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Manitoba Research Gateway: Information for Manitoba Librarians

Our World

Our World, on the Manitoba Research Gateway, is a collection of Gale resources available to all Manitobans, made possible by the University of Manitoba Libraries and Gale Cengage.  These are not a subscription, this was a perpetual access purchase.

Two ways to access:

Direct link to Our World:

  • Add this link to your website to allow access via MB IP address, with no login required

Request Your Own Links:

  • If your library wants to allow patrons to use its existing authentication method, Gale will create them for you
  • This will allow your authenticated patrons to access the resource outside of Manitoba
  • This will allow you to track usage stats

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Resources Included

  • 17th & 18th Century BURNEY Collection of UK Newspapers
  • 17th & 18th Century NICHOLS Collection of UK Newspapers
  • 19th C. UK Periodicals I: Women's, Children's, Humour, Leisure
  • 19th C. UK Periodicals II: Empire/Colonial, Travel, Culture, Missions
  • American Fiction, 1774-1920
  • Brazilian & Portuguese History & Culture:  Oliveira Lima Library I
  • Brazilian & Portuguese History & Culture:  Oliveira Lima Library II
  • British Library Newspapers, PART I:  1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, PART II:  1800-1900
  • British Library Newspapers, PART III:  1741-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, PART IV:  1732-1950
  • British Library Newspapers, PART V:  1746-1950
  • British Literary Manuscripts I, 1660-1900
  • British Literary Manuscripts II, Medieval & Renaissance
  • Chatham House Online I
  • Chatham House Online II
  • China: Empire to Republic: Missionary, Sinology & Lit. Periodicals, 1817-1949
  • Crime, Punishment, and Popular Culture, 1790-1920
  • Daily Mail, 1896-2004
  • Eighteenth Century Collection Online I
  • Eighteenth Century Collection Online II
  • Financial Times
  • Illustrated London News
  • Indigenous Peoples: North America
  • LGBTQ History & Culture, 1946-2000s
  • Liberty Magazine, 1924-1950
  • National Geographic Magazine Archive, 1888-1994
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 1: British Politics and Society
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 2: Asia & The West: diplomacy and cultural exchange
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 3: British Theatre, Music, and Literature: high and popular culture
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 4: Corvey Collection of European Literature
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 5: Europe and Africa: commerce, Christianity, civilization, and conquest
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 6: Photography: the world through the lens
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 7: Science, Technology, and Medicine Part 1
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 8: Women: Transnational Networks
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 9: Science, Technology, and Medicine Part 2
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 10: Children Literature and Childhood
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 11: Mapping the World: maps and travel literature
  • Nineteenth Century Collections Online 12: Religion, spirituality, reform, and society
  • Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers
  • Picture Post, 1938-1957
  • Punch, 1841-1992
  • SABIN Americana, History & Culture
  • Slavery & Anti-Slavery 1:  Debates - Slavery & Abolition
  • Slavery & Anti-Slavery 2:  Slave Trade in Atlantic World
  • Slavery & Anti-Slavery 3:  Institution of Slavery
  • Slavery & Anti-Slavery 4:  Age of Emancipation
  • Smithsonian 1:  World’s Fairs and Expositions: Visions of Tomorrow
  • Smithsonian 2:  Trade Lit and Merchandising of America, 1820-1923
  • Smithsonian 3: Evolution of Flight, 1784-1991
  • Smithsonian:  Smithsonian (1970‐current) + Air & Space (1986‐current)
  • The Economist, 1843-2011
  • The Independent, 1986-2016
  • The Listener, 1929-1991
  • The Making of the Modern World, Part I:  1450-1850
  • The Making of the Modern World, Part II:  1851-1914
  • The Sunday Times, 1822-2006
  • The Telegraph Historical Archive, 1855-2000
  • The Times (London), 1785-2009 (with updates)
  • The Times Literary Supplement (TLS), 1902-2010 (with updates)
  • Women’s Movements and Issues, part of the Women’s Studies Archive program