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UM Libraries Staff Working From Home: Accessing Paper Materials

Print Material Requests

Print Material Requests

The National Emergency Library is now closed (June 16, 2020).

If clients request items from our collections, and there are no electronic copies available, please refer them to the
"We'll Get It For You!" guide.

When a Client Requests Curbside Pickup

From the client's perspective:

How to request your desired physical materials

Turn-Around Time

  • 7-10 days

Additional Notes:

  • Currently pickup is only available on select weekdays
  • 10 items can be placed on hold at a time

Until September 1, this service is available only to Faculty, Graduate and Post-Doctorate Students

1.      Use Library Search to find items in our collections
2.      Click on the title of the desired item.
3.      Scroll down to Get it. (Don’t forget to sign in!)
4.      Click Request
5.      Curbside Pickup will appear under Pickup Location.  Click Send Request.

6.      When your item(s) is/are available, you will be notified via email.  The email will provide more information on how to book a time slot for your pickup.  You cannot book a time slot until your item(s) is/are available. 

7.     If someone else is picking up your item(s), you will be able to add their name when selecting your pickup time slot.
8.     Only book one pickup time for all items requested. They will be gathered together for your pickup.

Please follow the pickup process provided over email.

Contactless pickup will be behind Elizabeth Dafoe Library, off Service Road 3N (near parking lot B) on Fort Garry Campus.  You (or the person you've designated to pickup your items) will need to provide photo ID.

When a Client Requests Scanning Service

The UML began offering a temporary scanning service on June 17, 2020 to provide "access" to the physical collections, with some staff returning to campus in rotation to provide support for retrieving and scanning of requested materials.

We’ll get it for you! is a guide for the UM community to request material for scanning and specifies the details of what can be requested and instructions for making a request.

Below is a description for what happens to those requests once they are received.

From the client’s perspective

  1. Patron creates their scanning request using Relais, using instructions provided in the guide.

Note: We are not providing external Document Delivery services – requesting items from libraries outside the UML. Think of this as the UML providing Document Delivery services from its own collection to its own community.  UML is the “Request from another library” in the client’s process for this temporary scanning service.

From the UML perspective - the internal process

  1. Document Delivery staff review the request to determine the amount of content for scanning (eg., chapter or full book).

Scenario #1

  1. If the publication has a 1990 or newer publication date, Document Delivery staff will send item information to Tech Services staff.
  2. Tech Services staff will determine if an e-book can be purchased to fulfill the request.
  3. If an e-book can be ordered, then Tech Services let Document Delivery staff know when a book is available in Primo.
  4. Document Delivery staff will inform client, providing them with a permalink to the item.

Scenario #2

  1. If the item is not available as an e-resource, then Document Delivery staff will:
    1. Inform the client that the item is not available digitally at this time
    2. Ask if they want a portion/ chapter within copyright law (no more than 10% of the work).
      1. If they want a portion scanned, Document Delivery staff will scan and deliver to client electronically.
      2. If not (such as, if the patron wants only the whole book), Document Delivery staff will cancel the request, informing the client.

Scenario #3

  1. If the requested content is an article or chapter or otherwise within copyright law (no more than 10% of the work), Document Delivery staff will:
    1. Check to see if the content is available in our digital collections.
      1. If so, send a link to the client.
      2. If not, staff will retrieve the item from our physical collection.
        1. Scan the requested portion.
        2. Send it to the client via email.