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Icelandic Collection: Home

Icelandic Media Room

The Icelandic Media Roomis available for students in the Icelandic program. 

A table with 4 chairs and a computer space are available for use. This space can be booked for day use, 9-16 on weekdays. Only one group will be booked each day to ensure proper sanitation between groups.

Bookings can be made via email Please include the names of the group members and the Icelandic department classes attended. 

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News and new additions to the Icelandic Collection

Welcome to the new LibGuide for our Icelandic Special Collections here at the University of Manitoba. Here you can find links to electronic resources for both research and learning Icelandic. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Below are the most recent additions to our physical book collection, updated daily.

The physical collection currently includes 28443 items, 27757 of which are circulating and 25518 are available through interlibrary loan. 




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The Icelandic Collection

Thanks to the financial resources raised by the V.I.P. (Valuing Icelandic Presence) Millennium Campaign The Icelandic Collection was relocated in October 2000 to an expanded, renovated and modernized space in the Elizabeth Dafoe Library. A world-class facility, The Icelandic Collection section is home to The Iceland Reading Room, a centre providing for the teaching and research needs of the 21st century by offering state-of-the-art reading, seminar and study rooms.
Also part of the section is the Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson Gallery showcasing exhibitions ranging from ancient Icelandic sagas in vellum manuscripts to contemporary artwork by Icelandic and local artists.

Corporations, Foundations & Organizations

The Eimskip University Fund, University of Iceland
Eimskip, The Iceland Steamship Company
Government of Iceland
James Richardson & Sons, Limited


Manitoba Telcom Services, Inc.

The Icelandic Canadian*
Mál og menning*

Gimli Chapter, Icelandic National League of North America
Icelandic Canadian Club of Toronto
Icelandic National League of North America
Jon Sigurdsson Chapter IODE
Leif Eiriksson Chapter, Icelandic National League of North America, Calgary
Vatnabyggd Chapter, Icelandic National League of North America, Elfros, Saskatchewan

Arnason Industries Ltd.


 Individual Donors

In Memory of Grettir Eggertson
Mr. Donald K. Johnson Family
In Memory of Fjola Johnson
In Memory of B.B. & Guðrún Olson and Rev. B.B. Sigurbjörg Jónsson
In Memory of Dr. Wilhelm & Dr. Ronald W. Kristjanson
Dorothy & Gregory Purchase
Evelyn Downey
In Memory of Thorarinn Guðni Sigvaldason & Aðalbjörg Sigvaldason (née Sæmundson)
In Memory or Dr. Paul H.T. Thorlakson
Dr. Kenneth & Mrs. Lorna M. Thorlakson
Dr. Robert H. & Mrs. Deborah A. Thorlakson
Dr. George T. & Mrs. Tanis M. Richardson
Heather & Hartley Richardson
Mr. Haraldur Palsson

In Memory of Professor Skuli Johnson
Elaine L. & Richard A. Johnson

Wayne Gudmundson*
In Memory of Guðrún Finnsdóttir & Gísli Jónsson
In Memory of Friðjón & Guðný Friðriksson
Susan Glass & Arni Thorsteinson
Mr. Palmi Palsson
In Memory of Soley (Palsson) Page & Roy Page

Peter Erlendson
Mr. Thomas E. Stefanson & Mrs. Diane M. Stefanson

In Memory of Hjörtur, Sesselja, Olafur & Johanna Amundson
In Memory of Carla Thorlakson
In Memory of Gudrun I. Olson
In Memory of Vilborg (Gisladóttir) & Jakob Bjarnason
Russel & Elin Reid
Eleanor Samson & J. Timothy Samson, Q.C.
In Memory of Darrell L. Bjornson
In Memory of Sigridur Oddny Samson & John V. Samson

Mr. William R. & Mrs. Constance L. Appleby
In Memory of Martha Arnason
In Memory of Christian Benidickson
Neil & Annette Bardal
In Memory of Rosa Stephansson-Benediktson
Dr. Harold F. Bjarnason
In Memory of Harold & Agustina Bjarnason
In Memory of Arnor Konrad Egilson & Thorunn Salome Egilson
In Memory of Halldor Johannes Egilson & Margaret Jonsdottir
Audrey Fridfinnson
Chris & Lenore Good
Kenneth G. Howard & Family
In Memory of Ragnheiður Jónsdóttir Asmundsson
In memory of Ragnar & Margret Johnson
G. Ray & Norma Johnson & Family
In memory of Gudlaug & Bjorn Johnson
In Memory of Kristjan Aðaljon & Margaret Oleson
In Memory of Dr. Sigga Christianson Houston
Brian T. Oleson
In Memory of the Honourable & Mrs. G.S. Thorvaldson
Mr John F. Sigurjonsson
In Memory of Oddur G. Oddson
Stefan J. Stefanson
Jon Vidalin Straumfjord & Thorey Gudmundsdottir
Gordon H. Thorvaldson & Evelyn K. Thorvaldson
Dr. G. Les E. Ullyot
Betty Jane Wylie

Margaret Bjarnason Amirault
Asdis S. Anderson
In Memory of Helen Sigurbjorg Arksey
In Memory of Guðrun Anna Arnason
In Memory of Paulina Guttormsdóttir Dahlman
In Memory of Erle S. Dahlman
In Honour of Alex & Hulda (Guttormsdóttir) Clarke
In Memory of Guttormur J. & Jensina Guttormsson
Honourary Consul Heather Alda Ireland
In Memory of Barett Daniel Lawrence
In Memory of John J. Arnason
In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Gudmundur F. Jonasson
Mary & Charles Birt, Q.C.
In Memory of Margaret Thora Nowell
Dr. & Mrs. David Bjarnason
Karen & Dwight Botting
Wilfred George Bristow
In Memory of Stefan & Thorbjorg Johnson
Bjorn Christianson, Q.C.
In Memory of Bjarni & Jóna Thorlacius
In Memory of Margaret, Halldor & Svava Johnson
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Eggertson
In Memory of W. Fisher Einarson
In Memory of Gudmundur Eliasson & Margret Sveinsdóttir
In Memory of Glen & Ingun Eyford
Mr. Nelson Gerrard
Mr. Stefan Gislason
Lillian Gudmundson
Sandra & Peter Hannam
In Memory of Ragna & Björn Baldwinson
Mr. John Harvard
In Memory of Arman Hjalmarsson
Gudny & Snorri Johnson
Kevin Jon Johnson
In Memory of Snæbjörn Snorrason Johnson & Sigríður Jónsdóttir Jonasson Johnson
Dennis R. Johnson
Johnson Family (Marg & Steini)
In Memory of Justice Hjalmar A. Bergman
Mr. Blair W. Laxdal
In Memory of Johann J. Straumfjord Family
Agnar & Lauga Magnusson
Gail Einarson McCleery, O.F.
Dr. James A. McDonald
Arni Arnason Loved and missed by Ellen & Family, 1906-1995
Grace (Halldorson ) Nunn
In Memory of Sigurbjorg Einarsson
Harold & Elizabeth Olafson
Dr. Robert O’Kell & Dr. Arlene Young
In Memory of Thomas E. & A. Emily Oleson
Kris & Joann Oleson
Robert V. Oleson
In Memory of David & Margaret Johnson, August Johnson & Helgi Johnson
In Memory of Reverend Carl J. Olson
In Memory of Emily (Johnson) Hart
Skuli & Heida Sigfusson
In Memory of Leifur Hallgrimson Sigurdson, Q.C.
Ingimundur & Ásta Sigurðson
Sigurður & Sigríður Danielsson Holm
Jóhann S. & Helga G. J. Sigurðson
In Memory of Olivia Arnbjorg Halldorson Alliston
Ernest Stefanson
Sandra Stewart & Glyne Griffith
In Memory of Soren Tergesen
Geraldine D. Thorlakson
In Memory of Axel Vopnfjord
In Memory of Pauline Einarson Watt
Paul & Charlotte Westdal
Joseph B. & J. Guðrún Skaptason

Local Icelandic Groups and Projects of Interest

News from Iceland

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