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Prairie Immigration Experience: Lesson Plans


Hello teachers! The Prairie Immigration Experience educational website is to be used in conjunction with the Social Studies curriculum for Grade 6 entitled Canada: A Country of Change (1867 to Present). The content of this website can provide a wonderful supplementary tool for students studying Cluster 1: Building a Nation (1867 to 1914). One of the goals of this cluster is for students to consider the impact of immigration and hardships faced by new settlers. The Illustrated History section of this website outlines the key points in the development of immigration and immigration policy in Canada between 1867 and 1914. This text is highlighted by the inclusion of images of relevant archival material. The game can then test students on what they have learned in a fun and interactive way.

Below you will find links to the lesson plan for section 6.1.5 Immigration. You will also find links to several other activities students can participate in to further their knowledge on this period in Canadian history. Students can fill the forms related to the activities out on-line, or you may print them off for the students to complete.



6.1.5 Immigration

Activity: Discrimination

Activity: Wilfrid Laurier

Activity: Clifford Sifton

Activity: Receiving Newcomers to Canada