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Healthcare Apps Toolkit: Lab

The best free or nearly free apps for healthcare including point of care, drug, medical calculators, healthcare specialities, keeping current (browsing tables of content of journals or monitoring RSS feeds), for patients, and for productivity.

Lab Apps

Although some point of care and drug apps come with medical calculators most do not come with laboratory test value references.  A number of apps are available that provide this information in an easy to use format.

Diagnostic Services of Manitoba Laboratory Information Manual (free)

DSM logoType of App: Lab
Cost: Free
Availability: Anyone
Access: Mobile friendly website which is optimized to smart phones.

Diagnostic Services of Manitoba's multi-disciplinary Laboratory Information Manual (LIM) is the source of current and consistent laboratory references and values for DSM’s Winnipeg region labs

  1. Go the Diagnostic Services of Manitoba website
  2. Look for the link at the top of the page to Info for Professionals and then LIM
  3. Bookmark the URL to LIM's mobile friendly website
  4. Alternatively, for iPhones add to your homescreen by tapping on the Sharing Icon and then Add to Home Screen.

Lab Gear

Lab Gear Logo (image of a beaker)Type of App: Lab
Cost: $2.99
Availability: Anyone

Library of medical lab tests with differential diagnosis, related symptoms . Fishbones schematics for Preset testing panels. Systems: Hematology (Blood Tests), Hormones, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Gastrointestinal, Nephrology, Tumor Markers, Pregnancy, Immunology
>Chemistry Panels: Basic Metabolic Panel, Comprehensive Metabolic Panel, Complete blood Picture, Arterial Blood Gases, Liver Panel, Lipid Profile, Coagulation Profile, Diabetic Profile, Urinalysis

Lab Values Pro

Type of App: Lab
Cost: $2.99
Availability: Anyone
Access: iTunes

Includes 250 laboratory test values and is organized similarly to Pocket Lab Values.  Includes definitions of thousands of medical abbreviations and definitions of over 400 medical prefixes.  May be useful for those encountering unfamiliar terms who like further definitions and laboratory test values.

Medical Lab Tests

Medical lab tests - logoType of App: Lab
Cost: $2.99
Availability: Anyone

Medical Lab Tests covers the most common laboratory tests and their interpretation. Provides differentials for high and low lab values.

Pocket Lab Values

Pocket Lab Values - Logo (image of hypodermic needle)Type of App: Lab
Cost: $2.99
Availability: Anyone
Access: iTunes

This app has over 320 laboratory test values split into different medical categoreis.  The app gives the ranges of appropriate values, along with information on what may cause the values to be high or low.