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UM Libraries Staff Working From Home: Email


What follows are set-up instructions for accessing work email from your home PC.

Note: VPN / Remote Desktop (RDP) connectivity is not required.

Options include:

(a) Microsoft Web Outlook > Web browser access (the easiest option).

(b) Microsoft Outlook software > Installed and configured on your home computer.

If you run into any difficulties within the scope of this brief tutorial, you may want to review IST's roughly parallel instructions @: 

... and failing that, reach out to IST via their provided contact information (see above link).

(a) Microsoft Web Outlook

Via your favorite web browser, proceed as follows:

Note - Microsoft Edge is recommended because Web Outlook is a Microsoft product and the two play together nicely.

1) From, click the "" link inside the "Staff Email" box:

Webmail Step 1

2) Sign in using your SignUM login credentials (UMNetID and associated password):

Webmail Step 2

(b) Microsoft Outlook software

Here's how to configure Outlook software on your Windows 10 PC (which implies you must first have it installed).

1) Click the "magnifying glass icon" on the lower left of Windows 10 and begin typing "Outlook...". Click the resulting Outlook icon to open the application.

Open Outlook

2) With Outlook open, click the "File" menu item in the top left of the application.

Outlook File Menu

3) Click "Add Account".

Outlook Add Account

4) Ensure "E-mail Account" is selected and proceed to complete the required details (Your Name, UofM email address, SignUM password):

Outlook Email Account Option

5) Provide your SIgnUm password when prompted:

Outlook - Provide SignUM password when prompted

6) You should receive confirmation that Outlook is configured and ready to use. Click Finish.

Outlook configuration confirmation message

It's worth noting that in the following the above process, you do not need to be on the UofM's network (meaning you do not need to use the Pulse VPN to acquire an on-campus IP address). If however, you happen to be prompted for the exchange server's hostname, use "".