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Riley Family fonds: Finding Aid (MSS 160, PC 169 (A.03-46))

Riley Family Fonds Finding Aid

An Inventory of The Riley family's Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Crista Bradley
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Crista Bradley (2003)
Finding aid converted by Justin Fuhr (July 2016)
Finding aid written in English. 

Revision History

  • July 26, 2005 - converted from EAD 1.0 to 2002 by v1to02.xsl (sy2003-10-15).

Collection Summary


Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnpeg MB R3T 2N2
Evelyn (Riley) Gyles and Josephine (Riley) (Argue) Rymal
The Riley family fonds
[1891?] - [1928]
1.17 m of textual records. -- 6 photographs.
MSS 160, PC 169

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Biographies of Evelyn and Josephine Riley

Evelyn (Riley) Gyles, the eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Riley, was born on June 24, 1894 in Cypress River, Manitoba. She was raised in Winnipeg and convocated with an Arts degree from the University of Manitoba in 1915. After completing teachers' training, Evelyn taught in Dominion City and Winnipeg. At some point during this period she married Henry F. Gyles, Q.C. Evelyn was an active member of her community for many years. She was involved at St. George's Anglican Church in Winnipeg and served as the President of the Provincial Conservative Women's Association. She was appointed to the National Capital Commission in 1960 and served on the Public Welfare Advisory Committee for the Province of Manitoba for ten years. Evelyn and Henry had two daughters, Shirley and Nora, and one son, Harold. Evelyn died in Winnipeg on November 27, 1992. She is buried at Garry Memorial Park in Winnipeg.

Josephine (Riley) (Argue) Rymal was born in Winnipeg on January 31, 1904. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Riley and a sibling to Evelyn, Harold E. and Arthur C. She attended Kelvin Highschool in Winnipeg and convocated from the University of Manitoba with an Arts Degree in 1925. During her time at the University, Josephine was a keen participant in campus activities. She later taught school in Elgin, Manitoba and then trained at the Royal Victoria Hospital School of Nursing in Montreal. Josephine subsequently joined the Victorian Order of Nurses and nursed in Montreal, Winnipeg, and Regina (where she was Superintendent, Head of the Royal Victorian Order of Nurses). In 1943, she married widower James Oswald Argue of Elgin. James, who was born in 1888, was a farmer and a Member of the Legislative Assembly for Deloraine-Glenwood from 1945-1955. Josephine continued to live in Elgin for several years after James' death in 1955. Sometime after this date, she served as the Public Health Nurse at Souris, Manitoba. After ill health forced her retirement, she moved to Florida. While in Florida, Josephine met Ira Rymal and they married in 1967. Josephine died on October 4, 1976 in Mequon, Wisconsin. She is buried at the Brookside Cemetery in Winnipeg.


Information for biographical sketch compiled from the following sources:

Elgin Centennial Committee. Echoes of Elgin. Elgin: Elgin Centennial Committee, 1970.

"Gyles, Evelyn Amy" Obituary. Winnipeg Free Press. November 29, 1992, p. C5.

"Rymal, Josephine" Obituary. The Winnipeg Tribune. October 8, 1976, p. 21

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

This collection was arranged into six series by the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections. The first series, “Class Notes,” contains several notebooks and loose notes that belonged to Josephine, Evelyn, and Arthur. The notes are arranged alphabetically according to subject. The second series, “Evaluations,” includes official Department of Education and University of Manitoba exam questions, written assignments, and grade summaries. The third series, “Receipts,” includes receipts for food, medical and dental fees, utilities and household expenses, and miscellaneous materials. The fourth series, entitled “Published Materials,” contains various publications which are arranged first by type and then, where applicable, by date or author. Series five, entitled “Other Textual Records,” contains a miscellaneous assortment of items which could not be logically incorporated into the other series. The sixth series, "Photographs and Oversize Items," contains photographs of various subjects and oversize items.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into six series.

  • 1. Class Notes, [1922?] - [1926?] (MSS 160)
  • 2. Evaluations, [1915?] - [1926?] (MSS 160)
  • 3. Receipts, [1919?] - [1928?] (MSS 160)
  • 4. Published Materials, [1891?] - [1928] (MSS 160)
  • 5. Other Textual Records, [192-?] (MSS 160)
  • 6. Photographs and Oversize Items, [1915?] - [192-?] (PC 169)

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Arrangement of the Papers

This collection was arranged by the archivist. The arrangement of the records was guided by their original order wherever possible.

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Restrictions on Access

There are no restrictions on access to this collection.

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Restrictions on Use

Please consult an archivist concerning the copyright on this collection.

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Custodial History

This collection was found in the home of an individual who is unrelated to the Riley family. It is unknown why the records were acquired by a previous homeowner.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Class Notes, [1922?] - [1926?]
Box Folder  
1 1 [Ancient History] Notebook, [192-?]
  2 Botany Notebooks, [192-]
  3 Canadian History Notebook, [192-]
  4 Canadian History Seminar/European History Seminar Notebook, [192-]
  5 Contemporary Authors Notebook, [192-?]
  6 Drama Notebook, [192-?]
  7 [History] Notebook, [192-]
  8 History of the English Language Notebook, [192-]
  9 [History of the Middle Ages] Notebook, [192-]
2 1 [Miscellaneous Subjects] Notebook, [192-]
  2 Novel Course Notebook, [192-]
Physics Notebook, [192-]
  4 Physics Notebook, 1922
  5 Political Economy Notebook, [192-]
  6 Poly Con Notebook, [192-]
  7 Study of Browning Notebook, [192-?]
3 1 Tennyson Notebook, [192-]
  2 [Various] Notebook Covers, [192-?]
    Loose Notes
3 3 Arthur Riley's French Notes, [19-]
  4 Miscellaneous Canadian History Notes, [192-?]
  5 Miscellaneous Chemistry Notes, 1926
  6 Miscellaneous Education Notes, [192-?]
  7 Miscellaneous English Notes, [192-?]
  8 Miscellaneous Geometry Notes, 1926
  9 [Miscellaneous Notes, Various Subjects], [192-?]
  10 Miscellaneous Psychology Notes, [192-?]
  11 Miscellaneous Science Notes, [192-?]
  12 Miscellaneous World History Notes, [192-?]

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2. Evaluations, [1915?] - [1926?]


    Exam Questions
Box Folder  
4 1
Department of Education Exam Questions - French, 1915
  2 Department of Education Exam Questions - Latin, 1915
  3 U of M Exam Questions - Botany, 1922-1923
  4 U of M Exam Questions - Economics, 1923
  5 of M Exam Questions - English, 1923-1924
  6 U of M Exam Questions - French, 1922
  7 U of M Exam Questions - Geology, 1922-1923
  8 U of M Exam Questions - History, 1922-1923
  9 Various Exam Questions - Institution of Origin Unknown, [192-?], 1926
    Josephine's Written Assignments
4 10
Josephine's U of M Written Assignments, 1921-1922​
  11 Josephine's U of M Written Assignments, 1922-1923
  12 Josephine's U of M Written Assignments, 1923-1924
  13 Josephine's U of M Written Assignments, 1924-1925
  14 Josephine's Written Assignments, [192-?]
    Grade Summaries
4 15 Grade Summaries - Josephine, 1924


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3. Receipts, [1919?] - [1928?]
Box Folder  
4 16 Food Receipts, 1922-1928
  17 Food Receipts, [19-]
  18 Medical & Dental Receipts, 1921-1928
  19 Miscellaneous Receipts, 1921-1926
  20 Miscellaneous Receipts, [19-]
  21 Utilities & Household Expense Receipts, 1919-1928
  22 Utilities & Household Expense Receipts, [19-]

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4. Published Materials, [1891?] - [1928]
    The Crescent of Gama Phi Beta
Box Folder  
5 1
The Crescent of Gama Phi Beta, Information Number, Vol. XXV, No. 3, September 1925​
  2 The Crescent of Gamma Phi Beta, Alumnae Number, Vol. XXVI, No. 4, December 1926
  3 The Crescent of Gamma Phi BetaPanhellenic Number, Vol. XXVII, No. 1, February 1927
  4 The Crescent of Gamma Phi Beta, Convention Number, Vol. XXVII, No. 3, September 1927
  5 The Crescent of Gamma Phi Beta, Literary Number, Vol. XXVII, No. 4 and The Crescent of Gamma Phi Beta Supplement to Vol. XXVII, No. 4, December 1927
  6 The Crescent of Gamma Phi Beta, College Number, Vol. XXVIII, No. 1, February 1928
    Published Books
5 7
Aldrich, T.B., Prudence Palfrey, [19-]
  8 Botsford, G. and J. BotsfordA History of the World For High Schools, 1918
6 1
Educational Publishing Co., Geography Notes, 1914​
  2 GautierTheophileTrois Grotesques, 1906
  3 Gayley, Charles and Clement Young, English Poetry: Its Principles and Progress, 1916
  4 Gleason, Clarence, A Term of Ovid: Ten Stories From the Metamorphoses for Boys and Girls, 1900
Guerber, H.A., Contes Et Legendes: Premiere Partie, 1915
7 1
Henty, G.A., With Wolfe in Canada: Or the Winning of a Continent, [19-]​
  2 Methuen, A., An Anthology of Modern Verse, 1924
  3 MoliereThe Miser (L'Avare), 1911
  4 Montgomery, David Henry, Macaulay's Essay on Lord Clive, [1891?]
  5 Osgood, F., La France Heroique: Episodes de la Grande Guerre, 1919
8 1
Paton, W., Jesus Christ and the World's Religions, 1918​
  2 Penn, L., Caesar Gallic War, Book III, [19-]
  3 Ponsard, F., Charlotte CordayTragedie en Cinq Actes, 1911
  4 Schinz, A., Selected Poems By Victor Hugo, 1908
  5 Super, O.B., Histoire de France: Tiree de Ducoudray, 1900
  6 Tarver, F., Fables de la Fontaine, 1908
9 1 Vreeland, W. and R. MichaudAnthology of French Prose and Poetry, 1910
9 2
Advice for Teachers and Parents in the Prevention, Care and Control of Communicable Diseases, Manitoba Provincial Board of Health, [19-]​
  3 How to Build Sound Teeth, Department of Health, Canada, 1924
  4 Manitoba Baby Book, Child Welfare Branch, Provincial Board of Health, Winnipeg, [19-]
  5 Provincial Normal School Syllabus, Manitoba, 1925-1926
  6 The Public Schools Act, Manitoba, 1913 (1925)
  7 Sanitation (Water Supplies): Safe Water Supplies for Isolated Houses and Institutions Where Municipal System is Not Available, Department of Health, Canada, 1923
  8 Small-Pox and Vaccination: A Popular Treatise, Department of Health, Canada, 1924
  9 What You Should Know About Tuberculosis, Federal Department of Health, 1923
9 10
Brown and Gold, 1924
  11 Brown and Gold, 1925
    Miscellaneous Published Materials
9 12 Free Press Evening Bulletin, Winnipeg, May 14, 1928
  13 [Information on Robert Browning's work], [19-]


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5. Other Textual Records, [192-?]
Box Folder  
9 14 Miscellaneous Items, [192-?]


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6. Photographs and Oversize Items, [1915?] - [192-?]
Box Folder  
10 1 With Best Wishes Melba [Child in ballet costume], [19-]
  2 [Child], [19-]
  3 [Boys' Hockey Team], [19-]
  4 [Group of Women in Convocation Robes - Evelyn Riley bottom center of photo?], [19-]
  5 Manitoba College, '15 Class, 1915
  6 [Eaton's Box Lid], [19-]

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