Psaume 1,5 a la lumiere de la reception ancienne"

     Paul Carbonaro   "La Sagesse de Salomon et la reine Cleopatre II"

     JiSeong James Kwon   "Re-examining the Torah in the Book of Isaiah"

     Michael V. Flowers   "A Response to Justin Taylor's Hypothesis about the Development of Mark 9:11-13 and Matt 17: 10-13"

     Notes archeologiques   "Ancient Ein Gedi Village and Marine Transportation on the Dead Sea, Israel (G Hadas)"

     Notes archeologiques   "un uicus et un nouveau temple romain au nord de Jerusalem (K. Trehuedic, A. Shawamra et J.S. Caillou)"



Revue De Qumran (numero 113 tome 31 Juin 2019)

     Eibert Tigchelaar   "Lamentations 4:21-22 as Another Word of Consolation in 4Q176"

     Michael Girardin   "Dans le quotidien du collecteur: l'impot romain d'apres l'archive de Murabba'at"

     Eshbal Ratson   "4Q208: A New Reconstruction and Its Implications on the Evolution of the Astronomical Book"

     Torlief Elgvin and Michael Langlois   "Looking Back: )More) Dead Sea Scrolls Forgeries in the Schoyen Collection"




Word & World (Vol. 39 No. 4 Fall 2019)

     Mark Granquist   "So What's the Problem?"

     Mark Mattes   "A Lutheran Case for Evangelism"

     Katherine Langston   "On Mormons and Grace: Notes From the Mission Field"

     Mark R. Teasdale   "Breaking Bad Habits When Stewarding the Gospel"

     Judith Stack   "The New Testament's Gentiles and Jeremiah's Good Figs: Biblical Paradigms for God's Presence among the 'Nones' and 'Dones'"

     Mary Jane Haemig   "Catechesis: A Tool for Sharing the Gospel"

     Robert Moore   "Telling One's Own Story as a Means of Telling the Story"

     Ryan M. Panzer   "Hearing the Millennials: Ministry alongside an Unchurched Generation for the Sake of the Gospel"

     Jared Yogerst   "The Re-Wilding of Worship: A Post-Contemporary Reception"

     Celia I. Wolff   "Sharing the Gospel as Witness to Jesus: Acts 1:1-11"







The St. John's College Library is pleased to offer a wide selection of works by iconic Canadian authors. In anticipation of next month's celebration of Franco-Manitoban culture, the library is proud to feature the work of Gabrielle Roy. We offer a offer a large number of her published works of fiction in French and English, biographical works, and an abundant list of secondary sources about her contribution to Canadian literature.


A few selections...

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