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Women's and Gender Studies: Course-specific Guide

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"... the privileged act of naming often affords those in power access to modes of communication and enables them to project an interpretation, a definition, a description of their work and actions, that may not be accurate, that may obscure what is really taking place."  

hooks, bell. Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom. Routledge, 1994. p. 62

WOMN 1500 & 1600

Library System

The Library System catalogues all the books acquired by the Libraries and aggregates most items indexed in the majority of the databases and digital products with some exceptions.

Locating Reference Titles

  • Reference sources, such as dictionary, handbook, or encyclopedia, are useful in locating an overview of the field, topic, or theme, and direct you to more useful resources for further investigations.
  • Simply use the type of reference source as a keyword combining another keyword representing your field, topic or the theme. e.g., handbook AND feminism, or dictionary AND feminism.


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Useful Sources & References

Research & Writing Tips

  • Refer to the assignment's guidelines.
  • Taking Notes by Margaret Procter, University of Toronto Writing Centre
  • Writing & Revising by Margaret Procter, University of Toronto Writing Centre

So EASY to Plagiarise and How to AVOID It:

References for Citation Styles

MLA Style

APA Style

Note:  If you are using an epub title on the EbscoHost platform, it may not display page numbers.  If you can't find page number(s) in the epub title to cite, just cite the chapter, e.g., (Smith ch. 2)  in MLA and (Smith, ch.2) in APA.  Or if you can find PDF edition, use it.

Blog Post | YouTube | Twitter Post (APA)

Blog Post/Web Site

Author, A. A. (Year, Month Date).  Title of blog post.  Blog Name.  https://xxxxx

Author's last nameInitial(s).  [or the name of the body responsible].  (Year, Month Day of publication).  Title of work.  Website.  https://URL


Fisher D. R. (2017, January 26).  The women's march was only the beginning.  Context:  Sociology for the Public.


Channel.  (Year, Month Day of publication).  Title of video [Video].  Website.  https://URL


Scribbr. (2020, August 20).  Develop a theoretical framework in 3 steps [Video].  YouTube.


Author name, Initials [@username].  (Year, Month Day).  Text of tweet [Tweet].  Twitter.  URL


Trump, D. J. [@realDonaldTrump].  (2020, September 28).  FAKE NEWS!  [Tweet].  Twitter.

Note:  Donal Trump's twitter account has been suspended.  The 2nd line should be indentend.

Citation Tool

Searching eBooks:

Ebook Central (ProQuest Platform)

EbscoHost eBooks

Searching Journal Articles

Women Studies International (EbscoHost Platform)

Academic Search Complete (EbscoHost Platform)

JSTOR Collection

Exploring Potential Sources - how effectively screen them:

  1. Brainstorm Keywords
  2. Formulate a Search Strategy Using AND or OR operators.
  3. Further Narrow Down by Publication Years, more focused Subject, or Publication Type, etc. 
  4. Browse Results and Save, if useful, for Further Reading.
  5. Revise Search Strategy and Repeat 3 - 4.

Vann Diagram for AND, OR operators

* Many databases offer a similar feature in a column to help you narrow down research results.  An example from EbscoHost Platform:

Options for Narrowing Down


















  •  When you are searching by Relevance (default), many databases push the most relevant results based on your search strategy to the top; they include those records that contain most of the keywords you used.  Based on the database coverage, it starts displaying the items with fewer keywords you used as you scroll down the results, thus you will note less relevancy.

Ebook Central (Proquest Platform)

Browsing, Saving, Annotations, Notes, and Downloading PDF Features

Search Results Page

  • Each Record displays Read Online, Table of Contents, and Add to Bookshelf Icons.
    • Table of Contents:  Find page number coverage for each chapter and Availability information, such as the maximum number of PDF download allowed.
    • Read Online:  Search keywords within the book and browse.  Select Table of Contents to browse each chapter and subsections.
  • Book Annotations and Notes
  • Bookshelf:  Keep track of what you have viewed, annotated, and made notes.  Create a folder for your project to gather all relevant books, annotations, and notes.  Print a text to review all annotations, notes, and page information of the book.
  • Save/Download a chapter by clicking the PDF icon from the navigation bar or Save/Download a section by clicking the Printing icon. Name the file accordingly for future reference.

EbscoHost Ebooks

  • Search using keywords as search strategy.
  • Narrow down the results using optional limiting criteria (Publication Years, Source Types, Subject, etc.), if it's useful and Browse a manageable list.
  • Browse Table of Contents and Select a chapter or section.
  • Search keywords in the book to browse the contents.
  • Save Searches for future browsing.  [For this, "Sign In" when you already have an EbscoHost account.  If not, create one.]
  • Or Save/Download identified section/chapter/pages for further reading.  (Save as a file or Save in your Google Drive. Name the file accordingly for future reference.)

Women's Studies International or Academic Search Complete

  • Type in your search strategy.
  • Narrow down the results using optional limiting criteria, such as (Publication Years, Source Type, Subject, etc.), if useful, and Browse a manageable list.
  • Screen the list by Title and Abstract.
  • Save Searches for future browsing. [For this, "Sign in" when you already have an EbscoHost account.  If not, create one.]
  • Or Save/Download identified articles.  (Save as a file or Save in your Google Drive.  Name the file accordingly for future reference.)


  • Select Advanced Search.
  • Scroll down and Select "Feminist and Women's Studies" and "Gender Studies" collections.
  • Type in your search strategy.
  • Browse and narrow down by searching keywords within the results, if necessary.
  • Or, narrow down by selecting specific disciplinary areas.
  • Browse the results and Save selected items for future reading.  [For this, "Sign in" when you already have a JSTOR account.  If not, create one by registering.]


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