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How to Write a Literature Review: Step #4: Writing

This guide will assist in the development and structure for writing a literature review in a health sciences discipline

Organizing the Review

There are 4 ways to organize the articles in the main body of the review.

Chronological: Organizing the literature into time periods

Thematic: Identifying the themes presented in the literature and discuss each theme

Examining the theoretical literature and then the methodological literature: Review the theories on the topic and then discuss the development of an appropriate methodology to conduct a new study

Examining the theoretical literature and then the empirical literature: When the literature has both theoretical and empirical evidence and each is discussed separately

Content adapted from Carnwell, R., & Daly, W. (2001). Strategies for the construction of a critical review of the literature. Nurse education in practice 1(2), 57-63.

Writing Support

Writing Tutors are available through the Academic Learning Centre.  Tutors are available on both campuses, and can meet remotely during Covid. Please contact the Academic Learning Centre for more information.