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Margaret Stobie fonds: MSS 13, PC 109, TC 2 (A1980-17, A1986-47)

Margaret Stobie:

An Inventory of Her Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Richard E. Bennett.
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Vladimira Zvonik (February 2005)
Finding aid written in English.

Revision History

  • July 26, 2005 - MSS 13, PC 109, TC 2, TC 24 (A.80-17, A.82-42) converted from EAD 1.0 to 2002 by v1to02.xsl (sy2003-10-15).

Collection Summary

Repository: University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Margaret Stobie
Margaret Stobie fonds
24 cm of textual material

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Biography of Margaret Stobie

Dr. Margaret (Peg) Roseborough was born in Vermillion, Alberta on February 26th, 1909. She received a B.A. from the University of Alberta in 1930. Margaret was awarded an IODE Overseas Fellowship and did an Honours Degree in English at King's College University of London in 1932. She returned to Canada completing an M.A. in 1934, and a Ph.D. in 1937, at the University of Toronto. The following year she published An Outline of Middle English Grammar with MacMillan's, and taught at Victoria College. In 1938, she married William Stobie. The couple moved to DePauw University in Indiana in 1938. From there, they moved to Missouri where Margaret returned to teaching at Christian College a Women's Institution. William and Margaret Stobie taught at Cornell University for two years from 1944-1946 before joining the English department at the University of Manitoba. Margaret was forced to retire from teaching with the inception of the nepotism law in 1950. She spent the next several years acting, producing and directing local theatre as well as working for the CBC in various dramatic roles and as a book reviewer on Critically Speaking. In 1958 she took an appointment at United College, but resigned in protest over the dismissal of Harry Crowe at the end of the year. In 1959 she was hired by St. John's College. From 1962-1965 she was on the executive of the College's Chapter of CAUT. In 1966 she attained the rank of full professor. Two years later she became a member of Senate and in 1971 she was appointed to the Research Grants Committee and Research Board. Margaret was the first women appointed to the academic panel of the Canada Council and was a board member of the Associations of Universities and Colleges of Canada. She wrote two more books, A Critical Study of Frederick Philip Grove Twayne Publisher (1973), and The Other Side of the Rebellion (1986) . She was appointed to Professor Emeritus in 1975. Margaret Stobie died July 15, 1990. The University of Manitoba holds a lecture in Dr. Stobie's memory.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

Contains research material used in writing her book Frederick Philip Grove (1973)*. Includes correspondence, interviews (tapes and typescripts), research notes and news articles. There are also copies of three articles on the Graphic Press plus a paper on "Friedrich Hebbel" delivered to the English Club in Simcoe, Ontario (1932). The fifteen tapes have been transferred to the Tape Collection, TC 2.

The Collection gives a glimpse of the rural Manitoba towns in which Frederick Grove lived and taught. The private interviews, although based on somewhat vague recollections, reflect the communities' attitude and feelings toward Grove, especially those of former students, and show a more personal, intimate aspect of Grove's rather unique character and lifestyle.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into five series.

  1. Correspondence
  2. Research notes
  3. Tape Transcripts for TC 2
  4. News Articles
  5. Other Material

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Restrictions on Access

No restriction on access

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Related Papers

Other accruals include the Stobie Family Fonds. Mss 159 (A.98-51) pertains to Margaret Stobie's research with the Bunji dialect (1965-1969), the North Studies Project (1965-1977), the creation of the Manitoba Theatre Centre (1950-1982), and William Stobie's involvement with the University of Manitoba's academic unions (1949-1976). Mss 159, Pc 177 (A.03-92, A.04-94) consists primarily of Margaret Stobie's research and publication drafts, publications, and early photographs of the Stobies. Mss 159, Pc 177, Tc (A08-20) consists primarily of William Stobie's academic writings, personal correspondence, and Margaret Stobie's research and drafts for her books.

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Custodial History

Donated by Professor Stobie to the University of Manitoba as an addition to the Frederick Philip Grove Collection in 1980.

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Other Finding Aids

Stobie Family Fonds - Mss 159, Pc 177, Tc 136 (A.98-51, A.03-92, A.04-94, A.08-20)

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Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Correspondence 1970 -1973

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 1 Outgoing (41 items)
  2 Incoming (73 items)
  3 Other correspondence (alphabetical by author), [ 1957- 2 items; ] [ 1970-1971, 1980-1981 - 7 items ]

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2. Research notes
A. Manitoba Years
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 4

1. Eden, Manitoba, [ 1919-1922 ]

13 pages


2. Education records, [ 1913-1925 ]

35 pages

- attendance records, teacher certification, university record, inspector's notations on schools, etc.


3. Falmouth/Ferguson, [ 1918-1919 ]

14 pages


4. Haskett , [ 1912-1913, ]

9 pages

- includes first draft of Haskett section of book, 7 pages

  8 5. Rapid City
  9 6. Simcoe
  10 7. Virden
  11 8. Winkler
B. Literary Criticism on Grove's work
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 12 1. Consider Her Ways
  13 2. F. Froebel
  14 3. Jean Jacques Rousseau
  15 4. Settlers of the Marsh
  16 5. Trilogy of Generations; Jane Atkinson, Our Daily Bread, The Weatherhead Fortunes
  16A Master of the Mill & The Fruits of the Earth
C. Publishers and Press
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 17

1. Canadian Forum, Canadian Nation, London Free Press, Maclean's

2. Canadian Authors' Association, Canadian Writers' Foundation

3. Carrier, Louis (Graphic Publishers)

4. McClelland & Stewart

  18 5. Graphic Publishers
  19 6. Macmillan Co.

7. Ottawa Journal, Canadian Bookman

8. Lorne Pierce, Ryerson Press

  21 9. Saturday Night
  22 10. Publishers 1928-1929/30

11. Winnipeg - Free Press; Phelps, Kirconnell

12. Der Nordwesten, 1912-15

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3. Tape Transcripts for TC 2
A. Alphabetical Arrangement by interviewee:
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
1 24

1. Albright, Mrs. (Drysdale), Minnedosa. 24 July 22/23, 1970. Originally from Eden. Tape 6:B, 2 pages.

- taught in Eden High School at the time Grove was there. Not much information - old and mind wanders (11nuts1l)

2. Baker, Otto (et al.), Falmouth. July 1970. Tape 6:A, 5 pages.

- pupil of Grove's at Ferguson School in 1918-19. Grove as a teacher; told tall tales.

3. Baskier, Mrs. J.M. (nee Marjorie Graham), Portage la Prairie. Originally from Rapid City.

- student of Grove's in Rapid City, 1922/23. Grove knowledgeable in many subjects. Tape 8:A, 2 pages.

4. Basler, Mrs. Norman , Rapid City. July 24, 1970. Tape 7:A, 3 pages.

- "Grove was an odd man"; was teacher's pet.

5. Bill, Mrs. Evelyn , Neepawa. Tape 3:B, 1 page.

- Grove's student in Eden (n.d.). Studied a lot. A good teacher.

6. Birkinshaw, E. , Sr., Rapid City. First interview, July 23, 1970. Tape 6:B, 7:A, 2 pages; second interview, July 25, 1970, 5 pages.

- used to be on the school board, chairman of it for a time, while Groves were in Rapid City. Speaks about the 'attack' on Mrs. Grove. Also Grove's character -- generosity, his privacy --kept to himself.

7. Birkinshaw, E. , Jr., Brandon. Sept. 25, 1970, Tape 12:A, 10 pages.

- student in Rapid City. Talks about Grove's personal library, as teacher, teaching excellence. Pacey and Carleton Stanley's books on Grove discussed. Mannerisms, tall tales.

8. Bramhill, G. , Simcoe. Aug. 12, 1970, Tape 8:B, 3 pages.

- inaccurate about facts of Grove's farm, physical liveliness, etc.

9. Bridgett, Miss Bassie , Virden. July 6, 1970, Tape 3:A, 3 pages.

- Grove's student in Virden. Rather inaccurate.

10. Broadfoot, Ina , Winnipeg. 1 24 July 1970, Tape 5:A, 1 page.

- Grove's student in Gladstone --remembers practically nothing except a most general impression.

11. Brown, Peter , Winnipeg. Tape 1:A&B, 31 pages.

- was pupil of Grove's at Winkler school and later principal of the Winkler school. Extensive interview. Grove's character; story teller; physical qualities; biogra- phical data; health; attitude towards Germans in Canada during W.W. I; Mennonites.

12. Buchanan, Mrs. Vic (nee Lydia Campbell), McCreary. July 1970, Tape 6:B, 4 pages.

- babysat May at Falmouth; Mrs. Grove's student.


13. Carter, Mrs. (nee Merle McNivern), Brandon. 25 Sept. 23, 1970, Tape ll:B, 3 pages.

- co-teacher of Grove's in Virden. Impression of Grove: didn't understand him.

14. China Store Owner, Simcoe. Oct. 23, 1970, Tape 13:B, 2 pages.

- pointless interview. Discrepancies reveal did not know Grove.

15. Coad, Earl , Winnipeg. Sept. 18, 1970, Tape ll:A, 2 pages.

- Grove's student in Eden. Strict, but good teacher and well-liked.

16. Collin, W.E. , London. Oct. 25, 1970, Tape 14:A, 12 pages.

- professor who gave paper on Grove to the Royal Society. Scholastic view of Grove and his life and writings. Speaks about other research and publications on Grove.

17. Cornish, Robert , Rapid City. July 25, 1970, Tape 7A&B, 3 pages.

- grade 9 student while Grove was in Rapid City (picked on him). Impressions as a man and as a teacher; tall tales.

18. Dinoon, Mrs. , Neepawa. July 22, 1970, Tape 6:B, 1 page.

- didn't know Grove; pointless interview. (lived in Eden when Grove was there)

19. Dyck, Mr. John , Winkler. June 29, 1970, Tape 2:A, 6 pages.

- student of Grove's when Grove first came to Winkler. Impressions; relationship with pupils.

20. Dyck, Mrs. John (nee Tena Enns), Winkler. July 1970, Tape 2:B, 3 pages.

- stayed in her parents' house before his marriage; pleasant person; kept to himself; impressions.

21. Eastgate, Elizabeth Barrett , Brandon. 1 25 Sept. 24, 1970, Tape 12:A, 3 pages.

- student in Rapid City. Love of the outdoors.

22. Eggleston, Wilfrid , Ottawa. Aug. 20, 1970, Tape 10:4 ll:A, 4 pages.

- knew Groves quite well in Ottawa. Discrepancies in his background (European); Graphic Press.

23. Elke, Ed , Amaranth. July 1970, Tape 6:B, 3 pages.

- Mrs. Grove's student at Falmouth. General impressions of both.

24. Elke, Rudolph , Amaranth. July 1970, Tape 6:A&B, 5 pages.

- student at Falmouth. Impressions of Groves and descriptions of area when they were there.

25. Fairbairn, Gordon , Ottawa. Nov. 2, 1970, Tape 15:A, 8 pages.

- was art director for Graphic Publishers after Mrs. Cameron took over. Talks about Mrs. Cameron and Graphic; Grove: interesting and charming, knowledgeable.

26. Gerrand, Ray , Virden. July 6, 1970, Tape 3:A, 5 pages.

- Grove's pupil at Virden who was 16 in grade 9 in the term 1915/16. Never got along with Grove; nothing good to say about him.

27. Giesbrecht, Jacob N. , Winnipeg. July 1970, Tape 4:B, 2 pages.

- pupil in Haskett. Told of Grove's frequent visits to his parents' home. (last 10 minutes of tape only; also 2 pages of notes)

28. Giesbrecht, Mrs. (Peter Brown's sister), Altona. n.d., Tape 2:B, 7 pages.

- student in Winkler. Impressions of Grove; enjoyed school conditions in Winkler at that time (1914).

29. Gilray, Miss Bertha, Toronto. July 31, 1970, Tape 8:B, 3 pages. .

- taught in Virden when Grove was on staff. Did not understand or appreciate him; really was a clever man; a gracious gentleman

30. Govenlock, Walter , Neepawa. July 26, 1970, Tape 7:B, 3 pages.

- Grove's student in Rapid City. Admired Grove; well educated; not good health.

31. Graham, John & Mrs , Eden. July 10, 1970, Tape 3:B, 5 pages.

- Grove's student in Eden. Farm as about 1/2 mile out of town; took class on nature studies; studied astronomy; strict and sharp-tempered.

32. Grove, Catherine , Simcoe.Oct. 23, 1970, Tape 13:B, 2 pages.

- general conversation just to get the quality of her voice.

33. Grove, Leonard , Toronto. Aug. 17, 1970, Tape 10:A&B, 5 pages.

- about his boyhood in Simcoe; father's character; taught by his mother.

34. Gunn, Mrs. Walter , Winnipeg. July 12, 1970, Tape 4:A, 2 pages. - Tape ll:A, I page.

- taught in Eden; close friend of Grove's; occasionally babysat May; very fond of Mrs. Grove. Aug. 29, 1970,

- Grove's relationship with his work; domineering.

  26 Other Correspondence (vol. 2) - 16 items, 1963-1971
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 1

35. Hare, Dr., Simcoe. Aug. 12, 1970, Tape 8:B, 4 pages.

- medical view of Grove; 'lecture' on Seven Generations; one page of partial transcript with Dr. Hare, Aug. 10/70.

36. Haslen, Stanley , Rapid City. July 23/24, 1970, Tape 7:A, 4 pages.

- Mrs. Grove's pupil in Rapid City. Grove kept to himself.

37. Hiebert, Mrs. (nee Sarah Warkentin) and Toews, Mrs. (nee Helen Hiebert), Steinbach. July 1970, Tape 2:B, 6 pages.

- Mrs. Toews lived in Haskett while Grove taught there; Mrs. Hiebert was Grove's pupil in Winkler. Impression of Grove; concern for all animals; queer and constantly sick.

38. Hill, Mrs. Baker (Otto Baker's mother), Winnipeg. July 28, 1970, Tape 8:A&B, 2 pages.

- lived one mile from Ferguson; knew little about Grove. Impressions of Mrs. Grove.

39. Inch, Bob , Brandon. Sept. 21, 1970, Tape ll:A&B, 2 pages.

- said to have helped launch Grove in Ottawa. Pointless chatter.

40. Jackson, Mrs. Harold , Simcoe. Oct. 24, 1970, Tape 13:B, 7 pages.

- Grove and the English Club in Simcoe.

41. Jackson, J.A. & Mrs. , Simcoe. Oct. 22, 1970, Tape 13:A, 6 pages.

- former high school principal in Simcoe (1940s), when Leonard first entered high school). Impressions of Grove, Leonard and Catherine, who was much more likeable than her husband.

44. Johnson, William Penn , Winnipeg. 2 1 Sept. 26, 1970, Tape 12:B, 10 pages. - substituted for Grove at Virden when Grove was ill. Describes Virden; impressions of Grove; clever.

45. Kelm, Ed, Riding Mountain. July 1970, Tape 6:B, 1 page.

- used to go to Ferguson school but did not know Grove.

46. Kennedy, Mrs. , Eden. July 10/11, 1970, Tape 3:B, 3 pages.

- Grove an odd person; thought he came from royalty

47. Kirkconnell, Watson, Winnipeg. Oct. 13, 1970, Tape 12:B, 4 pages.

- presented Grove with honorary degree from University of Manitoba. Brief discussion of his literary works.

48. Kirkwood, Bill; Mrs. Grove , Ancaster. August 1970, Tape 10:A, 13 pages.

- personal friend from Simcoe. Man of great depth; love of detail; philoso- phical discussions; difficulties of being a Canadian writer; nature studies- walks; multifarious interests.

49. Kroeker, A.A. , Winnipeg. July 1970, Tape 5:A, 7 pages.

- noted for developing of field crops as a farmer. Took Grade 10 at night with Grove in Winkler; taught during the day. Impres- sions of Grove; concern for animals; good teacher; great admiration.

50. Kuitner, Charlie, Amaranth. July 1970, Tape 6:A, 4 pages.

- Grove's pupil at Ferguson school. Good teacher; Grove stayed in his home.

51. Landon, Monroe , Simcoe.Aug. 15, 1970, Tape 9:A&B, 10 pages.

- close friend. Grove's physical ailments; naturalist; political involvement; one of five naturalists in Bill Kirkwood's pictures.

52. Lang, Art , Beausejour. July 27, 1970, Tape 8:A, 2 pages.

- pupil of Mrs. Grove's at Falmouth. (mental decay)

53. Lang, Ted, Rosser. July 26, 1970, Tape 8:A, 2 pages.

- pupil at Falmouth. Not much remembered.


54. Letkemen, Jacob , Valhalla, N.D. June 30, 1970, Tape 2:A, 4 pages.

- Grove's student in Haskett. Teaching (discipline episode); talks of school pranks.

55. Linton, Mrs. (nee Laura Fraser) and sister, Leila, Winnipeg. July 1970, Tape 5:A, 6 pages.

- Grove's pupil in Grade 10 in Eden, 1921. Impressions; severe man, but interesting teacher; clever.

56. Loewen, Mary , Winnipeg. March 27, 1971, Tape 15:A, 2 pages.

- student in primary school while Grove was principal in Winkler; father owned store above which the Groves had rooms after they were married.

57. McKandy, Mrs. (nee Ellen Elliot of Macmillan), Toronto. Aug. 18, 1970, Tape 10:B, 8 pages.

- Impressions; a remarkable man; many were unkind to him; loss of royalties; talks about his novels; a scholar.

58. Mackay, Mrs. Perry , Simcoe. Oct. 22, 1970, Tape 13:A, 8 pages.

- has known the Groves since their arrival at Simcoe. Enjoyed listening to him talk; her relationship with Mrs. Grove; Grove impatient with average person; not sociable.

59. Mackay, W. London. Oct. 26, 1970, Tape 14:A&B, 8 pages.

- was a pupil in the Grove elementary school, Simcoe; generally taught by Mrs. Grove; special courses from Grove, including nature studies; enjoyed freedom of the school.

60. Mackenzie, Bruce , Gladstone. July 8, 1970, Tpae 3:A&B, 9 pages. - pupil of Grove's in Gladstone from 1916/17 to 1917/18. Impressions; vain about appearance; brilliant but lonely man; a few specific episodes.

61. Mackenzie, Mrs. (nee Kirkness), Neepawa. July 12, 1970, Tape 3:B, 2 pages.

- once student of Grove's at Rapid City. Impressions; austere, distant man.

62. McMurchie, Mrs. Minnie , Ashfield. July 2, 1971, Tape 15:A, 7 pages.

- was at the Ashfield school with Mrs. Grove. Grove's ill health; special art classes; the townpeople in general.

63. Mowatt, Fred , Gladstone. July 16, 1970, Tape 7:B, 1 page.

- "non-remembering former pupil of Grove's in Gladstone".

64. Miller, Mrs. Henry (nee Hattie Graefur), Winkler. n.d., Tape I:B, 2 pages.

- Grove's pupil in Winkler. Strict but smart.

65. Miller, Mrs. (nee Tillie Graefur) and sister, Bertha (Mrs. Mtt Miller), Winkler. June 28, 1970, Tape 2:A, 2 pages.

- a nice man; not much information.

66. Oakes, Harold , Gladstone. July 26, 1970, Tape 8:A, I page.

- 14 years old while Grove in Gladstone (1917). No information; an "unpleasant encounter".

67. Oswald, Ray , Falmouth. July 1970, Tape 6:A, 5 pages.

- Mrs. Grove's pupil in Falmouth. Two really good teachers; general impressions.

68. Raymer, Mrs. John (nee Pat Mackay), Toronto. 3 Oct. 27, 1970, Tape 14:B, 11 pages.

- one of Grove's elementary students in Simcoe. Extensive interview; strong memories; a genius but a lonely person; feels he should never have been a teacher, that he didn't like children, etc.

69. Riesberry, Mrs. , Brandon. Sept. 23, 1970, Tape ll:B, 5 pages.

- lived in Rapid City while Groves were there; husband was mayor for a number of years. Talks of May's death.

70. Roe, Mrs. Hattie (nee Cathcart), Gladstone. July 26, 1970, Tape 8:A, 4 pages.

- Grove's student in Gladstone. Not much information.

71. Saunderson, Mrs. (nee Margaret Maclean), London. Aug. 1970, Tape 8:B, 2 pages.

- Grade 11 pupil of Grove's in Gladstone (1917/18). Not much information.

72. Schooley, Mr. & Mrs. , Gladstone. July 26, 1970, Tape 7:B, 2 pages.

- free lance writers. No personal knowledge of Grove.

73. Scott, Robert , Eden. July 11, 1970, Tape 3:B, 2 pages.

- In Gladstone in Grove's time; memory very feeble.

74. Shanks, Mr. , Winnipeg. Sept. 18, 1970, Tape ll:A, 2 pages.

- lived in area around Rapid City but not Grove's pupil. No information.


75. Stewart, Mrs. (nee Bertha Breckman), 2 3 Gladstone. July 26, 1970, Tape 8:A, 2 pages.

- Grove's pupil in Gladstone. Little information.

76. Smith, Donald , Neepawa. July 22, 1970, Tape 6:B, I page. - Grove's pupil in Eden. Stern; didn't mix with others.

77. Spry, Graham , Ottawa. Aug. 20, 1970, Tape ll:A, 5 pages. .

- was executive secretary of the Canadian Clubs; made arrangements for Grove's tours

78. Stewart, Janet , Winnipeg. July 1970, Tape 5:B, 8 pages.

- Grove's student in Eden. Impossible to please, etc.

79. Stankey, Lydia (nee Elke), Winnipeg, and Baker, Elsie (nee Elke), Falmouth. July 1970, Tape 5:B, 6 pages.

- both were Mrs. Grove's students in Falmouth.

80. Stobie, M. , Toronto. July 31, 1970, Tape 8:B, 1 page.

- intercomment; report on publishers.

81. Stuart, Mabel Orser , Brandon. Sept. 24, 1970, Tape ll:B and 12:A, 4 pages. ﷓ Grove's student in Rapid City.

82. Taylor, Mrs. (nee Grier), Rapid City. July 24, 1970, Tape 7:A, 4 pages.

- was away teaching while Grove in Rapid City; sister was Grove's pupil. Very diverse scholar.

83. Toews, Mrs. (nee Giesbrecht) and husband, Steinbach. July 1970, Tape 2:B, 2 pages.

- attended school in Haskett for six months while Grove was there.

84. Warkentin, Ben , Beausejour. July 1970, Tape 2:B and 3:A, 3 pages.

- was a school inspector in Winkler; knew Grove.

85. Warkentin, I.J. , Steinbach. June 25, 1970, Tape 1:B, 18 pages.

- was Grove's immediate predecessor in the principalship at Winkler in 1913. Re-organized the school; people didn't understand him; covers a variety of aspects.

86. Warkentine, John , Winnipeg. July 1970, Tape 5:A, 5 pages.

- only five years old when Grove was in Haskett. Information from what his father told him.

87. Warkentin, Miss Tena , Winkler 2 3 July 1970, Tape 2:A, 1 page (plus 2 pages notes.

- Grade 9 when Grove taught in Winkler.

88. Williams, Tracy (nee Graefur), Dauphin. July 1970, Tape 5:B, 2 pages.

- in Winkler but was not taught by Grove. General chit chat.

B. Tape Typescript by Reels

The fifteen cassette recording tapes, each 120' in length, have been transferred to the Tape Collection as TC 2.

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 4


Mr.Peter Brown, Winkler


Mrs. Henry Miller, Winkler



Mrs. Miller (nee Tillie Graefur), Winkler

John H.K. Dyck, Winkler

Jacob Letkeman, Haskett

Miss Tena Warkentin, Winkler


Mrs. John Dyck (nee Tena Enns), Winkler

Mrs. Giesbrecht (nee Brown), Winkler

Mrs. Toews (nee Giesbrecht), Haskett

Mrs. Hiebert (nee Sarah Warkentin) and Mrs. Toews (nee Helen Hiebert), Haskett

Benn Warkentin, Winkler



B. Warkentin (continued)

Miss Bessie Bridgett, Virden

Roy Gerrand, Virden

Bruce Mackenzie, Gladstone


B. Mackenzie (continued)

John Graham, Eden

Mrs. Kennedy, Eden

Robert Scott, Eden

Mrs. Mackenzie, Rapid City

Mrs. Evelyn Bill, Eden



Mrs. Walter Gunn, Eden


Jacob N. Giesbrecht, Haskett



Ina Broadfoot, Gladstone

John Warkentin, Haskett

Mrs. L.E. Linton (nee Laura Fraser), Eden

A. Kroeker, Winkler


A. Kroeker (continued)

Janet Stewart, Eden

Tracy Williams (nee Graefur), Winkler

Lydia Stanke and Elsie Baker (sisters, nee Elke), Falmouth



L. Stanke and E. Baker (continued)

Otto Baker, Falmouth/Ferguson

Ray Oswald, Falmouth/Ferguson

Charlie Kuitner, Falmouth/Ferguson

Rudolph Elke, Falmouth/Ferguson


R. Elke (continued)

Ed Elke, Falmouth/Ferguson

Mrs. Vic Buchanan (nee Campbell), Falmouth/ Ferguson

Ed Kelm, Falmouth/Ferguson

Donald Smith, Eden

Mrs. Dinoon, Eden

Mrs. Albright (nee Drysdale), Eden

E. Birkinshaw, Rapid City



E. Birkinshaw (continued)

Stanley Haslen, Rapid City

Mrs. Norman Basler, Rapid City

Mrs. Taylor (nee Grier), Rapid City

Robert Cornish, Rapid City


R. Cornish (continued)

E. Birkinshaw, Sr. (second visit)

W. Govenlook, Rapid City

Mr. and Mrs. Schooley, Gladstone

Fred Mowatt, Gladstone



Mrs. Hattie Roe (nee Cathcart), Gladstone

Mrs. Herb Buchanan and Mrs. Stewart (nee Bertha Breckman), Gladstone

Mrs. Harold Oakes (nee Rosella Chapman), Gladstone

Mrs. J.M. Baskier (nee Marjorie Graham), Rapid City

Ted Land, Falmouth/Ferguson

Arthur Land, Falmouth/Ferguson n

Mrs. Baker Hill, Falmouth/Ferguso


Mrs. Hill (continued)

Intercomment: Stobie

Miss Gilray, Virden

Margaret Saunderson (nee Maclean), Gladstone

Dr. Hare, Simcoe G. Bramhill, Simcoe



Munroe Landon, Simcoe



Bill Kirkwood, Simcoe

Leonard Grove, Simcoe


L. Grove (continued)

Mrs. McKandy (nee Ellen Elliott), Toronto

Wilfrid Eggleston, Ottawa



Graham Spry, Ottawa

Mrs. Gunn (second visit), Eden

Mrs. Shanks, Rapid City

Earl Coad, Eden

Bob Inch, Ottawa


B. Inch (continued)

Mrs. Riesberry, Rapid City

Mrs. Carter (nee Merle McNivan), Virden

Mabel Orser Stuart, Rapid City



M. Stuart (continued)

Elizabeth Barrett Eastgate, Rapid City

E. Birkinshaw, Jr., Rapid City


E. Birkinshaw (continued)

William Penn Johnson, Virden

Watson Kirkconnell (et al.), Rapid City



J.S. Jackson, Simcoe

Mrs. Perry Mackay, Simcoe


China Store Owner, Simcoe

Mrs. Grove's voice, Simcoe

Mrs. Harold Jackson, Simcoe



W.E. Collin, Simcoe

Dean W. Mackay, Simcoe


W. Mackay (continued)

Mrs. John Raymer (nee Mackay), Simcoe



Gordon Fairbairn, Ottawa

Mary Loewen, Winkler

Mrs. McMurchie (nee Kirkness), Ashfield

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4. News Articles
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 19

Articles from Der Nordwesten (1912-1915) ,

on "objectionable literature" - 15 items,

Canadian Literature, 1926 - 4 items

on Graphic Press, 1930-1931 - 2 items

on Louis Carrier, 1954, 1960-1961 - 6 items

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5. Other Material
A. Articles
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 20

1. Jackson, Mrs. H.M., "Friedrich Hebbel" 20

- paper delivered to English Club, December 12, 1932

2. Pains, Fred, "Re: Graphic Publishers Limited"

- first draft of some thoughts on this company (n.d.)

3. Spicer, Erik J., "The Graphic Publishers Limited..."

- Special research for the Department of Library Science, University of Michigan. August 1959.

4. Williams, Joan, "Essay on Graphic Press"

- student at Carleton, 1957 or 1958

B. Pamphlets
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                 
2 20 1. The Grove Symposium 1973, University of Ottawa

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