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UM Libraries Staff Working From Home: Online Appointment Booking in LibCal

Adjusting your LibCal Appointment Settings for a Virtual Consultation Environment

  1. Log in to LibApps
  2. Go to LibCal
  3. Click on Appointments (yellow bar)
  4. Click on My Settings (tab)
  5. Scroll to “Appointment Instructions/Description”
    • Some possible standard text for the “Appointment Instructions/Description”
      ​I will be working from home for the foreseeable future to maintain social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, I am offering appointments by phone or by virtual meeting software (e.g. WebEx, Zoom, [whatever your preference]). Let me know which is your preference for meeting.
  6. Adjust the text
  7. Scroll to “Directions”
    • Some possible standard text for the “Directions”
      Phone or virtual meetings only at this time.
  8. Adjust the text
  9. Save

Add some questions to your appointment form

Scroll to Appointment Form Questions

Consider adding questions about “How would you like to meet?” and “Please provide your phone number if you prefer a phone meeting”

  1. Add Question
    1. Add question text ““How would you like to meet?”
    2. Type = Radio Buttons (they may only select one) or checkboxes (they may select more than one option)
    3. Required = “patrons must provide and answer to this question”
    4. Selections
      1. Phone
      2. Add Selection
      3. Virtual Meeting
  2. Add Question
    1. Add question text “Please provide your phone number if you prefer a phone meeting”
    2. Type = Single-line text
    3. Required = “this is an optional question”

Adjust the order of your appointment form questions

  1. Scroll to Appointment Form Question Order
  2. Drag the questions into the order you would like them to appear.
  3. Click Update Order to adjust how your questions appear on your form.