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Stobie Family fonds: MSS 159, PC 177 (A.03-92, A.04-94)

William and Margaret Stobie:

An Inventory of Their Papers at the University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

Inventory prepared by Jonathan Nordland
University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Finding aid encoded by Vladimira Zvonik (January 2005)
Finding aid written in English.

Revision History

  • July 26, 2005 - Mss 159, PC 177 (A.03-92, A.04-94) converted from EAD 1.0 to 2002 by v1to02.xsl (sy2003-10-15).

Collection Summary

University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections,
Winnipeg, Manitoba
William and Margaret Stobie
Stobie family fonds
0.41 m of textual records, 0.12 m photographic images

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Biographical Sketch:

William Stobie was born June 1st, 1911 in London, England. He obtained a B.A. and M.A. from the University of Toronto and briefly did graduate work at the University of Illinois before returning to the University of Toronto to continue course work for a Ph.D. in English. In 1938, William married Margaret Roseborough, also a Ph.D. in English. That year he obtained an appointment to the faculty of De Pauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. The couple next moved to Missouri where William taught at the University of Missouri and Margaret taught at the Christian College for women. In 1944 they embarked on a two-year stint at University. In 1946 both Margaret and William joined the English Department of the University of Manitoba as assistant professors. William's area of expertise was Nineteenth-Century English writers. He participated in a lecture for University on Air in 1947 on the poet Frank Scott. William was the President of the Winnipeg Little Theatre Group in 1955-1958. He was active in the University unions and was President of the staff association of UMSU during the Harry Crowe affair. William sat on several university committees including the University College Building Committee. He attained the rank of Associate Professor and full professor in 1967. He was the director of Summer and Evening session from 1965-1976. William Stobie retired in 1976 after 30 years with the English Department.

Dr. Margaret (Peg) Roseborough was born in Vermillion, Alberta on February 26th, 1909. She received a B.A. from the University of Alberta in 1930. Margaret was awarded an IODE Overseas Fellowship and did an Honours Degree in English at King's College University of London in 1932. She returned to Canada completing an M.A. in 1934, and a Ph.D. in 1937, at the University of Toronto. The following year she published An Outline of Middle English Grammar with MacMillan's, and taught at Victoria College. In 1938, she married William Stobie. The couple moved to DePauw University in Indiana in 1938. From there, they moved to Missouri where Margaret returned to teaching at Christian College a Women's Institution. William and Margaret Stobie taught at Cornell University for two years from 1944-1946 before joining the English department at the University of Manitoba. Margaret was forced to retire from teaching with the inception of the nepotism law in 1950. She spent the next several years acting, producing and directing local theatre as well as working for the CBC in various dramatic roles and as a book reviewer on Critically Speaking. In 1958 she took an appointment at United College, but resigned in protest over the dismissal of Harry Crowe at the end of the year. In 1959 she was hired by St. John's College. From 1962-1965 she was on the executive of the College's Chapter of CAUT. In 1966 she attained the rank of full professor. Two years later she became a member of Senate and in 1971 she was appointed to the Research Grants Committee and Research Board. Margaret was the first women appointed to the academic panel of the Canada Council and was a board member of the Associations of Universities and Colleges of Canada. She wrote two more books, A Critical Study of Frederick Philip Grove Twayne Publisher (1973), and The Other Side of the Rebellion (1986). She was appointed to Professor Emeritus in 1975. Margaret Stobie died July 15, 1990. The University of Manitoba holds a lecture in Dr. Stobie's memory.

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Scope and Contents of the Papers

This accession consists primarily of Margaret Stobie’s research and publication drafts along with a photographic collection of Margaret and William Stobie’s early years. The accession consists of a manuscript and photographic collection. The Manuscript collection is divided into six series consisting of Publication Drafts, Correspondence, Research, Biographical, Publications, and Miscellaneous materials. The photographic collection consists of 77 photographs, 4 albums, and 18 photo negatives.

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Organization of the Papers

This collection is organized into 6 series

  • Publication Drafts
  • Correspondence
  • Research
  • Biographical
  • Publications
  • Miscellaneous

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Restrictions on Access

No restrictions

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Related Papers

Other accruals include Margaret Stobie's Bunji Language interview tapes and transcripts Tc 24 (A.80-17), Stobie's interview tapes regarding Frederick Philip Grove Tc 2 (A.82-42) and Mss 13, Pc 109 - the textual records and photographs for Stobie's Grove research. Mss 159 (A.98-51) pertains to Margaret Stobie's research with the Bunji dialect (1965-1969), the North Studies Project (1965-1977), the creation of the Manitoba Theatre Centre (1950-1982), and William Stobie's involvement with the University of Manitoba's academic unions (1949-1976). Mss 159, Pc 177, Tc (A.08-20) consists primarily of William Stobie's academic writings, personal correspondence, and Margaret Stobie's research and drafts for her books.

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Other Finding Aids

Margaret Stobie fonds - Mss 13, Tc 2 (A.82-42), Tc 24 (A.80-17), Pc 109

Stobie Family fonds - Mss 159, Pc 177, Tc 136 (A.98-51, A.08-20)

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Detailed Description of the Collection

Publication Drafts
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
1 1 Draft and reader comments – “A Question of Jurisdiction: When Justice Came to Calgary,” [ 1989 ]
  2 Margaret Stobie – Script “Pleasant Plain Incorporated,” [ 1985 ]
  3 Margaret Stobie – Draft “Our Man at Beaver Lake”, pt.1
  4 Margaret Stobie – Draft “Our Man at Beaver Lake”, pt. 2
  5 Margaret Stobie – Draft “Our Man at Beaver Lake”, pt. 3
  6 Margaret Stobie – Music “The Ballad of the Red River Flood”
  7 Margaret Stobie – Draft and Publication – Bunji Dialect, [ 1960s ]
Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
2 1 Margaret Stobie – Draft Papers – Grove
  2 Margaret Stobie – Draft Papers – Bunji Dialect

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
2 3 Correspondence – Direction Films “Indian History Film Project,” [ 1986 ]
  4 Margaret Stobie – Professional Correspondence, [ 1976 to 1986 ]
  5 Personal Correspondence – Margaret Stobie to William Stobie, [ 1970-1977, pt.1 ]
  6 Personal Correspondence – Margaret Stobie to William Stobie, [ 1970-1977, pt.2 ]
  7 Personal Correspondence – Adele Wiseman, [ 1955-1960 ]
  8 Correspondence – Douglas Spettigue, 1972 (removed from FPG: the European years)
  9 Correspondence – Miscellaneous, [ 1939-1990 ]
  10 Personal Correspondence and Childhood Academic Records – William Stobie (sent by father), [ 1972 ]

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
3 1 Margaret Stobie – Notes – “The Other Side of the Rebellion”
  2 Notes – Vegreville Observer, [ 1913-1919 ]
  3 Correspondence – Bremner Research, [ 1978-1986 ]
  4 Notes – Bremner Research
  5 Notes – Removed from “Pacey. Ed., Letters of Frederick Philip Grove”
  6 Margaret Stobie – Notes – English
  7 Margaret Stobie – Notes – Old Norse

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
3 8 Margaret Stobie – Biographical, 1946-1987
  9 Margaret Stobie – Family Tree

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
4 1 Publications, [ 1948-1967 ]
  2 Publications, [ 1967-1985 ]
  3 Publications, [ 1986 ]
  4 Publications, [ 1988-1990 ]
  5 Book Reviews by Margaret Stobie, [ 1955-1960 ]

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Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
4 6 United States residence documentation, [ 1940s ]
  7 Exam papers – University of London, [ 1940s ]
  8 Play Bills and Commencement book – William Stobie, [ [1930?] ]
  9 Miscellaneous

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PC 177 - Photographs Collection

Box Folder                                                                                                                                                                                
5 1

1. Paul Hiebert and wife, William Stobie, Margaret Stobie and Ogden Turner at Hotel Fort Garry, c1950 - 1 photograph: b&w 20x25cm.

2. Margaret Stobie - 1 photograph: b&w 20x25cm –

3. William Stobie - 1 photograph: b&w 10x13cm1930s

4. University of Toronto Lacross team. William Stobie – center top right, Claude Bissel – extreme right -1 photograph: b&w 13x20cm on 25x 29cm mat .

5. William Stobie school photo -1 photograph: b&w 13x20cm on 25x 29cm mat.

6. William Stobie school photo -1 photograph: b&w 13x20cm on 25x 29cm mat.

7. William Stobie school photo -1 photograph: b&w 13x20cm on 25x 29cm mat.

8. William Stobie school photo in Toronto c1927 (row by row description on back) -1 photograph: b&w 10x15cm on 17x22cm mat .

9. William Stobie 1st grade class photo -1 photograph: b&w 13x20cm on 25x 29cm mat

10. William Stobie – Sunday School -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat


11. William Stobie – Sunday School -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat.

12. William Stobie – Sunday School Class -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat.

13. William Stobie – Sunday School Class -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat .

14. William Stobie 1930s -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat .

15. William Stobie’s Sunday School teacher, Owen Eaton -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm on 14x17cm mat .

16. William Stobie as child -1 photograph: b&w 9x14cm on 14x17cm mat

17. Rosborough Family 1889 -1 photograph: b&w 14x21cm on 14x23cm mat .

18. William Stobie as a child in England -1 photograph: b&w 7x11cm (oval) on 15x22cm mat .

19. Stobie Family visiting grandmother in Scotland, 1911 (poor condition) -1 photograph: b&w 11x15cm

20. Margaret Stobie’s Mother, Father and brother (before her birth) - 1 photograph: b&w 12.5x17.5cm on 14x19cm mat

21. Margaret Stobie and brother as children -1 photograph: b&w 10x15cm .

22. Margaret Stobie and brother as children -1 photograph: b&w 12.5x17.5cm.

23. University of Toronto Parl. Club – William Stobie, A. Smith (light coat), B. Rees father (second row), Merski twins (right) -1 photograph: b&w 15x20cm.

24. William Stobie and Beechley -1 photograph: b&w 12.5x17.5cm

25. Margaret Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 10x12.5cm.


26. Margaret Stobie, 1937 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

27. William Stobie, late 1930s -1 photograph: b&w 9x14cm .

28. William Stobie and Grandmother -1 photograph: b&w 10x10cm .

29. postcard reprint of picture -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm (oval).

30. William Stobie at 2 years old -1 photograph: b&w 9x14cm.

31. Margaret Stobie, 1938 -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm.

32. William Stobie, 1938 -1 photograph: b&w 8x10cm.

33. William Stobie’s Grandmother -1 photograph: b&w 5x15cm.

34. Margaret Stobie, 1937 -1 photograph: b&w 9x12.5cm.

35. William Stobie, 3 years old -1 photograph: b&w 5x7.5cm.

36. William Stobie, 4 years old -1 photograph: b&w 5x10cm.

37. postcard reprint of picture -1 photograph: b&w 9x14cm.

38. William Stobie, 1970s -1 photograph: b&w 5x5cm.

39. William Stobie, 1970s -1 photograph: b&w 5x7.5cm.

40. William Stobie as a baby -1 photograph: b&w 5x7.5cm.

41. William Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 4x5cm.

42. William Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 5x7.5cm .

43. Margaret Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 5x7.5cm

44. 1 photograph: b&w 5x11cm.

45. William Stobie, 4 years old in England -1 photograph: b&w 6x10cm .

46. Margaret Stobie, 1937 (note – “this was taken for the grapes grown on the estate”) - 1 photograph: b&w 7.5x11cm .

47. Quebec 1916 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x12.5cm.

48. William Stobie in Saskatchewan, 1914 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

49. William Stobie’s Parents’ wedding in Scotland (poor condition) - 1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

50. William Stobie, c1932 -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm.

51.William Stobie, c1932 - 1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm .

52. Margaret Stobie and Mother -1 photograph: b&w 6x10cm.

53.William Stobie as a child -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

54.William Stobie in Saskatchewan during World War One -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

55. William Stobie and Father Cartervoille, 1914 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

56. William Stobie at Mount Royal, late 1920s -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm

57. William Stobie at Mount Royal, late 1920s -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm.

58. William Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 6x10cm .

59. William Stobie and Uncles going for haircut -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm –.

60. William Stobie and family in Quebec, 4 years old -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

61. Uncle on farm in Saskatchewan -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

62. William Stobie -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

63. Margaret and William Stobie with Adele Wiseman and brother, 1949 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

64. William Stobie with Adele Wiseman’s brother, 1949 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm .

65. Adele Wiseman, William and Margaret Stobie, 1949 -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.

66. William and Margaret Stobie, 1987 -1 photograph: col; 10x12.5cm.

67. William and Margaret Stobie, 1987 -1 photograph: col; 10x12.5cm –

68. William and Margaret Stobie, 1981 -1 photograph: col; 10x12.5cm.

69. Margaret Stobie, 1981 -1 photograph: col; 10x12.5cm.

70. postcard – William Stobie, 2 years old -1 photograph: b&w 9x14cm

71.William Stobie’s uncle and Mother in Scotland - 1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm

72. Margaret Stobie’s Father -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm (oval).

73. William Stobie’s Sunday school class, 1931-1 photograph: b 12.5x17.5cm

74. William Stobie and brother, 15 years old -1 photograph: b&w 16x21cm

75. Peggy Stobie (William Stobie’s sister) Toronto -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm

76. William Stobie’s sister -1 photograph: b&w 6x9cm.

77. William Stobie’s brother and nanny -1 photograph: b&w 7.5x10cm.


1 album (31 photographs), [ 1924 ]

Note: Margaret Stobie’s “Snapshot Album, Winnipeg, Manitoba” – Leather bound


1 album (46 photographs), [ 1925-1926, ]

Note: Margaret Stobie – Family Album


1 album (127 photographs, 6 postcards),

Note: Margaret Stobie – Travel Album


1 album (40 photographs),

Note: William Stobie – poor condition

  8 18 photographs: b&w negatives; 7x11.5cm

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