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Laurence Frank Wilmot fonds: MSS 122, PC 132, TC 84 (A1995-18, A1996-54, A1996-95, A2004-09)

Laurence Frank Wilmot:

An Inventory of His Collection at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by John E. L. Richthammer & Lewis St. G. Stubbs
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(1997 & 2003)

Finding aid encoded by Julianna Trivers & Lewis St. George Stubbs (June 2002 & November 2004)
Finding aid written in English.

Revision History

  • July 26, 2005 - MSS 122, PC 132, TC 84 A2004-09 converted from EAD 1.0 to 2002 by v1to02.xsl (sy2003-10-15).

Table of Contents

Collection Summary

Biography of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot

Scope and Contents of the Papers

Organization of the Papers

Restrictions on Use

Detailed Description of the Collection

General 1925-1997

Personal Correspondence [19-?]-1989

Pastorate Records 1932-1979

Military Service 1939-1994

Early Post-W.W. II Church Work and Teaching 1946-1952

Post-World War II Diaries 1946-1991

Sermons, Speeches and Talks 1937-[199-?]

St. John's College: Student Years and Later Teaching 1920-1990

Divinity School at Yale and Harvard Universities 1946 + 1960

Teaching and Studying at St. Augustine's College, Oxford, England 1961-1992

Psychiatric Hospital Chaplaincy in the United States and Canada [1967-1991]

Later Education and Scholarly Works 1966-1987

Historical Essays for Conferences and Publications 1955-1990

Records of Work with Senior Citizens 1970s-1990s

Oversize Documents1927-1964

Photograph Collection (PC 132) [ca. 1888]-1957

Tape Collection (TC 84) 1968-1977

Laurence Wilmot Mss.122 A.04-09 1929-2003

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections
Elizabeth Dafoe Library, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3T 2N2
Reverend Canon Laurence F. Wilmot
Rev. Canon Laurence F. Wilmot fonds
[ca. 1888]-2003
7.9 m of textual records and other materials [Includes 346 photographs; 43 audio cassettes; 5 audio reels.
MSS 122, PC 132, TC 84

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Biography of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot

LAURENCE FRANK WILMOT, B.A. & L.Th. (Man.), M.C., B.D. (Man.), D.D. (Hon. Causa, Trinity), M.A. (Man.), D. Phil. (Oxon), D.D. (Hon. Causa, Man.), M.A. (Man.)

Laurence Frank Wilmot was born on a farm seven miles northwest of Clanwilliam and 10-12 miles north of Minnedosa, Manitoba in the Crocus Hill School District on April 27, 1907. His mother, Fannie Charlotte Campbell, was born in a Belfast hotel while his father, Thomas Herbert Wilmot, grew up at the edge of the Sherewood Forest and later named his Manitoba farm in honour of his Nottinghamshire birthplace. Thomas came from England to Clanwilliam, MB in 1895. Laurence attended Crocus Hill elementary school (a three-mile walk from his uncle's home, where he lived). Wilmot subsequently attended the Bethany Consolidated School, from which he graduated in 1925. He trapped and hunting in order to earn money for school fees and personal expenses.

In the fall of 1925 Wilmot enrolled at the University of Manitoba. He spent one year in the pre-engineering program but half-way through his first year Wilmot made the decision to enter the minister. He transferred to St. John's College and changed his major to Arts and Theology. In this first year of theological training the Diocese of Brandon sent him on a summer placement in 1926 which involved being responsible for four parishes. His remuneration was $40 per month; travel was by horse and buggy. By the summer of 1930 Wilmot had a brief change of work; he wanted to work outside for health reasons and found himself on a CPR survey crew.

He was active in sports. During his early theological training, Wilmot was pitcher for the Grosse Isle baseball team, played soccer for a city church league, played rugby, basketball and football for St. John's and University of Manitoba. At St. John's College, he was a member of the Students' Council. He graduated from St. John's in 1931 with a Bachelor of Arts and a Licentiate in Theology.

Wilmot was ordained as a deacon in 1931 and served the next 11 years in rural missionary fields of Manitoba. For the first four years, during the heart of the Great Depression, Rev. Wilmot served a six-point charge in the Pembina Hills area of southwestern Manitoba at the parishes of Pilot Mound, Crystal City, Clearwater and La Riviere.

1932 was a momentous year. Wilmot was ordained priest by the Bishop of Brandon and that August was married at St. Alban's, Winnipeg, to Edith Louise Hope Littlewood (born June 10, 1905 at Newburg, ON), a Winnipeg teacher, whom he had first met in Deloraine where she was teaching and he was replacement minister. Their first child, Laurence Sidney Herbert was born in June 1933. Young Laurie was joined in succeeding years by two sisters, Frances Mary Louise in October 1934 and Hope Fairfield in February 1940.

After four years in Pilot Mound, Rev. Wilmot was appointed Rector and Rural Dean of Swan River and Chaplain of St. Faith's Mission, an Anglican mission at The Pas in 1935 (with this appointment, he became responsible for 35 congregations). In 1939 he was named Travelling Priest in the Northern missions of the Diocese of Brandon. The Hudson's Bay railway was part of Rev. Wilmot's field. He held this post until his 1942 enlistment in the Canadian Army as a chaplain. Earlier, during his St. John's College student days, Rev. Wilmot had earned both his lieutenant's and captain's designations in the Canadian Officers In Training Corps. Following the outbreak of the Second World War, he volunteered to become a military chaplain but was not called into service until two years later.

After serving in military camps in Canada and Great Britain Rev. Wilmot spent the last two years of the war in Italy and North West Europe with the West Nova Scotia Regiment. He provided spiritual counsel and conducted church services and other religious ceremonies for the men in his regiment, many of whom would not survive the bitter struggle to advance up the Italian peninsula against an entrenched and determined foe.

Rev. Wilmot himself was often exposed to enemy fire and on at least one occasion he narrowly escaped with his life when a German shell exploded over a spot that he had just vacated seconds before. During one episode he was shot at, the bullet entering one side of his helmet and exiting the other. His organization and personal leadership of the evacuation of wounded soldiers from a minefield at the Foglio River Crossing (on Italy's Adriatic coast) on 31 August 1944 resulted in his being awarded the Military Cross.

When the war in Europe ended Rev. Wilmot was transferred to Canada en route to a posting in the Pacific Theatre. The sudden Japanese surrender allowed him to remain in his home country until he received his discharge in November 1945. In later years he served as militia chaplain to the Winnipeg Grenadiers. A special honour came in 1953 when he was named Protestant chaplain to the Army section of the Canadian Armed Forces contingent attending the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and received the Coronation Medal.

After his discharge Rev. Wilmot spent the next 16 years in Winnipeg, licensed by the Bishop of Rupert's Land. He taught English and history for the Department of Education in a Veterans' Vocational School in Winnipeg which was established to prepare veterans for university entrance. In 1945 he began a Master of Arts degree in the philosophy of religion and metaphysics. In 1946 he accepted an appointment as Central Western Field Secretary for the Anglican General Board of Religious Education and, in preparation for his new assignment, attended the fall semester at Yale Divinity School where he took several religious education courses. In 1948 Rev. Wilmot received from St. John's College the Bachelor of Divinity he had begun in 1937.

Rev. Wilmot served as a Field Secretary until 1949 when his increasing frustration over what he termed the "domineering policies at the head office" caused him to resign. In his correspondence he accused his superiors of placing undue restrictions on his activities and ignoring the reports and recommendations that he and the other field secretaries had been submitting. He was particularly upset when an ambitious attempt to start up the Knights of the Cross, a proposed lay order designed to encourage men to become more involved in Church leadership, was summarily halted after a promising beginning.

After his resignation as field secretary Wilmot served for a year as Rector of St. Mary Magdalene Church in St. Vital. His term at St. Mary Magdalene happened to coincide with the disastrous 1950 flood and most of his summer was spent helping parishioners cope with the task of repairing damaged homes and replacing lost possessions.

On November 1, 1950 Rev. Wilmot was installed as Warden and Vice-Chancellor of his alma mater, St. John's College, as well as Honorary Canon of the Diocese of Rupert's Land and Archbishop's Examining Chaplain. At the time of Rev. Canon Wilmot's installation the College's future was not promising; financial difficulties and a declining enrolment at its downtown campus had forced it to cut numerous programs. During Rev. Canon Wilmot's eleven years as warden, St. John's experienced a dramatic reversal in fortune that culminated in 1958 with the move to a new set of buildings on the Fort Garry campus of the University of Manitoba. One of his colleagues would later say that Wilmot had transformed the college "from a feeble, spiritless vestige at the point of death, into a thriving community of students and academics." In 1958 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from Trinity College, University of Toronto.

At the end of the 1959 school year Rev. Canon Wilmot was able to announce that the size of St. John's faculty was greater than what the total enrolment had been when he first assumed his office nine years before. During his time as Warden of St. John's he also lectured there in philosophy and theology. Rev. Canon Wilmot spent the summer of 1960 studying philosophy at Harvard University.

Unfortunately, Rev. Canon Wilmot's years at St. John's were also marked by difficulties with the Church hierarchy. In his second year as warden he submitted his resignation, citing the Chancellor's wilful lack of co-operation as the reason. This resignation was suddenly withdrawn after an apparent reconciliation between the two parties was reached. Rev. Canon Wilmot continued to face what his colleague would later describe as "discouragement, episcopal opposition and downright malevolence" from the archbishop and church council. Finally, after a series of stormy meetings in the spring and summer of 1960 he announced his resignation in October, saying that it would be "in the best interests of the college". Despite the widespread support of the faculty and the student body he stepped down at the end of the 1960-61 academic year.

After his resignation Rev. Canon Wilmot went to England where he researched and studied contemporary philosophy and Patristic Theology (concentrating on Fourth Century church fathers) for two years at Keble College, Oxford. Rev. Canon Wilmot had in 1953 completed course work for a Master of Arts in Philosophy but the demands of administrative duties at St. John's forced him to postpone the thesis. He wrote his thesis at Oxford and finally received the M.A. in 1963 from the University of Manitoba. His thesis was entitled "The Idea of God in the Most Recent British Philosophy: An Enquiry into the Possibility of Significant Theological Discourse Today".

In 1963 he also was appointed Teaching Fellow and Sub-Warden of St. Augustine's College in Canterbury, the central college of the Anglican communion. Rev. Canon Wilmot lectured in Historical Theology and conducted seminars in contemporary theology to classes consisting of Anglican clergy from around the world. Also in 1963, he was greatly moved when Oxford University conferred upon him an Honorary Doctor of Philosophy.

In 1965 Rev. Canon Wilmot was named Acting Warden of St. Augustine's and served in that capacity until June 1967 when the college was closed as a result of a decision by the Anglican Consultative Committee.

He then accepted an invitation to become a Pastoral Theological Fellow and enter the clinical pastoral education program at St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital in Houston, Texas. There he spent a year acquiring clinical pastoral experience and training. In 1968 Rev. Canon Wilmot moved to Washington, D.C. to train as a resident in the chaplain's department under Dr. Ernest Bruder at St. Elizabeth's, a large federally-operated psychiatric hospital. That year Rev. Canon Wilmot was the recipient of another Doctor of Divinity (honoris causa), this one from St. John's College.

In the summer of 1969 Rev. Canon Wilmot took a supervisory course in clinical pastoral education at Toronto's Queen Street Mental Health Centre. He received his clinical pastoral supervisor certification and in August of that year was appointed Protestant Chaplain and teaching supervisor of Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, east of Toronto. Rev. Canon Wilmot remained at Whitby until 1972 when he reached the mandatory age for retirement. During his stay at Whitby he conducted numerous training seminars and workshops on clinical pastoral education and took an active interest in training clergy to deal more effectively with patients in mental health institutions.

In 1972 Rev. Canon Wilmot returned to Winnipeg and accepted the posts of Coordinator for Continuing Education for the clergy of the Anglican diocese of Rupert's Land and Director of Field Education for seminarians at St. John's College. After an 11-year absence, Laurence and Hope Wilmot appreciated the return to their home on University Crescent. He also made time to work two days per week as chaplain at Victoria Hospital, as well as acting as priest-in-charge of St. John the Baptist Parish (later Life Honorary Assistant to the rector at St. Paul's, Fort Garry and assistant priest-in-charge at St. Helen's Mission, Winnipeg). In 1975 he was elected Chairman of the Manitoba Region of the Canadian Association for Pastoral Education and has served a three-year term on the Board of Directors of the University of Manitoba's Alumni Association.

Rev. Canon Wilmot officially retired in 1976 in order to devote more time to a book based on his post-graduate study of the later writings of the British process philosopher and theologian Alfred North Whitehead. The completed manuscript, Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction , was published in 1979 by Wilfrid Laurier University Press.

Rev. Canon Wilmot returned to school and in 1979 at the age of 72 was awarded a Master of Arts in history from the University of Manitoba. He titled his thesis "The Christian Churches of the Red River Settlement and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba: An Historical Analysis of the Process of Transition from Frontier College to Provincial University". An essay written during this period, "Alexander Morris and the Creation of the Office of Premier: An Historical Analysis of the Evolution of Responsible Government in Manitoba," received the Margaret McWilliams Medal from the Manitoba Historical Society in 1978. St. John's College continued to honour its former warden. Rev. Canon Wilmot was made an Honorary Fellow in 1980 and Warden Emeritus in 1990.

Rev. Canon Wilmot maintained an active life throughout the 1980s and 1990s. Apart from his research and writing on early Manitoba history he devoted a considerable amount of time to issues concerning the elderly. He was a member of the 1980-81 Diocese of Rupert's Land Task Force on Ministries To and With the Elderly and in 1981 he participated in the Anglican Church Project on Elders and Ministry. Rev. Canon Wilmot also became heavily involved with Creative Retirement Manitoba, serving on its board of directors and personnel committee until 1992 and helping to organize lectures and seminars on a variety of topics.

Rev. Canon Wilmot's experience as a member of both the board of directors and the advisory committee of the Society of Self-Help, Inc. in the late 1980s was not so positive. The SOS, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping outpatients from mental institutions integrate themselves into the community, was plagued by incompetent (and possibly corrupt) management. A series of financial setbacks had, by 1990, left SOS near death and Rev. Canon Wilmot was obliged to take on the desperate task of reviving it. His efforts to stave off bankruptcy were apparently not appreciated by some of the other officers (possibly friends of the former director) and in August 1990 he was effectively forced out as the Society's coordinator.

Hope Wilmot died in July 1986 after a long struggle with heart disease and was buried at St. John's Cathedral Cemetery. After eight years as a widower, Rev. Canon Wilmot remarried in St. John's College Chapel 21 January 1995 to a widow, Grace Nunn. He was in his 88th year at the time of his remarriage, a fact that was duly reported in the media. To celebrate his 90th birthday in 1997, Laurence and Grace Nunn Wilmot enjoyed an extensive tour of Greece.

At over 90, Rev. Canon Wilmot remained active moderating church conferences, attending meetings, writing scholarly theological works, his autobiography and collecting his papers for archiving.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

The papers in the collection range from the early part of the 20th century to the 1990s and reflect the rich and varied life of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot.

The collection contains over 50 appointment diaries and journals covering the years 1946 to 1992 as well as a collection of Warden's notebooks, correspondence, speeches yearbooks and calendars from Rev. Canon Wilmot's years at St. John's College.

The rest of the papers are organized into series corresponding to Rev. Canon Wilmot's various occupations and activities. The series' includes his personal correspondence and the notes and papers he amassed as a student in a variety of educational institutions. These include notes from his years at St. John's in the late 1920s, notes and assignments from the 1946 fall session at Yale Divinity School, papers and tests from Harvard Summer School in 1960 and various papers and notes from the University of Manitoba's M.A. program in the 1970s.

Materials relating to Rev. Canon Wilmot's time as an army chaplain during World War II make up the second series. The military records, notebooks, letters and other documents included in this series provide a detailed picture of the daily activities and routines of a chaplain attached to a regiment engaged in active combat. Not only is there a terrific collection of letters sent from overseas to his wife in Canada - on a daily basis - but also her replies, as well as transcribed versions of same. Also included in the war correspondence is a collection of letters sent to Wilmot by relatives of the unit's casualties. Also included are several letters written by wives requesting divorces.

One section of the collection contains the papers generated by Rev. Canon Wilmot's clerical duties, including correspondence with church officials, collections of sermons and devotional talks and a few miscellaneous items.

Another series is made up of documents relating to Rev. Canon Wilmot's stint as a field secretary for the Anglican Church's General Board of Religious Education from 1946 to 1949. His correspondence from this period indicates the frustrations he experienced in trying to introduce some much needed innovations in the face of opposition from the head office. Several of the files contain material relating to the Knights of the Cross, the men's lay organization Rev. Canon Wilmot was in the process of getting off the ground before the General Board put a stop to it.

Documents relating to Rev. Canon Wilmot's time as a college administrator and lecturer, both at St. John's College in Winnipeg and at St. Augustine's College in Canterbury, England, are included in the collection. The material on St. John's should be of particular interest since it reflects Rev. Canon Wilmot's difficult relationship with the church hierarchy as well as his impressive accomplishments. His correspondence and activities on behalf of the College extend into the 1990s.

The collection also contains the papers generated by Rev. Canon Wilmot's career as a hospital chaplain in Houston, Washington, D.C. and Whitby, Ontario from 1967 to 1972. All of his patient interview notes, student assignments and correspondence from this period are included.

The "writer and researcher" series consists of documents relating to his 1979 book Whitehead and God and to his writing and research on various aspects of early University of Manitoba history and Manitoba history in general.

The final series includes papers from the various organizations and committees with which he became involved upon his return to Manitoba in 1973. Among them are the Continuing Education Committee of the Diocese of Rupert's Land, the 1980-81 Anglican Task Force on Ministries To and With the Elderly, Creative Retirement Manitoba and the Society of Self-Help, Inc. (SOS). The SOS papers' depiction of a charitable organization destroyed by incompetent (and possibly corrupt) management and childish power struggles is of particular interest.

Included in the photograph collection (PC 132) is a significant number of images dating back to the late 1890s (but mostly onward from the mid-1920s) and many photographs which document Rev. Canon Wilmot's war experiences as a chaplain in Italy and The Netherlands (over 200 photographs and negatives of this period).

The cassette and reel-to-reel tapes are largely from the 1970s and 1980s and include a few personal messages, some family history, some sermons and talks and a sizable number of religious conferences, discussion groups and lecture series. One of the tapes contains a 1968 talk on ethics by the noted American anthropologist Margaret Mead.

On October 1, 1996, John Richthammer, Don Kroeker and Rev. Canon Wilmot worked together at his home to select important, representative photographs depicting Rev. Canon Wilmot's life. Photographs collected span the 1890s to the 1990s.

Additional documentation in the form of manuscripts, degrees and commendations (university, army, community), as well as both original and typewritten correspondence between Rev. Canon Wilmot and his wife Hope during W.W. II, were obtained in order to compliment the Collection.

Complimentary collections located in the Archives & Special Collections include the collection (MSS 56) of Rev. Charles William Gordon (Ralph Connor), a well-known Manitoba minister and highly-successful Canadian novelist, whose collection is one generation earlier than Wilmot's. The collection (MSS 63) of Rev. John Mark King (Gordon's father-in-law) is yet another generation earlier. As well, the St. John's College Collection might be consulted by those wishing to correlate Wilmot's collection to the material in the St. John's Collection.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 17 series.

  • General
  • Personal Correspondence
  • Pastorate Records
  • Military Service
  • Early Post-W.W.II Church Work & Teaching
  • Post-W.W.II Diaries
  • Sermons, Speeches & Talks, 1937- [199-?]
  • St. John's College: Student Years & Later Teaching
  • Divinity School at Yale and Harvard Universities
  • Teaching & Studying at St. Augustine's College, Oxford, England
  • Psychiatric Hospital Chaplaincy in the United States and Canada
  • Later Education & Scholarly Works
  • Historical Essays for Conferences & Publication
  • Records of Work With Senior Citizens, 1970-1990
  • Oversize Documents
  • Photograph Collection (PC 132)
  • Tape Collection (TC 84)

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Restrictions on Use

By Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's expressed wish, the Collection is wholly available to all who wish to study it so long as they abide by the copyright law as passed from time to time by the Parliament of Canada. Patrons must also exercise proper care in using the Collection. Any excerpts should give proper source attribution and acknowledgment.

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Detailed Description of the Collection

General 1925-1997
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 1 Rev. Canon Laurence F. Wilmot from Laurence Wilmot's mother's side (the Campbells). Also contains memorial card and obituary of Wilmot's father, Thomas Herbert (1943) and correspondence from his mother Fannie Charlotte regarding her husband's death.n.d.
  2 Curricula Vitae (various years) and other biographical material such as life summaries, Hope Wilmot's obituary and newspaper articles. n.d.

Personal identification papers 1940-1949:

Electoral registration (1940),

United States border crossing identification (1946, with photograph),

Department of National Defence (Army) permission to wear badge (1945),

and University of Manitoba Libraries pass (1948-1949).

  4 Medical report made at Washington, D.C., November 1968.

Eightieth birthday messages April 1987,


Prime Minister of Canada,

Manitoba Lieutenant-Governor Dr. George Johnson,

Premier of Manitoba Howard Pawley,

Manitoba Opposition Leader Gary A. Filmon,

and M.L.A. of St. Norbert Constituency, Gerald Mercier.

Also included are Rev. Canon Wilmot's replies to these tributes.


Ninetieth birthday message, April 1997.

Note: File to be added upon at a later date.

  7 Wishes for funeral arrangements (letter to Rt. Rev. Walter Jones, Bishop of Rupert's Land), March 1987.

Registrations to solemnize marriages, 1931-1993.

(seven certificates)


Correspondence regarding appointment to the Canadian Chaplain Service in the rank of Honorary Captain, June 1942.

(one item)


Correspondence, notification, citation and press clippings regarding awarding of the Military Cross, 1945-1946.

Notable in this file is a congratulatory letter signed by then Canadian High Commissioner Vincent Massey, who later became the first Canadian-born Governor-General of Canada.

  10 Canadian Army (Active) Certificate of Service issued after ischarge, January 1946.
  11 License and Authority to perform the office of Priest-in-Charge of the Parish of St. Barnabas, Winnipeg, signed by Archbishop of Rupert's Land, Louis Ralph Sherman, November 1945.
  12 License and Authority to perform the office of Honorary Canon of St. John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, signed by Archbishop of Rupert's Land, Louis Ralph Sherman, October 1950.
  13 License and Authority to perform the office of Warden of St. John's College, Winnipeg, signed by Archbishop of Rupert's Land, Louis Ralph Sherman, October 1950.

Honorary Fellow of St. John's College, 1980:

Correspondence regarding appointment and congratulatory letters, press clippings, convocation program and citation.


Warden Emeritus of St. John's College, 1990:

Correspondence regarding appointment and congratulatory letters, citation (by Professor A.M.C. Waterman, College newsletter article regarding appointment of Rev. Canon Wilmot, his 85th birthday, the kick off of a fund-raising campaign and the unveiling of a painted portrait by Mary Valentine.


Coronation Medal, 1953:

Correspondence regarding the decoration and instructions for the Canadian Armed Forces Contingent which participated in the ceremonies at the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11 in London on June 2, 1953, of which Rev. Canon Wilmot was one.


Bachelor of Arts and Licentiate in Theology, 1931:

Correspondence to and from The University of Manitoba, Bishop George A. Wells, reports of grades attained in courses and on examinations, and later correspondence regarding transcripts, 1925-1946.

Note: actual degree parchments (B.A., University of Manitoba and L.Th., St. John's College) are located in MSS 122 Oversize (O/S) Box 42.


Bachelor of Divinity, 1948:

Congratulatory letter from wife Hope Wilmot when the degree was received.

  19 (First) Master of Arts degree, 1963: Correspondence to and from The University of Manitoba and St. John's College, 1945-1964.

(Second) Master of Arts degree, 1979:

Correspondence from University of Manitoba.


Honorary Doctor of Divinity - Trinity College, University of Toronto, 1959:

Correspondence from Trinity, Rev. Canon Wilmot's replies, convocation program and guest list, congratulatory telegrams and letters.

  21 License to Officiate in the Diocese of Oxford, England from the Archbishop of Canterbury via the Bishop of Oxford, December1961.

License to Officiate as Sub-Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Oxford, England, October 1964.

(issued by Arthur Michael [Cauhur?], Archbishop of Canterbury).

  22 License to Officiate at the Isle of Islay, Diocese of Argyll and the Isles, Scotland: Correspondence, 1964-1965.

Honorary Doctor of Divinity - St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1968:

Correspondence from and to the College, May-November 1968 and lists of previous honorary degree and fellowship recipients.


Statement of chaplain residency at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. from July 1, 1968 to May 2, 1969

(issued by the United States Department of Health, Education and Welfare).


Certificate in the Field of Psychiatric Health Care in 25 Canada, September 1969.

(issued by the Canadian Council of Churches, Committee on Certification of Chaplains in Public Institutions).


Certification as Professional Mental Health Chaplain, May 26, 1971.

(issued by the Association of Mental Health Chaplains).

  27 Certification as Certified Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education (two certificates: one dated April 1971, the other dated April 1974) as examined and issued by the Canadian Council for Supervised Pastoral Education.
  28 Certificate of participation in a Senior Management Development course at Whitby Psychiatric Hospital (Ontario), January 1972.

License to Officiate as a minister - Diocese of Washington, D.C., January 1968-January 1970

(issued by William T. Auguitar, Bishop of Washington).


License and Commission to act as Co-ordinator of Continuing Education for the Clergy, Manitoba, September 1972.

(issued by the Barry Valentine, Bishop of Rupert's Land).


License and Commission to act as Priest-in-Charge, Temporarily, of the Parishes of St. John the Baptist, Winnipeg and The Church of the Good Shephard, Winnipeg, August 1973.

(issued by Michael G. Peers, Commissary for the Bishop of Rupert's Land)


Notice of termination (as of November 1988) of appointment as Priest Assistant to Rev. Canon David J. Pate, Parish of Saint Paul, Winnipeg, which began in May 1981.

(issued by The Most. Rev. Walter Heath Jones, Archbishop of Rupert's Land)


License and Commission to act as Honorary Priest Assistant to The Rev. Thomas W.R. Collings, Priest-in-Charge, Saint Helen's House, Winnipeg, December 1988.

(issued by The Most Rev. Walter Heath Jones, Archbishop of Rupert's Land)

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Personal Correspondence [19-?]-1989
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 32 Laurence and Hope Wilmot's correspondence with his mother, Fannie Charlotte Campbell Wilmot in Manitoba (seven letters, one postcard), 1932-1945.
  33 Correspondence and congratulatory telegram to Laurence Wilmot and Hope Littlewood regarding their August 1932 marriage and honeymoon.
  33a Correspondence regarding the admission of son Laurence Wilmot, Jr. (Laurence Sidney Herbert Wilmot) to St. John's College School, 1942-1943.
  34 Correspondence with son Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr., 1969-1989.
  35 Correspondence regarding son Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr. including a detailed summary of the family in which he grew up and a synopsis of his history (1985), 1978-1985.
  36 Correspondence from Mrs. Clifford Martin of Swan River, MB regarding the marriage of her daughter Shirley to Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr. and Rev. Canon Wilmot's reply, October 1956.
  37 Correspondence with daughter Hope Fairfield Wilmot, her husband Douglas Rowland (includes press clipping regarding D. Rowland's political career) and their children, 1972-1983.
  37 Correspondence with daughter Louise and her husband Rev. David Crawley, 1979-1981.
  38 Correspondence with Rev. Thomas C. B. Boon, Honorary 38 Archivist of The Provincial Synod of Rupert's Land and Rev. Donald Wootten regarding Wootten's thesis research, 1967.
  39 Correspondence with The Most Rev. Howard H. Clark, Archbishop of Rupert's Land and Primate of all Canada, 1965.
  40 Correspondence with The Most Rev. Walter Heath Jones, Archbishop of Rupert's Land, 1982-1991.
  41 Correspondence with The Rt. Rev. Barry Valentine, Bishop of Rupert's Land, 1973-1979.
  42 Talk given at 90th Anniversary Service of St. Mark's Church, Minnedosa, MB, at reunion, 1972.
  42 Talk given at 90th Anniversary of All Saints Anglican Church, 1974.
  43 Correspondence, programs and press clippings regarding 80th anniversary reunion at Minitonas, MB (1978) and 75th anniversary reunion at Swan River, MB (1983).
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 1 E.L. Hope Littlewood Wilmot's genealogy (late 1930s or early 1940s) which includes the Fairfield and Hope branches up to the marriage of Hope Wilmot's parents Sidney Littlewood and Mary Rosamond Fairfield.
  1a E.L. Hope Littlewood Wilmot's memoirs "A Hope in 1a Manitoba" (late 1960s or early 1970s) and pages of memoirs written in Washington, D.C. in October 1968.
  2 E.L. Hope Wilmot - Made an Honorary Fellow of St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1984: Correspondence, citation, congratulatory messages, news clippings and convocation booklet, 1984-1985.
  3 Correspondence from Hope Littlewood, then teaching at Deloraine, MB, to Laurence Wilmot, February-Christmas 1929.
  4 Correspondence to Hope Littlewood Wilmot (mostly from Laurence Wilmot in his mission fields), 1932-1942.
  5 Correspondence to Hope Wilmot (mostly from Laurence Wilmot while he was studying at Yale in 1946 and from a sojourn in Saskatchewan in 1947).
  6 Correspondence to Hope Wilmot from Laurence Wilmot during his trip to London and Jerusalem, April 1966.
  6a Correspondence to Hope Wilmot from her young son Laurence (Laurie) at Swan River, MB, (two letters), 1942
  7 Correspondence to Hope Littlewood (later Wilmot), then age six, at 201 Morley Avenue, Winnipeg, from friend Mildred Winter at Hope's birthplace of Newburgh, Ontario (the correspondence is on a postcard which is an actual photograph of Newburgh), January 1912. Correspondence from Mary (Mamie) Littlewood (mother of Hope) to her (Mary's) mother (grandmother of Hope), March 26 (early 1900s). [1900s], 1912
  8 Correspondence to Laurence and Hope Wilmot from Hope's parents & Sidney Littlewood and Mary Rosamond Fairfield (Miami, Florida, January 17 & 18, 1942, St. Vital, March 29, 1942 and Newburgh, Ontario, May 25, 1942).
  8a Correspondence to Hope Wilmot from her uncle S.P. Littlewood, 1942.

Sidney Littlewood Estate, 1954:

Correspondence to and from Hope and Laurence Wilmot and family, lawyer's correspondence, statement of funeral expenses, copy of last will and testament, description of property, schedule of assets and disbursements.


Anna Louisa Evans Estate, 1965-1974:

Correspondence to 10 and from Laurence Wilmot, lawyer's correspondence, statement of assets and statement of property.


Correspondence with R.C.M.P. Sergeant Beresford (Berry) and Leila Augusta (Mitchell) Littlewood, brother of Hope Wilmot, 1940-1980.

Includes press clipping of their marriage.


Family and friends' correspondence with Hope Littlewood Wilmot, 1930-1942.

Correspondence from Sky Lake, Swan River, Churchill, Winnipeg and Pilot Mound, MB, Toronto and Virginia.


Wilmot, Hope - Diary, 1942-1943.

Includes travels of husband Laurence, thoughts, musings, joys and regrets, various poems, clippings regarding school reports of son Laurence and daughter Louise, notations of childrens' illnesses, clippings regarding friends.


Wilmot, Hope - Short stories, 1967-1968.

Including trip to Athens, Bath, Newburgh (Hope's birthplace) and Oakville, all in Ontario.

  15 Wilmot, Hope - Poetry written in 1968.
  16 Wilmot, Hope - Inventories/correspondence regarding Victoria Beach, MB home and personal possessions, 1967-1970.
  17 Wilmot, Hope - Correspondence and documents regarding purchase and eventually, the sale of home at 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, MB, 1948-1982.
  18 Correspondence and documents regarding purchase, use and eventual sale of Wilmot home at 119 University Crescent, near The University of Manitoba, 1960-1977.
  19 Address books (four) kept by Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot from the 1960s to 1980s.

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Pastorate Records 1932-1979
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
3 1 Swan River, MB - Congregation list, 1940.
  2 Swan River, MB - Prayer book used at parish, 1935-1942.
  2 Correspondence with St. Faith's Church, The Pas, MB, regarding Rev. Canon Wilmot's early pastorate there and subsequent anniversaries and reunions, 1977-1979
  3 Correspondence regarding St. Faith's Church at The Pas, MB (one of Rev. Canon Wilmot's early parishes), their history and reunions, 1977-1979.
  4 Correspondence, notes of thanks and job offers regarding early ministry and parishes served, 1932-1942.
  5 Correspondence with Brandon Diocese and Bishop of Brandon, Rt. Rev. W.H.H. Thomas, D.D., 1932-1942.
  6 Correspondence with Brandon Diocese, 1971-1978.
  7 Correspondence with Bishop John Ogle Anderson (Bishop of Red River) and Primate Howard Clark, 1966-1969.
  8 Correspondence and invoices regarding pastoral travelling expenses, 1937-1942 (mostly correspondence with the office of the Bishop of Brandon) and one notebook of expenses, 1940-1942. 1937-1942
  9 Mileage account book (expenses for the Diocese of Brandon), 1939-1942.
  10 Income tax papers, 1940-1942.
  11 Personal living expenses notebook as kept by both Laurence and Hope Wilmot at Winnipeg and Oxford, England, 1960-1968.
  12 Diary/notes written at Swan River, MB just prior to enlisting in World War 11, 1942.

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Military Service 1939-1994
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
3 13 Correspondence regarding enlistment and posting in the Canadian Army during World War 11, 1941-1945.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
4 1 Copy of Laurence Wilmot's complete military personnel file as housed in the National Archives of Canada, 1942-1974.
  2 Copy of military medical records as housed in the National Archives of Canada, 1942-1958.
  3 Copy of military dental records as housed in the National Archives of Canada, 1942-1945.
  4 Correspondence with The Bishop of Brandon, Rt. Rev. W.H.H. Thomas, D.D., during World War 11, 1942-1946.
  5 Correspondence and clippings from friends during World War 11 (including excerpt from a Dutch book in which Captain Wilmot is mentioned).
  6 Regimental diary of the West Nova Scotia Regiment, 1939-1945.
  7 Regimental reports of the West Nova Scotia Regiment, 1944-1945.
  8 Official correspondence for chaplains - West Nova Scotia Regiment, 1941-1945.
  9 Chaplain's weekly reports and troop records - West Nova Scotia Regiment, 1941-1945.
World War II Diaries
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
4 10 Chaplain's diary, January-April 1944.
  11 Chaplain's diary, May-June 15, 1944.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
5 1 Chaplain's diary, June 16-September 3, 1944.
  2 Chaplain's diary, September 6-November 26, 1944.
  3 Chaplain's diary, November-December 1944.
  4 Chaplain's diary, December 1944-May 1945.
  5 Chaplain's diary, May 7-September 23, 1945.
  6 Chaplain's diary (typed manuscript original), 1944.
  7 Chaplain's diary (typed manuscript original), 1944-1945.
  8 Chaplain's diary regarding counselling and interviewing of soldiers and biographical notes on deceased soldiers, June-November 1944 and June 1945.
  9 Chaplain's diary regarding visits to detention barracks, 1942.
  10 Chaplain's diary regarding hospital visitations.
  11 Chaplain's diary of burials and minor notations (most from The Netherlands), 1945.
  12 Annotated breast pocket Bibles (two): "New Testament and Psalms) which Captain Wilmot, as chaplain, read daily (one chapter per day, from January 1, 1944-December 25, 1944). Commenced reading a chapter per day of "The New Testament: A New Translation" by James Moffat from Christmas Eve 1944 to the end of the war in Europe - in fact, until July 31, 1945. 1944-1945
War-Time Correspondence Between Husband and Wife
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
6 1 Correspondence from overseas to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, July 3-September 2, 1942.
  2 Correspondence from Halifax, Nova Scotia to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, December 2, 1942-March 30, 1943.
  3 Correspondence from Halifax, Nova Scotia to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, April 2-August 22, 1943.
  4 Correspondence from England to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, September 19-November 10, 1943.
  5 Correspondence from aboard ship in North Africa and Italy to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, November 11-December 21, 1943.
  6 Correspondence from England to wife Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg, June 1-July 28, 1945.
  7 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Nova Scotia and Winnipeg to her husband Laurence overseas, December 24, 1942, August 1943-June 1944.
  8 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to her husband Laurence overseas, July 18-31, 1944.
  9 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas, August 1-31, 1944.
  10 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas, September 1-October 31, 1944.
  11 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas, May 21, 1944-January 1, 1945.
  12 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas, January 1-July 18, 1945.
  13 Miscellaneous correspondence from Hope Wilmot to husband Laurence, 1960-1971.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
7 1 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas (original letters combined with typed transcriptions of Laurence's diary entries for the days on which the particular letters were written), Volume 1, January-May 1944.
  2 Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas (original letters combined with typed transcriptions of Laurence's diary entries for the days on which the particular letters were written), Volume 1, June-November 1944.

Correspondence from Hope Wilmot in Winnipeg to husband Laurence overseas (original letters combined with typed transcriptions of Laurence's diary entries for the days on which the particular letters were written), Volume 11, November 1944-May 1945.

Captain Laurence Wilmot, chaplain of the West Nova Scotia Regiment overseas in World War 11, corresponded daily with his wife Hope in Winnipeg. Every letter they wrote each other during those years is contained below.

Chaplaincy in West Nova Scotia Regiment
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
8 1 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Chaplain's sermons (two black notebooks and several sheets), 1944-1945.
  2 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Chaplain's sermons (brown notebook), 1944.
  3 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Troop personnel records, 1943-1945.
  4 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Burial records (overseas) and related correspondence, 1939-1947.
  5 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Chaplain's burial reports and maps showing locations of burials overseas, 1944-1945.
  6 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Correspondence to and from families of deceased soldiers, 1944-1945.
  7 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Chaplain's personnel records, records of services, baptisms and confirmations, 1943-1945.
  8 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Proposed regimental history, 1947.
  9 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Chaplain's course, 1951.
  10 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunion, 1970.
  11 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunions, 1977-1980.
  12 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunions, 1982-1985.

West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunion, 1986

Includes memorial address given, 50th anniversary history booklet, and press clippings referring to Chaplain Wilmot, with accompanying (newspaper) photographs.


West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunion, 1989.

Includes memorial service sermon given by Chaplain Wilmot.


West Nova Scotia Regiment - Reunion, 1991.

Includes notepad of reminiscences by Chaplain Wilmot, press clippings referring to Chaplain Wilmot with accompanying newspaper) photographs.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
9 1

West Nova Scotia Regiment - "Parade of Memories" tours, 1990-1994.

(includes trips to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia and Europe and related itineraries, addresses, programs and "A Personal Memoir: Disaster at the Foglia River Crossing" by Chaplain Wilmot).

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Early Post-W.W. II Church Work and Teaching 1946-1952
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
9 2 Correspondence from the Department of Education, Canadian Vocational Training Branch, regarding salary for teaching veterans who were upgrading in order to prepare for university entrance, February-April 1946.
  3 Correspondence with Rev. Dr. A. Harding Priest, associate secretary of the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada, 1946-1949.
  4 Correspondence with Rev. Canon R. A. Hiltz, general secretary of the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada, 1946-1949.
  5 Quarterly reports for the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada, 1947-1948.
  6 Correspondence with Rev. Dr. A. Harding Priest, associate secretary of the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada and the Rt. Rev. H.D. Martin, D.D., Lord Bishop of Saskatchewan, 1948-1949.
  7 Correspondence with the Most. Rev. George Frederick Kingston, Ph.D., D.D., Primate of All Canada, The Rt. Rev. Joseph Lofthouse, D.D., Lord Bishop of Keewatin, and Rev. Dr. A. Harding Priest, associate secretary of the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada, 1949.

General correspondence regarding the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada, 1949.

Includes correspondence with many bishops, various other clergy and church secretaries.

  9 Final reports and related correspondence regarding the General Board of Religious Education of the Church of England in Canada,  1949-1952.
  10 Report "Men in the Church" and related correspondence, 1948-1949.
  11 Textbook evaluation notes, 1949.
  12 Comments regarding Sunday school lessons, [ca. 1948].
  13 Report by Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot on Saskatoon Leader's School, 1952.

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Post-World War II Diaries 1946-1991
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
10 1 Diary (bound green hardcover), 1068 Fleet Avenue, Winnipeg, 1946.
  2 Diary (bound red hardcover), 1068 Fleet Avenue, Winnipeg, 1948.
  3 Diary (bound red hardcover), 1068 Fleet Avenue, Winnipeg, 1949.
  4 Diary (coiled burgundy softcover), 1003 Mulvey Avenue, Winnipeg, 1950.
  5 Diary (bound red hardcover), 1003 Mulvey Avenue, Winnipeg, 1951.
  6 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), 1003 Mulvey Avenue, Winnipeg, 1952.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
11 1 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1953.
  2 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1954.

Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College and 360 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, 1955.

Includes loose related correspondence.


Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College and 360 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, 1956

Includes loose related notes.


Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College and 360 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, 1957.

Includes loose related notes.

  6 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College and 360 Yale Avenue, Winnipeg, 1958.
  7 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1959.
  8 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1960.
  9 Diary (coiled black softcover appointment book), St. John's College, Winnipeg, 1961 and one small black pocket appointment "index diary", 1961.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
12 1 Diary (small black pocket appointment and address book), 12a Park Town, Oxford, England and 36 St. Margaret's Road, Oxford, England, 1961-1962.
  2 Diary (small navy pocket appointment and address book), St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1964.
  3 Diary (small tan pocket appointment and address book), St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1965.
  4 Diary (small dark tan pocket appointment and address book), St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1966.
  5 Diary (small dark green-black pocket appointment and address book), St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1967.

Diary (bound black softcover), 4-7236 Staffordshire, Houston, Texas, 202-1447 Southern Avenue South East, and St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C., 1968.

Includes inserts.


Diary (bound black softcover), 202-1447 Southern Avenue South East and St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C., and Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, ON, 1969.

Includes inserts.

  8 Diary (dark red pocket appointment book), Staff House, Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, ON, 1970.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
13 1

Diary No. 1: Diary (bound black-trimmed burgundy hardcover), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1971.

Consists of drafts of chapters of Whitehead & God , notes on psychotherapy, theological notes and thoughts.

  2 Diary No. 2: Diary (bound dark red hardcover diary/ appointment/address book), Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, ON, 1971 and small red breast pocket appointment book, 1971.
  3 Diary (bound dark red hardcover diary/appointment book), 1972, and small black breast pocket address/appointment book, 1972.
  4 Diary (bound dark brown softcover diary/appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1973, and small white softcover appointment/telephone number book), 1973.
  5 Diary (small white breast pocket softcover appointment book), 1974.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
14 1 Diary (small black breast pocket softcover appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, and 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, MB, 1975.
  2 Diary (bound blue softcover), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1976 (includes sermon notes, breakdown of income and inserted sermons), and softcover breast pocket appointment book, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg or 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, MB, 1976.
  3 Diary (bound black softcover) of St. John's College data and essay notes, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1977, and small black softcover appointment book), 119 University Crescent, 1977.
  4 Diary (small dark blue softcover appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg and 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, MB,1978.
  5 Diary (bound blue hardcover) of theological and history essay notes, and sermon notes, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, 1979 (includes loose diary entries), and small striated blue softcover appointment/telephone book, 1979.
  6 Diary (small black softcover appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, 1980.
  7 Diary (small hunter green softcover appointment and telephone number book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, MB, 1981.
  8 Diary (bound white hardcover with red maple leaf on cover), includes diary entries, sermon notes, and drafts of various aspects of Whitehead and God , 1980-1981.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
15 1 Diary (bound white hardcover with green shamrock on cover), includes diary entries, first and early memories and miscellaneous notes, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1981-1985.
  2 Diary (Hallmark date book, paper) of appointment dates and addresses, 1982.
  3 Diary (bound hardcover small breast pocket appointment and telephone number book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1982-1983.
  4 Diary (dark blue softcover breast pocket appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1984.
  5 Diary (red softcover breast pocket appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1985.
  6 Diary (chocolate brown softcover breast pocket appointment book), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1986.
  7 Diary (bound red-trimmed black hardcover), includes diary entries, personal reflections, sermons, invocation on the 35th anniversary of the Red River Flood and theological notes (including Whitehead and God), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1985-1986.
  8 Diary (coiled red softcover notebook), includes diary entries, extensive notes on Alfred North Whitehead research God and the World, reflections and letter regarding son Laurence, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1986-1987, and black softcover breast pocket appointment book, 1987. (1986-1987)
  9 Diary (bound dark blue cushioned hardcover), includes diary entries and appointment notes, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg,1987.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
16 1 Diary (bound red softcover), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1988.
  2 Diary (bound black hardcover with two brass corner mounts), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1989, and coiled black softcover breast pocket diary/appointment book), 1989.
  3 Diary (coiled black softcover), includes addresses, 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1990, and brown softcover breast pocket appointment book), 1990.

Diary (bound black hardcover with two brass corner mounts), 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, 1991, and bound black softcover breast pocket appointment and telephone number book), 1991.

Note: Box left empty for balance of diaries from the 1990s and beyond as Rev. Canon Wilmot completes them annually.

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Sermons, Speeches and Talks 1937-[199-?]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
18 1 Sermons and talks - (loose notebook pages), 1937-1956.
  2 Sermons - Holy Week at Swan River, MB, (black hardcover notebook), 1939.
  3 Sermons/services - Holy Week at Swan River, MB, (salmon softcover notebook), 1941.
  4 Sermon notes - Swan River, MB, (coiled small black softcover notebook), 1942.
  5 Sermon: "Living a Christian Life in the Army", (loose pages), 1943.
  6 Sermon: "Talks to the Troops", Holland, (notebook pages), 1945.
  7 Sermons - "Easter", (loose pages), Easter [ 1945. ]
  8 Sermons/talks - (black softcover notebook), 1945-1950.
  9 Sermons - (green softcover notebook), 1946.
  10 Sermons/talk/related notes - (black softcover notebook), 1947-1948.
  11 Sermons/talks/related notes - (black softcover notebook), 1948.
  12 Sermons/related notes - (black softcover notebook), also 1948.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
19 1 Sermons/talks - (coiled small tan softcover notebook), 1949.
  2 Sermons/church-related notes - (loose pages and black softcover notebook), 1950.
  3 Sermons - (loose pages), 1951.
  4 Sermons for devotional periods - (black hardcover notebook), 1951-1952.
  5 Sermons/related notes - (loose pages and coiled brown softcover notebook), 1952.
  6 Sermons/related notes for "Quiet Day", St. Chad's College, Regina (loose pages), 1952.
  7 Sermons - (loose pages), 1953.
  8 Sermons/speeches/notes - (loose pages), 1952-1954.
  9 Addresses/sermons - given to various churches (loose pages), 1952-1957.
  10 Sermons/talks/notes - (black softcover notebook), 1954.
  11 Address - given to the Canadian Contingent which attended the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11, 1953.
  12 Sermons/St. John's College notes (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1954.
  13 Speech/clippings - re: move of St. John's College to Fort Garry Campus of The University of Manitoba (loose pages), [ca. 1954].
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
20 1 Sermon notes - (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1955-1956.
  2 Paper - "The Nature and Function of Religion" (loose pages), [ca. early 1950s].
  3 Sermons/talks - (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1956.
  4 Radio addresses - CBW Morning Devotions (loose pages), 1956.
  5 Radio address: "CJOB Come to Church Program" (loose pages), 1956.
  6 Speech - "Formal Prize Giving at St. John's College" (loose pages), 1956.
  7 Speech/clipping - "Remembering Agriculture Students Killed in War", 1956.
  8 Sermons - (loose pages), 1957.
  9 Speech - given on Archbishop Robert Machray to Manitoba Historical Society (clipping), 1957.
  10 Sermon notes/Lenten devotional talk - (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1958.
  11 Wedding speech - given at the marriage of Patrick V. Lee and Mary Thornton (loose pages), 1958.
  12 Speech - "The Church's Task in the World Today" (loose pages), 1958.
  13 Essay - "Brotherhood in the Twentieth Century" (loose pages), [ca. 1958-1959].
  14 Speech/clipping - on the "role of an educator" (loose material), 1959.
  15 Sermons - (loose pages), 1959.
  16 Wedding toast - Toast given to bride Nancy ?, [ca. 1950s].
  17 Speech - given at Vimy Ridge banquet (loose pages), 1960.
  18 Speech - given to an assembly at St. John's College, 1960.
  19 Sermons/talks/notes - (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1960.
  20 Sermons/speeches - (loose pages), 1963-1969.
  21 Sermons/notes - given at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1966.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
21 1 Sermons - given at St. Luke's Hospital, Houston, Texas (black softcover notebook and loose pages), 1967.
  2 Sermons - given at St. Luke's Hospital, Houston, Texas and St. Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. (one red softcover notebook, two dark navy softcover notebooks and loose pages), 1968.
  3 Sermons/notes - given at Q.S.M.H.C. and Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, ON (two black softcover notebooks), 1969-1970.
  4 Essay - "Pastoral Ministry as Crisis Intervention" (loose pages), 1960s.
  5 Sermons/notes - given at Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, ON, 1969-1970.

Sermons - given at Lent 1972.

Loose pages.

  7 Sermons - given at Whitby Psychiatric Hospital and Trinity and St. John's Churches (Whitby) (loose pages), 1972.
  8 Sermons - (loose pages), 1973.
  9 Sermons - given at St. John The Baptist and Good Shephard Churches (loose pages), 1973.
  10 Sermons - (loose pages), 1974.
  11 Sermons - (loose pages), 1975.
  12 Eulogy - given for Norman John MacLeod (loose page), 1975.
  13 Sermons - (loose pages), 1977.
  14 Sermons - (loose pages), 1978.
  15 Sermons - given at Remembrance Day service at Grand Marais, MB, (loose pages), 1978.
  16 Notes - "Canada: Our Country" [197-?].
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
22 1 Sermons - (loose pages), 1979.
  2 Sermon notes - (softcover yellow notebook), February- March 1980.
  3 Sermons/talks - (red softcover coiled notebook), 1987-1988.
  4 Sermons/talks - (green softcover coiled notebook and loose pages), 1988-1989.
  5 Sermons/notes - (red softcover coiled notebook), January- December 1989.
  6 Sermons/notes - (green softcover coiled notebook), 1989-1991.
  7 Miscellaneous talks/notes - (green softcover coiled notebook), 1990.
  8 Speech - "What Mean Ye By This Service?" given to Royal Canadian Legion, [ca. 1990].
  9 Sermons/notes - (green softcover coiled notebook and black red-edged bound notebook), 1991-1992.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
23 1 Sermons/notes - (green softcover coiled notebook), 1992-1994.
  2 Sermons/devotional talks - (green softcover coiled notebook), n.d.
  3 Service - Holy Communion preparation (red softcover notebook), n.d.
NOTE: Remainder of space in Box 23 is left open to future additions of speeches or sermons from the 1990s and beyond.

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St. John's College: Student Years and Later Teaching 1920-1990
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
24 1 Diary kept as a student at St. John's College (black softcover bound notebook), 1928-1929.
  2 Papers, examinations and notes, 1926-1929.
  3 Bachelor of Divinity courses and examinations, 1938-1939.
  4 Correspondence with St. John's College, 1968-1989.
  5 Correspondence and clippings regarding appointment as Warden of St. John's College, 1950.
  6 Correspondence regarding first resignation as Warden of St. John's College, 1952.
  7 Correspondence regarding second resignation as Warden of St. John's College, 1961.
  8 Miscellaneous correspondence with St. John's College, 1951-1961.
  9 Address given at sod turning ceremony, 1957.
  10 Address - "Warden's Report on the State of the College", 1958.
  11 Honourary degrees awarded at St. John's College.
  12 Students' records, 1951-1952.
  13 Student lists, college finance and promotion and student aid, 1954.
  14 Students' records, 1954-1955.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
25 1 Students' records, 1957-1958.
  2 Course on marriage taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1948-1949.
  3 Proposed Patristic Theology course notes, 1973.
  4 St. John's College Theological Discussion, 1985.
  5 Notes for course "Anglican Church in Rupert's Land" taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1988.
  6 Notes from lectures attended in Winnipeg, 1989.
  7 Lecture notes on apologetics, theology and religious history taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1950-1951.
  8 Lecture notes on general Bible knowledge and New Testament taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1951.
  9 Lecture notes on theology, dogmatics and systematics taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1951.
  10 Lecture notes on Christian origins, philosophy of education, art of teaching and apologetics taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1951-1952.
  11 Lecture notes on Christian origins, Hellenistic Greek and Christian education taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1951-1955.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
26 1 Lecture notes on the psychology of religion taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1952-1953.
  2 Lecture notes on the New Testament taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1952-1953.
  3 Course on religious education taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1954.
  4 Seminar on Colossians, Philemon, Philippians and Ephesians taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, [1950s?].
  5 Paper - "Determination & Freedom" (two versions), early 1950s.
  6 Lecture notes on liturgiology taught by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1959.
  7 Warden's notes - (brown softcover coiled notebook), 1952-1953.
  8 Warden's notes - (black hardcover bound notebook), 1953-1958.
  9 Warden's notes - (two black softcover bound notebooks), 1955.
  10 St. John's College sermons/notes - (two black softcover notebooks), 1956-1957.
  11 Faculty meetings and various instructions, 1951-1961.
  12 Panel discussions at St. John's College and University of Manitoba and related correspondence, 1958-1959.
  13 Petition and statements to faculty and students, 1961.
  14 "The Talent Plan" Building Fund of St. John's College (Hope Wilmot's file), 1957.
  15 Financial campaign correspondence and related material, 1987.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
27 1 St. John's College Capital Fundraising Campaign correspondence, related materials and notes, 1991.
  2 Alumni lists, 1920-1990.
  3 "The Johnian" 1944 - Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on page seven.
  4 "The Johnian" 1948

"The Johnian" 1951

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages 12, 13, 51, 52, 55 and 82.


"The Johnian" 1952

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages 10 and 11.


"The Johnian" 1953

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages seven, eight and 31.


"The Johnian" 1954

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages six and seven. Louise Wilmot is pictured on pages 36 and 40.


"The Johnian" 1955

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages three and seven.


"The Johnian" 1956

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on page seven.


"The Johnian" 1957

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on page five.


"The Johnian" 1958

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages five and ten.


“The Johnian" 1959

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on page four.


"The Johnian" 1960

Annotated and signed.

- Rev. Canon Wilmot mentioned on pages two and six. Note: Contains Christmas card photograph of Dr. & Mrs. Hugh H. Saunderson (University President) and family.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
28 1

"The Johnian" 1962

- dedicated (note pages two and four) to Rev. Canon Wilmot (includes letter informing him of the dedication).


"The Johnian" 1963

Annotated, signed; contains ephemera.


"The Johnian" 1964


Includes correspondence with Rev. Canon Wilmot, then at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
29 4 St. John's College calendar, 1954-1955.
  5 St. John's College calendar, 1955-1956.
  6 St. John's College calendar, 1959-1960.
  7 St. John's College calendar, 1960-1961.

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Divinity School at Yale and Harvard Universities 1946 + 1960
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
28 8 Yale University Divinity School - papers, notes, 1946.
  9 Yale University Divinity School - notes on child study, 1946.
  10 Yale University Divinity School - notes, September-December 1946.
  11 Yale University Divinity School - notes on psychology of religion, September-December 1946.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
29 1 Harvard University Summer School - philosophy papers, notes, 1960.
  2 Harvard University Summer School - Greek philosophy papers, tests and notes, 1960.

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Teaching and Studying at St. Augustine's College, Oxford, England 1961-1992
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
29 3 Correspondence regarding admission to and studies for Doctor of Philosophy program, Oxford University, England, 1961-1967.
  4 Correspondence regarding teaching position and years spent at St. Augustine's College (Oxford), Canterbury, Kent, England,1961-1981.
  5 Notes for tour of Canterbury led by Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot, 1985.
  6 Correspondence with Bishop Kenneth Cragg, Jerusalem and Cairo, 1970-1978.

Correspondence with Bishop Maurice, Winifred and Augusta Ngahyoma, 1971-1984.

NOTE: Rev. Canon Wilmot acted as godfather to Augusta Ngahyoma.

  8 Correspondence with Bishop Stuart Snell, 1977-1979.
  9 Correspondence with Drs. Gloria & Colin Smith, 1978-1988.
  10 Guest book from the Wilmot homes at both St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England (1965) and at Winnipeg, where it was used until 1992.
  11 Correspondence regarding future development of St. Augustine's College, 1967.
  12 St. Augustine's College course outlines, 1963-1967.
  13 St. Augustine's College student enrolment (arranged alphabetically), 1966-1967.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
30 1 Lecture notes - Advent term, 1963.
  2 Lecture notes - philosophers and religious truth, 1964.
  3 Lecture notes - Advent/Lent term

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Psychiatric Hospital Chaplaincy in the United States and Canada [1967-1991]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
31 1 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas - chaplaincy correspondence and work reports, 1967-1968.
  2 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Houston, Texas - sermons/ talks given as hospital chaplain, 1967-1968.
  3 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital - correspondence with Armen Jorjorian, Religious Director & Chaplain (includes evaluation of Rev. Canon Wilmot's work and abilities), 1968-1972.
  4 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital - correspondence and notes for sermons, 1967.
  5 St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital - sermons and patient interviews, 1967-1968.
  6 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. - correspondence regarding pastoral training, 1967-1970.
  7 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Chaplain Wilmot's reports to Dr. Ernest Bruder, administrative supervisor, 1968-1969.
  8 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Chaplain Wilmot's extensive notes on patients at Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Chaplain Wilmot's notes on the history of patient Florence L. Mason, 1968.
  9 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Chaplain Wilmot's talk on mental illness, 1969.
  10 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Chaplain Wilmot's lecture notes, 1967.
  11 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - clinical issues seminar, 1968.
  12 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Richardson staff conference, 1969.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
32 1 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital, Washington, D.C. - community psychiatry notes, 1968.
  2 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - supervisory conferences, notes and related correspondence, 1968-1969.
  3 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Crisis/ministry notes, 1969.
  4 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - personality development seminar, 1968-1973.
  5 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - lecture notes and staff miscellaneous, 1969-1976.
  6 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - staff miscellaneous (continued), 1969.
  7 Saint Elizabeth's Hospital - Evaluation by Chaplain Nineteen Months of Clinical Pastoral Training", 1969.
  8 Saint Elizabeth's and St. Luke's Hospitals - "Comparison and Contrast of Experiences at Houston and Washington" by Chaplain Wilmot, 1969.
  9 Queen Street Mental Health Centre, Toronto - entrance into summer training, 1969.
  10 Queen Street Mental Health Centre - correspondence with acting supervisor, 1969.
  11 Queen Street Mental Health Centre - sensitivity group seminars, 1969.
  12 Queen Street Mental Health Centre - draft policy and procedures, 1968-1988.
  13 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, Ontario - accreditation for supervisory position (and related correspondence), 1970-1971.
  14 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - "The Whitby Story" (history of the institution) and related correspondence, 1969-1991.
  15 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - seminar: "Crisis Ministry in the Community", 1969.
  16 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - Booklet by Chaplain Wilmot: "Let Us Worship Together: An Order for Holy Communion and Prayers and Hymns for Common Use in Whitby Psychiatric Hospital", March 1971.
  17 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - clinical pastoral course, 1971.
  18 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - Ontario Hospital (Chaplain's Section) Fall Conferences, 1972.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
33 1 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - correspondence with Colin MacKinnon and mentions of the Wilmots in the hospital's publication "Staff-Liners", 1972-1975.
  2 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - panel on the Status of Hospital Chaplains, [ca. 1971].
  3 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - 30th anniversary of chaplaincy and related correspondence, 1980.
  4 St. Boniface General Hospital - application for chaplaincy and related correspondence, 1969-1975.

Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - panel discussion on "Death & Dying", 1972.

Includes 1956 version with earlier notes.

  6 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - seminar for clergy of Ontario county, 1972.
  7 Whitby Psychiatric Hospital - materials used in seminars, 1969.

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Later Education and Scholarly Works 1966-1987
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
33 8 First Master of Arts thesis: "The Idea of God in the Most Recent British Philosophy: An Enquiry into the Possibility of Significant Theological Discourse Today", Department of Philosophy, University of Manitoba (written at 36 St. Margaret's Road, Oxford, England). Unbound original. Includes related correspondence and letter informing of the granting of this degree.
  9 Doctor of Philosophy dissertation: "The Concept of God in the Philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and His Approach to the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity" and abstract of same dissertation. Faculty of Theology, The University of Oxford, Michaelmas term, 1966. Bound hardcover copy. Includes loose sheets of related information and notes.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
34 1

Doctor of Philosophy dissertation: Faculty of Theology, The University of Oxford, 1966.

Second bound hardcover annotated copy.


Doctor of Philosophy dissertation: Faculty of Theology, The University of Oxford, 1966.

Bound hardcover original final version.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
35 1 Whitehead and God - miscellaneous research notes written at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, summer1967.
  2 Whitehead and God - correspondence with Charles Hartshorne, 1967-1972.
  3 Whitehead and God - correspondence with University of Winnipeg professor Dr. Brenton Stearns, 1979-1984.
  4 Whitehead and God - correspondence with Oxford University Press, 1972-1973.
  5 Whitehead and God - correspondence with University of Toronto Press, 1975-1977.
  6 Whitehead and God - correspondence with Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1977-1987.
  7 Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction - edited manuscript copy with loose pages of notes on errata,1972.
  8 Whitehead and God - notes on "Whitehead and Athanasius", 1973.
  9 Whitehead and God - miscellaneous pages versions and errata, notes and related correspondence, 1973-1974.
  10 Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction - chapters II, III, IV and V.
  11 Whitehead and God ... - chapters VI and VII.
  12 Whitehead and God ... - part two, chapter VIII.
  13 Whitehead and God ... - chapter IX.
  14 Whitehead and God ... - chapter X.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
36 1 Whitehead and God: Prolegomena to Theological Reconstruction - chapter XI.
  2 Whitehead and God - chapter XII and endnotes.
  3 Whitehead and God - research notes and miscellaneous excerpts.
  4 Whitehead and God - philosophy course from Dr. Brenton Stearns at the University of Winnipeg, 1974.
  5 Whitehead and God - general correspondence regarding the book (from friends and associates), 1974-1981.
  6 Whitehead and God - notes and comments on the book, [ca. 1970s].

Whitehead and God - book published by Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 1979.


  8 Whitehead and God - reviews in numerous scholarly journals and other publications, 1979-1981.
  9 Whitehead and God - response to review by Lewis Ford, 1980.
  10 Alfred North Whitehead seminar at the University of Winnipeg, 1981.
  11 Alfred North Whitehead seminar at the University of Winnipeg, 1983.
  12 Paper: "An Analysis of the Process of the Emergence, Development, and Transformation of Alfred North Whitehead's conceptions of God in his Philosophical Writings", 1984.
  13 Paper: "God and the World: One Man's Search and Discovery", first typed manuscript, 1984.
  14 Paper: "God and the World: One Man's Search and Discovery", final manuscript and one printed copy, 1985-1986.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
37 1 Second Master of Arts degree (history), University of Manitoba. Includes correspondence 1976-1979, grades (going back to St. John's College student days) and thesis correspondence.
  2 University of Manitoba M.A. course "History 440" notes, 1976-1977.
  3 University of Manitoba M.A. course "History 733" notes, 1977-1978.
  4 Essay: "Alexander Morris and the Creation of the Office of Premier: An Historical Analysis of the Evolution of Responsible Government in Manitoba" written for University of Manitoba M.A. course "History 733" (three versions, including related notes and correspondence), 1978 (regarding submission of this paper to various publications).

Essay: "The Foundation of the University of Manitoba in 1877" written for University of Manitoba M.A. course "History 440", 1977.

Includes related notes and correspondence.

  6 University of Manitoba M.A. course preview/analysis of supplied paper for "Historical Method & Historiography 11.440", 1977.
  7 University of Manitoba - M.A. Thesis "The Churches of the Red River Settlement and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba: An Historical Analysis of the Process of Transition from Frontier College to University" - original draft of March 1979.
  8 University of Manitoba - M.A. Thesis - copy of draft of April 1979.
  9 University of Manitoba - Correspondence re: student award funds re: second M.A., 1977.

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Historical Essays for Conferences and Publications 1955-1990
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
38 1 Paper: "Robert Machray - Missionary Statesman" for Manitoba History Society Papers Series, 1958.
  2 Paper: "Robert Machray and the Early Development of Higher Education in Manitoba: An Historical Re-interpretation of the Series of Events Leading to the Foundation of the University of Manitoba in 1877, Based on Primary Source Materials Hitherto Unresearched" presented to the Manitoba Historical Society, 1980.
  3 Paper: "Robert Machray and the Creation of the University of Manitoba in 1877" - draft and edited paper, 1980.

Paper: "The Anglican Church in Western Canadian History" presented to St. John's College Canadian Studies Conference, 1987.

Includes related notes, programs and correspondence.

  5 Paper: "Robert Machray and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba in 1877" (Revised 1990) presented to Canadian Plains Research Centre. Includes related correspondence.
  6 Correspondence with researchers re: Archbishop Robert Machray, 1977-1987.

Lecture: "History in the Making: The Anglican Mission to the North West" or "John West Comes to America" given to Distinguished Lecturers Series, Creative Retirement Manitoba, October 1988.

Also includes research notes and copy of earlier version of same paper.

  8 Correspondence related to Centre For Process Studies, 1973-1987.
  9 Correspondence/notes related to Society for the Study of Process Philosophies, 1978.
  10 Review: "A Scandal: Biblical Theology and the Church" by Rev. Dr. Cecil Landon. Review is in the form of correspondence, 1955.
  11 Correspondence regarding Manitoba Biographies Series with Mary Scorer of Peguis Press, 1977.
  12 Correspondence with Humanities Research Council, 1974-1979.
  13 Review: "A Brief Introduction to 'A Bed By the Window' by M. Scott Peck" including notes, 1978-1991.
  14 Paper: "Myths and History in Accounts of the Introduction of Responsible Government and Higher Education in the Province of Manitoba: An Essay in Historical Reconstruction", n.d.
  15 Minutes of meetings attended by Rev. Canon Wilmot of Continuing Education at the University of Manitoba, 1972-1974.
  16 Minutes of meetings attended by Rev. Canon Wilmot of Continuing Education at the University of Manitoba, 1975-1976.
  17 Course at Continuing Education: "The Feminine Religion", 1975.
  18 Correspondence with Canadian Association for Pastoral Education, 1977-1979.
  19 Report/notes relating to Interfaith Pastoral Institute, 1977-1978.
  20 Seminar given by Rev. Canon Wilmot: "Lay Pastoral Ministry in an Institutional Setting", 1990.

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Records of Work with Senior Citizens 1970s-1990s
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
39 1 Reports by Rev. Canon Wilmot to Senior Citizens Non-Profit Housing, 1976.
  2 Correspondence relating to Task Force on Ministries to and with the Elderly, 1980-1981.
  3 Speech and correspondence regarding Elders and Ministry, 1981.
  4 Colloquium at Churchill, Manitoba by Rupert's Land Research Centre, 1988.
  5 Citation for Citizenship of Farrell B. Fleming, 1989.
  6 Correspondence regarding University of Manitoba Seniors' Leadership Program Advisory Committee, 1990.
  7 Seniors' Workshops led by Rev. Canon Wilmot, 1992.
  8 Certificate of Appreciation from Manitoba Schizophrenia Society, 1992.
  9 Course: "Aging and Religion" at Creative Retirement Manitoba, 1989.
  10 Seminar: "Canada After Meech Lake" at Creative Retirement Manitoba, 1990.
  11 Correspondence/minutes relating to Winnipeg Region Board of Directors of Creative Retirement Manitoba, 1991-1992.
  12 Minutes of meetings attended by Rev. Canon Wilmot regarding Native Dialysis Support Group, 1988-1989.
  13 Minutes of meetings attended by Rev. Canon Wilmot regarding St. Helen's House Committee, 1989-1992.
  14 Notes on Fourth Annual Spring Symposium at University of Manitoba Centre on Aging, 1987.
  15 Correspondence/minutes of Society For Self-Help (Phoenix Centre), 1987-1989.
  16 Correspondence/minutes of Society For Self-Help, 1988-1989.
  17 Counselling/miscellaneous notes of Society For Self-Help, 1990.
  18 Appointments/grant applications of Society For Self-Help, 1990.
  19 Correspondence regarding donation made by Kathleen M. Richardson, O.C., to Society For Self-Help, 1990.
  20 Notes related to MacCrimmon Centre (Selkirk, Manitoba) of Society For Self-Help, 1990.
  21 Notes regarding "Ministry to Native People in the Diocese" Task Force, 1976 and 1991.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
40 1 “The St. John’s College Story: A Documentary” L. F. Wilmot, MC, manuscript

“God at Work Within a World in Chaos” L. F. Wilmot, MC, Manuscript

Left empty for further accessions.

* Box 41 left empty for further accruals

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Oversize Documents 1927-1964
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
42 1 Scrapbook of newspaper clippings collected during World War 11 regarding church and war issues, [ca. 1944].
  2 Document - Canadian Officers Training Corps, University of Manitoba contingent, Certificate A, 1st June 1927.

Two documents - Diocese of Brandon "License and Authority to perform the office of Curate/Priest" for the parishes of Pilot Mound and Clearwater, MB, 1931 and 1932.

Signed by Wilfrid, Bishop of Brandon.

  3 Document - Diocese of Brandon "License and Authority to perform the office of Rector" for the parishes of St. James, Swan River, MB, and attached parts, 1936.
  3 Document - Diocese of Brandon "License and Authority to perform the office of pioneer priest in the northern district of the Diocese", 1939.
  3 Two Documents - Permission from Arthur Michael, Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan, to exercise the office of Priest, 1961 and 1964.
  4 Two Documents - Permission from the Bishop of Brandon to administer Holy Order, 1931 and 1932.

Document - (paper mounted on cloth) - appointment to officer in the Active Militia for the Dominion of Canada, University of Manitoba Contingent, Canadian Officers Training Corps, in the rank of Lieutenant, from 1928 to 1929.

Signed by Governor-General of Canada, Viscount Willingdon.


Document - (paper mounted on cloth) - appointment to officer in the Canadian Chaplain Service (Captain and Chaplain), 1942.

Signed by Governor-General of Canada, The Earl of Athlone.


Document - (parchment) degree of Bachelor of Arts, University of Manitoba, May 1931.

Signed by first President James Alexander MacLean, Registrar W. J. Spence, Chancellor (Archbishop) S.P. Matheson, Head of the Board of Governors John A. Machray. Written in Latin.


Document - (fragile, paper) degree Licentiate in Theology (now known as a Bachelor of Divinity) from St. John's College, May 1931. 

Signed by College Warden George A. Wells and College Registrar Thomas C.B. Boon. Believed to be the only St. John's degree document extant in U of M Archives.

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Photograph Collection (PC 132) [ca. 1888]-1957
Family, [ca. 1888]-1957
Wilmot's Family
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 1 Margaret Caroline Polden and John Moody Campbell (maternal grandparents of Laurence Wilmot). Mr. Campbell went to sea at age 11 and by the age of 30 had risen to captain. 1918
  1 Herbert Wilmot (father of Laurence), Rogers (a neighbour farmer friend) and John Wilmot (brother of Herbert). (Herbert came to Clanwilliam from England in 1895).Taken at the N.W. quarter, Clanwilliam, MB, outside the stable and corral, 1897 or 1898
  1 All Saints Church at Clanwilliam, MB. Laurence Wilmot was baptized here. The church was later closed but as of 1997 was still standing.
  1 Thomas Herbert Wilmot portrait, age 26 (father of Laurence Wilmot). He had come to Canada in 1895 but returned to England for a time, at which point this photograph was made, 1901.
  1 First portrait of Laurence Frank Wilmot. Left to right: siblings Archibald Campbell Wilmot (born 1905), John Herbert (Jack) Wilmot (born 1904), Elsie Wilmot (born 1901), Laurence (born 1907). Taken at Minnedosa, MB, 1907.
  1 Birthplace of Laurence Frank Wilmot, the family farmhouse seven miles from Clanwilliam, MB. Underneath the newer wood siding was a log house. It has since been demolished.
  1 Second portrait of Laurence Frank Wilmot. Left to right: siblings John Herbert (Jack) Wilmot (born 1904), Laurence Frank (born 1907), and Archibald Campbell Wilmot (born 1905). Taken at Minnedosa, MB, 1910-1911.
  1 T. Herbert Wilmot with his sons (left to right) Archibald, John (Jack) and Laurence, likely at Minnedosa, MB, [ca. 1914].
  1 Believed to be St. Mary's Anglican Church at Clanwilliam, MB. in the late 1930s or early 1940s.
  1 Family group photograph taken on the occasion of the visit to the Wilmot farm near Clanwilliam, MB of Laurence Wilmot's paternal grandmother from England. Her three sons and their families are pictured surrounding Mrs. Wilmot. Taken around the end of the First World War. A complete identification of people in the photograph may be found in "Valley Views", a history of Minnedosa.
  1 Walter Wilmot (younger brother of Laurence) in air force uniform outside the family farm house (Sherewood Farm) near Clanwilliam, MB, where Laurence was born; October 1942.
  1 Series of nine photographs of the reunion of the Campbell family (Laurence's Wilmot's mother's side), 1957.
Hope Littlewood Wilmot's Family
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 2 Bristol (England) Bridge (Sidney Littlewood, father of Hope Wilmot, was born near here.), [ca. 1888].
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
2 1 Hope Miller (centre), maternal grandmother of Hope Littlewood (later Wilmot), on a visit to California. Also pictured are uncles and aunts of Hope (LittlewoodWilmot. The Millers were United Empire Loyalists.

Great-grandmother Hope and McGillivray Aylsworth, summer 1937-1938.

(six unprinted negatives).

  1 Willie, an uncle of Hope (LittlewoodWilmot, and unidentified woman out rowing, taken in the early 1900s. [19-?]

Beresford (Berry) Littlewood, brother of Hope Wilmot, with class of boys at Hay River, July 1936; Elsie Wilmot and group of boys at Hay River, July 1936.

(Two photographs).

Photographs 1-5 of Hope Wilmot (Mrs. Laurence) and her family.

Photographs 1-19 of Hope (Littlewood) Wilmot prior to and after her marriage to Laurence Wilmot.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 3

Hope Littlewood at her Sunday School, Anglican Church Mission, Caledonia Diocese, Peace River and Vancouver, 1930.

(35 unprinted negatives).

  3 Laurence Wilmot and dog out hunting prior to his marriage. Later, he taught wife Hope to shoot.
  3 Edith Louise Hope Littlewood portrait, just prior to her marriage to Laurence Wilmot. She was living at 201 Morley Avenue in Winnipeg when this portrait was made in 1932.

Rev. Laurence Wilmot and Hope Littlewood on their wedding day in Winnipeg, August 25, 1932.

(five photographs - two of the couple and three with relatives and friends).


Rev. Laurence Wilmot and Hope Littlewood on their wedding day in Winnipeg, August 25, 1932.

(two unprinted negatives)


Laurence and Hope Wilmot on their honeymoon at and near Sultana Island, Lake of the Woods, Kenora, ON, 1932.

(seven photographs)

  2 Rev. Laurence and Hope Wilmot shortly after their marriage. Taken in the Manitoba countryside. [ca. 1932].
  2 Rev. Laurence and Hope Wilmot (seated in front), 1932.
  2 Rev. Laurence and Hope Wilmot (standing by car) setting out from Pilot Mount, MB, en route to Swan River, MB, 1935.
Student Days at St. John's College, 1925-1935
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 4 St. John's College surrounded by trees, taken from main access road, [ca. 1925].

St. John's College senior hockey team, Manitoba Inter-Collegiate Champions, 1926-1927

Back row: L.S. Hodnett, G.C. Chataway, G.C. Manning, F.F. Sullivan, Andrew D. Blair, T.A. McMaster, G.V. Williamson (autographs of latter two are on reverse of photograph). Front row: S.R. Stevens, V. Taylor, J.E. Pidcock.


St. John's College senior hockey team, Inter-Collegiate Champions of Manitoba, 1925-1926.

Back row: R.H. Brayshay, B.C. Heap, J.G. Spratt, G.V. Williamson, V. Taylor, A. Edwards, J.J. Dunlop. Front row: J. Mitchell, Andrew D. Blair, S.H. Sutherland. Absent: J. Smart.


St. John's College junior hockey team, 1925-1926.

Back row: F. F. Sullivan, A. Edwards, G.V. Williamson, H. Croft, E. Ruse. Front row: R.H. Brayshay, S.R. Stevens, H.W. Sutherland, L.S. Hodnett, J.J. Dunlop. Absent: J.E. Pidcock.

  4 (L to R) J.J. Dunlop, Cecil C. Landon and Andrew D. Blair coming from football practice at St. John's College, 1927-1928.

St. John's College basketball team, 1925-1926.

Left to right: R.H. Brayshay, A. Edwards, K.E. Spencer, B. Thomas, J.I. McKinnie, G.V. Williamson, J.J. Dunlop, S.R. Stevens, Andrew D. Blair. Absent: J.E. Pidcock.


St. John's College junior football team, 1925-1926.

Back row: J.W. Cook, W. de V A. Hunt, R.H. Brayshay, Andrew D. Blair, G.F. Rogers, R.L. Taylor. Front row: Laurence F. Wilmot, George B. MacNamara, Cecil C. Landon. (autographed by nine of the players).


St. John's College Students' Council, 1927-1928.

Back row: G.M. Armstrong, L.D. Batchelor, R.S. Stevens, J.T.J. Walker. Middle row: A.F. Clough, Laurence F. Wilmot, J. Adams-Cooper, V. Walker, F. Boyd. Front row: W. Wells, Cecil C. Landon, George B. MacNamara, J.I. McKinnie, A. de V. Hunt.


Group taken in St. John's College, 1927-1928.

Back row: 1. Walker 2. R.H. Brayshay 3. Arthur Nixon 4. J.J. Dunlop 10. (on end) Laurence Wilmot. Front row: 1. (on left) Rogers 2. (on right) Frank Ison.


Theologs (theological students) outside St. John's College, 1926-1927.

Left to right: Laurence Wilmot, unknown, Fred Cluff, Leslie Taylor.

  4 Thomas (Tom) Daniels outside St. John's College, 1926-1927.

Theological students outside St. John's College, 1926-1927.

Left to right: Thomas Daniels, Harry Moss, Jeffcott, Patrick (Paddy) Vincent.

  4 Theological students Leslie Taylor (left) and Patrick (Paddy) Vincent outside St. John's College, 1926-1927.
  4 Theological student Leslie Taylor (wearing cassock and surplice) outside St. John's College, 1927-1928.
  4 Theological student Leslie Taylor in St. John's College gown. Taken outside the College, 1927-1928.
  4 Close-up view of facade of old St. John's College, 1925.
  4 Frontal and partial side-view of St. John's College residence, 1925.
  4 Front view of Manitoba Legislature, 1925.
  4 Manitoba Legislature and World War One memorial, 1925.
  4 Seven Oaks Memorial, Manitoba, 1925.
  4 Buffalo monuments and staircase inside Manitoba Legislature, 1925.
  4 Interior of greenhouse at Assiniboine Park, Winnipeg, April 1926.
  4 "Tubby and the Cathedral" (new gates being constructed at the also-under-construction St. John's Anglican Cathedral. Note cemetery monuments protected from construction.), Winnipeg, May 5, 1926.
  4 Laying of the foundations and early construction of church window frames for St. John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, May 18, 1926.
  4 Walls and foundation under construction - St. John's Cathedral, Winnipeg, May 5, 1926.
  4 Two visitors (man on left likely Laurence Wilmot) to the construction site of St. John's Cathedral, (shows bottom portion of church walls going up), Winnipeg, May 5, 1926.
  4 Knowles School on a hill across a pond or ditch, spring 1926.

School boys class photo, Knowles School, 1925-1926.

Laurence Wilmot, teacher, at top left wearing suit.

  4 John Wilmot (uncle of Laurence Wilmot) and family with their Ford (on a trip to Winnipeg to visit Laurence at St. John's College),1926.
  4 Exterior of Knowles School, spring 1926.
  4 Unidentified teacher and boys at Knowles School, spring 1926.
  4 Theological student Laurence Wilmot outside St. John's College, 1926.
  4 Two unidentified military officers (Canadian Officers in Training Corps ?), [ca. 1926-1927].
  4 Burton Thomas, fellow theological student, who roomed with Laurence Wilmot at St. John's College in 1926.
  4 Theological student Andrew Blair (back) and Rev. Arthur Neil (front), rector at Headingly, leaving for a day of golf, (St. John's College in background), 1926.
  4 The Fort Garry Canadian National Railway Hotel and Union Station, Winnipeg, [ca. 1926].
  4 Portage Avenue, showing Eatons and Somerset Block, Winnipeg, [ca. 1926].
  4 Wesley College (now University of Winnipeg) and students' quarters, Winnipeg, [ca. 1926].
  4 Canadian Pacific Railway station showing engine no. 1 "Countess of Dufferin", Winnipeg, [ca. 1926].
  4 Fire at Tees and Persse building, Winnipeg, January 1, 1924.

Open air chapel near Stockton, MB, 1931.

Services were held on a mound during a Bishop's retreat. First and second from left are Rev. Kenneth Bolton and recently-ordained Laurence Wilmot.

  4 Laurence Wilmot's cousins Eva, Caroline and Florence, ( daughters of Laurence's uncle John Wilmot), [ca. 1930].
  4 Near Stockton, MB, where the open air chapel mass was said, 1931.

Near Stockton, MB, where the open air chapel mass was said during a Bishop's retreat, 1931.

Rev. Laurence Wilmot 2nd from extreme right.

  4 Site of the open air chapel near Stockton, MB, 1931.
  4 Taken on the occasion of Laurence Wilmot's ordination: his uncle John's family - back row: Florence, Dr. Joseph Gayton, Aunt Helen. Uncle John, unknown, Fannie Wilmot (Laurence's mother), Eva Wilmot Gayton. Front row: George Milne and his son.
  4 Fannie Charlotte Campbell Wilmot (mother of Laurence) with Peggy (left), unknown, and Kathleen (right),at Sherewood Farm (family farm) near Clanwilliam, MB, late 1920s.
  4 Unidentified boy toddler, [ca. 192-?].
  4 Rev. Laurence Wilmot with horses and cutter going over the bridge to Clearwater, MB, on missionary work, [ca. 1931-1935].
  4 Walter Wilmot (younger brother of Laurence), age three, at home near Clanwilliam, MB, 1926.
  4 Marsh Point (near Oak Point, MB) from the west, summer 1926.

Laurence's uncle, aunt and cousins visiting him, 1926.

Left to right: Eva, Aunt Helen, Caroline and Uncle John Wilmot. Taken at the Maple Leaf Apartments, Winnipeg.

  4 Crowds observing the bears at Assiniboine Park, April 1926.
  4 Buffalo at Assiniboine Park, April 1926.
  4 Theological student Laurence Wilmot (holding tennis racket) beside the front steps of St. John's College, 1928.
  4 Unidentified baby in high chair, [ca. 1926-1928].
  4 View of Oak Point from Marsh Point, summer 1926.
  4 Marsh Point (near Oak Point, MB) at sunset, summer 1926.
  4 Group of women, children and men dressed for picnic at Swan Creek, MB, July 21, 1926.
  4 "After the busy day" - Miss Clegg and colleagues at Seamo Church, [ca. 1926].
  4 Congregation outside Seamo Anglican Church, November 7, 1926.
  4 Women and children at a picnic at Swan Creek, MB, 1926.
  4 John Ayr in yard of Swan Creek, MB school, 1926.
  4 Congregation outside Seamo church after Thanksgiving service, 1926.
  4 John Ayr and dog Rupert, Swan Creek, MB, 1926.
  4 Mrs. John Ayr (or Ayre) and her mother-in-law, 1926.
  4 Mr. C. Ayre's house at Lundar, MB, September 1926.
  4 "Fred" Ayr ? and dog Rupert, 1926.
  4 "Fred" Ayr ? and dogs Rupert and Boy, 1926.
  4 John Ayr or Ayre after five hours spent hunting hares, 1926.
  4 Ladies, gentlemen and children at Swan Creek (MB) picnic, 1926.

Brandon Diocese Theological Class, St. John's College, 1928-1929.

1. A.E. Smith 2. G.M. Armstrong 3. Cecil C. Landon 4. J. I. McKinnie 5. Laurence F. Wilmot 6. R.C. Bolton 7. B.W. Dashwood.

  4 Exterior photograph of St. John's College surrounded by trees and taken from across the main access road, Church & Main Streets, summer 1939.
  4 Laurence Wilmot studying in St. John's College resident during his University days in the late 1920s or very early 1930s.
  4 First two formal studio portraits of Laurence Wilmot: Formal portrait of Laurence Frank Wilmot (likely the first portrait of him alone) taken in his first year of theology at St. John's College, at age 19, 1926. Signed; Formal of Laurence Frank Wilmot upon graduation from St. John's College, University of Manitoba, with a Bachelor of Arts degree and Licentiate in Theology, 1931. 1926, 1931
  7 Theological student Laurence Wilmot as an officer in the University of Manitoba's Canadian Officers in Training Corps. Taken on the front steps of St. John's College, in 1928.

St. John's College junior football team, 1925-1926.

Same as photograph #7.

Photographs 1-75 in black album (inside front cover is written "Laurence F. Wilmot, St. John's College, Winnipeg, Man., 1925")

Family, 1930s-1960s
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 5 Two photographs. Rev. Laurence Wilmot holding first born, Laurence, Jr. on the baby's christening day, 1933, at Pilot Mound, MB. Rev. Laurence & Hope Wilmot holding Laurence, Jr., 1933.
  5 Rev. Laurence Wilmot holding Laurence, Jr., who was one year old, taken at 55 Kingston Row, Winnipeg. Rev. Laurence & Hope Wilmot with baby Laurence at 55 Kingston Row, Winnipeg.
  5 Rev. Laurence Wilmot (top left) with his mother Fannie, wife Hope and father Herbert (seated) holding Laurence, Jr., June 1934 at Sherewood Farm (family farm) near Clanwilliam, MB. Hope and Rev. Laurence Wilmot with Laurence, Jr. and Hope, Jr. outside Swan River rectory, [ca. 193-?].
  5 Fifty-three negatives (unprinted) of Wilmots and their children in 1943 and c. 1943: at Boutilliers Point, Grant's Resort cabins at Brockville, ON and Rev. Laurence Wilmot while in the army (some taken in uniform, some out of uniform). [ca. 1943]

Hope Wilmot and three children taken on Easter morning, [ca. 194-?].

(Unprinted negative).

  5 Hope Wilmot, Jr. and Lucy on a three-wheeled bicycle at 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg. (Four unprinted negatives).

Family portrait: Laurence, Jr., Hope, Sr., Hope, Jr., Laurence, Sr. and Louise Wilmot, just before leaving Swan River parish, 1942.

Photograph sent to Laurence when he was overseas.

  5 Portrait of Wilmot children: Louise, Hope and Laurence (wearing St. John's College Boys School blazer), taken on Canora Street, Winnipeg, 1943.
  5 Portrait of Louise Wilmot and Rev. David Crawley on their wedding day (getting into wedding car to go to St. George's Anglican Church), August 8, 1959.
  5 Portrait of Louise (Wilmot) and Rev. David Crawley and their children. Taken at the time of their arrival at St. Matthew's Parish in Winnipeg, 1971.

Portrait of Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr., early [1970s].

Photographs 1-13 of Laurence Wilmot, his wife Hope and their children from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Professional, 1920s-1942
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 6 Theological student Laurence Wilmot on a survey crew in 1930 (Rosedale, Alberta) and on his first mission posting (one photograph at Makinak, MB church). 1930, n.d.
  6 Laurence Wilmot seated, writing, at Pilot Mound, MB in the early [1930s].
  6 Two identified friends in the clergy. Photograph marked "ordination, St. Peter's Day, June 29, 1935).
  6 Photograph and negative of Rev. Laurence Wilmot dressed to conduct a service, taken outside a cabin, 1930s.
  6 Rev. Laurence Wilmot dressed to conduct a service, St. James Anglican Church, Swan River, MB, 1935.
  6 Rev. Laurence Wilmot in minister's day suit, standing by a car at LaRiviere, MB parish, fall 1935.
  6 Two unprinted negatives: Mary Senis and Hope Wilmot, Jr. at Swan River, MB and Henchliff House, Kingston Row lily pond.
  6 Rev. Laurence Wilmot in minister's day suit, as travelling priest in Manitoba, [ca. 1940].

Mrs. Les McKay and daughter, parishioners from Pilot Mound, MB, taken while visiting in Winnipeg, 1942.

Photographs 1-14 of Rev. Laurence Wilmot as minister of rural Manitoba parishes from the late 1920s throughout the 1930s until 1942.

World War II 1942-1945
Folder 7: Photographs 1-2. Album-size World War 11 portraits of Chaplain Laurence Wilmot.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 7 Captain (Chaplain/Padre) Laurence Wilmot upon entering the West Nova Scotia Regiment, taken (in uniform and hat) in Canada, July 1, 1942.

Captain Laurence Wilmot as padre of West Nova Scotia Regiment, taken in Italy, 1944.

Portrait which was sent to his mother in Clanwilliam, MB.

Folder 8: Photographs 1-6. Large format (8x10) World War 11 portraits of and including Captain Laurence Wilmot.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 8 Captain Laurence Wilmot while visiting wounded in hospital. Taken by a street photographer in Naples, Italy in early June 1944
  8 Formal portrait of Captain Laurence Wilmot as army padre/chaplain as he left the services at the end of World War 11. Taken at Winnipeg October 2, 1945.
  8 Formal head and shoulders portrait of Captain Laurence Wilmot as West Nova Scotia Regiment padre/chaplain as he left the services at the end of World War 11. Taken upon his return to Canada, October 2, 1945.
  8 Chaplain Laurence Wilmot (centre) pointing out the bullet holes in his helmet to H-Major J.P. Browne and H-Major R.O. Wilkes, [ca. 1945].
  8 "The Winnipeg News" clipping which features above photograph and article about Rev. Wilmot's experience of being shot at.

Group Canadian military photograph from the Conference of Canadian Army Chaplains in 1945.

Third in top row: Ernest McQuarrie. Fourth in top row: Captain Laurence Wilmot. Fifth in top row: Eldon Davis.

Folder 9: Photographs 1-117. Captain Laurence Wilmot in Canada, Italy and England during World War 11.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 9

Wilmot family, 1942-1943. Photograph of Rev. Laurence and Hope Wilmot as Laurence left for overseas, 1942.

Two unprinted negatives.

  9 Two photographs. Rev. Laurence Wilmot at Boutilliers Point on St. Margaret's Bay, N.S., summer 1943 and at Donnagheys in Sussex, N.B. in the Black Watch in the fall of 1942.

Hope Wilmot and children during W.W. 11, 1944-1945.

Includes three unprinted negatives.


Rev. Laurence Wilmot and other padres of No. 2 Canadian Hospital. Taken at St. Mary's College, Brockville, ON. in the summer of1943.

Left to right: Rev. Silcox (United Church padre of No. 2 Canadian Hospital, Roman Catholic chaplain, Wilmot. Canadian Army photograph.


Captain Laurence Wilmot ands comrades in Italy, 1944.

Includes four unprinted negatives.


Captain Laurence Wilmot at Piedmonti de Aliffi, Italy, 1944.

Includes the "rock chapel" in which he held services at Joya, Italy.

  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot at Mount Vesuvius, June 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot at Pompei, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot on his first visit to Rome, Italy, in 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot at Cassino and Amalfi, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot and West Nova Scotia Regiment confirmation class at Lago (Lake) Metese, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot and West Nova Scotia Regiment group which attended church membership school at Lago (Lake) Metese, Italy, July 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot in England, 1943-1945 and in January 1945 at chaplain's school.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot's photograph of Pope Pius 12 in Rome, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot at the Pantheon in Rome, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot enroute to Montesarchio, Italy (including photographs of aid post visited enroute), 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot in Russi, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot on the road into Monte Cassino, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot and friends in Assissi, Lucera and Ortona, Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot saying mass in Italy, 1944.
  9 Captain Laurence Wilmot outside padre's sagging tent (two images and original negative) in Italy, while moving from Ortona through Italy, April 1944.
Folder 10: Photographs 1-126. Captain Laurence's Wilmot's photographs taken in Holland during the Second World War and upon his return to Canada.
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
1 10 Taken around Utrecht, Holland, 1945.
  10 Taken around Utrecht, Holland, 1945.
  10 Captain Laurence Wilmot and other chaplains at Utrecht, Holland, 1945.
  10 Captain Laurence Wilmot and the Noodenburg family with whom he stayed in Nykerk, Holland, 1945.
  10 Parade at Rotterdam, Holland, 1945.
  10 Captain Laurence Wilmot at York, England and Nykerk and Rotterdam, Holland, June 1945.
  10 Captain Laurence Wilmot and wife Hope upon return from overseas, 1945-1946.
  10 Captain Laurence Wilmot, his wife Hope and mother Fannie the day his Military Cross was awarded, 1946.
  10 Places overseas visited by Captain Laurence Wilmot (cards are all annotated), 1942-1945.
Photographs of war cemeteries overseas during World War II.
Box Folder  
2 1

Last West Nova Scotia Regiment Cemetery, Russi, Italy, December 1944-February 1945.

Photographs and negatives.

  1 War Cemeteries of Ortona and San Leonardo, Italy, 1944.
  1 Individual graves of Lt. G.F. Prat, Private K. Higby, L/Cpl. S.R. Graham and overviews of San Lorenzo War Cemetery, Italy, 1944.
  1 War graves in local cemetery at Nijkerk, Holland.
  1 West Nova Scotia Regiment burial plots and graves at Klarenbeek, Holland.
  1 Taken on a visit by Captain Laurence Wilmot and two other padres to the catacombs of St. Calixtus, Rome, July 24, 1944 and to the graves of John Keats and Joseph Severn at Rome Protestant Cemetery, July 24, 1944.
Photographs of a service held by Captain Laurence Wilmot in Holland at the end of World War 11, June 3, 1945.
Box Folder  
2 2 Rev. Laurence Wilmot, chaplain, West Nova Scotia Regiment, preaching a pulpit at Bot Kuppell, suburb of The Hague, Holland, Sunday, June 17, 1945.
  2 Interior of Bethel Kerk (Church), Scheveningen, Holland, 1945.
  2 Captain Laurence Wilmot in pulpit conducting service of Thanksgiving at end of World War 11 in Europe to large crowd at Bethel Kerk (Church) at Scheveningen, Holland, 1945.
  2 Unidentified speaker in pulpit at service of Thanksgiving at Bethel Kerk (Church), Scheveningen, Holland, 1945.
  2 Large format photograph of Captain Laurence Wilmot in pulpit before large crowd at his service of Thanksgiving at the end of World War 11, at Scheveningen, Holland, in Bethel Kerk (Church), June 3, 1945.

Program for above-noted service of Thanksgiving. [ 1945 ]

Photographs and text regarding theological students' group in Holland co-founded by Captain Laurence Wilmot.

Box Folder  
2 3

Group portrait of theological students at The Hague, Holland (mostly evangelical Dutch) who formed Club Spes Salutis (Hope of Salvation). Taken June 18, 1945.

Captain Laurence Wilmot is seating in front centre.

  3 Portrait of Johannes Pronk.
  3 Portrait of Pieter Johannes de Bruyn.
  3 Portrait of Johannes Pieter van Dooren.
  3 Portrait of G. Taverne, B.D.
  3 Portrait of Henri Frans Swart.
  3 Portrait of Hendrik ten Boom.
  3 Portrait of Willem van Dam.
  3 Portrait of Jan Willem Falkenburg.
  3 Portrait of D.J. Froentjes.
  3 Portrait of Jacob L. Griep.
  3 Portrait of David Kahnijn.
  3 Portrait of Peter Leendert Schram.
  3 Portrait of Leendert Spaans.
  3 Portrait of Johannes Frederik Storm.
  3 Portrait of Jacques Struys.
  3 Portrait of Albert Hendrik Weenink.
Captain Laurence Wilmot as chaplain at West Nova Scotia Regimental Reunions.
Box Folder  
2 4 Captain Laurence Wilmot preaching at regimental reunion, and marching on regimental reunion parade, 1978-1979, 1986.
  4 West Nova Scotia Regiment Reunion group photograph, 1980s.
Warden of St. John's College 1950-[196-?]
Box Folder  
2 5 Canon George A. Wells installing Laurence Wilmot as Warden of St. John's College, November 1, 1950.
  5 Canon George A. Wells (left) installing Laurence Wilmot as Warden of St. John's College, November 1, 1950
  5 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot standing in water holding books from St. Mary Magdalene Church for services in St. John's College on Broadway during the Flood of 1950. Canon George A. Wells standing in water at St. Mary Magdalene Church in St. Vital during the Flood of 1950.

Convocation at St. John's College, 1952.

Left to right: Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, Warden, Godfrey Gower (later Archbishop of New Westminster), Archbishop Louis Ralph Sherman (who appointed Wilmot as Warden), unknown and Bishop of Athabasca R.J. Pearce (later Warden of St. John's College).


Formal head and shoulders portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot as Warden of St. John's College, [ca. 1955].

By Campbell Studios, Winnipeg.


Formal half-length portrait in college robes of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, Warden, St. John's College, [ca. 1952].

Portrait taken by Campbell and Chipman, Winnipeg, for Johnian yearbook. He is holding the book "Our Knowledge of God" by Bailey.

  5 Rev. Laurence and Hope Wilmot with Canon William J. Merrick, who taught history and Hellenistic Greek at St. John's). Taken at St. John's on Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, April 1953.
  5 Cecil Rothrey (who came from England to study at St. John's College) and Canon William J. Merrick outside St. John's College on Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, April 1953.
  5 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot officiating at Coronation Contingent Service at Hyde Park, London, England, late May or early June1953.

Group photograph taken at meeting of Anglican clergy, [ca. 1954-1956].

Taken by Napoleon Studio, Winnipeg.

Top row: 3. Rev. Edward (Ted) Scott (later Primate of All Canada), 6. Rev. George Phillips, 8. Rev. Charles Morgan, 9. Rev. John Bethel, 10. Canon Frederick Hughes.

Second row down from top: 1. Rev. Robin Wood, 4. Rev. Roy Gartrell, 5. Rev. George Kelly, 6. Rev. Fred Boyd, 9. Rev. Jack Hoad, 10. Dean William E. Harrison.

Third row down from top: 2. Rev. (later Bishop) James Allen, 3. Rev. David Carter, 4. Rev. Jack Ayres, 5. Rev. Richard (Dick) Dawson, 7. Rev. Canon Laurence F. Wilmot.

Front row: 4. Rev. Lot Swalwell. Rest unidentified.

  5 Chapel of St. John's College at 333 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, while Wilmot was Warden, [ca. 1950-1958]
  5 Warden Laurence Wilmot outside his office at St. John's College, [ca. 1950s].
  5 "The new St. John's College Chapel where Hope [Wilmot] and Douglas were married August 25, 1960".
  5 Dr. Wallace Wolverton, Ph.D. (Dean of Theology) on left and Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (Warden) at St. John's College, [ca. 1960].

Anglican clergy, 1960.

Left to right: Rev. Jack Cluff, Rector, St. Luke's Church, Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot and Rev. Cecil C. Landon, then professor of philosophy at St. John's College (later Warden). Taken at St. John's College.

  5 Chapel of St. John's College, Winnipeg, [ ca. 1960].
  5 St. John's College exterior view, [ca. 1960].
  5 Interior view of St. John's College Chapel, [ca. 1960].
  5 Iron art work by Leo Mol in the foyer of St. John's College Chapel, [ca. 1960].
  5 Small head and shoulders portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, by Charach Studio, Winnipeg, [ca. 1960s].
  5 Formal head and shoulders portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot near the end of his tenure as Warden of St. John's College. Portrait by Campbell and Chipman, Winnipeg, [ca. 1960]
  5 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot as Warden of St. John's College. Portrait by window holding book, [ca. 1960].
  5 Same photography session; close-up of Rev. Canon Wilmot, side view, [ca. 1960.
  5 Portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot taken near the end of his tenure as Warden of St. John's College, 1961.
  5 Exterior view of one side of St. John's College Chapel, 1960s.
  5 Formal portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot near the end of his tenure as Warden of St. John's College, 1961.

Exterior views of the front entrance of St. John's College, Fort Garry Campus, [1980s].

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot as Warden of St. John's College.

Rector of St. Mary Magdalene Church, St. Vital, [1950s]
Box Folder  
2 6 Parishioners painting the exterior of St. Mary Magdalene Anglican Church, St. Vital, [ca. 1950]

Sod-turning of new church of St. Mary Magdalene, St. Vital, late [1950s].\

Left to right: Archdeacon George Phillips, St. John's College Warden Laurence Wilmot and Frank Dale (church warden).

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, Rector at St. Mary Magdalene Church, St. Vital, Winnipeg, MB.

Course at Emmanual College, Saskatoon, 1952
Box Folder  
2 7 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (fifth in third row from bottom) at a leadership training course at Emmanuel College in Saskatoon, SK. Group photograph taken May 1952.
Canadian Coronation Contingent, 1953
Box Folder  
2 8

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot enroute to the Gattey wedding in London, England, 1953.

He had been sent to England as part of the Canadian Coronation Contingent on the occasion of the Coronation of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11. Rev. Canon Wilmot is in army chaplain uniform.


Canadian Coronation Contingent service officers in London, England on the occasion of the Coronation of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11, 1953.

Front row left to right: unknown, Ted Kent (then a paymaster, later bursar of St. John's College) and Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (army chaplain). Back row: all unidentified.

Chaplain of Winnipeg Grenadiers, [ca. 1954]
Box Folder  
2 9 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot in centre seated in army truck. Two Grenadiers cadets flank him. [ca. 1954]
  9 Visitors pose in army tank. Top third - editor of St. Vital Lance. Rev. Canon Wilmot is on left in the bottom part of the tank. [ca. 1954] 

Group posing beside army tank. [ca. 1954]

Left to right: (slightly behind row is Rev. Canon Wilmot on tank), 4. editor of St. Vital Lance, 6. Roman Catholic Bishop of St. Boniface, MB. 7. General Elliott Roger.


Group touring tent barracks. [ca. 1954]

Left to right: 2. editor of St. Vital Lance, 4. Commanding officer of Winnipeg Grenadiers.


Group watching exercises of Winnipeg Grenadiers cadets. [ca. 1954]

All photographs taken while Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot was Chaplain for the Winnipeg Grenadiers visiting National Cadet Camp in Saskatoon, SK, [ca. 1954].

Recreation, [1950s]
Box Folder  
2 10

Casual photographs of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot in the [1950s]:

with friends at a cabin, at mountains and lakes, bicycle riding, with other ministers at a well, on the Banff chairlift in the Alberta mountains (1955) and installing windows in a cabin.

St. Augustine's College, Oxford, [ca. 1953]-1967
Box Folder  
2 11 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, Warden of St. Augustine's at Canterbury, Kent, England (left) visiting Orde Morton (son of historian William L. and Margaret Morton) at Ayrshaw, near Oxford. Morton was studying at Oxford at the time, in the earlier part of the 1960s. [196-?]
  11 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, Warden of St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England, with Primate Archbishop Howard Clark,[196-?].
  11 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot sitting on the grass in front of Stonehenge while studying at the University of Oxford, 1962-1963.
  11 Taken at an evening for Ramsey, The Archbishop of Canterbury, at St. Augustine's College. Left to right: Conway Thornburgh, Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (Warden), Archbishop Ramsey, unidentified, Mrs. Ramsey and Hope Wilmot, [196-?].

Lord Fisher of Canterbury (then a fellow at St. John's College) and Warden Laurence Wilmot descending the front steps of St. John's College at 333 Broadway Avenue, Winnipeg, 1953 or 1954.

Photographed by Geoffrey Dyer (his son is the boy whose hand is being held by Lord Fisher). Wilmot had attended Lord Fisher's installation at Canterbury in 1945.

  11 Bishop Ban It Chiu, Fellow at St. Augustine's College to Bishop of Singapore, November 1, 1966.
  11 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot at the time he received his Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford, England, July 1963.
  11 Clergy entering St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, for the final service of the year, [ca. 1963-1967].
  11 Ruins of the old abbey of St. Peter and St. Paul at St. Augustine's, Canterbury, England, [ca. 1963-1967].
  11 Warden Laurence Wilmot (right) and friend from Heliolopos, Egypt), St. Augustine's Church at Canterbury, fall term 1963.
  11 Left - Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (then Sub-Warden) with Canadian delegation when Wilmot was lecturer at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England, fall term 1963.

Faculty and students at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, Kent, England, 1963-1964 term (taken 1963).

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot is second from left in front row.


Second summer school at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, 1964-1965 (taken 1965).

Warden Laurence Wilmot is seated at far left.


Third summer school at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, 1964.

Warden Laurence Wilmot is seated at far left in bottom row.


Faculty and students at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, fall 1964.

Front row left to right: 4. Sub-Warden Laurence Wilmot, 5. Hope Wilmot, 6. Warden Kenneth Cragg, 7. Mrs. Kenneth Cragg.


"St. Augustine's College Trienniul" group photograph, spring 1965.

Warden Laurence Wilmot is seated and fifth in the second row from the bottom of photograph.


Class of 1965-1966 at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. Taken in 1965.

Warden Laurence and Hope Wilmot are in front centre.


Class of 1966-1967 on the steps leading to Asariah House (note flint used in walls), St. Augustine's College, Canterbury. [1967]

Warden Laurence and Hope Wilmot are seated fourth and fifth in front row. Rev. David and Louise (nee WilmotCrawley are located at the far left of rows three and four from bottom of photograph.


Group photograph taken at St. Augustine's College Festival, 1967.

Taken in front of student residences and library is at right. Warden Laurence Wilmot in third row from bottom, near centre, closer to left side.


Warden Laurence and Hope Wilmot at St. Augustine's, Canterbury and Almonre House, Easter 1966.

All unprinted negatives.

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's tenure at St. Augustine's College, University of Oxford, England.

St. Elizabeth's Hospital [1969?]
Box Folder  
2 12 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (front, far left) and colleagues at Saint Elizabeth's (Psychiatric) Hospital, C.P.E. class of 1968-1969, Washington, D.C. [1969?]
Family, 1966-1996
Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot in their later years together.
Box Folder  
2 13

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot at Normandy, France, 1966.

Unprinted negatives.

  13 Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot at the Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy, 1966.
  13 Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot (centre) with some of Laurence's colleagues (CAPE group) at Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, Whitby, Ontario, early 1970s.
  13 Hope and Laurence Wilmot on their 40th wedding anniversary at Winnipeg, 1972.
  13 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot and his mother Fannie Charlotte Campbell Wilmot at Minnedosa, MB, personal care home. Mrs. Wilmot was in her mid-90s at the time, [ca. 1975].

Hope Wilmot in her later years, during which she suffered from heart disease. Photographed at St. John's College graduates' farewell at the Holiday Inn, Winnipeg, 1981.

She died in 1986.


Formal head and shoulders studio portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot in 1980.

Portrait by Barney Charach Studio, Winnipeg.


Just prior to St. John's College Convocation, November 2, 1980.

Left to right: Dr. Lawrence Whytehead (retired surgeon and prominent Anglican Church layman), Canon J. Russell Brown (former St. John's College Warden and later lecturer in University of Manitoba Religious Studies Department), Ralph D. Campbell (University of Manitoba President), Rev. Canon Laurence F. Wilmot (former St. John's College Warden) and Bishop Barry Valentine (St. John's College Chancellor).


One present and two former Wardens of St. John's College photographed just prior to Convocation, November 2, 1980.

Left to right: Rev. Canon J. Russell Brown, Dr. Murdith McLean, Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot.

  13 Past and present Wardens of St. John's College: Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (left) and Warden Murdith McLean, photographed just prior to the College's Fall Convocation, November 2, 1980.
  13 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, former Warden of St. John's College, receiving an Honorary Fellowship from St. John's Chancellor (Bishop) Barry Valentine, November 2, 1980.
  13 House owned by Hope Wilmot at 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, Manitoba, 1981.

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot photographed in at age 85 by Mary Valentine (wife of Bishop Barry Valentine), 1992.

She then painted a portrait from this photograph; the portrait hangs in St. John's College Library.

  13 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot with two of his great-grandchildren, Jessica (13 months old) and Nicholas McCluskey (two and a half years), March 1987.
  13 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (age 80), Jane (who later married Wilmot's grandson Martin Wilmot) and Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr., [ca. 1987].
  13 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, age 80, when he officiated at a granddaughter's wedding in Loma Linda, California, 1987.
Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's remarriage (1995) and beyond.
Box Folder  
2 14 Wedding portrait of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, in his 88th year, to a widow, Grace Nunn, in the chapel of St. John's College, January 21, 1995.
  14 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot (right, in his 90th year) visiting with Rev. Arthur J.B. Hough, in his 85th year, the last surviving member of the 1939 theological graduates of St. John's College and later professor of psychology at the University of Alberta. Taken in Wilmot's apartment on Fort Street in Winnipeg in by John Richthammer, September 1996.
  14 Rev. Arthur J.B. Hough, Grace and Rev. Canon Laurence F. Wilmot (in their first year and a half of marriage)photographed by John Richthammer, September 1996.
Negatives, 1974-1988
Box Folder  
2 14 Wilmots at Halifax, NS, August-September 1974.
  14 Wilmot family (two strips at the end are the last photographs of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's mother Fannie Wilmot, 1975).

Laurence & Hope Wilmot in 1977:

summer at Victoria Beach, fall at 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg and winter at the home of son Laurence (Laurie) in Seattle, Washington.

  14 Wilmot family at Christmas 1977.
  14 Wilmots visiting Peace River, AB, Banff and Sunset Prairie Church in April 1978.
  14 Laurence Wilmot on boat George B, in Manitoba, Peace River and on birthday, 1978.
  14 Wilmots at Waterhen, July-August 1978.
  14 Wilmot family at Wakefield, December 20, 1978-January 5, 1979 and at 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, January-February1979.
  14 Wilmots at the Beach, 1979.
  14 Wilmot "mother's family" from Thanksgiving 1979 to May 1980.
  14 Wilmot family on Hope's birthday, June 10, 1980, in July 1980 and Louise (nee Wilmot), August 1980.
  14 Wilmots at Oakville Park, Wade, summer to October 1980.
  14 Laurence and Hope Wilmot and their family, 1981.
  14 Laurence and Hope Wilmot and their family, 1981-June 1982.
  14 Hope Wilmot and family at Victoria Beach and at 119 University Crescent, January-May 1981.
  14 Hope and Laurence Wilmot and daughter Louise, August-Sept. 1981.
  14 Hope Wilmot and Wilmot home, [ca. 1983].
  14 Hope Wilmot in the park and at home and Manitoba Marathon shots in June 1982.
  14 Laurence and Hope Wilmot, early 1980s.
  14 Hope and Laurence Wilmot in February 1983.
  14 Laurence and Hope Wilmot and daughter Louise, West Nova Scotia Regiment Association, Hope in front of 119 University Crescent, environmental shots at 119 University Crescent, summer 1983.
  14 Granddaughter Sarah with cat, February 1984 and Wilmots in California, March 1984.
  14 Hope and Laurence Wilmot's last full summer together, June 1985.
  14 Last photographs of Hope Wilmot alone and with family, June 1985.
  14 Last photograph of Laurence and Hope Wilmot together, summer 1986.
  14 Hope Wilmot, Jr. house at Wakefield, September 5, 1987, Kingston, Rosalie M. wedding, September 12, 1987 and 119 University Crescent, spring 1988. 1987-1988

Twenty-six 8x10 pages of colour negatives in negative sleeve pages, as follows:

Folios, 1965-1990
3 Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem, 1966.
  Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Bethlehem and Jerusalem, 1966.
  Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Jordan and Petra, 1966.
  Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot at St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, and University of Oxford, England, 1966-1967.
  Wilmots with Nahee and Lachat and children, Christmas 1971-1972.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot at Vancouver, 1971.
  Hope Wilmot at Ottawa, 1971-1972.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot and family at 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg and at 307 Third Avenue, Victoria Beach, MB, summer 1972.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot on their 40th wedding anniversary, August 1972 (photographs of couple and with family) and trip to Whitby, ON, 1972.
  Laurence & Hope Wilmot visiting son Laurence (Laurie), Shirley and family, 1967.
  Laurence & Hope Wilmot visiting son Laurence (Laurie), Shirley & family, 1971.
  Professional portraits of Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr., his wife Shirley and their children, 1966.
  Laurence (Laurie) Wilmot, Jr., wife Shirley and their children in California, 1966.
  Wilmots' daughter Hope, her husband Douglas and grandson Paul Rowland and Winnipeg snow storm of March 1966, followed by flood conditions (diking, etc.). 1966.
  Grandson Paul Rowland, and Christmas 1965.
  Grandson Paul Rowland (son of Hope, Jr.) and family, 1965-1967.
  Grandson Wade's baptism, and birthday, 1971 and 1976
  Laurence & Hope Wilmot visiting son Laurence (Laurie), wife Shirley and their family, 1972-1973.
  Wilmots and family at Victoria Beach and 119 University Crescent, summer 1974.
  Wilmots and family at Christmas 1974 and Easter 1975.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot visiting son Laurie and Shirley, 1976.
  Wilmot family gathering at Victoria Beach and 119 University Crescent, summer 1977.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot at Dinard, France, 1966.
  Hope Wilmot at Bayeux, France, 1966.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot in 1967.
  Wilmots at Houston, Texas, 1967-1968.
  Wilmots at Houston, Texas, 1968.
  Wilmots at Washington, D.C., including White House Garden Party, 1968.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot and their family, 1968.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot's trip to the graves of Hope's parents and ancestors and to see her aunts (Fairfield sisters), 1969.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot at Whitby, ON, 1970.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot visiting Parl Hill, Whitby Harbour, Clear Lake, P.E.I., Easter 1970.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot at Whitby, ON, Laurence's mother Fannie (?), May-fall 1970, April-May 1971.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot and family, including Ontario trips to Ottawa, Pioneer Village, Kirkland Lake, Whitby, Edgar and Harmony Bay, 1971.
  Hope Wilmot learning to drive and Laurence and Hope Wilmot's trip to Calgary, 1971.
  Laurence and Hope Wilmot, and visiting with McKinneys, 1975-1977.
  Hope Wilmot in 1976.
  Wilmots in the fall of 1979 and at Easter 1980.
  Wilmots and their family in August 1980.

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Taken when re-visiting war comrades' graves.


Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Taken when re-visiting war comrades' graves and at war memorial.


Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Taken mostly at war memorial.

  Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Taken in London, England.

  Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990, and at 119 University Crescent, Winnipeg, [ca. 1990].

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

  Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot's trip to Europe, 1990.

Slides taken by Rev. Canon Laurence and Hope Wilmot in the 1960s and 1970s. Several slides in each folio by subject.

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Tape Collection (TC 84) 1968-1977
Cassettes - Personal 1969 and 1977
A conversation with Fannie Charlotte Campbell Wilmot, mother of Rev. Canon Laurence Wilmot, on her 88th birthday, 1969.

Quality Good.

Birthday greetings from Laurence and Hope Wilmot to their family, June 10, 1977.

Quality good.

Cassettes - Sermons and Talks 1968-1973
Side A - Hope Wilmot's address on St. Augustine of Canterbury, 1968, Houston, Texas. Side B - Address and Service of Holy Baptism, Holy Cross, Houston, Texas, May 5, 1968.

Good quality.

Side 1 - Sermon on All Saint's Day, November 1, 1968, Holy Trinity, Winnipeg (St. John's College Convocation). Side 2 - Two sermons at Saint Elizabeth's Chapel, Sunday Before Advent 1968 and Sunday Before Epiphany 1969. 1968-1969
Side 1 - Holy Communion, March 17, 1968, Conroe, sermon, March 23, 1968, Holy Cross, Houston, Texas, Sermon, St. Luke's Hospital, Palm Sunday 1968. Side 2 - conference on ethics with speaker Margaret Mead (anthropologist) and others, Houston, Texas, 1968.

Good quality.

Side 1 - Sermon at St. George's Anglican Church Crescentwood, Winnipeg, January 7, 1973. Side 2 -Sunrise concert (?). 1973, n.d.

Good quality.

Cassette - Hospital Chaplain and Mental Health Issues 1970-1975, n.d.
Side 1 - Adult School, Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, January-February 1970, trip to Oshawa, recollections of students and Hope Wilmot. Good. Side 2 - Indecipherable. 1970

Good quality

Side 1 - Chaplain seminar, O.H.A., January 13, 1972. Fair. Side 2 - Discussions. 1972

Fair quality

Consultation with clergy, Whitby Psychiatric Hospital, February 8, 1972.

Side 1 - Mr. Fisher and discussion. Side 2 - Dr. J.C. Deadman.

Good quality

Consultation with clergy, part 11. Side 1 - Mr. Fisher and Dr. Deadman continued and discussion. n.d.

Good quality

Consultation with clergy, part 111. Side 1 - Dr. G.A. Ives. Side 2 - final plenary session and discussion. n.d.

Good quality

Chaplain Institute, March 16, 1972.

Side 1 - discussion. Fair. Side 2 - discussion.

Poor quality

Chaplain Institute, part 11. n.d.

Side 1 - Good. Side 2 - discussion.

Poor quality

Pastoral seminar, January 31, 1973.

Side 1 - first session. Good. Side 2 - third session.

Good quality

Side 1 - Blank or erased. Side 2 - Conference For Clergy, March 1973.

Good quality

Sides 1 and 2 - Cornelius Rempel and panel, February 18 (?), Ministry to the Elderly, In service Day. [19-?]

Good quality

"Carl Rodgers" - presentation on therapy and communication, n.d.

Good quality

Ontario Hospital Association conference, chaplains' section, n.d.

Good quality

Chaplains' section, part 11. n.d.

Fair-good quality

Chaplains' section, part 111. n.d.

Side 1 - discussion. Side 2 - blank.

Poor quality

Side 1 - "Miss Landell and final discussion" - chaplaincy discussion, n.d. Side 2 - blank. n.d.

Good quality

Lecture on baptism, unidentified speaker, n.d.

Fair quality

Side 1 - baptism lecture continued and subsequent discussion. Side 2 - chaplaincy and social workers, public health and psychiatry discussion. n.d.

Good quality

Baptism lecture and discussion continued. n.d.

Good quality

Side 1 - Reactor Panel and Mr. Fisher, November 29, 1973, mental health discussion. Good. Side 2 - baptism lecture and discussion continued. 1973

Good quality

Lecture by Rev. Blake G. Wood, N.T. Criteria for Membership, December 1974.

Fair quality

Lecture by Dr. John White "Conversion", 1974.

Good quality.

Coordinator of Continuing Education Address, n.d.

Good quality.

Lecture by Dr. David Skelton "Pastoral Ministry and the Elderly Person", February 18, 1975.

Fair quality-tape speeds up in places.

Cassettes - Writer and Researcher [ca. 1977] and n.d.
"Whitehead and God" - Wilmot reading from his book.

Fair quality.

Wilmot's seminar on A.N. Whitehead, [ca. 1977].

Fair quality.

Wilmot's seminar "Erik Erikson and Religion", sessions four and five, n.d.

Good quality.

Side 1 - October 19, 1988 lecture "History of Diocese of Rupert's Land (New Diocese and Provincial Synod); Founding of the University of Manitoba". Side 2 - Lecture on Archbishop Robert Machray and the founding of the University of Manitoba in 1877; New data on history, [ca. 1977] and 1988.
Cassettes - Miscellaneous 1980 and n.d.
2 Lecture series by Rev. Dr. (Professor Emeritus) Gordon Harland, entitled "Christian Faith and Society". 1988
"The Social Gospel and Christian Realism."

Good quality.

"Evangelicalism and Fundamentalism".

Good quality.

"Liberation Theology".

Good quality.

"Christian Faith and the Social Task".

Good quality.

Anglican Appeal 80 - Northern Ontario Archbishop's appeal for funds, 1980.
Lecture by Dr. Raymond Currie "Religion and Social Values", n.d.

Damaged (requires repair).

Audio Reels - Personal [1966?] and n.d.
Audio letter from son Laurence (Laurie) and Shirley Wilmot to Laurence and Hope Wilmot, [1966?].
Audio letter from son Laurence (Laurie) and Shirley Wilmot to Laurence and Hope Wilmot, [1966?].
Audio letter from Hope Wilmot to son Laurence (Laurie) and Shirley Wilmot, n.d.
Audio Reels - St. Augustine's College, Canterbury, England [1965?]
Lecture by Austin Farrar "Concept of God" at Cambridge Conference, [1965?].
Lecture by B.G. Root "God and Time" at Cambridge Conference, April 1965.

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Laurence Wilmot Mss.122 A.04-09 1929-2003 ]
Biographical Information [ 1929-1999 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 1 Spiritual Diaries [ 1929-1931 ]
  2 Birth certificate, passport, international vaccination certificates [ 1940-1968 ]
  3 Wilmot guest book [ 1939-1981 ]
  4 Chaplains note book [ 1942-1945 ]
  5 Note book on England, North Africa , Italy- Lucera [ 1943-1944 ]
  6 Wilmot's diary [ 1944 ]
  7 Wilmot's diary Vol. 1 [ 1944-1945 ]
  8 Wilmot's diary Vol. 2 [ 1944-1945 ]
  9 Prayer and Thanksgiving to Almighy God for Victory- Holland V.E. Day [ 1945 ]
  10 Wilmot genealogy - descendents of William Campbell [ 1964 ]
  11 Warden's letter announcing the closing of St. Augustine's College [ 1966 ]
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1A 1 Newsclippings about Wilmot [ 1972-1999 ]
  2 Biographical information [ 1974 ]
  3 Letters to the editor by Hope Wilmot [ 1976-1977 ]
  4 Hope Wilmot's early education [ [1978] ]
  5 Note book containing writing by Hope 1980-1981 & Laurence 1950-1995 [ 1950-1995 ]
  6 Wilmot's reflection Christmas [ 1984 ]
  7 Notes to handwritten autobiography [ 1987-1993 ]
  8 Wilmot genealogy [ [1989] ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 1 Biographical information [ 1990 ]
  2 Wilmot autobiographical sketch [ 1990 ]
  3 Newspaper articles Re: Wilmot's war record [ 1992-1998 ]
  4 Obituaries of friends includes a draft of Wilmot's [ 1994-2002 ]
  5 Burke's Peerage World book of Wilmots [ 1994 ]
  6 Good Times Magazine, includes interview with Wilmot [ 1994 ]
  7 disposal of property in Eastern Washington [ 1995-1996 ]
  8 Certificate of registration to solemnize marriages [ 1995 ]
  9 Note book on life in the 1930s [ [2000] ]
  10 Ottawa Citizen article about Italy during World War II- Wilmot mentioned [ 2001 ]
  11 Note book includes preparation for his funeral [ 2003 ]
Correspondence [ 1931-2003 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
2 12 Kingdon family correspondence [ 1931-1985 ]
  13 Letters from daughter Hope & son Laurence [ 1941-1944 ]
  14 Correspondence & instruction Re: Chaplain Service [ 1942-1945 ]
  15 Letter from Sidney Littlewood ( Hope's father) [ 1947 ]
  16 St. John's College move to Fort Garry campus [ 1955-1957 ]
  17 Correspondence [ 1968-1986 ]
  18 St. George's Anglican - Crescentwood [ 1971-1973 ]
  19 West Nova Scotia Regiment Reunions [ 1972-1998 ]
  20 Hotton family correspondence [ 1972-1986 ]
  21 St. John the Baptist Church - correspondence & minutes [ 1973-1974 ]
  22 Ruby & Bill Hunter [ 1974-2000 ]
  23 Ethel & Cyril Read - includes offprint of an article [ 1975-1991 ]
  24 Thomas Wilmot [ 1976-1977 ]
  25 Ed Schreyer [ 1978-1981 ]
  26 Fanny Charlotte Wilmot funeral [ 1978 ]
  27 Sheila George [ 1979-1982 ]
  28 Adrian & Leonie Charles [ 1980-1990 ]
  29 C Cecil Whynacht correspondence [ 1981 ]
  30 Obituaries & letters of condolence [ 1982-1995 ]
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3 1 Government of Canada [ 1984-1985 ]
  2 David Jenkins - newsclippings [ 1984-1985 ]
  3 All Saints Church, Cllanwilliam & St. Mark's, Minnedosa [ 1984-2001 ]
  4 Miss V.P. Archibald [ 1985-1997 ]
  5 C David & Louise Crawley [ 1985-1995 ]
  6 St. Paul's Anglican Church - Ft. Garry [ 1986-1994 ]
  7 C Hope Wilmot memorial service [ 1986 ]
  8 C Laurie S. Wilmot (son) [ 1986-2000 ]
  9 Michael Peers primate [ 1986-1995 ]
  10 University of Manitoba Alumni Association [ 1986-2001 ]
  11 Mel Donald [ 1986-1987 ]
  12 C Scarth, Siminson & Co. Law Office - Re: Will [ 1987-1994 ]
  13 The Kidney Foundation of Manitoba [ 1988-1992 ]
  14 St. Helen's Church [ 1989-1994 ]
  15 St. Helen's Housing Project [ 1989 ]
  16 West Nova Scotia Regiment - Fogalia River Battle correspondence [ 1991-1992 ]
  17 Bill Thexton [ 1991-1995 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                              
4 1 Society for Depression & Manic-Depression of Manitoba Inc. [ 1991-1993 ]
  2 Tannis Barker - Re: MacCrimmon House- Selkirk [ 1991 ]
  3 Alice Meillor [ 1992 ]
  4C Thompson, Dorfman Sweatman - legal correspondence [ 1992-2000 ]
  5 Patrick Grieve [ 1992-2000 ]
  6 Helen & Klaus Deering [ 1992-1999 ]
  7 Lt. Col R.V. & L.I. Inman [ 1992 ]
  8 Rev. Phyllis Keeper [ 1992-1995 ]
  9 Jesse James [ 1992-2000 ]
  10 C Alice Cheatley [ 1992 ]
  11 Creative Retirement Manitoba [ 1992-2002 ]
  12 C Fund Raising [ 1992-1998 ]
  13 Marjorie Ward [ 1992-2002 ]
  14 Rollo & Kay Boas [ 1992-1995 ]
  15 Brief to Education Review Commission [ 1992 ]
  16 Elliot Rodger [ 1992-1995 ]
  17 Drummond Taylor [ 1992-2003 ]
  18 C Corporate correspondence Re: Fundraising for St. John's College [ 1992 ]
  19 Agnes Elizabeth Anderson - eulogy & correspondence [ 1993-1997 ]
  20 Grace Keith [ 1994-1995 ]
  21 Morgan Tours [ 1993-1995 ]
  22 University of Manitoba Archives correspondence [ 1993-2002 ]
  23 Founding the Future - St. John's College [ 1993-1995 ]
  24 Clyde Smith [ 1993 ]
  25 Morgan Tours - Northwest Europr Tour [ 1994 ]
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5 1 St. John's Cathedral [ 1994-1997 ]
  2 Douglas Everett information [ 1994 ]
  3 John Wortley [ 1994-1995 ]
  4 Correspondence "M" [ 1995-2003 ]
  5 Brian Orvis [ 1995 ]
  6 Margaret Clayton [ 1995 ]
  7 University of Manitoba Archives [ 1995-1998 ]
  8 Jocelyn House newsletter [ 1995-2001 ]
  9 Correspondence "L" [ 1995-2003 ]
  10 David Carter [ 1995-2003 ]
  11 C Margaret Borley [ 1995-2001 ]
  12 Advisory Council Founding the Future - St. John's College [ 1995 ]
  13 Correspondence [ 1995-2000 ]
  14 John Mathews Memoir Project [ 1996 ]
  15 Canon William James Merrick - biographical information [ 1996 ]
  16 Derek McLean [ 1996-2003 ]
  17 Bill Thexton [ 1996-2003 ]
  18 Exploring Religious Beliefs - Conference for Creative Retirement Manitoba [ 1996 ]
  19 C Canadian Cultural Property Certificate [ 1996 ]
  20 Chapel of the Four Chaplains [ 1997-1998 ]
  21 A.H.S. Gillson former President of the University of Manitoba - biographical material [ 1997 ]
  22 Archie Wilmot [ 1997 ]
  23 United National Associations in Canada [ 1997 ]
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6 1 Canadian War Museum - correspondence Re: Wilmot's donations [ 1997-1999 ]
  2 Lt. Col. C.M. Forsythe-Smith [ 1997-1999 ]
  3 Anglican Foundation [ 1998-2000 ]
  4 St. John's College Honorary Degrees [ 1997-1998 ]
  5 Kathryn Young [ 1997 ]
  6 Ian Wees [ 1997 ]
  7 St. John's College 1960s Reunion [ 1997 ]
  8 Canadian Military Chaplains Association Man/N.W. Ontario [ 1998-2001 ]
  9 Anglican Church [ 1998-2003 ]
  10 West Nova Scotia Regiment Reunions [ 1998-2003 ]
  11 Dennis & Leona Cunningham [ 1998 ]
  12 Government of Canada [ 1998-2002 ]
  13 Manitoba & Northwest Ontario Branch Military Chaplains' Association [ 1998-2002 ]
  14 Roland Taylor [ 1998-2000 ]
  15 Cecil J. Rothery [ 1998-2002 ]
  16 Laurence Frank Wilmot Scholarship [ 1998-2003 ]
  17 Canon Tom Teape funeral service [ 1998 ]
  18 C Tannis Barker [ 1999-2000 ]
  19 Dean of Divinity St. John's College [ 1999 ]
  20 George Harris [ 1999 ]
  21 John Richthammer [ 1999-2000 ]
  22 St. John the Evangrelist Anglican Church - Pilot Mound 100th Anniversary Ceremony [ 1999 ]
  23 Manitoba Schizophrenia Society reports [ 1999-2001 ]
  24 Art Hough [ 1999 ]
  25 Isbister Legacy Society [ 1999 ]
  26 John Martinson [ 2000-2003 ]
  27 McClelland & Stewart [ 2000 ]
  28 Wilmot's 93rd birthday
  29 United Nations Association in Canada [ 2000 ]
  30 Patrick & Mary Lee [ 2000-2001 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                   
7 1 Harry Eisenhauer [ 2000-2001 ]
  2 Lt. Col. Roger Maclellan [ 2000-2003 ]
  3 Bill & Hazel Elliot [ 2000-2002 ]
  4 Jack Bumsted [ 2000-2001 ]
  5 Rejection letters [ 2001-2002 ]
  6 Correspondence "D" [ 2001-2003 ]
  7 Correspondence "C" [ 2001-2003 ]
  8 Barbara Kelcey [ 2001 ]
  9 Scouts Canada [ 2001 ]
  10 Harold & Maxine Clark [ 2001-2002 ]
  11 University of Manitoba President Szathmary [ 2001 ]
  12 Letter to family members with an update on activities [ 2002 ]
  13 William Pickering [ 2002-2003 ]
  14 Ted Scott Biography Project [ 2002 ]
  15 Isbister Legacy Society [ 2002 ]
  16 Bishop of Rupertsland [ 2002-2003 ]
  17 Robert Brown [ 2002 ]
  18 Mary Lobb [ 2002 ]
  19 Norman Cameron [ 2002 ]
  20 Correspondence regarding having his thesis published [ 2002 ]
  21 Chris Alders [ 2002-2003 ]
  22 Blake Heathcote Re: Testaments of Honor project [ 2002-2003 ]
  23 Correspondence [ 2002-2003 ]
  24 Annual Retreat of Chaplains at Cornwall, Ontario [ 2003 ]
  25 Correspondence Re: Through the Hitler Lines [ 2003 ]
  26 Diocese of Rupertsland [ 2003 ]
  27 The Mus-Letter The College of Emmanuel and St. Chad [ 2003 ]
  28 Testament of Honour news [ 2003 ]
Course Work at Oxford 1961-[1970s] ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
8 1 New Testament Theology [ 1961-1963 ]
  2 Modern Theology [ 1963 ]
  3 Old Testament, New Testament & Philosophy [ 1961-1963 ]
  4 God in Plato's Thought [ 1961-1963 ]
  5 Notes on Whitebread & sermons [ [1970s] ]
  6 Notes on Philosophy of Religion [ 1963 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
9 1 Notes on Patristic Theology [ 1961-1963 ]
  2 Philosophy notes [ 1962-1963 ]
  3 Notes on Greek & Latin [ 1961-1963 ]
  4 Notes on Theology [ 1961-1963 ]
  5 Ante-Nicene Theology [ 1961-1963 ]
  6 Philosophy of Religion [ 1961-1963 ]
  7 Philosophy of Science & Religion notes [ 1961-1963 ]
  8 The Idea of God in the Most Recent Philosophy M.A Thesis at University of Manitoba [ 1963 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
10 1 Philosophy of Religion Course [ 1960-1962 ]
  2 God in the New Testament [ 1962 ]
  3 Cappadocian Fathers, Athanasius & Paul Henry [ 1963 ]
  4 New Essays on Philosophy & Theology [ 1963 ]
  5 Contemporary Philosophy & Theology [ 1963 ]
Master's Degree in History at the University of Manitoba [ 1978-1979 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
1 11 Research material about the University of Manitoba 1900-1928 [ 1978 ]
  2 Research material on the Early Colleges of University of Manitoba [ [1979] ]
  3 Articles about Rev. John West [ [1979] ]
  4 List of Reference Books [ [1988] ]
  5 The Christian Churches of the Red River Settlement and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba - M.A. thesis University of Manitoba [ 1979 ]
  6 The Christian Churches of the Red River Settlement and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba [ 1979 ]
Books written by Wilmot [ 1972-2003 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
12 1

Note book of sources for Whitehead & God [ 1972-1980 ]

Notes on Whitehead [ [1978] ]
Reviews of Whitehead & God [ 1979-1984 ]
Reviews of Whitehead & God by David Roy Griffin with response from Wilmot [ 1980-1981 ]
Wilmot's autobiography several version for each chapter [ 1988-2001 ]
Early draft of book on St. John's College [ [1998] ]
Draft of St. John's College book reviewed by Douglas Rowland [ [1998] ]
Wilmot autobiography - Beginnings chapter1 [ [1999] ]
Research material for St. John's College [ 2001 ]
Summary of St. John's College book [ 2001 ]
St. John's College book correspondence [ 2001 ]
Draft of Wilmot's memoirs Early years & college [ [1998] ]
The St. John's College Story final draft [ 2001 ]
The St. John's College Story [ 2001 ]
The St. John's College Story [ 2001 ]
Reviews of Wilmot's books [ 2002-2003 ]
St. John's College A Documentary [ 2001 ]
St. John's College A Documentary final master copy [ 2001 ]
God at Work within a World of Chaos [ 1996-2001 ]
Notebooks at God at Work [ 1999-2001 ]
God at Work within a World of Chaos fisrt draft [ 2000 ]
God at Work within a World of Chaos [ 2000-2001 ]
C. Roger Macllelan correspondence Re: book [ 2000-2001 ]
God at work final copy corrected for publisher [ 2001 ]
God at Work master copy [ 2001 ]
God at Work copy sent to publisher [ 2001 ]
God at Work now called Between the Hitler Lines chapters [ 2002 ]
Publishers correspondence [ 2001 ]
Wilfred Laurier Press Catologue [ 2003 ]
Dr. Brian Henderson - Wilfred Laurier University Press correspondence [ 2002 ]
Wilfred Laurier University Press - Re: Marketing [ 2002 ]
Publishers Questionnaire [ 2002 ]
Correspondence with editor [ 2003 ]
Reviews & correspondence Through the Hitler Line [ 2003 ]
St. John's College Material 1913-2003 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
16 1 Fund Raising Committee minutes [ 1992-1996 ]
  2 St. John's College documents [ 1913 ]
  3 Survey, Analysis & Plan for St. John's College [ 1955 ]
  4 Note books & newsclippings [ 1956-1959 ]
  5 St. John's College newsletters [ 1979-1992 ]
  6 Notes for course - The Anglican Church in Rupert's Land [ [1980] ]
  7 Anthony Waterman's speech at Wilmot's being made Honorary Fellow of St. John's [ 1980 ]
  8 New editions to St. John's library [ 1980 ]
  9 St. John's College theological discussion group [ 1985-1996 ]
  10 Warden's correspondence [ 1986-2002 ]
  11 H. Irvine Graham - Honorary Degree Citation (by Wilmot) [ 1988-1999 ]
  12 St. John's College Canadian Studies Conference [ 1987 ]
  13 Theological program [ 1987-1989 ]
  14 C Fund raising campaign [ 1989 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
17 1 St. John's Ravenscourt material [ 1991-1995 ]
  2 Johnians lists & correspondence [ 1991-1996 ]
  3 St. John's College publications [ 1992-2003 ]
  4 Governance of St. John's College [ 1992-1993 ]
  5 Mary Kinnear brief and book review [ 1992-1999 ]
  6 St. John's College fund raising campaign [ 1992-1996 ]
  7 Founding the Future Phase II [ 1995-1997 ]
  8 Grad list up to 1940 [ 1996 ]
  9 St. John's College Broadway Reunion [ 1997-2003 ]
  10 Foundations [ 1997 ]
  11 St. John's College history draft [ 1997 ]
  12 C Theological Trust [ 1999-2003 ]
  13 Friends of St. John's College [ 2001-2003 ]
  14 Correspondence [ 2001-2002 ]
  15 Annual report [ 2001-2002 ]
  16 Arthur Braid Convocation Address [ 2002 ]
  17 Convocation [ 2002 ]
Articles, Speeches & Sermons [ 1946-2003 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
18 1 Lenten Services - Holy Trinity Church [ 1946 ]
  2 "Men in the Church" pamphlet written by Wilmot [ [1950] ]
  3 Article for course taught at St. Augustine's College [ 1966 ]
  4 Wilmot's poetry [ 1969 ]
  5 Article: "Spiritual Needs of the Aged Person & his Family" [ [1970] ]
  6 Three Wilmot sermons [ 1957-1988 ]
  7 Article: "Robert Machray and the Foundation of the University of Manitoba in 1877 [ [1980] ]
  8 Article: ''God and the World - One Man's Search for Discovery" [ 1984 ]
  9 Article: "God and the World - One Man's Search for Discovery" [ 1984 ]
  10 Notes for article " The Involvement of the Churches on Contemporary Politics" [ 1984-1985 ]
  11 West Nova Scotia Regiment's 50th Anniversary- includes sermon by Wilmot [ 1986-1988 ]
  12 Notes on ministry with seniors [ [1990] ]
  13 Early Winnipeg lecture given to schools by Wilmot for Creative Retirement (includes transperancies) [ 1991 ]
  14 Commission on Aging Workshop at St. Paul's College [ 1991 ]
  15 Notes for an Extension Course for Clergy & Church Workers [ 1973-1974 ]
  16 Dialogue on Aging Symposium - Centre on Aging [ 1993 ]
  17 Quotes & poetry [ 1998-2000 ]
  18 Red Cross research material [ 1996 ]
  19 "Hidden Treasures" Wilmot's interview with National War Museum [ 1998 ]
  20 Notes on David Anderson first Bishop of Rupert's Land [ 1999 ]
  21 Program: Induction service for chaplains - Cornwall, Ont. [ 2003 ]
Wilmot's notes [ 1979-2002 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
19 1 Religion [ 1979-1985 ]
  2 "Parade of Memories" [ 1990 ]
  3 Sermons [ 1994 ]
  4 Pastoral Ministry St. Helen's Chapter [ 1994 ]
  5 Note books [ 1996-1997 ]
  6 Sermons [ 1996 ]
  7 Notes on a variety of topics [ [2000] ]
  8 Journal of Thoughts and Actions [ 2002 ]
Miscellaneous Material [ 1962-2002 ]
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20 1 Holy Communion [ 1962 ]
  2 St. John the Baptist Anglican Church [ 1973-1974 ]
  3 Canadian Geographic Map of Canada [ [1980] ]
  4 Victoria Beach Herald [ 1985 ]
  5 Activities planned at Wilmot's Fort St. apartment block [ 1987-1994 ]
  6 The Diocese of Rupert's Land - Sexual Abuse of Children Policy [ 1990 ]
  7 Godparent St. Alban's Church [ 1990 ]
  8 List of West Nova Scotia Regiment killed in World War II [ 1991 ]
  9 Memorial services & obituaries [ 1991-1994 ]
  10 Gatineau Memorial Hospital 40th Anniversary Issue of The Post [ 1992 ]
  11 "Native Soldiers Foreign Battlefields"- Government of Canada Veterans Affairs [ 1993 ]
  12 C Charitable donations [ 1995 ]
  13 Diocescan of Rupertsland [ 1999 ]
  14 Aboriginal people [ 2000-2001 ]
  15 Governor General Adrienne Clarkson [ 2001 ]
  16 Diocese of Rupert's Land of the Anglican Church of Canada - 105th Session Synod Journal [ 2002 ]
  17 Residential Schools Update #15 - Anglican Church [ 2002 ]
  18 War Time Reminiscence by L. Fraser [ [1975] ]
  19 "Times to Remember" by Robert Thexton [ 1995 ]
  20 Duff Roblin celebration program [ 1997 ]
  21 Map of the World Peters Projection from the New Internationalist [ [1990] ]
Oversize Material [ 1959-2002 ]
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1 1 Adverisement for Through the Hitler Lines [ 2002 ]
  2 Honorary Canon of the Cathedral of St. John's [ 1980 ]
  3 Fellow of St. John's College [ 1980 ]
  4 Warden Emeritus at St. John's College [ 1990 ]
  5 Ageless Hero Creative Retirement Manitoba [ 2003 ]
  6 Doctor of Theology at St. John's College [ 1978 ]
  7 Masters of Arts at the University of Manitoba [ 1979 ]
  8 Bachelor of Divinity at St. John's College [ 1948 ]
  9 Trinity College of the University of Toronto Honorary Doctor of Divinity [ 1959 ]
  10 Sketch of Brazilian Church - Sebastian Texicharo [ [1967] ]
  11 Certificate of Appreciation from the University of Manitoba Faculty of Medicine & Indiania School of Medicine for Alzheimer's Society [ [2001] ]
  12 National Geographic Society [ 1988 ]
  13 Honarary Assistant to Rev Mather Rector in theParish of Holy Trinity, Winnipeg [ 1997 ]
  14 Ninetieth Birthday best wishes from Prime Minister Jean Chretian [ 1997 ]
Artifacts [ [1927-1955] ]
Framed World War II medals [ 1945 ]
Hope Wilmot's silver bracelet with 5 St. John's College medallions [ [1955] ]
Wooden crucifix given to Wilmot by his father [ 1926 ]
Bible with small wooden cross & crucifix given to Wilmot for Christmas by his father [ 1928 ]
Beaded crucifix [ [1945] ]
Silver wine holder, small glass flask & hankerchief [ [1945] ]
Various war medals & pins [ [1945] ]
Photograph Collection P.C. 132 A.04-09 1905-2003 ]
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1 1 Hope Wilmot album [ [1905-1922] ]
  2 Hope's family the Littlewoods includes Swan River & Victoria Beach [ 1905-1955 ]
  3 Hope & Laurence at Pilot Mound & Swan River [ [1930-1932] ]
  4 Early married life and young family [ [1932-1940] ]
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2 1 Parade of memories trip to North West radio [ 1993 ]
  2 Western Nova Scotia Battalion Reunions [ [1996-2001] ]
  3 St. John's College reunion [ 2001 ]
  4 Veteran's march Ontario [ [2000] ]
  5 Laurence (son) Wilmot's cottage at Atikokan [ 1957 ]
  6 Hope (daughter) graduation from high school [ 1957 ]
  7 World War II Italy & Quebec [ 1942-1945 ]
  8 Seano Church & Swan Creek [ 1926 ]
  9 Littlewood & Wilmot family members [ 1920-2002 ]
  10 Wilmot [ 1940-1952 ]
  11 Wilmot [ 1998-2003 ]
  12 Former St. John's College grads [ 1928-1995 ]
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3 1 St. John's College foreign students Richard Ng, Ken & Alfred Lam at Assiniboine Park [ [1960] ]
  2 Hope Wilmot's grave [ 1987 ]
  3 St. John's College reunions ( includes name of alumni) [ 1997-1998 ]
  4 Wilmot returning from war [ [1945] ]
  5 St. Cuthbert's Church Lily Bay, Man. [ 1958 ]
  6 Houston [ 1968 ]
  7 Laurie & Hope [ 1932-1945 ]
  8 Hope with the Sunday School van Diocese of Brandon [ 1929 ]
  9 Wilmot's 95th birthday & launch of St. John's College book [ 2002 ]
  10 Western Nova Scotia Regiment reunion - Bridgetown, N.S. [ 1997 ]
  11 Wedding to Grace Nunn [ 1995 ]
  12 Wilmot's 93rd birthday party at S.J.C. [ 2000 ]
  13 S.J.C. reunion [ 1999 ]
  14 Receiving M.A. in history at the University of Manitoba [ 1979 ]
  15 War veteran's tour to Italy [ 1990 ]
  16 Photographs sent to Wilfred Laurier Press [ 2002 ]
  17 England [ 1990 ]
  18 New York [ 1990 ]
  19 Hope Wilmot becomoing an Honorary Fellow of S.J.C. [ 1984 ]
  20 Italy Canadian Veterans' Tour [ 1990 ]

Book launch at McNally Robinson Booksellers [ 2003 ]

S.J.C. reunion [ [2000] ]

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3 23

Canadian War Veterans Tour of France & England [ 1994 ]


St. Augustine Kent [ 1963-1967 ]


Laurie's photos of leaving for World War II & return [ 1942-1945 ]

  26 S.J.C. students [ 1926-1931 ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                               
3 27 Unveiling of Wilmot's portrait on his 85th birthday at S.J.C. during the launch of their Founding the Future Ceremony [ 1992 ]

Canada War Museum & W.N.S.R. reunion [ 1997 ]

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3 29 Wilmot's parents and sisters [ [1996] ]
  30 All Saints' Clanwilliam Church [ 1989-1996 ]
  31 S.J.C. [ 1961-2000 ]
  32 Churches Wilmot ministered at [ [1940s] ]
  33 Michael Archbishop of Canterbury & Royal Papua & New Guinea Constabulary Coronation Contingent [ 1953-1967 ]
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3 34 Anglican Church Peggy's Cove [ 1946 ]
  35 28 Negatives (identified in folder) [ 1931-1945 ]
Cassettes [ 1992-1999 ]
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1 1

Founding the Future at S.J.C. [ 1992 ]

Readings at Centennial Service at Pilot Mound [ [1996] ]

Blue Nose Anniversary [ [1996] ]

Testament of Honour [ [1999] ]

Audio Cassettes T.C. 84 A.04-09 [ 1990-1994 ]
1 Broken minds about Schizophrenia PBS 1990, Joe Keeper "Native People of Manitoba," 1990, Wilmot talk on Armistace Day at Norwood School, 1990, Pastoral Ministry in an Institutional Setting to Lutheran Volunteers, 1990, St. Thomas Church " Western Reflections & Recollections, 1990, Wilmot interviewed by Bill Harshaw on his final years at S.J.C., 1990, Canada after Meech Ecomoics, Cameron, Bellan & Brownstone, 1990, Conversations with daughter Louise, 1990-1992, Aboriginal people after Meech with Joe Keeper, Mary Richard & Paul Chartrand, 1990, Canada after Meech politicaly with Allan Mills & Paul Thomas, 1990, French/English relations after Meech Ron Duhamel, Allan Kear, Mr. Bisson, 1990, Elspeth Cameron on Hugh Mclennan, C.B.C. 1990, Reflection New Year from the 107th floor of the World Trade Building, 1991, Wilmot lecture at Centennial Library on Manitoba First Premier, 1991, Visit by Monique vazina Minister of State for Seniors, 1991, Scott Peck, 1991, Wilmot Mac Command Centre & S.O.S.1991, Commencement Service at St. John's Cathedral, 1991, Marcel, 1994, Holten & Almelo, Holland, 1994, Ancient Church Piedmont Holy Remembrance Ceremony Oxford British Legion, 1994 Liberation Museum Holland, 1994, British Convention of Anglican Thedosians, 1994, Vimy Tunnel, 1994

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