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Pharmacy: EBM

A guide to research and clinical resources for Pharmacy faculty and students at the University of Manitoba.

EBM Pyramid

Levels of Evidence is a ranking system used in evidence-based medicine to describe the strength of information. The higher the point in the pyramid the lower the the likelihood of bias in any statement/finding reported. Scroll to see the evidence types and to identify search tools that will help you locate resources to answer your questions.

EBM pyramid

Meta Search Engines

Locate Systematic Reviews & Meta Analyses (Secondary Literature)

Locate Critically-Appraised Practice Guidelines (Secondary Literature)

Locate Critically-Appraised Individual Articles (Secondary Literature)

Locate RCTs, Case and Cohort studies (Primary Literature)

Locate Filtered Background Information (Secondary Literature)

Locate Unfiltered Background Information/Expert Opinion (Tertiary Literature)