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Systematic Review Resources: Screening

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Screening Introduction

Screening is the process of selecting articles for inclusion in your systematic or scoping review. You do this from the amalgamated results from your various database searches. There are 3 levels of screening: Title screening, abstract screening, and full text

Screening Steps and Methods

  1. Select a screening tool such as Covidence, Rayyan, or other
  2. Import de-duplicated list of articles, or import and use the screening tool to de-duplicate the list of articles
  3. Setup the deduplication process with at least 2 screeners and a method for resolving disputed screening decisions
  4. Set up tags for exclusion decisions
  5. Do the title screen - this should be quick
  6. Resolve differences
  7. Do the abstract screen, resolve differences
  8. Do the full text screen, resolve differences
  9. Proceed to data extraction

Screening Tools


  1. Covidence (Free through University of Manitoba)
  2. Rayyan (Free to $$)
  3. DistillerSR ($$$)
  4. SR Accelerator's Deduplicator  (Free but requires Endnote)


Other Tools

  1. Cochrane Handbook
    1. Screening Process
  2. Library Browser Extension (for retrieving full-text)
  3. PRISMA Flow Diagrams

Screening How-to-Videos

How-to-videos coming soon