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Frederick G. Stambrook fonds: MSS 295, PC 260, EL 21 (A2008-64)

Frederick G. Stambrook:

An Inventory of His Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by James Kominowski
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Vladimira Zvonik (2010)
Finding aid written in English.

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Frederick G. Stambrook
Frederick G. Stambrook fonds
6.18 m of textual records and other material
Mss 295, PC 260, EL 21 (A.08-64)
English, German, Ukrainian, and French

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Biography of Dr. Frederick George Stambrook

Frederick George Stambrook was a longtime serving faculty member of the Department of History, University of Manitoba. He was born Frederick Sternberg in Vienna, Austria on November 16, 1929. Following the untimely death of his mother (Edith, 1932) and while his father (Karl) managed various industrial concerns, he was raised by his maternal grandparents (Weiss) in Vienna, and subsequently exiled to Prague in 1939. He became part of the Kindertransport which allowed him to seek safety in England from the Nazi regime. Having been sent alone to England to the care of his eventual stepmother Mimi, he was later reunited there with his father. He was evacuated from London in 1940 to the town of Lincolnshire (Willoughby), where he attended the local village school, learned English, and won a scholarship to Alford Grammar School. He spent youthful summers with his parents and stepbrother (Peter) and performed his post-war military service as an Education Officer, Royal Air Force (1950 - 1952). Having attained academic success, he was awarded scholarships at Oxford, St. Catherine's College (B.A. Hons-History) and the London School of Economics (B.Sc. Hons-Economics, PhD). While completing his PhD in International History in London, Dr. Stambrook worked in the British Foreign Office on the translation of captured German Foreign Office war documents at Whaddon Hall (Bucks).

His first academic appointment was as Lecturer in History at Sydney University (Australia). This was followed in 1968 by being appointed Assistant Professor of History at the University of Manitoba. It would be at the University of Manitoba, that he would spend his academic career as an academic historian. His research interest in inter-war European diplomacy soon became secondary to his increasing administrative roles at the University of Manitoba where he served as Head of the German Department (1976 - 1977), Associate, Dean of Arts (1975 - 1977), Dean of Arts (1977 - 1982) and Vice-President, Academic (1982 - 1991). Following his administrative retirement, Dr. Stambrook was asked to fill-in as interim departmental head of Political Studies (1995 - 1997) and Native Studies (1998 - 1999). In May 2004 he was recognized as Dean Emeritus of the University of Manitoba. Later in his career, he and his wife Dr. Stella Hryniuk, began doing extensive research on the immigrant experience to Canada, and the multicultural diversity of Hapsburg-Galicia. Much of his later research focused on the Ukrainian province of Bukovyna (Bukovina).

Besides being an academic, he loved sports. As a university student in England, he played cricket, rugby and football (soccer). His passion for soccer and his administrative talent were soon combined in his founding role with the Manitoba Minor Soccer Association. This led to his long-term contributions as President, Canadian Youth Soccer Association (1975 - 1979), President, Manitoba Soccer Association (1980 - 1986), and President, Canadian Soccer Association (1986 - 1992). His lifelong commitment to soccer was recognized with a Life Membership, Canadian Soccer Association (1999), Life Membership, Manitoba Soccer Association (2002), and induction as sports-builder into the Manitoba Jewish Sports Hall of Fame (1999) and Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame (2003). Some of his many achievements in sports were the championing of rural soccer in Manitoba, and of women's soccer in Canada, Host-President for the FIFA U-17 World Cup (Toronto, 1982), Chair of FIFA, Appeals Committees for soccer at LA Olympics (1984) and World Cup (1994), involvement in Winnipeg Pan-Am Games bid (1999), and Chef de Mission for numerous traveling Canadian National Soccer Teams. He loved and supported the arts: ballet, opera and theatre, especially the Prairie Theatre Exchange. He also served as a Board Member of the Jewish Heritage Centre.

Dr. Stambrook passed away on July 15, 2005.

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Scope and Contents of the Collection

The fonds consists of Dr. Frederick G. Stambrook's manuscripts, articles and lecture notes pertaining to his academic teaching career at the University of Sydney and the University of Manitoba. The fonds also consists of material pertaining to: his research related to the microfilm project focusing on the German and British foreign offices in the first half of the 20th century; Germany from the 1920s -1960s, -- including its rearmament in the 1930s; the world banking crisis in the 1920s-1930s; and his research on Bukovyna (Bukovina). In addition there are textual records on the Canadian Soccer Association, which Dr. Stambrook was involved with for many years. The fonds also contains 2 coloured photographs, 12 microfilm reels, 6 computer diskettes, and 13 floppy disks..

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection is arranged into ten series; seven subseries; and photograph and electronic collections.

  • 1. Biographical
  • 2. Correspondence
  • 3. Career: Teaching
  • 4. Education
  • 5. Conference
  • 6. Publications
  • 7. Research:
    • i) Research Material
    • ii) The Tyrol Question
    • iii) Microfilm Project of British and German Foreign Offices
    • iv) German (1920-1960)
    • v) Banking Crisis
    • vi) International History (Teaching Material)
    • vii) Bukovyna
  • 8. Bibliographies - Index Cards
  • 9. Canadian Soccer
  • 10. Miscellaneous
  • PC 260 - Photograph collection
  • EL 21 - Electronic records

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on access.

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Restrictions on Use

No restriction on Use.

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Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections by Dr. Stella Hryniuk in 2008.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 1 Curriculum vitae, 2003
  2 Achievements, Awards and Certificates, 1978
  3 Certificate to F.G. Stambrook from the Brazilian Association of Canadian Studies, 1991
  4 Petition by Faculty at Australian Universities Against the Vietnam War. ca 1968
  5 Articles by F.G. Stambrook in the U of M Bulletin, 1982, 1995
  6 Articles by F.G. Stambrook re: the Kindertransport Reunion, 1999
  7 Nomination application for the Order of Canada for F.G. Stambrook.
  8 City of Winnipeg Community Programs, 1989
  9 Guest Book for F.G. Stambrook's Retirement
  10 Birthday card from son, Andrew Stambrook, ca 1980
  11 Photocopy of newspaper announcement featuring Andrew Stambrook and Big Brothers of Winnipeg, ca 1990
  12 Syllabus - 22nd IAJGS International Conference of Jewish Genealogy, Pt 1 of 2, August 4-9, 2002
  13 Syllabus - 22nd IAJGS International Conference of Jewish Genealogy, Pt 2 of 2, August 4-9, 2002,
  14 F.G. Stambrook's Obituary, Winnipeg Free Press, July 2005

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 1 Correspondence with relatives, 1966
  2 Thank you cards and letters, 1983-1992
  3 Research related correspondence, 1968-2005
  4 Copies of letters from the Universities of London and Oxford 1947, 1960
  5 Royal Air Force, 1954
  6 Letters re: Professor Position, Sydney, Australia
  7 F.G. Stambrook's Correspondence re: Issue of Promotion at the University of Sydney, 1968
  8 Letters from former students of F.G. Stambrook taught in Australia, 1968-1969
  9 Correspondence re: University of Manitoba, Head, Department of History Position, 1967
  10 University of Manitoba Libraries, 2006

Correspondence related to 1967 Study Leave Project.

See also, Stambrook -Research - Research- Material re:1967 Study Leave Project, Box 19 Fd 4


Re: History Conference (Abbotsleigh School Residential Conference in History, May 1966), Sydney, Australia.

See Also Stambrook - Career-Teaching - Career in Sydney and the Residential Conference in History, 1966, Box 6 Fd 5

  13 Letters re: Publishing, 1965
  14 University of Manitoba Faculty Association, 2001
  15 Project re: Establishing an Institute of Management at Lviv University. Correspondence with Z. Vatamanuk and V. Pyzenyk, 1990
  16 Various Colleagues, 1966,1976
  17 Liba, Lieut Gov. Peter M., 2004
  18 Currie, Dr. Raymond F. (Dean of Arts, U of M), 1999
  19 Philippi, Hans, 1960

Puchner, Dr.

See Also Stambrook -Publications - Paper and research material of Austen Chamberlain ( covering the period of 1925-1927), Box 15 Fd.5

  21 Ukrainian Professional and Business Club, 1979
  22 Correspondence, 1959-1973
  23 University of Sydney, 1960-1965
  24 University of Manitoba, 1972-1982
  25 Re: Colleagues, conferences, addresses, contacts, 1977-1995
  26 University of Manitoba, 1967-1997
  27 Correspondence and Proposal for the University of Manitoba Centre for Studies in Ethnicity, Interethnic Relations, and Multi-culturalism in Canada, 1983

Correspondence, 1955-1960

See Also Stambrook- Research - Microfilm Project 'Documents of German Foreign Policy´- Mfilming Whaddon Hall Project, University of Michigan/ Cambridge, 1955-1960 Box 24 Fd. 

  • 'Documents of German Foreign Policy´- Mfilming Whaddon Hall Project, University of Michigan/ Cambridge
  • Correspondence with H. M. Ehrmann
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
3 1 University of Manitoba Readings for Administrators, 1991
  2 University of Manitoba, personal, 1985-1991
  3 University of Manitoba, 1984-2004
  4 University of Manitoba, 1999
  5 University of Manitoba, 2000
  6 University of Manitoba, 2001
  7 University of Manitoba, 2002
  8 University of Manitoba, 2003
  9 University of Manitoba, 2004-2005

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Career - Teaching
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
3 10 University of Sydney, Student's Guide to World History, 1960
  11 University of Sydney - International Politics - Handwritten Notes, 1965
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
4 1 University of Sydney - Exam Papers, 1961-1965
  2 University of Sydney, Exams, 1962-1967
  3 University of Sydney, exam papers, concluding notes, Pt 1 of 2, ca. 1961-1965
  4 University of Sydney, exam papers, concluding notes, Pt 2 of 2, ca. 1961-1965
  5 University of Sydney,Lecture notes, handwritten research notes, 1961-1963
  6 University of Sydney, Bismarck and unification of Germany, ca. 1961
  7 University of Sydney, Spanish Civil War, ca. 1961
  8 University of Sydney, The year 1848 in France, ca.1961
  9 University of Sydney, The year 1848 in Germany, ca.1961
  10 University of Sydney, Clash between state authority and religion authority in various European countries, ca. 1961
  11 University of Sydney, Soviet Regime - Bolshevik Russia, ca. 1961
  12 University of Sydney, German interests in Morocco, ca. 1961
  13 University of Sydney, Herbert Bismarck, ca. 1961
  14 University of Sydney, Napoleon III, ca. 1961
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
5 1

University of Sydney, Mein Kampf, ca. 1960

(includes Oxford Pamphlet: "Mein Kampf" by R.C.K. Ensor)

  2 University of Sydney, Munich 1938-1939. Handwritten research notes, 1966
  3 University of Sydney, Lecture notes, exams - 'Bismarck's foreign policy and the Great Powers (1871-1890), ca. 1965
  4 University of Sydney, Year 1848, Italy, Lecture Notes, ca. 1965
  5 University of Sydney, Documents of the 1848 Revolution (Germany). Modern European History Course, ca. 1961
  6 University of Sydney, Austria, 1815-1848, ca. 1961
  7 University of Sydney, Austria -Hungary, ca. 1961
  8 University of Sydney, League of Nations, Lecture notes, ca. 1961
  9 University of Sydney - League of Nations, security. Lecture notes, ca. 1961
  10 University of Sydney, Political Thought - Lecture Notes, ca. 1961
  11 University of Sydney, Censorship in the Austrian Government. Lecture notes, ca. 1961

University of Sydney - Britain - Lecture notes, ca. 1961

(includes newspaper clippings, 1963-1965)

  13 University of Sydney - World War I, Lecture notes, ca 1961

University of Sydney -Bourgeois and Proletarians, Lecture notes, ca 1961

(Modern European History Course)

  15 University of Sydney, Early socialism, ca. 1961
  16 University of Sydney, Yugoslavia, ca.1961
  17 University of Sydney, Miscellaneous lecture notes, ca. 1961
  18 University of Sydney, French Revolutions of 1848, Lecture notes, includes newspaper clippings, ca. 1961
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
6 1 University of Sydney, Course calendar for Faculty of Arts, 1962-1966
  2 University of Sydney. Information on History courses taught at the University of Sydney, 1961-1966
  3 University of Sydney, History II (European History: Tutorial IV), ca. 1965
  4 University of Sydney, Handwritten notes on readings, University Sydney, ca. 1960-1968

University of Sydney - Career in Sydney and the Residential Conference in History, 1966

See Also, Stambrook - Correspondence- Re: History Conference (Abbotsleigh School Residential Conference in History, May, 1966 Sydney, Australia), Box 2, Fd. 12

  6 6 University of Sydney, Assignments and Essays by F.G. Stambrook for his history classes, 1960-1968
  7 University of Sydney, Bibliographies for history courses taught by F.G. Stambrook, 1960-1968
  8 University of Sydney - Lecture notes, suggested readings, etc., ca. 1965
  9 University of Sydney - F.G. Stambrook's Class Teaching notes, 1960-1968
  10 University of Sydney - Exam Papers, 1965-1966
  11 University of Sydney - Lecture Notes - History II, ca. 1965
  12 University of Sydney - Book lists from history courses taught by F.G. Stambrook, ca 1968
  13 University of Sydney - History and Psychology Seminar
  14 University of Sydney - Notes including monograph titles, 1968
  15 University of Sydney - Memorandum to Members of the Faculty of Arts, 1965
  16 University of Sydney - Late Modern European History Syllabus, 1983
  17 University of Sydney - Draft Presentation of Arnold J. Toyubee, ca. 1965
  18 University of Sydney - Notes on Rauhe, ca. 1968
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
7 1 University of Sydney - History Honours' Thesis, Carolyn R. Morrison, " The British Foreign Office, 1933-1936: Its personnel and their role in foreign policy making. Advisor, F.G. Stambrook, 1965
  2 University of Sydney - History Honours' Thesis, Peter Deli, "An analysis of the British and French ambassadors stationed in Berlin 1933 - March 1939." Advisor, F.G. Stambrook, 1965
  3 University of Manitoba - Daily academic appointments, 1991, 1995/1996, 1996/1997
  4 University of Manitoba - Courses: 19.150 Course Material, 1996-1997
  5 University of Manitoba - Courses - 11.136 Course Material, 1998-2005
  6 University of Manitoba - Courses - 11.237 Course Material, 1969-2003
  7 University of Manitoba - Courses - 11.238 Course Material, Pt 1 of 2 , 1993-2004
  8 University of Manitoba - Courses - 11.238 Course Material, Pt 2 of 2 , 1993-2004
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
8 1 University of Manitoba - Courses 11.272 Course Material , 1992-2002
  2 University of Manitoba - Course 11.368 Course Material, 1996-1999
  3 University of Manitoba - Course 11.359 Course Material, 2000-2005
  4 University of Manitoba, Courses 11.323, 11.368, Europe 1870-1945, 1980-1996
  5 University of Manitoba, Assignments for History Graduate Courses, ca 1981-2000
  6 University of Manitoba, Courses11.488, 11.755, and 11.777 - Course Material, 1981-1995
  7 University of Manitoba, Courses 11.282 - Course Material, 1995-1999
  8 University of Manitoba - Courses 11.238, 11.237 - includes newspaper clippings, 1992-1993
  9 University of Manitoba - Lecture Notes, Bibliographies, ca. 2000
  10 University of Manitoba - History 238, Lecture Notes on Vietnam, ca 1995
  11 University of Manitoba - History 238, Lecture notes and course material, ca. 1990
  12 University of Manitoba - History 238 Lecture Notes of China, ca. 1974
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
9 1 University of Manitoba - Course 11.755 Course Notes, 1985
  2 University of Manitoba - Additional history courses taught at the U of M (course material), 1971-2000
  3 University of Manitoba - Reserve lists for course readings, 1979
  4 University of Manitoba - Samples of exams and assignments, 1971-1995
  5 University of Manitoba - History Department Council, agendas, minutes, 1989-1990
  6 University of Manitoba - Chronology of Political Events in China, and bibliography, ca 1974
  7 University of Manitoba - Course History 238 - Notes for Class, ca 1971
  8 University of Manitoba - Nationalism and Liberalism Lecture Notes (Broadcasted by the Australian Broadcasting Commission), June 1966, 1966, 1972
  9 University of Manitoba - F.G. Stambrook's television lecture scripts, ca. 1970
  10 University of Manitoba - Handwritten research notes, fd 1 of 4
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
10 1 University of Manitoba - Handwritten research notes, fd 2 of 4
  2 University of Manitoba - Handwritten research notes, fd 3 of 4
  3 University of Manitoba - Handwritten research notes, fd 4 of 4

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
10 4 Oxford - Notes on lectures, while attending Oxford, ca 1955
  5 Notes on lectures attended, ca 1955
  6 University of London - Examinations - Regulations, Questions, 1951
  7 University of London, lecture notes, ca. 1951
  8 Research notes for PhD thesis, ca 1954
  9 Research material for PhD Thesis, ca. 1954
  10 F.G. Stambrook's PhD Dissertation (mostly drafts of chapters) fd 1 of 4
  11 F.G. Stambrook's PhD Dissertation (mostly drafts of chapters) fd 2of 4
  12 F.G. Stambrook's PhD Dissertation (mostly drafts of chapters) fd 3 of 4
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
11 1A F.G. Stambrook's PhD Dissertation (mostly drafts of chapters) fd 4 of 4
  1B Draft portions of PhD Thesis, fd. 1 of 2
  2 Draft portions of PhD Thesis, fd. 2 of 2

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
11 3 Conferences participated, fd 1 of 2, 1976-2003
  4 Conferences participated, fd 1 of 2, 1976-2003
  5 Conferences. Proceedings of the Jewish Mennonite Ukrainian Conference, "Building Bridges", 1999

Conferences. 14th International Congress of the International Association for the History of Religions, August 17-22, 1980

(Resumes. Programmes)

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
12 1 David A. Meier's Paper" Lost Lives: Early Historical Accounts of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648, for Session chaired by F.G. Stambrook, ca. 2003
  2 Second European Economic Wesminister Conference, January, 1954

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
12 3 Draft of Chapter, titled, "The British Empire 1900-1914"
  4 Draft of presentation by F.G. Stambrook on Napoleon I
  5 Publications written by F.G. Stambrook, 1961-1968
  6 Addresses and presentations given by F.G. Stambrook, 1967-1980
  7 Draft copy of , "European nationalism in the nineteenth century, ca 1968
  8 European nationalism in the nineteenth century, ca 1969
  9 "A survey of the Christian experience under the Soviet Empire", Conference Program, including address given by F.G. Stambrook, ca. 2000
  10 Articles written by F.G. Stambrook, 1968-2003
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
13 1 Articles written by F.G. Stambrook, 2000
  2 Articles by F.G. Stambrook, ca.2005
  3 Articles by F.G. Stambrook in "The Proceedings of Modern History and Teaching History", 1965, 1968
  4 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd.1 of 8, 1961- 2003
  5 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 2 of 8, 1961- 2003
  6 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd.3 of 8, 1961- 2003
  7 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 4 of 8, 1961- 2003
  8 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 5 of 8, 1961-2003
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
14 1 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 6 of 8, 1961-2003
  2 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 7 of 8, 1961-2003
  3 Articles, book reviews, papers, fd. 8 of 8, 1961-2003
  4 Publications, 1971-2004
  5 Memorandum of Agreement, re Select Documents, Feb 14, 1966
  6 Speeches, Presentations, 1989-2000
  7 Article by F.G. Stambrook, "Resourceful in Expedients. Some examples of the ambassadorial policy making in the inter-war period". Both draft and published version for the Canadian Historical Association, Historical Papers, 1973
  8 F.G.. Stambrook's comments on conference papers by Hans Braun, " In search of security: Postwar Germany between reconstruction and modernization". September 25, 1995
  9 Article by F.G. Stambrook, "Historians and the Study of European Nationalism", ca 1978

Joint article by F.G. Stambrook and S. Hryniuk, titled," Who were they really? Reflections on East European immigrants to Manitoba before 1914", 2000

Includes draft and final copies. Also accompanying research material.

  11 Articles by F.G. Stambrook: the Foreign Secretary and Foreign Policy: A British for the Danubian States: the Customs Union Project of 1932: and Book Review, "Iron and Steel in the German Inflation, 1916-1923", 1963, 1978
  12 Article by F.G. Stambrook - "Austen Chamberlain - Fifty years after", 1979

"An Ambassador of Peace: Alanson B. Houghton in Berlin.", article by F.G. Stambrook

See Also. Stambrook - Research - Germany (1920s-1960s). Photocopies of documents re: Alanson B. Houghton, Fd 31 Fd 6

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
15 1 "Resourceful in Expedients". Some examples of ambassadorial policy making in the inter-war period". Paper presented by F.G. Stambrook at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Historical Association, Kingston, 1973
  2 "Changing climate of opinion about university libraries" in Canadian Library Journal (Vol. 40, Number 5, October 1983), article by F.G. Stambrookm 1983
  3A F.G. Stambrook's paper,"Envoy to the Court of St. James: The early years of George Franckenstein's mission to London, ca. 1960
  3B Additional material on Georg Franckenstein
  4 Draft of paper titled, "Where does international relations stand today?" Presented by F.G. Stambrook, ca. 1958
  5 Draft of paper titled, "Where does international relations stand today?" Presented by F.G. Stambrook, ca. 1958
  6 F.G. Stambrook's article, "'Das kind' - Lord D'Abernon and the origins of the Locarno Pact", and accompanying notes and research material, ca1965
  7 "The Foreign Secretary and Foreign Policy: The Experience of Austen Chamberlain in 1925 and 1927", by F.G. Stambrook, 1968
  8 "Forgotten Voices: Two Historical Case Studies". Paper by F.G. Stambrook
  9 Book Reviews by F.G. Stambrook, 1975-1976
  10 Valentine's Day Address

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Research Material
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
15 11 Articles on Fascism, 1974-1983
  12 Copy of H.E. Kane's PhD. Dissertation, "Sir Miles Lampoon at the Peking Location: 1926-1933", 1975
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
16 1 Austria's Jörg Haider and the Austrian Freedom Party, 2000
  2 Notes on German Politics and Diplomacy in the 1930s
  3 Notes on China
  4 Covenant of the League of Nations (photocopy)
  5-6 Various Articles, 1970-1981
  7 Lists of Archives and Institutes in Germany
  8 Drafts and Notes
  9 Extracts from letters to Dr. Nish from Professor J.W. Morley, 1962
  10 Articles on the State, including papers from E.J. Hobsaw, HE.E. Stsrkosch and R.D. Walshe, 1962-1968
  11 Information re: German archival documents, 1960
  12 Notes re: Irish Home Rule
  13 Papers that focus on Russia and the European Union
  14-15 Articles and research material on Austria in the 1930s
  16 Research material re: Lord D'Abergnon
  17 Photocopies of German documents re: European diplomacy in the 1930s
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
17 1 Research Documents used by F.G. Stambrook, "News in Brief: Documents on the European Crisis, September - November 1938"
  2 Rare document - "Auswärtige Amt: Sacheinteilung der registrathren der Länderabteillingen", 1928
  3 Notes by F.G. Stambrook on the German Foreign Office
  4 Publication, "Alte Rechsabteilung"
  5 F.G. Stambrook's notes on original German foreign documents (re: following the Versailles Treaty)
  6 German-Austrian Customs Union
  7-8 Handwritten notes (varia)
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
18 1 F.G. Stambrook's notes Re: Interwar France
  2 Notes by F.G. Stambrook re: Germany 1890-1914
  3 Notes by F.G. Stambrook re: International relations 1870-1890s
  4 Handwritten notes by F.G. Stambrook re: Italian history
  5 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten notes on Bolshevik Russia and the U.S.S.R. in the 1930s
  6 Handwritten notes re: the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
  7 Notes re: the United Nations
  8 Publications: "Handbuch soziademokratischer Politik"; "NATO" (From the British Survey Series); "Race in Europe"; and "The Department of External Affairs and Canadian autonomy, 1899-1839"
  9 Notes by F.G. Stambrook on Marx and Russia, including accompanying material.
  10 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten notes re: nationalism
  11 Photocopy of Oesterreich-Ungarn
  12 Notes by F.G. Stambrook on note cards
  13-14 Research material on early Jewish settlers on the Prairies
  15 The beginning of the Jewish community in Manitoba, published by Manitoba Culture, Heritage and Recreation Historic Resources, ca. 1990
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
19 1 The Manitoba Mosaic Congress of 1970 - Preliminary Report, 1970
  2 Franklin D. Roosevelt Library - Information for Researchers, 1969
  3 F.G. Stambrook's notes re: The Gorbachev years and the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Material related to 1967 Study Leave Project.

See Also: Stambrook - Correspondence - Correspondence related to 1967 Study Leave Project., Box 2 Fd. 11

  5 Serial, Trierer Geographische Studien Sonderheft 2, Issue titled "Kanada und das Nordpolargebeit", 1979
  6 Foreign exchange and banking information
  7 Newspaper and journal articles on Judaism and Jews, 1970-2000
  8 Various articles on Democracy and Totalitarianism
  9 Newspaper articles re: literary writers, 1993
  10 Newspaper and journal articles on North Korean China and Burma, 1971-1997
  11 Newspaper articles on Central and Eastern Europe, 1990-2001
  12 Newspaper and journal articles re: Democracy, 1985-1994
  13 Book reviews from newspapers, 1963-1996
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
20 1-2 Various articles on Central-Eastern Europe, and the Soviet Bloc, 1963-1999
  3 Various articles re: Pacific Rim Countries, China, Japan and Vietnam, 1975-1993
  4 Various articles re: Germany and Austria
  5 Various articles re: Middle East
  6 Various articles re: Nationalism
  7 Various articles re: American Foreign Policy
  8 University of Trier, 1992-1995
  9 Newspaper clippings re: Europe between the two world wars
  10 Newspaper clippings re: World War II and Canada
  11 Newspaper articles re: Canadian politics
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
21 1 Stambrook's handwritten notes re: the French Revolution
  2 Notes and articles on German foreign policy in the 1960s
  3 NATO - Research handwritten notes
  4 Foreign policy - national ambitions - Research handwritten notes and lectures
  5 Soviets as revolutionary organs (1905) - research notes
  6 Research notes on liberalism and nationalism of the 19th century
  7 Road back to Delhi: Revolution and reaction in 1857 by R.J. Moss
  8 Articles from U of M and U of W colleagues, 1978-1996
  9 Newspaper clippings, 1950s-1990s
  10 Newspaper clippings + notes - Germany, 1960s
  11 Photocopies of articles (in German and English)
  12 Research material - British and continental social and political thought
The Tyrol Question
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
22 1 Book - Tirol unterm Beil, 1928
  2 Book - Alto Adige Acts of Terrorism and Austrian responsibility, 1961
  3 Book - The Alto Adige Question by Renato Cajoli, 1960
  4 Book - Why South Tyrol comes before the UNO, ca.1960
  5 Book - The case of South Tyrol, ca. 1960
  6 Book - South Tyrol today. A fight against persecution and oppression, 1928
  7 Book - Die Seelenolt eines bedrängten volkes. Von der nationalen zur reiligiösen unter drunckung in Süd Tirol, 1927
  8 Book- Europa Archiv. Die SüdTirol - Frage im Jahre 1959
  9-10 9-10 Research notes and material re: the Tyrol Question
  11-12 Photocopies and notes on South Tyrol
  13 Draft of article by F.G. Stambrook re: the The Tyrol Question, ca.1958
  14 Paper by F.G. Stambrook, titled, "Nationalism II", and accompanying material on South Tyrol, 1966
  15 German-Italian Project - outline, ca. 1957
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
23 1-3 German-Italian Project -transcripts, 1957
  4 Stambrook's notes on Austira and the Hapsburgs, ca. 1963
  5 Germany, Italy and the Austrian question (handwritten manuscript and research notes), 1928-ca. 1963
  6 From the Advent of Mussolini to the security Pact negotiations (VI). Research notes; Tyrol Question
  7 German-Italian Project - South Tyrol - Research Notes
Microfilm Project of British and German Foreign Policies
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
23 8 American Committee Project for the Study of War Document Material
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
24 1 Catalogue of selected files of the German Naval Archives microfilmed at The Admiralty, London for the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan, includes F.G. Stambrook's introduction, 1964
  2 German Foreign Ministry Archives - Whaddon Hall Catalogue, 1957
  3 "Documents on German Foreign Policy" - Mfilming Whaddon Hall Project, University of Michigan/ Cambridge, 1944-1960
  4 Lists of and Report of German Foreign Office Files (1961) Compiled by F.G. Stambrook, 1961

"Documents of German Foreign Policy"- Mfilming Whaddon Hall Project, University of Michigan/ Cambridge, 1955-1960

See Also Stambrook- Correspondence -"Documents of German Foreign Policy"- Mfilming Michigan/ Cambridge, 1944-1960 Correspondence with H. M. Ehrmann., Box 2 Fd. 28

  5B Photocopies of German Foreign Minsitry correspondence and Documents (1921-1931)
  6 German Foreign Ministry - Correspondence (in German). Research material- Photocopies.
  7 Organization Charts of the German Ministries (1945)
  8 German Foreign Policy - Research notes, Document transcripts
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
25 1

American Historical Association Committee for the Study of War Documents, 1958

(material selected by F.G. Stambrook)


Catalogue of files and microfilms of the German Foreign Ministry Archives, 1867-1890, 1959

(introduction and indexing done by F.G. Stambrook)


Catalogue of selected files of the German Naval Archives. Microfilmed at the Admiralty, London - Project 2, . 1964

(Selections were made by F.FG. Stambrook)

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
26 1 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten research notes re: Berlin correspondence (1920)
  2 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten research notes re: Berlin) correspondence of British diplomats (1920)
  3 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten research notes on books on British Foreign Policy
  4 Guide to the Archives of the League of Nations, 1967-1968
  5 Renner, Karl
  6 Research, German documents and notes
  7 Research notes
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
27 1 German Foreign Ministry - Research material, transcripts, and documents, ca. 1956
  2 Handwritten notes re: British Foreign policy in the 1930s

German Foreign Ministry and other files dealing with German, Jewish and Nazi affairs"

(includes research notes on Philosophy of history)

  4 Research material from England (in German) - correspondence, reports (1930-1931)
  5 Photocopies of documents re: British Naval Policy between the wars
  6-7 Photocopies from the British Foreign Office - Archival Documents
  8 F.G. Stambrook's notes on the British Foreign Office's Archival Documents.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
28 1 Rare document re: German military, 1946

Copies of documents from the British Foreign Office (1934-1935)

(including the conflict with Italy and Abyssinia, Ethiopia)

  5 catalogue of German Foreign Ministry Archives, 1957
  6 catalogue of selected files of the German Naval Archives microfilmed at the Admiralty , London, for the University of Cambridge and the University of Michigan
Germany (1920s-1960s)
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
29 1 Notes on disarmament in Europe in the 1920s
  2 Chamberlain and the Locardo Agreement (photocopy)
  3 Research notes on German - Austrian Customs Union
  4 German Foreign Ministry - Correspondennce, Documents, Research notes - Danubian Customs Union. Trasnslated by F.G. Stambrook.
  5 Research notes - Draft Treaty of Mutual Assistance
  6-15 Photocopies of documents re:F.G. Stambrook's research on Germany and its rearmament during the interwar period, and European security concerns
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
30 1-5 Photocopies of documents re:F.G. Stambrook's research on Germany and its rearmament during the interwar period, and European security concerns
  6 Publications, Frankreich und der Schunabplan; La situation De L'Europe, La société des nations et la Tcheocoslovaque; and Sresesmann und die Dutsche Volkspartei 1923-1925
  7 Publication, Aus Deutschen Urkunden 1935-1945
  8 Publications, Ausßenpolitik Dokumente 1935. heft 1; "Aus dem nachlass das generalsWalther Reinhardand Deutscher Heimatbund, Jahrbuch 1962/63
  9 Publications. Der meg zur macht ; and Der Donaurum
  10 Publication, Versuche Einer Politischen organization im Donaurum
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
31 1 Publications. The answer to communism ; and On the track of Tyranny
  2 Publications. German responsibility - German interests; and The Meaning of Berlin
  3 Publications Documents secrets: Du minstere des affaires etrangeres D'Allemagne (2 issues)
  4 Publication. The Berlin Question in its relations to world politics
  5 Various copies of British parliamentary papers on European issues from the 1920s-1930s.

Photocopies of documents re: Alanson B. Houghton.

See Also, Stambrook - Publications - An ambassador of Peace: Alanson B. Houghton in Berlin", Article by F.G. Stambrook, Box 14 Fd 13

Banking Crisis
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
31 7 Photocopies of correspondence between Benjamin Strong and Montagu C. Norman
  8 Notes from film reels at the Library of Congress
  9 Photocopies of documents from the Kellogg Papers
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
32 1 Photocopies of William R. Castle's correspondence
  2 Photocopies of State Department correspondence from 1925
  3 Research material, photocopied documents re: Auswätiges Amt (German Foreign Office)
International History (Teaching Material) 
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
33-34   Offprints and articles used for teaching international history
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
35 1 1997 Study leave. Travel expenditures. Trip to Bukovyna, Ukraine, 1997
  2 List of titles about Bukovyna
  3 Diagrams of exteriors and interiors of homes in Bukovyna
  4 Article by F.G. Stambrook, "You have to conjure up an identity out of nothing: the case of nothing: The case of Bukovina in late Habsburg times"
  5 Lecture and research notes re: Jews in Manitoba, Bukovyna and Interwar Europe
  6-11 Photocopies of journal articles re: Bukovyna1891-2000
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
36 1 Handwritten notes by F.G. Stambrook re: information from articles on Bukovyna

Article by F.G. Stambrook, "National and other identities in Bukovina in late Austrian times"

(includes research material)

  3-6 Copies of statistical data of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and Romania
  7-9 F.G. Stambrook's handwritten notes re: Bukovyna.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
37 1-4

Research material and notes - Romania and Bukovyna

(in German and English)

  5 Research notes and material on Bukovyna
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
38 1-5 Research notes and material on Bukovyna

"The Golden Age of Jews of Bukovina", by F.G. Stambrook

(includes draft copies and published copy)

  7 "Memoranda of the late Rabbi Israel Harnik", translated by F.G.Stambrook.
  8 Research notes from "Bukovina" newspaper (1885-1895)
  9 Map. Handwritten notes

10 Photocopies from Osterreichische Statistik

(in German)

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Bibliographies - Index cards for the Microforms Project re: British and German Foreign Policies

See Stambrook - Research - Microfilm Project of British and German Foreign Offices

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
41 1 History Sources in Germany, Italy
  2 History Sources in Manitoba, 1966-67
  3 Bibliographical notes
  4 Additional Index Cards

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Canadian Soccer
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
42 1 Tribute to F.G. Stambrook from Andy Sharpe, President of the Canadian Soccer Association, 2005
  2 Newspaper clippings, letterhead, and brochure, ca. 1995
  3-7 Various publications re: soccer, FIFA, CYSA, CSA, etc.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
43 1-5 Various publications re: soccer, FIFA, CYSA, CSA, etc.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
44 1-3 Various publications re: soccer, FIFA, CYSA, CSA, etc.

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44 4 Uncovering racism. A manual for human rights investigators. Canadian Association of Statutory Human Rights Agencies1997
  5 German Information Centre - Newsletter, 1989-1990
  6 German Information Centre - Newsletter, 1993-1997
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
45 1 Samples of letterheads from the University of Manitoba, and the University of Sydney
  2 The Listener , and BBC Television Review , Vol. LXXIV, no 1892, Thursday, July1, 1965
  3 Federal supplement document, 1983 . United States vs. Juozas Kungys
  4 Copy of the Woodstock-Ingersoll Daily Sentinel Review, Thursday, December 1, 1933
  5 Jewish Vienna - Publication of the Vienna City Council, ca. 1993
  6 Copy of the London Free Press (Ontario) , Monday, December 11, 1993
  7 Copy of the London Free Press (Ontario) , Thursday, February 22, 1934
  8 Brochures and publications re: multiculturalism in Manitoba, 1988-1993
  9 Book titled, Verführung zur geschichte - Festchrift zum 500 Jahrestag der Eröffnung einer Universität in Trier ,1973
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
46 1 Series titled, Bausteine zur Tubinger Universitätsgeschichte , Folge 3 & 4, 1987, 1989
  2 Booklet titled, A Short Guide Through Tübingen and its University for American Students.
  3 Book titled, Klöster in Trier von der Spätantike bis zur Glegenwart, 1984
  4 Book titled, So Schön ist Trier 1994
  5 Book titled, Trier in der Neuzeit, 1988
  6 Book titled, Catalogus van het Museum voor de Geschiedenis van de Farmacie in de Fakulteit van de Farmaceutische, 1984
  7 Trier Beitrage - issues: June 1986 and October 1994
  8 Trier - Germany's Oldest City - Programme '89, 1989
  9 Sozialdemokratie und WehrbeitragKein Weg zu Europa; Die SPD und die Montan-Union; and The Economic Potential of Europe, 1952-1954

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PC 260 (A.08-64) 
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 12 mfilm reels , including material on the pre WW II German Foreign Ministry
  2 2 photographs: one re: U of M Continuing Education; the other is unidentified

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EL 21 (A.08-64)

(shelved with PC 260 (A.08-64), Box 2)

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 2 Computer diskettes
  3 13 floppy disks

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