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Slavic Studies - Russian Studies Guide: Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Print Dictionaries

  • Ageenko, F. and M Zarva. Slovar' udarenii russkogo iazyka A-IA. 82,500 slovarnykh edinits. Moskva: AIRIS PRESS, 2000.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2139 A35 2000
  • Apresian, IU., et al. Novyi obʺiasnitelʹnyi slovarʹ sinonimov russkogo iazyka.  Moskva : Shkola "IAzyki russkoi kulʹtury", 1999.
    Slavic Reference PG 2591 N63 1999 vyp. 1-3
  • Arakin, V.D., et al. NTC's New College Russian and English Dictionary. Lincolnwood, IL: NTC Publishing Group, 1996.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 N786 1996
  • Benyukh, O.  English-Russian comprehensive dictionary. New York, NY : Hippocrene Books, 1995.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 E54 1995
  • Benyukh, O. Russian-English Comprehensive Dictionary. New York, NY : Hippocrene Books, 1997.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 R79 2007
  • Bol'shoi russko-frantsuzskii slovar': 200,000 slov i slovosochetanii.  Moskva : Russkii iazyk media, 2004.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 F5 B64 2004
  • Borkowski, P. The great Russian-English dictionary of idioms and set expressions.London: [s.n.], 1973.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 B65
  • Corten, I. Vocabulary of Soviet society and culture. A selected guide to Russian words, idioms, and expressions of the Post-Stalin era, 1953-1991. Durham, N.C.; London, UK: Duke University Press, 1992.
    Slavic Reference PG 2691 C6 1992
  • Elistratov, V. IAzik staroi Moskvyi. Lingvoentsiklopedicheskii slovar'. Okolo 7,000 slov i vyrazhenii. Moskva: AST; Astrel', 2004.
    Slavic Reference PG 2750 M58 E45 2004
  • Falla, P. The Russian Oxford Dictionary.Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1997.
    Slavic Reference PG 2640 W5 1997
  • Frantsuzsko-Russkii slovarʹ aktivnogo tipa. Moskva : Russkii iazyk media, 2005.
    Slavic Reference PG 2645 F5 F72 2005
  • Gal'perin, I.P. ans E.M. Mednikov (Eds.). Bolʹshoi anglo-russkii slovarʹ. Moskva : "Russkii iazyk", 1987-1988.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 G3 1987 t.1-2
  • Geld, I. Dictionary of omissions for Russian translators with examples from scientific texts. Columbus, OH: Slavica Publishers, Inc., 1993.
    Slavic Reference PG 2691 G44 1993
  • Katzner, K. English-Russian, Russian-English dictionary. New York ; Toronto : Wiley, 1984.
    Dafoe Main Stacks, Management Reference, Sciences & Technology Reference, Slavic Main Stacks, Slavic Reference PG 2640 K34 1984
  • Kveselevich, D.I. Russko-Angliiskii slovar' nenormativnoi leksiki. Okolo 15,000 slov i 4,000 frazeologicheskikh edinits. Moskva: Astrel'; AST, 2002
    Slavic Reference PG 2752 K88 2002
  • Marder, S. A supplementary Russian-English Dictionary. Columbus, OH: Slavica Publishers, 1992.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 M37 1992
  • Molotkov, A.I.Frazeologicheskii slovarʹ russkogo iazyka: svyshe 4000 slovarnykh statei. Moskva : Russkii iazyk, 1978.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2689 M6 1978
  • Orfograficheskii slovarʹ naibolee upotrebitelʹnykh slov russkogo iazyka.Moskva: TSentrpoligraf, 2008.
    Slavic Reference  PG 2146 O725 2008
  • Pevikova, S.I. Bol'shoi slovar' molodezhnogo slenga. Moskva: FAIR-PRESS, 2003
    Slavic Reference PG 2752 L48 2003
  • Popova, L.P.,and  N.R. Mokina and G.V. Zakharova.Sovremennyi anglo-russkii slovar'. Okolo 50,000 slov i 70,000 slovosochetanii. Moskva:  "RUSSO", 2004
    Slavic Reference  PG 2640 P658 2004
  • Ryan, W.F.  The Penguin Russian Dictionary. London : Viking, 1995.
    Slavic Reference PG 2640 R93 1995
  • Shipp, J. Russian, English dictionary of abbreviations & initialisms. Philadelphia: Translation Research Institute, 1982.
    Slavic Reference PG 2693 S5 1982
  • Shlyakhov, V. and E. Adler. Dictionary of Russian Slang and Colloquial Expressions. Hauppauge, NY: Barron's Educational Series, 2006.
    Slavic Reference PG 2752 S57 2006
  • Shvedova, N. (Ed.).   Tolkovyi slovar' russkogo iazyka c vkliucheniem svedenii o proiskhozhdenii slov (82,000 slov i frazeologicheskikh vyrazhenii). Moskva: Izdatelʹskii tsentr "Azbukovnik", 2007.
    Slavic Reference PG 2625 T65 2007
  • Skliarevskaia, G. Slovar' sokrashchenii sovremennogo russkogo iazyka. Bolee 6000 sokrashchenii. Moskva: EKSMO, 2006.
    Slavic Reference PG 2693 S555 2006
  • Solzhenitsyn, A.I. Russskii slovar' iazykovogo rasshireniia. Moskva: Izdatel'stvo "Russkii put'", 2000.
    Slavic Reference PG 2630 S65 2000
  • Val'ter, KH., et al. Slovar' zaimstvovaniia v russkom substandarte anglitsizmy. Moskva: ITI Tekhnologii, 2004.
    Slavic Reference PG 2582 E5 S58 2004
  • Zalucky, H. Compressed Russian. Russian-English dictionary of acronyms, semiacronyms and other abbreviations used in contemporary standard Russian with their pronunciation and explicit correlates in Russian and equivalents in English. Amsterdam; Oxford; New York; Tokyo: Elsevier, 1991.
    Slavic Reference PG 2693 Z28 1991

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