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Katherine Penner: Professional Profile

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Katherine Penner
Subjects: Film Studies, Music

Katherine Penner (Associate Librarian) holds a B. Mus. from the University of Manitoba, and an MLIS from Western University. Katherine is the Music Librarian and Film Librarian, based out of the Music Library on the Fort Garry Campus. 

Katherine currently serves as Chair of the Service and Training Section of the International Association of Music Libraries, Archives, and Documentation Centres (IAML). In this role, she seeks out and supports training opportunities for staff in music information centres. On the national level, Katherine currently serves on the Collections Committee and has served in the position of Board Secretary for CAML, the Canadian branch of IAML.

Current Research

  • Information Literacy in the Music Classroom, Information Literacy Curriculum Development
  • Investigation of digital score formats for the study of music
  • Use and Adoption of Pre-Recorded Music in Film Settings 

Recent Posters, Presentations, Publications

Penner, K. (2023, July). Embracing the new. Presented at the IAML 2023 Congress, Cambridge, UK. 

Clark, S. & Penner, K. (2023). Supporting early undergraduate students: Using existing knowledge to develop critical reading skills. In Gascho Rempel & Hamelers (Eds.), Teaching Critical Reading Skills: Strategies for Academic Librarians. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.

Penner, K., Guise, J., Hristov, M. Nathalie. (2022, July). An Overview of Training for Music Library Staff. Presented at the IAML 2022 Congress, Prague, Czech Republic. 

Heinrichs, C. & Penner, K. (2022). Speed Databasing: A Database Workshop for Public Services Staff. Poster presented at the Ontario Library Association Super Conference, Virtual. 

Johnson, B., Hiebert, C., Penner, K., & Weiser, M. (2020, June). On a high note: Arts administration [Video]. Presented as part of the Desautels Faculty of Music On a High Note series. YouTube.

Penner, K. (2019, May). The New (insert subject here) Librarian: Fostering IL Engagement with a New Department. Presented at the WILU 2019 Conference, Winnipeg, MB. 

Penner, K. & Penner, T. (2018, May). Where You Keep Your Rolling Stones Records: Pre-Recorded Music and the Evolution of Wes Anderson. Presented at the Film Studies Association of Canada Conference, Regina, SK. 

Penner, K. (2018, May). Library Services for Faculty Producing Creative Works. Presented at the Canadian Association of Music Libraries (CAML) Conference, Regina, SK. 

Guise, J. & Penner, K. (2017, June). Counterpoint: An 8-year Mentoring Relationship. Presented at the Congress of the International Association of Music Libraries (IAML), Riga, Latvia.

Guise, J. & Penner, K. (2017, May). A Place in this Faculty: Building Community through Teaching and Mentorship. Presented at the Canadian Association of Music Libraries (CAML) Conference, Toronto, ON.

Clark, S. & Penner, K. (2017). Assessing an event: Mixin' it up with the Long Night Against Procratination. In A. W. Dobbs (Ed.). The Library Assessment Cookbook. Chicago, IL: ACRL Press.