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Library Technician & Academic Librarian: Career Guide: Home

Here is some information on Librarian and Library Technician careers, to share with students at the Take Our Kids to Work Career Fair.


Problem-solving, Service & Helping Others, Collaboration, Technology, Diversity & Variety of Work, Innovation!

Library Technician

SCHOOL: Red River College (Library & Information Technology, 2 yrs) + additional degrees may be recommended for higher level positions

SKILLS: Public service, attention to detail, organization, time management, information and technology literacy, accounting

JOB TITLES: Library Assistant/Technician, Administrative Assistant, Research Assistant, Shelver, Document Deliver/ILL Assistant

SALARY: $30,000 - $50,000

HOURS: 0 - 35 hrs per week, depending on Position/Location


Library Assistant

Small Library: Role is largely reactionary; At all times the LA will be on hand for any library patron who may need help. They will likely be interrupted 1 - 3 times an hour.

8 am Open Library. Run Daily/Weekly/Monthly Reports
9 am Tally cash and deposit with Cashier's office
10 am Call patrons flagged by reports (recalls/billing)
11 am Side Project
12 pm Lunch!
1 pm Shelve books
2pm Purchasing items selected by librarian
3 pm Tidy up library and Close/Shift change


Large Library: Here, the day is more organized. There are specific tasks for each person, and they will likely not be interrupted. However, they will spend up to 40% of their time stationed at the service desk.

9 am Run Cash report. Credit/Debit/Cash slips to cashier's office
10 am    At Service Desk - Checking books out, helping patrons.
11 am Process reserve Requests//Responding to emails
12 pm At Service Desk
1 pm Lunch!
2 pm Attend workshop
3 pm At Service Desk
4 pm  Repairing broken books/Other projects


Academic Librarian

SCHOOL: University Bachelor's Degree (4+ yrs) + Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) Degree (2 yrs) + additional degrees in your subject specialty (recommended, not required)

SKILLS: programming, customer service, project management, languages, design, organization, creativity, and more!

JOB TITLES: Liaison Librarian, User Experience Librarian, Systems Librarian, Head Librarian

SALARY: $50,000-$60,000

HOURS: 35-50 hrs per week


Liaison Librarian

9 am Prepare for Class
10 am Teach a research tutorial
11 am Assist a professor with research
12 pm Buy music for the library collection
1 pm Lunch
2 pm Committee meeting
3 pm Work on conference proposal


User Experience Librarian

9 am Answering email User Experience Design questions
10 am  Designing/Analyzing assessments for Libraries
12 pm Website Maintenance and Changes
1 pm Lunch
2 pm Committee Meetings
4 pm Research/Academic Reading