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Canadian Wartime Experience: Home

The differing roles played by Canadians during times of conflict, at home and abroad, are featured in this website. The website provides access to a portion of wartime-related textual records and photographs that have been selected from larger collections within the holdings of the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections and digitized for research purposes. Click on the names of the collections or their associated images below to view a description of the entirety of these collections. Scroll to the bottom of these descriptions and click on the phrase “View Canadian Wartime Experience Material” for a file listing of the material that has been digitized. Click on the thumbnails to view larger images and their archival references.

You will also notice a link below to our education website featuring student curriculum and teachers’ guides for: Grades 4 and 6; Senior 1 and 3 (Grades 9 and 11).

Material on this website and the educational site may be used for personal, educational, and research purposes.


  Red River Resistance (1869-1870)

Josiah Jones Bell fonds
Kenneth Hayes - Northwest Rebellion fonds
Louis Riel fonds


  Boer War (1899-1902)

I. Maclaren Thompson fonds


  World War I (1914-1918)

Canadian Officers Training Corps fonds
John W. Dafoe fonds
Charles William Gordon fonds
William Harold Hunt fonds
Jellis Family fonds
Alice Millidge fonds
Pitblado Family fonds
Archie Polson fonds
Winnipeg Tribune fonds
Vaughan David Watt fonds


  World War II (1939-1945)

Mary Lyle Benham fonds
Canadian Officers Training Corps fonds
William Harold Hunt fonds
Margaret Konantz fonds
Henry Kreisel fonds
Jack Ludwig fonds
Sybil Shack fonds
Winnipeg Tribune fonds
Reverend Canon Laurence F. Wilmot fonds

  Korean War (1950-1953)

Winnipeg Tribune fonds


  Vietnam War (1957-1975)

Winnipeg Tribune fonds
Educational Site (Grades 4 & 6, Senior 1 & 3)


A complimentary website created by the Mennonite Heritage Centre related to the role of

Canadian conscientious objectors in the Second World War can be found at: 



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