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Study of Psychic Phenomena: Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Table Levitations, Ectoplasm, and Photography: Home

Study of Psychic Phenomena: Mediumship, Spirit Guides, Table Levitations, Ectoplasm, and Photography

To coincide with the launch of Serena Keshavjee’s The Undead Archive exhibition, the University of Manitoba Libraries Archives & Special Collections and the Survival Research Institute of Canada are co-sponsoring Study of Psychic Phenomena. This two-day event will feature speakers from across Canada and the United States. 

When:  Friday, 22 Sept., 7 to 9 pm, and Saturday, 23 Sept., 10 am to 5 pm.

Where: Archives Reading Room, 330 Elizabeth Dafoe Library, 25 Chancellors Circle, Winnipeg, MB

Admission is free, but donations to the  T.G. Hamilton Family Memorial Research Fund are welcome.

Donations may be eligible to receive a Canadian charitable donation tax receipt.


Please note you must register separately for EACH day

Register for the opening event on Friday HERE

Register for the Saturday symposium HERE


About "Psychic Phenomena"

“Student of Psychic Phenomena” (SPP) was recently discovered to be the pseudonym of Kingston dental surgeon Samuel A. Aykroyd (1855-1933). Dr. Aykroyd was the great-grandfather of actor and screenwriter Dan Aykroyd. To separate his public persona from his pursuit in family séances of spirit communication through mediumship, SPP submitted letters anonymously to Kingston newspapers over a period of 30 years (1899-1929). On November 1928, Dr. Aykroyd acknowledged Dr. T. Glen Hamilton’s psychic science in an article in the Kingston Whig-Standard (20 November 1928, p. 4). Though the Aykroyds did not observe ectoplasm in their séances, Dan Aykroyd popularized the term ectoplasm through the green slimy substance portrayed in the movie Ghostbusters (1984), in which he co-starred with Bill Murray and Sigourney WeaverAmong the dozens of spiritualism and psychical research at UM Libraries, Archives & Special Collections are the T.G. Hamilton collection  and a small collection donated by the Aykroyd family.

Friday, September 22


Friday evening, 7:00 to 9:00 pm (doors open 6:30 pm)

Walter Meyer zu Erpen – Are Psychic Phenomena Evidence of Life after Death?

Anna Thurlow – Margery Crandon’s Canadian Connections

Anton Wagner -  The Spiritual Journey of Prime Minister Mackenzie King

Saturday, September 23

Saturday 10:00-5:00 (doors open at 9:30)

Featuring speakers and scholars from across Canada and the United States

Brian Hubner – Winnipeg’s Relationship with the Paranormal

Shannon Taggart – Photographs from The Society for Research on Rapport and Telekinesis (SORRAT)


Serena Keshavjee – Guided Tour of The Undead Archive School of Art Gallery Venue

Anton Wagner – The influence of Spiritualism and the Occult on Mackenzie King's Appeasement of Adolf Hitler

Anna Thurlow – Remembering the Medium

Heidi Rimke – Afterlife Studies at the University of Winnipeg

Head, Archives & Special Collections

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