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Citation Tracking (Workshop)

Links, examples and materials to accompany a Citation Tracking workshop.

Citation Tracking Tools

Literature Mapping / Co-citation tools

Carol Cooke

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Carol Cooke
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Rm 226, Brodie Centre, Bannatyne Campus

Neil John Maclean Health Sciences Library
727 McDermot Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3P5

Workshop information

Topic: Citation Tracking: an alternative to literature searching
Audience: interested parties
Date: May 16, 2023
Description:  This hands-on session introduces you to using citation tracking as an alternative method to the traditional literature search.  Topics covered will include the strengths and weaknesses of this method, when to use it and the tools used to do forward and backward citation tracking (Google Scholar, Scopus, Web of Science).

Example citations

  • [Slide Example]
    Hites, Ronald A. “How To Give a Scientific Talk, Present a Poster, and Write a Research Paper or Proposal.” Environmental Science & Technology, vol. 48, no. 17, Sept. 2014, pp. 9960–64. (Crossref),
  • [Scopus Demo]
    Pautasso, Marco. “Ten Simple Rules for Writing a Literature Review.” PLoS Computational Biology, edited by Philip E. Bourne, vol. 9, no. 7, July 2013, p. e1003149. (Crossref),
  • [Web of Sciences Demo]
    Rodgers, Peter. “Writing for Different Readers.” ELife, vol. 6, Mar. 2017, p. e25408. eLife,
  • [Google Scholar Demo]
    Whitesides, G. M. “Whitesides’ Group: Writing a Paper.” Advanced Materials, vol. 16, no. 15, 2004, pp. 1375–77. Wiley Online Library,  


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