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Contemporary Art: New Media & more

Online Magazines

Convergence: the journal of research into new media technologies
Convergence is a refereed academic journal, which addresses the creative, social, political and pedagogical issues raised by the advent of new media technologies.

Crossings: electronic journal of art and technology 
Produced at the University of Dublin and covers art, technology & philosophy.

Leonardo Reviews Online
An excellent academic  journal devoted to art & science issues.

Shift Japan 
Japanese online journal on international graphic design and digital media artists.

Third Text Online
Is one of the leading international journals dedicated to the critical analysis of contemporary art in the global field.

General Resources    
based in San Francisco, california,  produces and promotes artists exploring the intersections of digital and traditional artforms since 1997.  Our online new media art gallery is updated frequently and features an international selection of artists working in digital media.

Ars Electronica
The Ars Electronica Centre has hosted the annual Prix Ars Electronica Festival since 1979.

Artexte engages in research, interpretation, and dissemination initiatives in order to broaden the influence and appreciation of contemporary visual arts.

Daniel Langlois Foundation
Founded in 1999,the foundation aims to further human knowledge by supporting artistic,  scientific and technological research.

Leonardo Electronic Almanac

New Media Encyclopedia
A source of information, a tool for documentary research, and a scholarly work, but also a locus of  debate on artistic practices related to the new media.

Rhizome is an online community space for people who are interested in new media art and is one of the most pro‑active exponents of electronic arts.   Rhizome's activities focus on: presenting artworks by new media artists, critics and curators; fostering critical dialog; and preserving new media art for the future.. Be sure to sign up for the excellent e‑mail newsletter.


e-flux Contemporary Art News

Web Archives

Way Back Machine  (Internet Archive)

Web Archive it!